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7288223 Method and apparatus for producing a respiratory filter October 30, 2007
A method and apparatus in which a granular adsorbent, absorbent, chemisorptive, or catalytic material, particularly activated carbon is intermixed with (a) meltable polymer(s), and that the resulting mixture is heated under pressure and pressed into a molded piece (2). We propose to
6561189 Connecting part of a breathing mask May 13, 2003
A connecting part for a breathing mask with an eye-protecting lens has a connecting piece inserted in an opening of the eye protecting lens and supported on a rim at the opening. The connecting piece has a connecting cylinder with holding elements and receptacles to hold the connecting
6429165 Polymer-bonded material August 6, 2002
A polymer-bonded granular adsorptive, absorptive, chemisorptive, or catalytically active material and a process for producing molded bodies from this material. An objective was to develop a polymer-bonded granular adsorptive, absorptive, chemisorptive, or catalytically active material
6083439 Polymer-bonded material July 4, 2000
A polymer-bonded granular adsorptive, absorptive, chemisorptive, or catalytically active material and a process for producing molded bodies from this material. An objective was to develop a polymer-bonded granular adsorptive, absorptive, chemisorptive, or catalytically active material
6074540 Electrochemical solid-state sensor for chlorine June 13, 2000
A sensor includes a sensor electrode layer, a solid electrolyte layer and a backplate electrode layer. The contacts for the sensor electrode and the backplate electrode are integrated into the sensor electrode layer and the backplate electrode layer. The contact integrated into the senso
5669375 Breathing mask September 23, 1997
A breathing mask with a mask body designed as a full mask with a field of vision and with a filter with a filter connection 13, wherein the filter can be arranged in the middle 3 of the mask body or to the side of it in the cheek area, is to be improved such that the use properties with
5267558 Chemical cartridge for respirators December 7, 1993
A chemical cartridge for respirators for respirators, the cartridge containing a chemical, e.g., potassium hyperoxide, which when acted upon by carbon dioxide and moisture, produces oxygen from a stream of inhaled air. Two discharge nozzles are provided which project into the chemical
5191882 Apparatus for enabling a strapless breathing mask to be worn without a protective helmet March 9, 1993
An apparatus for enabling a strapless breathing mask to be worn not only in conjunction with a protective helmet but also by itself without the helmet. The mask includes a strapless body, a window shield and a window frame, which can be disconnected from a protective helmet and, by way o
5046198 Gas goggles September 10, 1991
The present invention describes goggles for protection against gases having a resilient frame with two eye spaces each surrounding an eye of the user. The eye spaces are surrounded by mounts which hold the lenses in place. In order to obtain a firm fit and the required sealing-tightness
4873970 Warning device to indicate the state of gases exhaustion of a gas filter retaining dangerous gas October 17, 1989
A warning device comprised of an electrochemical cell which detects the concentration of toxic gas that is passing through a housing holding the cell to a face mask. The cell produces a signal corresponding to the concentration level of toxic gas present. The signal is received by a
4840170 Self-rescuer apparatus June 20, 1989
The invention is a spacer of a respirator bag to be carried in front of the chest. Inside the respirator bag an oxygen producing chemical cartridge is positioned. On the outside of the respirator bag facing the body of the carrier, a spacer body open at its top and bottom, is positioned
4811728 Respirator hood March 14, 1989
A respirator hood designed as an emergency escape hood and air filter device. A head protector is provided, which is simultaneously designed as a packing and stand-by container. The crown area of the respirator hood is provided as an impact-resistant head protector with the respirator ho
4784286 Closing device November 15, 1988
The invention describes a closing device for the gas-tight closing of an ever-ready container consisting of two shells for respirators. The closing device is arranged on one shell part and has essentially trapezoidally designed tension bands on whose longer side of the trapezoid hook-sha
4577348 Gas-tight protective garment with hood March 25, 1986
Mounted in the front wall region of a hood is a curved replaceable facepiece lens. In order to obtain a gas-tight joint between the rigid component constituting the facepiece lens and the flexible garment material, as well as obtaining a distribution of the stresses which occur in th
4574647 Air conveying means for gas analysis test tubes March 11, 1986
An air conveyor for gas test tubes used in the detection of foreign gases or suspended matter in air having an instrument body in the form of a handle and including a channel therethrough. The body has at one end a sealing element for connecting the gas test tube to the channel and at it
4476096 Circuit arrangement for an apparatus for measuring and indicating the concentration of combustib October 9, 1984
Ambiguous measurement results can be obtained in the measurement and indication of high concentrations obtained in air of combustible gases when employing the thermal effect principle. In order to prevent such ambiguities from arising, the measuring range is, in accordance with the i
4459981 Breathing bag for closed cycle respirator July 17, 1984
A closed cycle respirator includes a breathing bag, the bottom of which is in communication with a canister containing a chemical that binds carbon dioxide and water vapor and liberates oxygen. Inside the breathing bag there is a distributor that guides the regenerated respiratory air fl
