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BBC Brown, Boveri Ag
Baden, CH
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5173638 High-power radiator December 22, 1992
The high-power radiator includes a discharge space (12) bounded by a metal electrode (8), cooled on one side, and a dielectric (9) and filled with a noble gas or gas mixture, both the dielectric (9) and also the other electrode situated on the surface of the dielectric facing away from t
5153695 Semiconductor gate-controlled high-power capability bipolar device October 6, 1992
A gate-turn-off power semiconductor device of the GTO or FCTh type, having a control zone of alternately arranged finely subdivided cathode fingers and gate trenches, wherein the gate trenches are constructed as narrow deep slots, preferably by a crystal-direction-selective wet chemical
5093693 PN-junction with guard ring March 3, 1992
In a semiconductor component, a pn junction which emerges at a main surface (2) of a semiconductor substrate (1) at the edge of a highly doped zone (3) is formed by a laterally bounded, highly doped zone (3) extending inwards from a main surface (2) of the semiconductor substrate (1) and
5093103 Process for separating off poisonous volatile chemical compounds from a mixture of solid particl March 3, 1992
A process for separating off poisonous volatile chemical compounds from a mixture (7) of solid particles having a particle size of up to 200 .mu.m, the mixture being brought continuously or intermittently at an average rate of to C./min in zones of progressively
5081050 Method of making a gate turn-off thyristor using a simultaneous diffusion of two different accep January 14, 1992
In a high-reverse-voltage GTO thyristor, a negative beveling (6) with comparatively high beveling angle (.alpha.) is possible as edge contouring as a result of separating the p-type base layer into a central p-type base layer (4) of small depth and high edge concentration and a p-type ba
5078571 Multi-cylinder steam turbine January 7, 1992
In this multi-cylinder steam turbine, compensation is provided for the axial thermal expansion, from the bearing housing (5) of the medium pressure partial turbine (1), of the low pressure part of the shafting (4) by the low pressure steam feed pipe (15, 16) rigidly connected to the
5057440 Manufacturing gate turn-off thyristor having the cathode produced in two diffusion steps October 15, 1991
A method for producing a gate turn-off thyristor (GTO) having a semi-conductor substrate (1) with at least one p-conducting anode layer (4), one n-type base layer (6), one p-type base layer (7) which is in electrical contact with a gate, and one n-conducting cathode layer (8) has a c
5053854 Semiconductor components October 1, 1991
A semiconductor component including a semiconductor substrate having a main electrode and a control electrode. The main electrode includes a groove in which is inserted a U-shaped insulation body. The control electrode is disposed in the groove and is insulated from the main electrode by
5034899 Software tool for automatically generating a functional-diagram graphic July 23, 1991
A software process for automatically generating a functional diagram graphic, which can be used for automatically generating functional diagrams from a control program for a stored-program control system on a graphical display device, particularly a programming device for such a cont
5003368 Turn-off thyristor March 26, 1991
In a high-reverse-voltage GTO thyristor, a negative beveling (6) with comparatively high beveling angle (.alpha.) is possible as edge contouring as a result of separating the p-type base layer into a central p-type base layer (4) of small depth and high edge concentration and a p-type ba
4997348 Spiral rotary piston displacement machine with advanced inlet sealing line March 5, 1991
In a displacement machine for compressible media, having a delivery space (6) which is delimited by spiral-shaped peripheral walls (8, 9) extending perpendicularly from a side wall and leads from an inlet (2) outside the spiral to an outlet (3) inside the spiral, and having a spiral-shap
4983574 Composite superconductor January 8, 1991
Conductor in strip, sheet or wire form with an electrical conductivity of at least 0.85.times.10.sup.6 .OMEGA..sup.-1 cm.sup.-1 at K. composed of a composite material of a metal matrix (1) and particles (2) composed of a high-temperature superconductor of the type RE Ba.sub.2
4973806 Compressed-air breaker November 27, 1990
