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RE36358 Flame retardant polyurethane foams October 26, 1999
The invention pertains to flame retardant polyurethane foams prepared by the reaction of a polyoxyalkylene polyether polyol with an organic polyisocyanate and a blowing agent wherein melamine is incorporated as the sole flame retardant compound. The amount of melamine may range from abou
RE35108 Method for spinning multiple colored yarn December 5, 1995
A spin pack for spinning multiple components includes a distribution device which distributes mutually separated molten polymer streams to a spinneret so that each mutually separated molten polymer stream is accessible at each active spinneret backhole. Intermediate the spinneret and the
RE33291 Process for the preparation of white graft polymer dispersions and flame-retardant polyurethane August 7, 1990
White graft polymer dispersions in polyoxyalkylene polyether polyols are employed together with flame retardant compounds to prepare flame retardant polyurethane foams. The polymer dispersions employ less than 0.1 mole of induced unsaturation per mole of polyol mixture. Improved proc
H564 Pigment milling process January 3, 1989
Aqueous pigment concentrates are produced by a two-step milling process. The process comprisesa. pumping a crude with from about 12% to about 48% by weight of surfactant, based on pigment, and an amount of water sufficient to reduce the crude concentration to 10 to 50% by weight, based o
D621900 Rodent management system August 17, 2010
D620068 Live trap for trapping rodents July 20, 2010
D619673 Rodent management system July 13, 2010
D617864 Live trap for trapping rodents June 15, 2010
D590838 Graphic for a display screen April 21, 2009
D393522 Portable multi-component chemical storage and mixing tank April 14, 1998
D390115 Container February 3, 1998
D378191 Integral dual compartment container February 25, 1997
D376191 Portable tank December 3, 1996
D374538 Multi-compartment drum October 8, 1996
D356680 Combined product shipping and display box March 28, 1995
D327992 Carpet sample stand July 21, 1992
D288531 Bottle or the like March 3, 1987
8580233 Tooth whitening compositions and methods November 12, 2013
A method of whitening a tooth surface including contacting the surface of a tooth with an efficacious amount of a substantially non-cytotoxic composition. The non-cytotoxic composition includes chlorine dioxide and no more than about 0.25 milligrams oxy-chlorine anions per gram of the
8574483 Method of deforming a microcellular polyurethane component November 5, 2013
A method of deforming a component includes the step of forming the component from thermosetting, elastomeric microcellular polyurethane. The method further includes the step of heating at least a first portion of the component to a first temperature. The method further includes the s
8569195 Internal and external donor compounds for olefin polymerization catalysts II October 29, 2013
The present invention relates to catalyst systems containing solid catalyst components comprising titanium, magnesium, halogen and an internal electron donor compound having at least one ether group and at least one ketone group; organoaluminum compounds and alkyl benzoate derivative
8568675 Palladium-supported catalyst composites October 29, 2013
Provided are catalyst composites that can be used in methods for treating exhaust gas from internal combustion engines, including diesel and gasoline engines, systems including such catalyst composites and methods of using the catalyst composites to treat internal combustion engine e
8568674 Diesel oxidation catalyst composites October 29, 2013
Oxidation catalyst composites for the treatment of exhaust gas emissions, such as the abatement of unburned hydrocarbons (HC), and carbon monoxide (CO) and the oxidation of NO to NO.sub.2 are disclosed The catalyst composites comprise two washcoat layers containing two different comp
8563018 Foamable pesticide compositions October 22, 2013
Ready-to-use foamable pesticide compositions that contain a particulate pesticide suspended therein and applicators for dispensing such compositions. Methods for treating pests such as arthropods by contacting pests with such compositions are also provided.
