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Mie-Ken, JP
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D559881 Surveillance camera for an automobile January 15, 2008
D556232 Cover of a surveillance camera for an automobile November 27, 2007
D554172 Cover of a surveillance camera for an automobile October 30, 2007
D553660 Surveillance camera for an automobile October 23, 2007
8291109 Distribution apparatus, communication system and communication method October 16, 2012
In view of a communication system including communication apparatuses transmitting data and a distribution apparatus receiving data from each communication apparatus and distributing, it is provided with the distribution apparatus, the communication system and the communication metho
8284821 Vehicle-mounted relay connection unit October 9, 2012
A message is efficiently relayed in a cut-through mode to a communication line of the transmission destination of a transmission rate higher than that of the communication line of the recipient while preventing the state that there is no data to be transmitted. A vehicle-mounted relay
8284563 Circuit structure that connects an electronic part to a conducting path October 9, 2012
There is provided a circuit structure in which a control circuit is formed on the upper surface of an insulating plate 14 by control busbars 15, and a power circuit is formed on the lower surface of the insulating plate 14 by power busbars 18. By this configuration, the circuit struc
8278555 Electric wire conductor and a method of producing the same October 2, 2012
A conductor includes elemental wires made from an aluminum alloy containing Si whose content is 0.3-1.2 mass %, Mg whose content makes an Mg/Si weight ratio in a range from 0.8 to 1.8, and a remainder essentially including Al and an unavoidable impurity. The conductor has tensile str
8264271 Load driving apparatus September 11, 2012
Semiconductor relays switch power supplied from a power source to drive loads, and further detect current values of electric currents flowing through the loads. A control section intermittently turns ON the semiconductor relays via driving circuits, thereby limiting electric power co
8258402 Shielded wire-grounding construction September 4, 2012
The lead-out side end of a drain wire led out from a shield wire and either a conductor exposed to one end of a ground wire, to the other end of which a ground terminal is connected, or a conductor exposed to one end of a ground wire, to the other end of which a connector receiving t
8255109 Relay connection unit and vehicle-mounted communication system August 28, 2012
A Relay connection unit connects networks connected to ECUs via multiple communication lines and relays signals transmitted/received between the ECUs belonging to the different networks. The relay connection unit comprises a recording part that records the relationship between ECUs t
8249087 Communication system and communication method August 21, 2012
GW apparatuses send messages including data being sent from ECUs to a distribution apparatus without sending to an ECU. The distribution apparatus stores the messages on a database, and sends the messages to an ECU, and an ECU. In a case, the distribution apparatus sends the messages
8248971 Vehicle network system August 21, 2012
A vehicle network system is provided with a plurality of star networks, a plurality of devices mounted on a vehicle are connected in a star shape through respective branch lines in each of the star networks, and a trunk line for connecting the plurality of star networks, the branch lines
8246394 Terminal connector with a crimping portion with recesses August 21, 2012
A plurality of recesses are formed on a surface of a wire barrel where an electric wire is provided. In a state before the electric wire is crimped onto the wire, barrel, at least one of sides comprising rims of an opening of each recess of a quadrangular shape is a crossing side cro
8237686 Manipulator August 7, 2012
A selecting operation and a setting operation for setup items shown on a display are performed with using a selection change switch that can in steps rotate to three positions indicated by marks and a dial switch that is stacked on the selection change switch. The display shows three set
8227694 Wire harness exterior protecting tube and wire harness July 24, 2012
A wire harness exterior protecting tube minimizes sagging of a wire harness laid in a straddling manner in a vehicle and allows smooth bending of the wire harness. The wire harness exterior protecting tube has longitudinal opposite ends supported in a straddling manner by the vehicle
8223060 Electric control system and electric control unit July 17, 2012
A plurality of electric control units are connected to perform data-communication through a communication line. Each electric control unit comprises a recording means for recording data and a communication means, to control an operation of an object to be controlled. One of the plura
8221171 Crimp terminal, terminal-provided wire, and manufacturing method thereof July 17, 2012
Provided is a technique of ensuring mechanical strength in a terminal-provided wire and lowering contact resistance between the wire and the crimp terminal, without greatly varying a crimp height of a crimp terminal onto the wire in an axial direction. A crimp terminal according to t
8182286 Water-proofing joint connector May 22, 2012