The compressed-gas breaker has a movable contact member (1) and a fixed contact member (2) having in each case at least one arcing contact (6, 7) as well as, fixed on the movable contact member (1), a pressure space (10) of a volume independent of the switching travel and storing arc-com
4972249 Semiconductor component increasing the breakdown voltage November 20, 1990
A semiconductor component including a doped semiconductor substrate into which an oppositely doped upper doping region is introduced from an upper surface to form a P-N junction which emerges at the upper surface in an edge region of the substrate. To impove the reverse breakdown voltage
4953004 Housing for a gate turn-off power thyristor (GTO) August 28, 1990
In a metal-ceramic housing for a high-power GTO, a space-saving auxiliary cathode connection (5a) capable of carrying current is achieved in that it is constructed by embedding in the insulating ring (4) of the housing and is connected directly to the cathode contact plate (9) via its ow
4952990 Gate turn-off power semiconductor component August 28, 1990
In a gate turn-off power semiconductor component in the form of a field-controlled thyristor (FCTh) with (14) separated from each other by trenches (10), means of control which make possible a constricton of the current-carrying channel over the entire depth of the cathode finger (14)
4950138 Spiral displacement machine with flexible eccentric guide arrangement August 21, 1990
In a displacement machine for compressible media, having four delivery spaces arranged in a fixed housing, each housing half (7) has two delivery spaces (11, 11') which are offset by about with respect to one another and extend in a spiral shape from an inlet (12,12') to an o
4945290 High-power radiator July 31, 1990
The high-power radiator includes a discharge space (4) bounded by dielectrics (1, 2) and filled with a noble gas or gas mixture and electrodes (5, 6). The electrodes (5, 6) are transparent to the radiation produced by silent electrical discharges and are, situated on the surfaces of
4944807 Process for chemically stripping a surface-protection layer with a high chromium content from th July 31, 1990
Process for stripping, by electroless chemical method, a surface-protection layer (3) with a high chromium content from the main body (2) of a component composed of a nickel-based or cobalt-based superalloy by immersion in a chloride solution (1) which does not release oxygen, which
4943990 Therapy simulator July 24, 1990
This therapy simulator contains a radiation source (1) in a radiator head. An image acquisition unit (7) is connected to the radiator head and can be swivelled jointly with the latter about a patient's couch (9). At least two diaphragm systems, arranged offset in the direction of the pri
4939447 Fiber-optic voltage sensor July 3, 1990
A fiber-optic voltage sensor comprises at least one fiber-optic, piezoelectric sensor element (2a, 2b, 2c, 2d), which measures a predeterminable directional component of a local electric field. One or more than one piezoelectric sensor elements (2a, 2b, 2c, 2d) are arranged serially
4932861 Process for premixing-type combustion of liquid fuel June 12, 1990
In premixing-type combustion of liquid fuel in a burner without a premixing section, a conical column (5) of liquid fuel is formed in the interior (14) of the burner, which column widens in the direction of flow and is surrounded by a rotating stream (15) of combustion air which flows
4927327 Contactless centrifugal seal device for a rotating machine part May 22, 1990
Instead of labyrinth seals, ordinary circular cylindrical gaps (10, 18) are provided at the positions to be sealed in the contactless centrifugal seal device for, in particular, radial turbo-machines. By means of swirl fins (12) on shrouds (7) of the rotor (2), vortex flows which rotate
4924379 Multiprocessor system with several processors equipped with cache memories and with a common mem May 8, 1990
In such a multiprocessor, in which the common memory (M) or one of the cache memories (C1, C2) can be owner of a variable determined by its address and in which it is always only the owner of a variable which delivers it to the bus (1) following a read request, the concept of ownersh
4923035 Low-frequency muffler May 8, 1990
For the purpose of muffling low-frequency sound waves such as occur in components of fluid-flow engines, the muffler proposed here consists of a feed pipe (1) through which (3) and around which (4) a medium flows. At its end in the direction of flow, the feed pipe (1) has a row of muffli
