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Asahi Kogaku Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha Patents
Asahi Kogaku Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha
Tokyo, JP
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE36945 Shutter device in automatic focusing and exposure camera November 7, 2000
A shutter device of a camera which includes first and second sector mechanisms which constitute a lens shutter and which are independently opened and closed to define an aperture. A photometer, for detecting the luminance of an object to be photographed, and a diaphragm controller for
RE36812 Driving apparatus of image pick-up device for preventing leakage of accumulated electrical charg August 8, 2000
An image pick-up device driving apparatus including an image pick-up device having a light receiver which converts an image of an object to be taken to electrical signal charges to be accumulated, and a signal transfer device which transfers the accumulated signal charges, and a controll
RE36726 Release switch apparatus June 6, 2000
A release switch apparatus having a release button which is supported in a camera body so as to move between an initial position and a specific operational position in which the release button is pushed down. The apparatus includes a light emitter provided in the release button or in
RE36632 Automatic original feeding device March 28, 2000
A sheet feeding device for feeding a plurality of cut-type sheets, having been stacked in an accommodating member, one by one toward a predetermined position in response to a predetermined signal to be applied to the sheet feeding device. The sheet feeding device comprises: a first feedi
RE36582 Photographing light quantity controller for endoscope February 22, 2000
A photographing light quantity controller for an endoscope, which is used to control the quantity of illuminating light when a photograph is to be taken through the endoscope. The photographing light quantity controller comprises a device for supplying light for illuminating an object to
RE36546 Automatic focusing device February 1, 2000
An automatic focusing device, in which a focus lens is driven for tracking an object-in-motion to obtain an in-focus state, based upon a focus prediction that is executed from repeated distance measurements. Tracking is continued even if the position of the focus lens falls into the
RE36252 Autofocus camera July 13, 1999
An apparatus for monitoring the operation of a measuring unit for obtaining information related to a predetermined parameter. The measuring unit provides an indication of said information having been measured, which can take the form of an indicator lamp, for example. The measuring unit
RE36239 Strobe control apparatus June 29, 1999
An apparatus for controlling a strobe which is used in a camera. The strobe control apparatus includes a charging time-limit selecting device for selecting one of plurality of charging times according to the operating conditions of the camera, and a charging voltage limit selecting devic
RE36237 View finder optical system with eye direction detection device June 29, 1999
A view finder optical system including a window of an eye piece portion comprising an eye cup having a contact surface, a shape of the contact surface being made so as to incline an axis of the lens with respect to an axis of the eye piece. The shape of the contact surface is curved
RE36049 Cemented lens and process for production thereof January 19, 1999
A cemented lens consists of a lens that is tinted and/or contains a UV absorber, and a second lens that is neither tinted nor contains any UV absorber. The cemented lens is formed by placing the two lens elements together with a UV-curable adhesive between them, and then directing UV
RE36018 Dustproof view finder December 29, 1998
A dustproof view finder in which an image formed by an objective optical system is made erect by an image erecting optical system and is observed through an ocular optical system as an erect image, the optical system including a pair of front and rear optical elements spaced from one
RE35679 Zoom lens barrel for waterproof and/or water-resistant camera December 2, 1997
A zoom lens barrel having a movable lens barrel which is movable in an optical axis direction, and an opening in which the movable lens barrel is movable in the optical axis direction. The zoom lens barrel further includes a moving frame to which the movable lens barrel is secured to
RE35600 Zoom finder system September 2, 1997
A finder apparatus for use with a lens-shutter type camera composing a zoom imaging optical system, a zoom finder optical system separate from said zoom imaging optical system, and an electronic flash device. The zoom finder optical system is made as a real-image zoom finder apparatus, w
RE35415 Camera having an automatically operated built-in strobe December 31, 1996
A strobe incorporated camera having a strobe light emitter which emits strobe light, a light emitter driving mechanism which moves the light emitter between a retracted position in which the light emitter is retracted in a camera body and an operative position in which the light emit
RE35267 Separating agent, separator and method of separating cell or virus June 11, 1996
A separating agent which includes a polyvinyl acetal resin having open cell structure and an average pore size of from about 10 to about 1000 micrometers; and, porous calcium phosphate granules having open cell structure, and also having two distributions of pore size wherein one dis
RE35196 Electronic flash control device employing a plurality of control signals April 2, 1996
An electronic flash control device makes sure that the emission of light of an electronic flash is not impaired by a noise component signal prior to generation of a suitable quantity of light by the flash. A trigger signal is applied by the control device to allow the flash to emit light
RE35142 Fluorescent lamp having three electrodes for starting at low temperatures January 9, 1996
A fluorescent lamp having an improved starting performance, especially at low temperatures. A gas under a low pressure is sealed in a glass tube having a pair of electrodes mounted thereon, and a fluorescent material is coated on the inner surface of the glass tube, the fluorescent mater
RE34900 Object distance measuring device in camera April 11, 1995
An object distance measuring device in a camera, including an active object distance measuring mechanism for emitting measuring light toward an object to be photographed and receiving the measuring light as reflected by the object to detect the object distance is provided. A measuring zo
RE34685 Form feeding control device August 2, 1994
A form feeding control device includes a sensor provided at an inlet mouth of a printer to sense whether or not a continuous form exists in the inlet mouth. A control unit feeds the continuous for transfer thereto of a printed image corresponding to one page of the continuous form. The
RE34406 Printer for continuous form with justification control October 12, 1993
A justification system is provided for use in an electrophotographic printer. The justification system comprises a detector which detects the passage of individual segments of a continuous form which are being fed at a predetermined rate. A counter counts the number of main scannings of
RE32652 Focus detecting method and apparatus April 26, 1988
An automatic focusing device and method for a camera in which the distance and direction to the focused position of a focusing lens of the camera are quickly determined after which the lens is moved directly to the focused position without the necessity of carrying out calculations as th
RE32049 Electrical contact arrangement for photographic camera with interchangeable lens December 17, 1985
A camera body having a camera body and an interchangeable lens engageable with the camera body has an improved contact arrangement between camera body and lens. A lens mount has a first flat surface, a camera mount engages a lens mount to join the lens to the camera body, and the camera
RE31585 Long time exposure preventing device for camera with electronic flash May 15, 1984
A signal indicating that the correct exposure value has been achieved and a signal indicating the completion of flash are logically summed to provide a shutter closing signal. This ensures that the shutter will be closed even when the light emitted by the flash is insufficient to achieve
D474789 Binoculars May 20, 2003
D473884 Binoculars April 29, 2003
D473247 Binoculars April 15, 2003
D472257 Binoculars March 25, 2003
D472216 Conversion cable March 25, 2003
D472215 Conversion cable March 25, 2003
D472214 Conversion cable March 25, 2003
D471576 Control member for a digital camera March 11, 2003
D471574 Camera March 11, 2003
D471220 Digital camera March 4, 2003
D465505 Lens support ring for a digital camera November 12, 2002
D464980 Digital camera October 29, 2002
D462706 Digital camera September 10, 2002
D462705 Digital camera September 10, 2002
D462371 Digital camera September 3, 2002
D457906 35mm camera May 28, 2002
D457905 35mm camera May 28, 2002
D457903 Digital camera May 28, 2002
D457541 Binoculars May 21, 2002
D453351 Strobe February 5, 2002
D453174 Binoculars January 29, 2002
D451940 Single-lens reflex camera body December 11, 2001
D450338 Release timer switch controller for camera November 13, 2001
D450313 Remote controller November 13, 2001
D449632 Camera October 23, 2001
D449631 35mm camera October 23, 2001
D446802 35 mm camera August 21, 2001

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