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7626240 Electro-optical apparatus and a circuit bonding detection device and detection method thereof December 1, 2009
This invention provides a circuit bonding detection device, a detection method thereof and an electro-optical apparatus incorporating the circuit bonding detection device. The circuit bonding detection device includes a substrate, a circuit module, a set of sensors, and a detection unit.
7619202 Remote-controllable electronic device November 17, 2009
A remote-controllable electronic device includes a casing, a filter, a sensor, and a shielding element. The casing is formed with a hole where the filter is embedded thereto. The sensor is disposed within the casing and configured to receive a light signal filtered by the filter. The
7612842 Optical module November 3, 2009
An optical module has a support, an optical film and a buffer. The optical film has a protrusion on one edge thereof. The buffer is disposed on the support and has a corresponded notch to accommodate the protrusion.
7612840 Active matrix substrate and repair method of pixel unit November 3, 2009
An active matrix substrate including a substrate, a plurality of scan lines, a plurality of data lines and a plurality of pixel units is provide. All of the scan lines, the data lines, the pixel units are disposed on the substrate. Each of the pixel units is electrically connected wi
7612394 Thin film transistor array substrate November 3, 2009
A thin film transistor array (TFT) substrate and a method for manufacturing the same are provided. The manufacturing method needs only or even less than six mask processes for manufacturing the TFT array substrate integrated with a color filter pattern. Therefore, the manufacturing m
7605896 Multi-domain vertical alignment liquid crystal display having control electrodes and driving met October 20, 2009
An MVA-LCD panel, including an active component array substrate, an opposite substrate and a liquid crystal layer disposed between is provided. The active component array substrate includes scan lines, data lines, control lines and pixel units. Each of the pixel units includes an act
7605889 Pixel structure and fabrication method thereof October 20, 2009
A pixel structure including a substrate, a gate, a dielectric layer, a semiconductor layer, a plurality of semiconductor bumps, a source, a drain and a reflective pixel electrode is disclosed. The gate is disposed on the substrate. The dielectric layer is disposed on the substrate and
7605874 Liquid crystal display device and method of manufacturing the same October 20, 2009
A polyimide film is formed in only the peripheries of picture elements defined by gate bus lines and data bus lines. The areas where the polyimide film is formed have higher thresholds of transmittance-voltage (T-V) characteristics than the areas without polyimide films. Discolor can
7605528 Conductive composition and applications thereof October 20, 2009
A conductive composition and applications thereof are provided. The conductive composition comprises metal powder and glass powder. The diameter of metal powder ranges from 1 .mu.m to 3 .mu.m. The diameter of glass powder ranges from 0.5 .mu.m to 1 .mu.m. Weight percentage of the met
7602459 Light diffusion module and a back light module using the same October 13, 2009
A light diffusion module and a back light module using the same. The light diffusion module is disposed corresponding to the light source module of the back light module. The light diffusion module includes a first diffusion layer and the second diffusion layer. The first diffusion layer
7602084 Power switching circuit October 13, 2009
A power switching circuit is disclosed. The power switching circuit includes an output switch coupled to a power supply, a control circuit controlling the first switch to output the power supply according to a voltage of a node, and a user switch for receiving a switch signal. Two cl
7601552 Semiconductor structure of liquid crystal display and manufacturing method thereof October 13, 2009
A semiconductor structure of a liquid crystal display and the manufacturing method thereof are described. The manufacturing method includes the following steps. A patterned polysilicon layer and a first dielectric layer are formed on a substrate. A first patterned metal layer is form
7599026 Liquid crystal display substrate, method of manufacturing the same, and liquid crystal display d October 6, 2009
A liquid crystal display substrate with multiple pixel areas each having in at least a portion thereof a reflection area and a wrinkled resin layer formed with a positive light-sensitive resin in the reflection area. The wrinkled resin layer has in at least a portion thereof a wrinkl
7598524 Thin film transistor with electrode adhesion layers October 6, 2009
A thin film transistor (TFT) is disclosed, and the thin film transistor comprises: a substrate, a gate electrode, a first adhesion layer, a gate insulting layer, a semiconductor layer, and a source electrode and a drain electrode. The gate electrode is formed on the substrate, and the
7598102 Method for fabricating pixel structure October 6, 2009
A fabricating method for a pixel structure including following procedures is provided. First, a gate and a gate insulator layer are formed sequentially on a substrate. Next, a semiconductor layer, a conductive layer and a photosensitive black matrix having a color filter containing o
7595780 Liquid crystal display device September 29, 2009
The liquid crystal display device has a liquid crystal panel in which liquid crystal cells are disposed in intersection areas of scanning lines and data lines, respectively. A picture signal and a synchronous signal are supplied via external terminals, respectively. A timing controller
7595512 Color filter and fabricating method thereof September 29, 2009
A color filter including a substrate and a color filter layer is disclosed. The color filter layer is disposed on the substrate and includes a red photonic crystal structures, a green photonic crystal structure and a blue photonic crystal structure. The red photonic crystal structure
