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RE43363 Abrasion resistant pump thrust bearing May 8, 2012
A centrifugal pump has a stationary diffuser with a bore. A thrust bearing has a tubular portion that inserts into the bore. The thrust bearing has an external shoulder that contacts a support surface in the bore of the diffuser for transmitting downward thrust from an upstream impel
RE43198 Tangentially-loaded high-load retrievable slip system February 21, 2012
A slip system includes a set of drive slips having wickers thereon, substantially all of which being truncated in cross-section; a set of gripping slips operatively interengagable with the set of drive slips; a drive slip end ring in operable communication with the set of drive slips
RE42493 Apparatus and method for wellbore resistivity measurements in oil-based muds using capacitive co June 28, 2011
A resistivity device for downhole use with a nonconducting mud injects a current at a frequency sufficiently high to pass capacitively through the mud and a mud cake into the formation. The frequency is further selected so that the impedance due to the dielectric constant of the formatio
RE42445 Cutting structure for earth-boring bit to reduce tracking June 14, 2011
An earth boring bit has cutting elements arranged to avoid tracking. The bit has a bit body having a bit axis of rotation. First, second and third cones are rotatably mounted to the bit body, each of the cones having a plurality of rows of cutting elements including a heel row and an
RE40944 Adjustable shear valve mud pulser and controls therefor October 27, 2009
A telemetry system involving a shear-type mud pulser valve as the preferred embodiment is described. The control system includes a motor driver for the mud pulser which, in essence, moves one movable plate with respect to a stationary plate to create openings of various sizes. Pressu
RE40308 Multi-purpose injection and production well system May 13, 2008
A method and apparatus for simultaneously producing fluid from one or more zones of an oil or gas well, while injecting fluid into one or more other zones of the well, and for converting a depleted production zone into an injection zone, by remotely shifting sleeves in the apparatus to
RE40167 Nuclear magnetic resonance fluid characterization apparatus and method for using with electric w March 25, 2008
A method for characterizing a fluid sample withdrawn from an earth formation. The method includes performing nuclear magnetic resonant spin echo measurements on the fluid sample at a nuclear magnetic resonant frequency of carbon-13. Amplitudes of the spin echo measurements are summed
RE38866 Pressure-boost device for downhole tools November 8, 2005
A pressure-boosting apparatus particularly amenable for use in downhole applications is disclosed. The pressure-boosting apparatus employs an unbalanced piston which is initially fixated in a run-in position. The piston has a flowpath therethrough in which is mounted a check valve. I
RE38567 Apparatus and method for self adjusting downlink signal communication August 24, 2004
An apparatus for sending signals downhole during drilling operations uses a main pump to pump mud from a mud pit at a substantially constant flow rate. The bulk of the pumped mud goes downhole to maintain adequate circulation for the drill bit. A bypass pipe is provided with a shut-off
RE37995 Progressive cavity pump with flexible coupling February 18, 2003
A progressive cavity pump located in a well and driven by a downhole electrical motor. A connector locates between the drive shaft of the motor and the rotor of the pump. The connector includes a connector shaft which has a lower end restrained on a longitudinal axis. The upper end orbit
RE37127 Hardfacing composition for earth-boring bits April 10, 2001
A hardfacing composition comprises at least 60% by weight of hard metal granules including a quantity of sintered carbide pellets and a quantity of cast carbide pellets. The cast and sintered carbides are selected from the group of carbides consisting of chromium, molybdenum, niobium,
RE36817 Method and apparatus for drilling and enlarging a borehole August 15, 2000
A reaming apparatus for enlarging a borehole, including a tubular body having one or more longitudinally and generally radially extending blades circumferentially spaced thereabout. Each of the blades carries highly exposed cutting elements, on the order of fifty percent exposure, on its
RE36291 Reaction product of nitrogen bases and phosphate esters as corrosion inhibitors September 7, 1999
A method for inhibiting corrosion of metal surfaces in an aqueous medium, comprising incorporating into the medium a corrosion inhibitor in an amount sufficient to inhibit corrosion, the corrosion inhibitor comprising a water-soluble agent selected from the group consisting of compositio