4920447 Method for protecting the gate unit for a GTO thyristor April 24, 1990
A method for protecting the gate unit for a GTO thyristor includes predetermining a characteristic curve as a time function adapted both to the maximum load capacity possible for a brief time and to the long-term load capacity of a controllable electronic switch of the gate unit conn
4911783 Process for etching recesses in a silicon substrate March 27, 1990
In a process for etching complicatedly structured recesses in a silicon substrate, in which acid mixtures containing HF and HNO.sub.3 are used, the problems occurring with a photoresist mask are avoided, on the one hand, by using an SiO.sub.2 mask layer and on the other hand, by fabr
4910958 Axial flow gas turbine March 27, 1990
The cooling-air ducting of the axial flow gas turbine runs in the area of the last blading stage (9+14) radially inwards of the heat-accumulation segments (23, 24) inside the outer boundary of the rotor (4) and through blade root channels (21) in the blade roots of the last moving blade
4910573 Gate turn-off thyristor and method of producing same March 20, 1990
A gate turn-off thyristor (GTO) having a semi-conductor substrate (1) with at least one p-conducting anode layer (4), one n-type base layer (6), one p-type base layer (7) which is in electrical contact with a gate, and one n-conducting cathode layer (8) has a cathode layer (8) with a hig
4906106 Pyrometric temperature measuring instrument March 6, 1990
A pyrometric temperature measuring instrument including at least one optical wave guide (1a) with a core (5) and a cladding (6), a light detector (3) and at least one pyrometric sensor (2a). The at least one optical wave guide (1a) has a large numerical aperture. The pyrometric senso
4904927 Method for measuring a characteristic impedance and a propagation constant of a two-port network February 27, 1990
In a method for measuring a characteristic impedance and a propagation constant of a two-port network (2), an output port (5) of the two-port network (2) is successively terminated with at least two different finite known impedances (3a, 3b) which are independent of the two-port network
4904920 Method and device for operating an induction machine February 27, 1990
To reduce harmonics in an induction machine (33) which is fed by a self-commutated inverter (30), the trajectory of the flux vector of the induction machine is conducted along an edge path having at least 2.sup.p .multidot.q.multidot.m edges, where p is an integral number .gtoreq.1,
4894005 Combustion chamber arrangement with a pre-combustion chamber for substoichiometric combustion January 16, 1990
The pre-combustion chamber (1), in which liquid fuel is burnt sub-stoichiometrically, is connected upstream of a secondary combustion chamber (16), in which complete combustion takes place over-stoichiometrically. The sub-stoichiometric quantity of combustion air (11) for the pre-com
4893589 Water cooling system for a supercharged internal-combustion engine January 16, 1990
In a water cooling system for an internal-combustion engine supercharger by means of mechanical supercharger, main cooling circuit for the engine (1) and secondary cooling circuit for the supercharged (9) are operated with the same coolant and are cooled in a joint radiator (2), but in s
4890793 Atomizer nozzle January 2, 1990
The atomizer nozzle exhibits an internal chamber (1) and an external chamber (2) which surrounds the latter in the form of a jacket, which chambers are provided with several outlet openings (9, 10 and 11, 12) which are in alignment in each case. A proportion of the atomizer air suppl
4888676 Damping circuit for turn-off valves December 19, 1989
Converter inverters, such as are used in the operation of alternating current machines, have turn-off reverse-conducting GTO thyristors in the bridge arms. Parallel to each GTO thyristor there is provided a series circuit composed of a turn-off load-shedding capacitor with a turn-off
4886645 Ozone generator December 12, 1989
In the ozone generator, the inner electrodes which have been continuous until now, are subdivided into individual electrically series-connected segments (7) which are mechanically decoupled from one another. In this manner, ozoniers of almost arbitrary length can be implemented with gap
4885657 Thyristor with turn-off facility and overvoltage protection December 5, 1989