8298967 Exterior finishing system and building wall containing a corrosion-resistant enhanced thickness October 30, 2012
A corrosion-resistant lath is provided for use in exterior finishing systems, such as stucco systems and exterior insulation and finish systems ("EIFS"). The lath includes in a first embodiment an open, woven fabric comprising weft and warp yarns containing non-metallic fibers, such
8298510 Process for improving phase separations in solvent extraction circuits October 30, 2012
The addition of a compatible metal salt crystal to the organic solution entering the mixer(s) in the solvent extraction stage(s) and/or the stripping stage(s), or to the emulsion mixture of the organic solution and the aqueous solution in the mixer(s), or to the mixture of the organi
8293199 Process for preparation of copper containing molecular sieves with the CHA structure, catalysts, October 23, 2012
Disclosed are processes for the preparation of copper containing molecular sieves with the CHA structure having a silica to alumina mole ratio greater than about 10, wherein the copper exchange step is conducted via wet state exchanged and prior to the coating step and wherein in the
8293198 Process of direct copper exchange into Na+-form of chabazite molecular sieve, and catalysts, sys October 23, 2012
Disclosed are processes for the preparation of copper containing molecular sieves with the CHA structure wherein the copper is exchanged into the Na.sup.+-form of the Chabazite, using a liquid copper solution wherein the concentration of copper is in the range of about 0.001 to about
8293182 Integrated SCR and AMOx catalyst systems October 23, 2012
Catalysts and catalytic articles for treating exhaust gas streams are described. In one or more embodiments, a catalyst system includes a first zone to abate nitrogen oxides by selective catalytic reduction, a second zone to oxidize ammonia and a third zone to oxidize carbon monoxide and
8282729 Transparent goniochromatic multilayer effect pigment October 9, 2012
A multilayer effect pigment includes a transparent substrate, a layer of high refractive index material on the substrate, and alternating layers of low refractive index and high refractive index materials on the first layer, the total number of layers being an odd number of at least thre
8278235 Structurally enhanced cracking catalysts October 2, 2012
A cracking catalyst contains a substantially inert core and an active shell, the active shell containing a zeolite catalyst and a matrix. The catalyst is formed by spray-drying a slurry containing water, substantially inert microspheres and a zeolite precursor and crystallizing zeoli
8276894 Insulator for a vehicle suspension system October 2, 2012
A wheel suspension system for a vehicle includes a mounting base and a striking base spaced from each other and moveable relative to each other along an arced line of motion. An insulator is coupled to and extends from the mounting base. The insulator is formed of an elastomeric mate
8276611 Externally adjustable pressure compensated flow control valve October 2, 2012
An in-line fluid flow control valve includes a housing defining an inlet chamber and an outlet chamber aligned along a outlet axis. The housing further defines a bore with a flow control device and an adjustment mechanism disposed therein for regulating a fluid flow rate. The flow co
8252258 Diesel oxidation catalyst with layer structure for improved hydrocarbon conversion August 28, 2012
Provided is a diesel oxidation catalyst for the treatment of exhaust gas emissions from a diesel engine and a method for treating a diesel exhaust gas stream, the method comprising providing a diesel oxidation catalyst and contacting said diesel exhaust gas stream with said diesel oxidat
8246922 Four-way diesel catalysts and methods of use August 21, 2012
Provided are catalyst articles, emission treatment systems and methods for simultaneously remediating the carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides (NOx), particulate matter, and gaseous hydrocarbons present in diesel engine exhaust streams. The emission treatment system of specific embodimen
8231887 Pesticidal compositions July 31, 2012
The present disclosure relates to pesticidal compositions and to methods for controlling pests such as insects and other arthropods. More particularly, the disclosure relates to a pesticidal compositions containing mineral oil and one or more additional components which, when used in
8227370 High activity catalyst component for olefin polymerization and method of using the same July 24, 2012
A catalyst system containing (a) a solid catalyst component containing a titanium halide, a magnesium halide, a first internal electron donor compound, and a second internal electron donor compound, (b) an organoaluminum compound, and (c) an external electron donor compound is disclo
8225697 Tool and method for removing and installing a tamper-resistant cap of a pest control device July 24, 2012
A tool includes a hub, at least two opposed fingers depending from the hub, and at least two opposed skirt sections configured different from the fingers. The skirt sections depend from the hub and are disposed adjacent the fingers. The opposed skirt sections have a second transverse
8221693 Use of a radial zone coating to facilitate a two-stage prox system with single air injection July 17, 2012
A two stage-carbon monoxide preferential oxidation article and method that uses a single injection of an O.sub.2-containing gas.