7595503 Control element of an organic electro-luminescent display and manufacturing process thereof September 29, 2009
A control element of an organic electro-luminescent display includes a first transistor, a second transistor and a capacitor. The first gate electrode of the first transistor is electrically connected to a scan line, and the first source/drain electrode of the first transistor is ele
7592750 Fluorescent lamp with external electrodes September 22, 2009
An external-electrode fluorescent lamp has two external electrodes disposed on its ends, wherein each external electrode has an extended portion flattened to form two substantially flat circumferential areas. With such flattened circumferential areas, the electric contact made to the
7592275 Method and apparatus for manufacturing active matrix device including top gate type TFT September 22, 2009
A method and an apparatus are provided for manufacturing an active matrix device including a top gate type TFT. A manufacturing process of the top gate type TFT includes the steps of forming an oxide film on the inner wall of a CVD processing chamber and arranging a substrate having sour
7591563 Backlight device for display system providing enhanced peripheral illumination September 22, 2009
The present application describes a backlight device for providing enhanced peripheral illumination of light modulators in display systems. In one embodiment, a display system includes a light modulator, a light diffusing plate, and a backlight device. The backlight device includes l
7589813 Liquid crystal display panel and array substrate thereof September 15, 2009
A liquid crystal display panel includes an array substrate, an opposite substrate having an opposite electrode, a liquid crystal layer located therebetween, first alignment patterns and second alignment patterns. The array substrate includes scan lines, data lines and pixel units ele
7589703 Liquid crystal display with sub-pixel structure September 15, 2009
A liquid-crystal display wherein each color sub-pixel is divided into at least a first region and a second region, each region having a pair of electrodes and a storage capacitor. The lower electrode in each region is connected to the same gate line via a different TFT. The upper electro
7588975 Method of manufacturing pixel structure September 15, 2009
A method of manufacturing a pixel structure controlled by a data line and a scan line is provided. A gate electrode electrically coupled to the scan line is formed on a substrate and a first dielectric layer covering the scan line and the gate electrode is formed. A first and a second
7576816 Transflective liquid crystal display panel August 18, 2009
A transflective pixel structure including a scan line, a data line, a thin film transistor, a pixel electrode and an organic material layer is provided. The scan line and the data line are disposed over a substrate. The thin film transistor is disposed over the substrate and electrically
7576806 Thin film transistor array substrate with pixel area having a slit located between upper capacit August 18, 2009
A thin film transistor array substrate and method for repairing the same are provided. Each pixel unit of the thin film transistor array substrate has a plurality of upper electrodes, which are coupled to a common line to form a plurality of storage capacitors. If a storage capacitor
7576720 Transflective liquid crystal display August 18, 2009
A single-gap transflective LCD panel having a voltage divider in each sub-pixel for reducing the voltage potential across part of the liquid crystal layer in the sub-pixel. In a normally-black LCD panel, the voltage divider is used to reduce the voltage potential across the liquid cr
7576430 Bonding structure August 18, 2009
A bonding structure including a first substrate, a second substrate, a non-conductive adhesive layer, and ball-shaped spacers is provided. The first substrate has first bonding pads. The second substrate is disposed on one side of the first substrate, and includes second bonding pads and
7576375 Thin film transistor array August 18, 2009
A thin film transistor array includes a substrate, scan lines, data lines, thin film transistors, upper electrodes and pixel electrodes. The scan lines and the data lines are disposed on the substrate to define pixel areas on the substrate. The thin film transistors are disposed inside
7569982 Light source for a flat display August 4, 2009
A planar photoluminescent lamp. In one embodiment, the planar photoluminescent lamp includes a plurality of barrier walls defining a plurality of channels, wherein each channel is with an axis and formed with a resistive portion characterized by a width, A.sub.r, and a first capaciti
7569855 Multi-domain vertical alignment pixel structure August 4, 2009
A multi-domain vertical alignment pixel structure including an active device, a passivation layer, a first pixel electrode, a second pixel electrode, a capacitor-coupling electrode and a semiconductor layer is provided. The active device is disposed on the substrate and has an insula
7567228 Multi switch pixel design using column inversion data driving July 28, 2009
A liquid crystal display (LCD) panel with power consumption reduction and methods of driving same. In one embodiment, the LCD panel includes a pixel matrix, a plurality of scanning lines and a plurality of data lines. Each pair of two neighboring scanning lines defines a pixel row th
7566404 Method of fabricating a thin film transistor July 28, 2009
An etchant for patterning composite layer containing copper is provided. The etchant includes peracetic acid being about 5% to 40% by weight and serving as a major component, a peracetic acid stabilizer being about 5% to 15% by weight, an organic acid being about 5% to 10% by weight, an
7566161 Reflection plate July 28, 2009
A reflector in a backlight module comprises a reflection layer and an electrical conduction layer. The conducting is installed on one side of a reflection layer, and is connected to the ground of the system. Thereby, when the reflector is applied to an edge-type or a direct-type backligh
