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Audio Dynamics Corporation Patents
Audio Dynamics Corporation
New Milford, CT
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
4395920 Digital stylus force gauge August 2, 1983
A device for measuring small units of force or weight, such as the tracking force of a phonograph cartridge, includes an elastic flexure member having an electric contact for engagement with an encoder. As the flexure member is deflected by an amount proportional to the force being measu
4340957 Cartridge and headshell assembly July 20, 1982
An improved cartridge and head shell assembly which permits separate but simultaneous adjustment of the cartridge overhang, vertical tracking angle and lateral tracking angle by means of a single locking member. The assembly includes a base connector for connection to a tone arm and a pa
4325132 Unitary phonograph cartridge and head assembly April 13, 1982
A unitary headshell and phonograph cartridge assembly in which the vertical angle and overhang dimension can both be independently adjusted, thereby to permit the cartridge assembly to be used with different heights of record player arms and to achieve minimum tracking angle distortion f
4165078 Flip-up stylus protector for a phonograph cartridge August 21, 1979
A phonograph cartridge stylus protector includes a magnifying lens to permit the user to view a magnified image of the stylus tip. The stylus protector is pivotally mounted to the cartridge and may be positioned at a first position out of the way of the stylus, a second position in which

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