4393686 Circuit arrangement for a gas measuring and gas analysis apparatus July 19, 1983
A circuit arrangement for an apparatus for measuring and analyzing gases which emits a signal when a specified gas concentration is exceeded and which is capable of recalling the maximum value of gas concentration measured. A binary counter acted upon by an oscillator is connected to a
4375768 Electronic circuit for processing the measured values from a vortex sequence produced by a Karma March 8, 1983
An electronic circuit for processing measured values obtained from a vortex sequence produced by a Karman vortex path, wherein the ultrasonically sensed signals are processed both digitally in a first circuit branch for a computer and analogously in a second circuit branch for the connec
4361146 Filtering respirator November 30, 1982
A filtering respirator in the form of a mask has an outer casing and a filter layer inside the casing. The edge of the filter liner is sealed to the casing and the rest of the filter layer is spaced from the casing to provide an interspace between them which is connected with the outside
4323890 Switching circuit for monitoring the switching state of switch elements April 6, 1982
A switching circuit for monitoring the switching state of switching elements wherein the switching state of the switching element is detected and a corresponding signal is generated and this signal is compared to the input signal initially provided for switching the switching element fro
4233971 Respirator November 18, 1980
A ring-shape connecting member is disposed in an opening in the bottom of a breathing bag, where it is encircled and tightly engaged by an elastic sleeve secured to the bag around its opening and projecting downwardly out of the bag. A chemical cartridge is provided with an upwardly exte
4231360 Nose clip for respirators November 4, 1980
A pair of nose pads are connected to the ends of a spring clip that presses the pads against the sides of the nose of the wearer. The connection between the spring and pads is such that the pads can tilt freely relative to the spring clip to avoid discomfort.
4197841 Respirator with protective cover April 15, 1980
Exposed components, including an exhalation valve, of a respirator mask are protected from extremely cold temperatures by a bag containing them, with its open end held in sealing engagement with the portion of the mask adjacent the components by means of a flexible collar. The bag is pro
4196428 Device for monitoring operational readiness of a gas-measuring instrument April 1, 1980
A device for monitoring and indicating the operational readiness of a gas-measuring instrument fitted with a built-in chargeable battery has visible luminescent diodes that emit different colors when energized and which are disposed in an electrical flip-flop circuit with rheostats for
4195627 Breathing apparatus with flow control April 1, 1980
The outlets of an oxygen liberating canister and a carbon dioxide absorbing canister are connected with a breathing bag that has an outlet connected to an inhalation tube. An exhalation tube is connected with the canister inlets. A valve system controls the proportion of exhaled air flow
4174710 Connection between two different parts of a person's protective covering November 20, 1979
One of two parts of a protective covering for a person has an opening therein facing the other part, and one edge of an elastic band secured to the one part around that opening extends away from it and around a portion of the other part. The free edge of the band is thickened and provide
4157091 Respirator June 5, 1979
A respirator canister provided with openings for flow of air therethrough is filled with a chemical that removes water vapor and carbon dioxide from the air and liberates oxygen into it. A breathing tube communicates with one of the canister openings, and an expandable breathing bag or
4155361 Air regenerating apparatus May 22, 1979
A canister provided with openings for flow of air therethrough contains a chemical that removes water vapor and carbon dioxide from that air and liberates oxygen into it. After a period of time the flow of air through the canister is reversed.
4154796 Respirator May 15, 1979
A chemical canister for use in a respirator has opposed openings, one for connection to a mouthpiece and the other for connection to the rest of the respirator. The canister contains a carbon dioxide removing and oxygen liberating chemical, and there also is a chemical which, upon being
4123934 Bridge circuit arrangement for a gas detection instrument November 7, 1978
A bridge circuit is provided for a gas-detecting instrument of the type using an electrically-heated resistance element or filament as a sensing element. In order to prevent use of the instrument during the warmup period after initial energization, a portion of the bridge is short-ci
4088461 Combination of a supplementary filter and respirator filter May 9, 1978
A supplementary filter housing is provided in one side with an opening for receiving the inlet end of a respirator filter attached to a facepiece. Inside this housing there is a perforated partition between the filter-receiving opening and a portion of the housing that extends latera
4022578 Detector tube May 10, 1977
A detector tube for detecting halogenated hydrocarbon compounds, preferably including first and second layers wherein the first layer comprises a carrier impregnated with hexavalent chromium and sulfuric acid to which is added an activator selected from the group consisting of 3-, 4-, an
3968793 Clamping ring for the window frame of a breathing mask July 13, 1976
The viewing window at the front of a breathing mask is held in a groove in a flexible frame that is clamped in a ring formed from two channel-shape half rings engaging each other at their ends and having on the outside of their end portions pairs of laterally projecting vertical flanges

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