The present invention provides a water-proofing joint connector capable of electrically interconnecting a plurality of terminals, with a simple structure, irrespective of the number of the terminals. The water-proofing joint connector includes a connection conductor, a housing and a
8177590 Crimping terminal and method of manufacturing terminal-provided wire May 15, 2012
A crimp terminal whose crimp state can be easily evaluated and to provide a method of manufacturing a terminal-provided wire comprising the crimp terminal. The crimp terminal includes a pair of conductor barrels which are crimped onto a conductor of an electric wire. The conductor barrel
8177589 Terminal connector with a crimping portion with recesses May 15, 2012
A plurality of recesses are formed on a surface of a wire barrel where an electric wire is provided. In a state before the electric wire is crimped onto the wire, barrel, at least one of sides comprising rims of an opening of each recess of a quadrangular shape is a crossing side cro
8172625 Spherical terminal with guide groove May 8, 2012
In a pair of mutually connectable terminals, one terminal is provided with a joint having a spherical surface formed on the outer circumferential surface, and the other terminal is provided with a hole into which the joint can be fitted. At least one of the joint and the hole is form
8167653 Shield shell May 1, 2012
A shield shell is composed of a tubular shell body made of a conductive resin and a metallic conductive body mounted in the shell body. The conductive body is capable of, in the base end part, connecting with a shielding member by being exposed on the surface of the shell body, while
8164009 Control knob which operates multiple systems April 24, 2012
A control knob capable of operating multiple systems has a first rotational body and a second rotational body coaxially arranged, and a shaft connected to the second rotational body. Opposite the shaft, a movable body is moved axially in response to rotation of the first rotational b
8155825 On-vehicle database distribution node and on-vehicle database system April 10, 2012
A on-vehicle database system includes: a memory for recording an on-vehicle database connected to an on-vehicle LAN network and to an ECU for registering data inputted from respective ECU as attribute value data all at once; and data output means for registering data in the on-vehicle
8146248 Construction for stopping water from penetrating into drain wire contained in shielded wire and April 3, 2012
A Drain wire led out from the interior to the exterior of a shielded wire is covered with a heat shrinkable tube made of an insulating resin or with a rubber tube including silicon or EPDM (ethylene-propylene rubber). A water-stop agent is penetrated between the element wires of the drai
8137116 Ground joint connector and wire harness including the same March 20, 2012
The present invention provides a ground joint connector capable of collectively connecting a plurality of grounding wires included in a wire harness for a vehicle, to a given ground site, while occupying a little space. The ground joint connector JC comprises a plurality of wire term
8126611 On-vehicle communication system February 28, 2012
An on-vehicle communication system has a plurality of buses relay-connected through a relay connection unit, each of the buses having at least one ECU connected thereto. In the vehicle communication system, a basic routing table that specifies a relay point for transmitting from the
8115810 Vehicle-periphery viewing apparatus February 14, 2012
A vehicle-periphery viewing apparatus comprises an imaging device, an electronic control unit, and a display device. The imaging device captures an image of a surrounding area of the vehicle and comprises a field of view larger in a horizontal direction than in a vertical direction.
8105121 Ground terminal fitting with a clamping section touching a ground member January 31, 2012
The present invention provides a ground terminal fitting capable of being fixed to a ground member through a simple operation while permitting production cost to be reduced, and a ground device having the ground terminal fitting. The ground terminal fitting comprises a terminal body
8105103 Ground connecting device and wire harness having the same January 31, 2012
Provided are a ground connecting device occupying only a little space and a wire harness having the ground connecting device. The ground connecting device comprises first and second ground joint connectors to connect a plurality of first and second grounding wires included in a wire harn
8083543 Joint connector and wire short-circuiting method using the same December 27, 2011
A joint connector capable of mutually short-circuiting wires reliably without an increase in the number of components and size thereof. The joint connector (JC) comprises a joint terminal for short-circuiting and a connector housing. The joint terminal includes a plurality of electric
8083530 Circuit board connector December 27, 2011
A circuit board connector with no delay (skew) of signals and no crosstalk of signals. In a circuit board connector, a plurality of terminals having horizontal portions to be connected to ends of electric wires and vertical portions extending downward from one ends of the horizontal
8081643 Relay connection unit December 20, 2011
Provided is an on-vehicle relay connection unit which forms a network by arranging electronic control units between buses to which the electronic control units are respectively connected and relays a message transmitted and received between the electronic control units belonging to the
8070536 Crimp terminal, terminal-provided wire, and manufacturing method thereof December 6, 2011