RE35386 Method for drilling directional wells December 3, 1996
A method for detecting and sensing boundaries between strata in a formation during directional drilling so that the drilling operation can be adjusted to maintain the drillstring within a selected stratum is presented. The method comprises the initial drilling of an offset well from whic
RE34526 Two cone bit with non-opposite cones February 1, 1994
A two-cone earth boring bit having non-opposite cones that minimize the tendency for off-center rotation or rough running. The bit is composed of two cones, each having a cantilevered bearing shaft with an axis extending inwardly and downwardly. A rotatable, generally conical cutter is m
RE34451 Perforating gun with auger November 23, 1993
The invention features a perforating gun, with an external auger, which can be mounted to a tubing string. The auger facilitates removal of the gun after the sand is placed in the perforations. The perforating gun with external auger promotes the clean-up of the debris from the perforati
D460828 Wear resistant tiles for lining a centrifuge bowl July 23, 2002
D460827 Wear resistant tiles for lining a centrifuge bowl July 23, 2002
D460562 Wear resistant tiles for lining a centrifuge bowl July 16, 2002
D448488 Wear resistant tiles for lining a centrifuge bowl September 25, 2001
D405813 Mixing vessel baffle February 16, 1999
D388924 Accelerator vane for a centrifuge January 6, 1998
D388583 Accelerator vane for a centrifuge December 30, 1997
D387534 Accelerator vane for a centrifuge December 9, 1997
D386874 Accelerator vane for a centrifuge November 25, 1997
8588619 Optical telemetry network November 19, 2013
An apparatus for providing communications between a first device disposed at a tubular and a second device, the tubular having tubular sections and being configured to be disposed in a borehole penetrating the earth, the apparatus including: a first optical coupler configured to be coupl
8587303 Method and apparatus for NMR measurements in underbalanced drilling November 19, 2013
NMR spin echo signals are measured in a borehole during underbalanced drilling. A magnetic field gradient in the region of examination is selected to suppress an effect of a formation fluid flow on the produced signals, the fluid flow being caused by the excess of the formation press
8585375 Method for locking a stator lamination in a motor November 19, 2013
An electrical submersible pumping system (ESP) having a stator lamination stack that is anchored to prevent the stack from spinning. The ESP includes a motor section having a housing with an axial bore. A groove circumscribes an inner surface of the housing and a snap ring is set in
8584776 Methods, systems, and tool assemblies for distributing weight between an earth-boring rotary dri November 19, 2013
Methods, systems, and tool assemblies for distributing weight between a bit and a reamer device are disclosed. For example, at least one of the drill bit and the reamer may be configured to selectively distribute a weight-on-bit between the drill bit and the reamer, such as within a
8584765 Apparatus and methods for assisting in setting a downhole tool in a well bore November 19, 2013
Apparatus for a downhole tool in a well bore includes at least one locking mechanism and at least one sleeve. The locking mechanism is configured in a first position to prevent the upper slips from engaging the well bore wall before being positioned at the desired setting location in
8584759 Hydraulic fracture diverter apparatus and method thereof November 19, 2013
An apparatus positionable along a downhole string. The apparatus includes a flexible structure retained on a surface of the string in a first condition. The flexible structure movable by a flow to substantially fill an annular space between the string and a radially positioned structure
8584744 Debris chamber with helical flow path for enhanced subterranean debris removal November 19, 2013
A subterranean debris catcher swirls the incoming debris laden stream by putting grooves or spiral projections on the inside of the inlet pipe. The solids come out of openings in the side of the inlet pipe or the solids can exit near the top either directly into the enclosed solids h
8581742 Bandwidth wireline data transmission system and method November 12, 2013
A suspended well logging device for use in a wellbore drilled in an earthen formation may include a cable configured to be conveyed into the wellbore; a single twisted pair of conductors positioned in the cable; and a conductive armor surrounding the single twisted pair of conductors.
