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RE41030 System and method of network independent remote configuration of internet server appliance December 1, 2009
A server appliance self-adaptively configures to the operating parameters of a communications network to enable remote configuration control exclusively via the communications network. The server appliance includes a host computer system including a network interface controller and an
D669088 Display screen with graphical user interface October 16, 2012
D669086 Display screen with graphical user interface October 16, 2012
D668642 Telephone handset October 9, 2012
D664551 Display screen with graphical user interface July 31, 2012
D664150 Display screen with graphical user interface July 24, 2012
D646268 Docking station October 4, 2011
D639268 Phone June 7, 2011
D639267 Phone June 7, 2011
D639266 Phone June 7, 2011
D634295 Key extension module for telephone March 15, 2011
8589498 Phase based prioritization of IMS signaling messages for overload throttling November 19, 2013
Systems and methods for providing overload protection in a communications system are provided. More particularly, an importance or priority rating of a message received at a communication server is determined. If the communications system is in an overload state, and if the importance
8589326 Utilizing presence in conjunction with other information to determine an appropriate communicati November 19, 2013
Even with SIP and the varied communications options available to users, the monitoring of presence itself may not provide sufficient information to determine a most appropriate contact modality for a communication. Therefore, there is a need for a more complete method of generating a
8589245 Customer loyalty, product demonstration, and store/contact center/internet coupling system and m November 19, 2013
A system for storing information about searches and inquiries by a customer is provided. The system includes a customer service server that receives information from two or more sources, such as from a retail location sales agent, a website, a call center agent, etc. The information
8589176 Methods and systems for managing communication requests in an institutional setting such as a he November 19, 2013
A method of processing a communication request destined for an intended recipient, comprising: determining an interrupt worthiness of the communication request; determining an interruptability of the intended recipient; determining at least one delivery feature based on the interrupt
8584026 User interface for orienting new users to a three dimensional computer-generated virtual environ November 12, 2013
When new users are first introduced to virtual environments, the new users may be confused and uncertain as to how to interact with the virtual environment. Several new user orientation features have been added to the virtual environment user interface to help orient new users to the
8583634 System and method for determining social rank, relevance and attention November 12, 2013
A method, apparatus and computer program product for determining social rank, relevance and attention is presented. Persons who communicate with a user are determined. A Communications Rank (CommRank) is determined for the persons for said user, the CommRank taking into account a damping
8583449 Method and apparatus for providing network based load balancing of medical image data November 12, 2013
A method and apparatus for providing network based load balancing of medical image data among two or more image archive systems is disclosed. A network element is employed to interface to a network carrying medical image data that may include tasks to be performed on the data. A network
8582567 System and method for providing network level and nodal level vulnerability protection in VoIP n November 12, 2013
The present invention provides a system, method and apparatus for providing network level and nodal level vulnerability protection in VoIP networks by receiving a communication, filtering the received communication using three or more stages selected from the group comprising a media
8581842 Detection of a rolling motion or sliding motion of a body part on a surface November 12, 2013
An optical scanner scans a first portion of a print of a body part such as a finger in a first area of an optical surface. The optical scanner detects a motion of the body part to a second area of the optical surface. This can be done in various ways. One way is for the optical scann
8578462 Method and system for secure session management in a web farm November 5, 2013
A system and method for secure session management in a web farm using a session token. A session management web service updates the session token with each request received from a browser. If the request must be redirected to a new server where the requested resource is located, then
8578396 Deferred control of surrogate key generation in a distributed processing architecture November 5, 2013
An event reporting system includes a computational component 228 operable (a) to receive notification of a change to an attribute of an entity, the entity, prior to the change, being associated with a first surrogate key, and (b) to defer the use of a second surrogate key for the entity
8578366 Application store November 5, 2013
The present invention is directed to a software distribution architecture in which a software vendor provides a software store that is coordinated with the unique requirements of a software purchasing enterprise. Examples of the requirements include the enterprise infrastructure, inf
8577916 Search-based contact initiation method and apparatus November 5, 2013
Search-based contact initiation methods and apparatus are provided. In particular, a contact initiator enters search terms in the form of qualifications or characteristics desired of a contact recipient. The search term are used to search qualifications records that include qualifica
8577060 Method and apparatus for dynamically determining mix sets in an audio processor November 5, 2013
Methods and apparatus are disclosed for dynamically selecting the number of audio channels to mix per listener in an audio processor, such as a server-based three-dimensional audio mixer, as a function of any reasonable measurement of the load on the audio processor.