8215052 Pest control system and method July 10, 2012
In a system and method for at least one of monitoring and controlling pests, a container having an interior chamber, is located in an area in which pests are to be at least one of monitored and controlled. At least a portion of the container is constructed of an environmentally degra
8211819 Internal and external donor compounds for olefin polymerization catalysts July 3, 2012
The present invention relates to catalyst systems containing solid catalyst components comprising titanium, magnesium, halogen and a 1,8-naphthyl diaryloate internal electron donor compound; organoaluminum compounds and alkyl benzoate derivatives as external electron donors. The pres
8211486 Process for the hydrogenation of unsaturated triglycerides July 3, 2012
The invention is directed to a process for the hydrogenation of unsaturated triglycerides in the presence of a supported precious metal catalyst and hydrogen, in which process a precious metal catalyst is used, comprising an aggregate of solid support, precious metal nano particles a
8211392 Diesel oxidation catalyst composite with layer structure for carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon con July 3, 2012
Provided is a catalyst composition, in particular a diesel oxidation catalyst, for the treatment of exhaust gas emissions, such as the oxidation of unburned hydrocarbons (HC), and carbon monoxide (CO). More particularly, the present invention is directed to a catalyst structure compr
8207083 Nickel catalyst for hydrogenation reactions June 26, 2012
The present invention relates to a catalyst nickel, silica, alumina and magnesium, wherein the nickel to magnesium atomic ratio is 5-75. In particular the present invention relates to a catalyst comprising nickel, silica, alumina and magnesium, wherein the nickel to silicium atomic r
8202519 Marine extracts and biofermentations for use in cosmetics June 19, 2012
An extract of the marine algae, Sarcodiotheca, and more particularly Sarcodiotheca gaudichaudii, is described for use in cosmetic compositions. A biofermentation of Sarcodiotheca, such as for example S. gaudichaudii, is also described. This marine bioferment is useful as a skin care
8202414 Process for the purification of benzene feedstock containing contaminating sulfur compounds June 19, 2012
The invention is directed to a process for the purification of benzene feedstock containing contaminating sulfur compounds, more in particular thiophenic sulfur compounds, said process comprising contacting the benzene feedstock in the presence of hydrogen with a sulfided nickel adso
8173574 Catalysts to reduce NO.sub.x in an exhaust gas stream and methods of preparation May 8, 2012
Catalysts, systems and methods are described to reduce NO.sub.x emissions of an internal combustion engine. In one embodiment, an emissions treatment system for an exhaust stream is provided having a catalyst comprising silver on a particulate alumina support, the silver having a dia
8173087 Gasoline engine emissions treatment systems having particulate traps May 8, 2012
Provided are exhaust systems and components suitable for use in conjunction with gasoline direct injection (GDI) engines to capture particulates in addition to reducing gaseous emission such as hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides, and carbon monoxides. Exhaust treatment systems comprising
8168298 Article and method of producing same May 1, 2012
An article is formed in a mold having a mold cavity, has a periphery, and defines a score line having a tensile heal strength of less than 200 ppi along the score line. The article includes a cured urethane composition including the reaction product of an isocyanate component and a resin
8168266 Method for changing the color of a substrate coating by application of a stimulus May 1, 2012
A method for changing the color of a substrate includes applying a color enhancing composition to the substrate to provide a first color; and applying a stimulus to the color enhancing composition to provide a second color; where the color enhancing composition includes a carrier flu
8167283 Mount assembly May 1, 2012
A mount assembly having a support structure mounted to a frame of a vehicle and a carrier mounted to a vehicle body. The support structure is displaceable relative to the carrier along a central axis (L). The support structure defines an inverted cup having a bottom with an aperture

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