In a thyristor with turn-off facility (AT) and overvoltage protection, the voltage limitation is achieved by a parallel-connected controllable resistor, in particular in the form of a J-FET (JF) which is driven by an overvoltage sensor (OS).The separation of sensor function and bypass fu
4883413 Rotary spiral piston displacement machine having a silicon rubber biased seal November 28, 1989
In a rotary-piston displacement machine, to seal the flat sealing planes between the end faces of the displacement body (5), executing a circular motion, and the side faces (20) of the stationary housing (7) which run parallel thereto, the end faces of the displacement body (5) are provi
4882737 Signal transmission method November 21, 1989
A signal transmission method according to the principle of quadrature/amplitude modulation, in which digital data occurring at a time interval T are formed into a transmit signal with the aid of pulse shapers (3a, 3b) having a given unit pulse response r(t) in a transmitter (4), the
4881872 Steam turbine for part load operation November 21, 1989
In steam turbines operated with nozzle group control (3) in part load operation, a swirl cascade (4) is fitted downstream of the control wheel (2) in the flow direction. The partial flows emerging from the control wheel (2) are provided with a distinct swirl in the swirl cascade (4) and
4880685 Process for separating and/or reacting particles November 14, 1989
In the separation and/or reaction of particles, these are heated together with a gaseous carrier medium. Constituents of these particles thus vaporize and form a mixture, while solid constituents remain.A process is to be indicated which enables pollutants adsorbed on the particles to be
4878185 Digital measuring instrument October 31, 1989
A digital measuring instrument which samples at discrete points in time the analog input signals emitted by a measurement transducer of an electrical supply system in a sample and hold circuit. The sampled values are digitized in an analog/digital converter and are then used to determine
4878037 Flange connection using a radially elastic centering ring October 31, 1989
A flange connection for round waveguides achieves a high-accuracy coaxiality of two round mutually adjoining waveguides (1a, 1b) by means of a radially elastic centering ring (3). The flange connection comprises two independent flange rings (2a, 2b) which are in each case attached to one
4876470 Gas-cooled electric machine October 24, 1989
In a gas-cooled electric machine the cooling-gas supply and removal in the cavity between the laminated stator body and housing is arranged so that the heated cooling gases from the central section of the machine are supplied through separate cooling-gas lines to the ends of the machine
4875613 Apparatus for manufacturing a laminar bond October 24, 1989
In a method for the firm bonding at elevated temperatures of thin, large-area wafers of different thermal expansion the deformations of the laminar bond occurring later during cooling are at least partially compensated by an appropriate pre-deformation in the opposite direction. An a
4872185 Signal transmission method October 3, 1989
In a signal transmission method, a sequence of equally distributed statistically uncorrelated symbols having a symbol duration T.sub.S is converted, in a transmitter, into a frequency baseband signal by means of a given CPM method, the frequency baseband signal is transmitted to a si
4869645 Composite gas turbine blade and method of manufacturing same September 26, 1989
A composite gas turbine blade consists of an airfoil (1) in an oxide-dispersion-hardened nickel-based superalloy, in the condition of longitudinally directed coarse columnar crystals, and a shroud plate (6) or a shroud and a root (7), the latter items in a non-dispersion-hardened nic
4867674 Method and device for process heat generation September 19, 1989
In the method, a process medium (14) is heated in two stages, in which fuel oil and gas premixed with air in a burner device (1) are partially burnt in a preliminary combustion chamber (12) substoichiometrically with an air coefficient (.lambda.) of approximately 0.7. The partially burnt
4864635 Amplitude modulated broadcast transmitter September 5, 1989
In an AM broadcast transmitter having a switching amplifier as main modulator (12), an additional modulator (18) is used in the radio frequency circuit in order to achieve a steady 100% modulation at the modulation minima, with the aid of which additional modulator the carrier signal
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