7561224 Backlight module of flat panel display July 14, 2009
A backlight module of a flat panel display for lighting the flat panel display is described. The backlight module includes a rear bezel, a plurality of lamps, an optical film and a middle bezel. The rear bezel is composed of a bezel main body and sidewalls. The bezel main body includes
7557895 Liquid crystal display device and manufacturing method thereof July 7, 2009
A method of manufacturing a liquid crystal display device includes preparing a pair of substrates that have a structure P1 having a height Hp1 and a structure P2 having a height Hp2, the heights Hp1 and Hp2 satisfying a relationship of 0.3 (.mu.m) .ltoreq.Hp1-Hp2.ltoreq.1.0 (.mu.m);
7557507 Electrode and method of manufacture July 7, 2009
An electrode on a substrate of a plasma display panel has a relatively narrow bus line conductor at an intersection with a pad, and a line width of the pad being wider than a line width of the bus line conductor and substantially narrower than a line width of a wider section of the pad,
7554633 Method of manufacturing a semi-transparent type liquid crystal display panel June 30, 2009
A method of producing a semi-transparent type LCD panel provides an LCD panel with reflected light transmitting through a transmissive portion of a passivation layer having the same color density. The semi-transparent type LCD panel mainly comprises a transparent substrate, a first t
7552624 Method and structures for detecting moisture in electroluminescence display devices June 30, 2009
A method for detecting moisture in a display device having at least one display element includes incorporating at least one moisture detector in a predetermined location of the display device, the moisture detector including a material layer comprising metal formed between a first el
7550307 Manufacturing method of TFD LCD panel June 23, 2009
Active devices in a thin film diode (TFD) liquid crystal display (LCD) panel used to control liquid crystal are formed by a metal layer, a transparent conductive layer, and an insulating layer sequentially on a substrate, wherein the metal layer is used as transmitting signal and the
7548285 Active device array substrate and driving method thereof June 16, 2009
An active device array substrate including a plurality of scan lines, data lines and pixel units is provided. The pixel units are connected to the scan lines and data lines correspondingly, and each pixel unit includes a first active device, a second active device, a first pixel electrod
7547115 Package structure for light emitting diode and applications of the same June 16, 2009
A light emitting diode (LED) package structure. In one embodiment, the LED package structure includes at least three lenses, each lens having a body portion with at least a first surface, a second surface, a third surface and a fourth surface, and at least three LED chips, each LED chip
7545476 Method for manufacturing a liquid crystal display device with optically compensated bend mode June 9, 2009
A method for manufacturing a substrate of a flat panel display device is disclosed. The method includes following steps: providing a substrate having patterned transparent electrode thereon; and forming an alignment layer on the surface of the transparent electrode. The formed alignment
7545452 TFD LCD device with high aperture ratio June 9, 2009
Metal-Insulator-Metal (MIM) diodes in back-to-back thin film diode (TFD) liquid crystal display (LCD) device are formed on dual selective lines respectively. A transparent conductive layer on a first substrate comprises a pixel electrode, a first bottom layer, a second bottom layer,
7544528 Method for manufacturing substrate of liquid crystal device June 9, 2009
A method for manufacturing a substrate of a liquid crystal display device is disclosed. The method includes forming a conductive line structure with low resistance to improve the difficulty of the resistance matching. The method can effectively reduce the resistance of the conductive lin
7543975 Optical film and backlight module, display device and electro-optical device including thereof June 9, 2009
A backlight module is provided. The backlight module includes a frame, a fixed structure and at least one optical film. The fixed structure includes a fixed part and a connected part connects to the surface and the fixed part. The width of the fixed part is substantially greater than
7542102 Pixel structures of color filter substrate, active device array substrate and liquid crystal dis June 2, 2009
Pixel structures of a color filter substrate, an active device array substrate and a liquid crystal display panel are provided. The pixel structure of the color filter substrate includes a first and second electrode patterns electrically connected to different voltage input terminals
7537811 Liquid crystal display device and manufacturing method therefor May 26, 2009
A liquid crystal display device is manufactured by placing a liquid crystal composition in the gap between two parallel substrates followed by polymerization to form a liquid crystal layer, wherein the liquid crystal composition comprises a free radical scavenger, no voltage is appli
7535519 Liquid crystal display and thin film transistor substrate therefor May 19, 2009
Disclosed is a liquid crystal display mainly including a plurality of pixel electrodes, scanning lines, signal lines and auxiliary capacitor lines on a thin film transistor (TFT) substrate, and a light-shielding matrix on a color filter (CF). Each signal line is bent between two adja
7535248 System for display test May 19, 2009
The system for display test includes a driving circuit having integrated circuit (IC) pads on the substrate and the IC pads are electrically connected to the signal lines, respectively. And the first switches are between the first test pads and the IC pads, wherein the number of the
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