8581427 Retractable power turbine and method thereof November 12, 2013
A downhole electrical generating apparatus providing power to downhole electronics. The apparatus includes a tubular having a wall forming a tubular space which receives a flow in a flow direction. A retractable electrical generating apparatus positionable in a first condition facing
8579255 Step ratchet mechanism November 12, 2013
A step ratchet mechanism that allows for the incremental movement of an assembly that may be adapted to incrementally open or close an adjustable orifice. The step ratchet mechanism may be comprised of a modified body lock ring that permits incremental movement along a mandrel in either
8579052 Polycrystalline compacts including in-situ nucleated grains, earth-boring tools including such c November 12, 2013
Polycrystalline compacts include hard polycrystalline materials comprising in situ nucleated smaller grains of hard material interspersed and inter-bonded with larger grains of hard material. The average size of the larger grains may be at least about 250 times greater than the avera
8579051 Anti-tracking spear points for earth-boring drill bits November 12, 2013
Described herein are roller cone drill bits and modified roller cones for use in drilling subterranean earth formations, and more specifically roller cone drill bits and roller cones having optimized spear point designs and blade orientations on at least one of the roller cones for r
8579050 Reamer with balanced cutting structure for use in a wellbore November 12, 2013
A reamer bit for use in earth boring operations comprising a body, four cutter mounts, rolling cutters on each mount, and cutting elements disposed on each cutter arranged so adjacent cutting swaths formed by the bit are created by cutting elements on cones of oppositely disposed cut
8579036 Valving system, method of adjusting a valve and method of fracing a wellbore November 12, 2013
A valving system includes a tubular and a sleeve slidably engaged with the tubular having a seat thereon. The sleeve is configured to occlude flow from an inside of the tubular to an outside of the tubular when in a first position, allow flow between an inside of the tubular and an o
8579035 Method for recovering oil from an oil well November 12, 2013
In a method for optimizing gas lift operations in the production of crude oil, a surfactant is injected into the an oil well such that the surface tension between a lift gas and the formation fluid being produced is reduced and/or a lift gas-formation fluid foam is formed. The reduction
8576659 Method and apparatus for acoustic impedance and P-wave anisotropy measurements November 5, 2013
Measurements of impedance are made using a piezoelectric transducer oriented at different angles to a formation bedding plane. The impedance measurements are then used to estimate the anisotropic velocity of the formation.
8575358 Oxazolidinium compounds November 5, 2013
Oxazolidinium compounds are formed by the reaction of a halohydrin or an epoxide with a secondary amine and an aldehyde or a ketone. The oxazolidinium compounds are formed directly and do not require the reaction of a pre-formed oxazolidine with an alkylating agent. The compounds are
8575082 Additive to improve flow, reduce power consumption and pressure drop in heavy oil pipelines November 5, 2013
A drag reducing additive for heavy oil, such as crude oil, includes a polymeric alkyl-substituted phenol formaldehyde resin and a solvent having at least one of an ester (e.g. ethyl acetate), an aldehyde (e.g. butyraldehyde), and an aromatic hydrocarbon (e.g. toluene, xylene, and the
8574667 Methods of forming coatings upon wellbore tools November 5, 2013
A composition including a high temperature thermoplastic polymer and a filler material is disclosed. A method for forming a coating upon a wellbore tool includes forming a powder composition comprising a thermoplastic polymer and a filler material and applying the composition on the
8573333 Methods for bonding preformed cutting tables to cutting element substrates and cutting elements November 5, 2013
A cutting element for use with an earth-boring drill bit includes a diamond cutting table that is substantially free of a metallic binder. The cutting table may include polycrystalline diamond and a carbonate binder or polycrystalline diamond with silicon and/or silicon carbide dispe
8573332 Methods of forming polycrystalline diamond cutting elements, cutting elements so formed and dril November 5, 2013
A polycrystalline diamond compact comprising a diamond table is formed in a high-pressure, high-temperature process using a catalyst, the catalyst being substantially removed from the entirety of the diamond table, and the diamond table attached to a supporting substrate in a subsequent
8573327 Apparatus and methods for estimating tool inclination using bit-based gamma ray sensors November 5, 2013
A drill bit made according to one embodiment may include a bit body having a longitudinal axis, a plurality of gamma sensors placed in the bit body, at least two gamma ray sensors in the plurality of sensors are spaced-apart from each other along the longitudinal axis of the bit body,
8573326 Method and apparatus to adjust weight-on-bit/torque-on-bit sensor bias November 5, 2013
Apparatuses and methods for adjusting weight-on-bit/torque-on-bit sensor bias in a drill bit. The apparatus may include a bit adjustment device disposed at least partially in a cavity in a bit shank. The bit adjustment device includes electronics and sensors for estimating a weight-o
8573298 Method for petrophysical evaluation of shale gas reservoirs November 5, 2013
A method for evaluating an earth formation from a well bore, that includes: collecting at least one of geochemical data, petrophysical data and geomechanical data from a wellbore; and identifying depositional facies of the earth surrounding the wellbore. A computer program product an
8573295 Plug and method of unplugging a seat November 5, 2013
A method of unplugging a seat, including dissolving at least a surface of a plug seated against the seat, and unseating the plug from the seat.

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