Provided is a technique of enabling high-compression crimping without breaking a crimp terminal while forming a recessed portion promoting a wire crimp portion of the crimp terminal to cut into a conductor in the wire crimp portion. The crimp terminal according to the invention inclu
8057258 Shielded connector November 15, 2011
A shielded connector achieving sufficient contact load between a shielded conductor and a crimp portion of an outer conductor shell without influence such as deformation of cross sections on signal wires when the crimp portion is crimped onto the conductor, and enhanced pull-out stre
8054605 Power supply controller November 8, 2011
A gate driver 28 performs a normal charging operation for a power MOSFET 14 by driving a charge pump 90 solely, when a low-level control signal S1 (ON signal) is received during a normal state. On the other hand, if a low-level control signal S1 (ON signal) is received during a load anom
8054602 Power supply controller November 8, 2011
A comparator receives, on its second input terminal, a third anomaly threshold voltage from a threshold voltage generator, and outputs a low-level breaking indication signal to a control logic portion when a terminal voltage falls below the third anomaly threshold voltage. Three thre
8052466 Outer conductor terminal November 8, 2011
An outer conductor terminal by which productivity of the outer conductor terminal having crimping portions provided with reticulated knurling grooves on the inner surfaces can be improved. An outer conductor terminal of a shielded connector is provided with a pair of shielded conduct
8017869 Conductor of an electric wire, and an insulated wire September 13, 2011
A conductor of an electric wire, and an insulated wire which are excellent in corrosion resistance and recyclability, of which the strength which is decreased by weight reduction and diameter reduction is improved. The conductor includes a strand which includes a first elemental wire
8013249 Shield conductor and shield conductor manufacturing method September 6, 2011
A shield conductor Wa comprises: a metallic pipe 20, a wire 10 to be inserted into the pipe 20, and a groove-like fitting member 22 provided in the pipe 20 as extending along the direction of axis of the wire 10, and at the same time, attached tightly to the circumference of the wire.
8011954 Shielded connector September 6, 2011
Characteristic impedances of a shielded connector and a shielded cable are matched by lowering that of the connector conventionally high in a connection portion of an inner conductor terminal of the connector to a signal conductor of the cable, and transmission loss by reflection of
8004562 Driving support apparatus August 23, 2011
A driving support apparatus includes an imaging member taking an image corresponding to a vehicle peripheral area; a steering angle detecting member detecting a steering-wheel steering angle; a display member disposed in a vehicle interior to display the image; and a control member p
7956728 Sound production controller June 7, 2011
A sound production controller can include a horn device that performs a vibrating operation at a predetermined resonance frequency in response to a predetermined operation to produce a warning sound, an input section which receives a sound production command signal outputted in response
7950931 Electrical junction box with drainage portions May 31, 2011
The present invention provides an electrical junction box that can prevent water in a casing from attaching to a circuit board. The electrical junction box may include a casing, an upper connector housing and fuse-mounting sections that are disposed on and are open in an upper wall i
7948998 Vehicle-mounted LAN system, electronic control unit, relay connection unit, and vehicle-mounted May 24, 2011
A vehicle-mounted Local Area Network (LAN) system includes vehicle-mounted LANs in each of which an electronic control unit is connected to a communication line to send and receive messages. The LAN system also includes a relay connection unit that relays the messages between the veh
7947904 Conductor and wire harness May 24, 2011
One aspect of the present invention can include a conductor to be installed on a vehicle for high current use including a stranded copper wire connected to an end portion of a single-core aluminum cable, an intermediary conductor made of copper is connected to the stranded copper wir
7938694 Connector terminal and connector with the connector terminal May 10, 2011
An object of the present invention is to provide a connector terminal which can be easily fitted to or separated from a partner terminal (partner connector) even if the space for fitting operation is limited in the fitting direction. The connector terminal has a terminal inserting po
7924542 Power supply controller and semiconductor device April 12, 2011
A voltage-dividing circuit 60, which is formed of serially connected voltage-dividing resistors R1, R2, R3, is disposed between the source terminal S of a power MOSFET 15 and the ground. The divided voltage Va at a connecting point A is applied to one of the input terminals of a comp
7922545 Press-fit terminal April 12, 2011
A press-fit terminal is adapted to be press-fitted in an through-hole of board for electrically conducting with the press-fit terminal. The press-fit terminal includes a terminal-base portion and a board inserting portion at least partially plated with tin. A thickness of the plated tin
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