8577017 Interrupting auxiliary agents November 5, 2013
A contact center is described along with various methods and mechanisms for administering the same. The contact center proposed herein provides the ability to, among other things, selectively interrupt a contact center agent in an AUXILIARY state. This enables the contact center to a
8577015 Method and apparatus for the automated delivery of notifications to contacts based on predicted November 5, 2013
In one embodiment, a contact center is provided that includes: (a) a work item queue 208, 250 comprising an intra-enterprise contact associated with at least first and second internal endpoints of an enterprise; and (b) a selector operable to select and assign a work item to an agent. In
8576725 Failover based on sending communications between different domains November 5, 2013
A first communication device detects a failure on a communication channel of a primary network. Based on the failure, the first communication device sends communications directed to a second communication device to a secondary network. A secondary network domain controller sends the
8576717 System and method for detecting rogue traffic using flow statistics with a list of authorized en November 5, 2013
Disclosed herein are systems, methods, and non-transitory computer-readable storage media for determining rogue traffic using flow statistics and a list of authorized media engines. A system configured according to this disclosure receives data associated with a group of packets in a
8572558 Shell architecture software development October 29, 2013
A programming interface and infrastructure of the present invention includes a Shell programming interface and infrastructure (Shell construct), at least one Logic construct, and at least one Data construct. A method for programming using at least one Shell construct, at least one Da
8572497 Method and system for exchanging contextual keys October 29, 2013
A method and device for presenting contextual data to a participant in a collaboration. A first computing device determines that a first participant associated with the first computing device is participating in a communications session with a second participant associated with a sec
8571541 Proximity-based authorization October 29, 2013
Methods and apparatuses are disclosed for enabling the response to a command from a wireless terminal to be based at least partially on the presence or absence of other users nearby, and possibly the identity of those users. In the illustrated embodiment, a server maintains an updated
8571195 Customer shared control in customer service scenarios October 29, 2013
Provided herein is a system and method for sharing control of a customer service provided by a contact center. The method may include: receiving, from a customer, a customer contact to request the customer service; communicating by use of a communication channel between the customer and
8566471 Method of providing network link bonding and management October 22, 2013
A method, apparatus and computer program product for providing network link bonding and management is presented. At least one physical link is established between a first endpoint and a second endpoint. A logical link is established at an application server level between the first en
8566311 Method and apparatus for notifying a user of a predefined changes to dynamic attributes October 22, 2013
Methods and apparatus are provided for subscribing to dynamic attributes. One or more users are notified of information having a plurality of attributes, including at least one dynamic attribute. According to one aspect of the invention, a user can enter a subscription request to be
8565412 Servicing calls in call centers based on estimated call value October 22, 2013
Methods for enabling call center agents to adapt their servicing of incoming calls based on the estimated value of the calls are disclosed. In accordance with the first illustrative embodiment, when there is a "high-value" call waiting in the queue while one or more agents are curren
8565386 Automatic configuration of soft phones that are usable in conjunction with special-purpose endpo October 22, 2013
The present disclosure is directed, in some embodiments, to automatic switching of a telephony module between different operational modes in response to the identification of different types of incoming contacts.
8565230 Shared virtual tunnels supporting Mac learning in communication networks October 22, 2013
Embodiments herein include systems and methods for providing a mechanism for tunneled data transport within a dual homed access network. A tunnel manager, at a first network connectivity device in a transport network, identifies the transport network configured to interconnect at least t
8302179 Embedded firewall at a telecommunications endpoint October 30, 2012
A method is disclosed that enables the implementation of an embedded firewall at a telecommunications endpoint. In particular, the illustrative embodiment of the present invention addresses the relationship between the application, firewall engine, and packet-classification rules dat
8301671 Method and apparatus providing removal of replicated objects based on garbage collection October 30, 2012
A method, apparatus and computer program product for providing removal of replicated objects based on garbage collection is presented. Data objects are replicated from a primary source to a backup device. A notification is received from a garbage collection process for at least one data
8301619 System and method for generating queries October 30, 2012
The system utilizes (gets) training data that comprises a plurality of training documents. Each of the plurality of training documents comprises a training token(s). The plurality of training documents are clustered into a plurality of clusters based on at least one training token in the
8301581 Group compositing algorithms for presence October 30, 2012
Systems and methods presented herein construct groups and determine the presence for the groups. The groups can be constructed based on business logic. A set of components can model a group from the business logic, can establish a membership for the group, can determine one or more rules
8301474 Contact center integration into virtual environments October 30, 2012
A contact center has an interface with a virtual environment implemented in a computer system. The operation of the contact center includes receiving, from the virtual environment, spatial information relating to the spatial position within the virtual environment of an inhabitant of
8301447 Associating source information with phonetic indices October 30, 2012
The present invention relates to creating a phonetic index of phonemes from an audio segment that includes speech content from multiple sources. The phonemes in the phonetic index are directly or indirectly associated with the corresponding source of the speech from which the phonemes we
8300790 Method and system for automatic conference call session migration October 30, 2012
Disclosed herein are methods, systems, and non-transitory computer-readable storage media for conference call session migration. The conference call session migration includes automatically configuring and establishing a target conference call session during a source conference call
8300782 Secure feature access from an off-PBX telephone October 30, 2012
A security plan for telephone clients allows the client to authenticate itself by sending a coded sequence of DTMF digits to a PBX at the beginning of each call. When the idle client telephone receives a call, it sends a coded DTMF sequence to the PBX. If the client makes a feature i
8300644 Coordination of user information across session initiation protocol-based proxy servers October 30, 2012
An improvement in the design and operation of telecommunications networks is disclosed, in which when a calling party's telecommunication terminal does not know the address of the called party's terminal, the calling party's telecommunication terminal contacts its home Session Initiation
8300632 System and method for distributed call monitoring/recording using the session initiation protoco October 30, 2012
The system and method described herein allows for full monitoring and recording of SIP calls by using standard SIP messages. During the call set up between a first SIP device and a second SIP device, information is derived from a first SIP INVITE message from a first SIP device. Info
8300614 Preventing packet loops in unified networks October 30, 2012
Unified mobility switches often define a virtual LAN (VLAN), including a combination of mobility tunnels and access tunnels, via which packets are transported to a mobile device over a combination of physical connections and wireless links. A unified switch may have multiple ports availa
8300594 Method and apparatus supporting out of band signaling for WLAN using network name October 30, 2012
A method and apparatus for communicating wireless network landscape information to a mobile device is shown and described. Strategic placement of beaconing devices that are encoded with pre-defined, specialized SSIDs allows information to be forwarded to the mobile clients to trigger
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