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Asahi Kasei Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha Patents
Asahi Kasei Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha
Osaka, JP
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE35695 Stabilized polyphenylene ether resin and process for the preparation of the same December 16, 1997
Disclosed is a stabilized polyphenylene ether resin which comprises a plurality of polyphenylene ether chains, which chains collectively contain terminal 6-chroman groups in an amount of at least 0.01 in terms of the number of the terminal 6-chroman groups per 100 polyphenylene ether uni
RE34991 Secondary battery July 4, 1995
This invention provides a secondary battery in a nonaqueous type using a substance indicated in I below and/or a substance indicated in II below as an active material for either of positive and negative electrodes:I: a composite oxide possessing a layer structure and represented by the g
RE33832 Composition for drawn film, cold film made of said composition and process for manufacturing of February 25, 1992
A composition for shrinkable film which excells in heat-sealability, transparency, strength, and particularly low-temperature quick shrinking property and, therefore, suits production chiefly of packaging materials, a film made of the composition and a process for the manufacture of the
RE32637 Physiologically active peptide April 5, 1988
A novel physiologically active peptide represented by the following formula:(wherein B stands for a hydrogen atom or a methionyl group, Cys a cysteine residue, X.sub.1 .[.5 to 9 amino acid residues.]. isoleucylvalylleucylglycylserylleucylglycine residue, .Iaddend.X.sub.2 .[.
RE32277 Hollow fibers of cuprammonium cellulose and a process of the manufacture of same November 4, 1986
An improved dialyzing hollow fiber of cuprammonium regenerated cellulose, showing a substantially similar network structure of fine gap passage routes having a max. gap size of 200 A when .[.seen.]. .Iadd.observed .[.its.]. any cross-section and .[.logitudinal.]. .Iadd.lo
RE32026 Structure of warmer November 12, 1985
A unified structure of a warmer is obtained by accommodating an exothermic composition consisting of iron powder, a chloride or sulfate of a metal having a tendency of ionization greater than iron, active carbon and water in a bag composed of a cloth or cloths and a film or films having
RE31601 Composite fabric combining entangled fabric of microfibers and knitted or woven fabric and proce June 12, 1984
The disclosed composite fabric, useful as a substratum for artificial leather, comprises a woven or knitted frabic and at least one non-woven fabric firmly bonded to the woven or knitted fabric, and is produced by providing a precursory sheet with two or more layers from a woven or k
RE29980 Method of obtaining urokinase May 1, 1979
A method of obtaining urokinase directly from human urine comprising contacting human urine with an acrylonitrile polymer of a unique porous structure formed at the time of polymerization for formation of the polymer and having a porosity of not less than 10% and a specific surface a
D265739 Micro film camera August 10, 1982
6872355 Roof rail and method for producing the roof rail March 29, 2005
A roof rail in which a rail portion and a plurality of leg portions are integrally molded by use of a mold having a fixed or movable dam provided in a mold cavity, and which is formed of a polyamide resin composition containing a polyamide resin having a crystallization temperature of no
6625379 Light-conducting plate and method of producing the same September 23, 2003
Disclosed is a light-conducting plate which comprises a transparent resin containing a carbonic acid gas and which has a carbonic acid gas content of from 0.01 to 2% by weight based on the weight of the light-conducting plate. The plate used in a planar light emitting device exhibits inc
6607569 Method of estimating reaction product in coal liquefying reaction August 19, 2003
Disclosed is a method of estimating the outflow amount for each component of the effluent of a coal liquefying reactor consisting of vessel type reactors (16a, 16b, 16c) operated under a high temperature and a high pressure. The outflow amount for each component of the effluent is as
6590389 Magnetic sensor, magnetic sensor apparatus, semiconductor magnetic resistance apparatus, and pro July 8, 2003
An In.sub.x Ga.sub.1-x As.sub.y Sb.sub.1-y (0<x.ltoreq.1, 0.ltoreq.y.ltoreq.1) thin film of an electron concentration of 2.times.10.sup.16 /cm.sup.3 or more is formed on a dielectric substrate. Temperature dependence of resistance is controlled by composition setting or donor atom
6545053 Tricyclic compounds and drug compositions containing same April 8, 2003
Compounds having a .beta.-3 adrenaline receptor agonist and are useful as drugs for the treatment and prevention of diabetes, obesity, hyperlipemia, etc., represented by a general formula (I) and salts thereof, and a process for producing these, and their intermediates, wherein R represe
6529448 High speed magnetic coil for magneto-optical head March 4, 2003
In a flat magnetic head coil constituted by spiral coil patterns made of a conductive material film and two terminals connected to the coil patterns, the coil patterns have a substantially rectangular sectional shape. A minimum pitch P [.mu.m] of the coil pattern, a width W [.mu.m] of th
6515058 Polyamide resin composition February 4, 2003
Polyamide resin pellets which comprise: 100 parts by weight of a polyamide resin; from 0.01 to 1.0 part by weight of lubricant A, which comprises at least one ester of a higher aliphatic carboxylic acid with a higher alcohol; and from 0.01 to 1.0 part by weight of lubricant B. which
6514902 Method for producing an oxide catalyst for use in producing acrylonitrile or methacrylonitrile f February 4, 2003
Disclosed is a process for producing an oxide catalyst for use in producing (meth)acrylonitrile from propane or isobutane by ammoxidation in the gaseous phase, the oxide catalyst comprising a compound oxide containing Mo, V and Sb as essential component elements, which process comprises
6495041 Method for purifying aqueous suspension December 17, 2002
A method and apparatus for purifying an aqueous suspension comprising feeding an aqueous suspension containing fine particles comprising an inorganic component from the outer surface of a wavy hollow fiber membrane having an outer diameter of from 0.5 to 3.1 mm to filter, followed by
6476129 Thermoplastic elastomer composition with superior oil resistance November 5, 2002
The present invention relates to a novel thermoplastic elastomer composition with superior oil resistance along with elastomeric flexibility, creep resistance at high temperature, superior mechanical strength and moldability. The composition comprises (a) 100 parts by weight of a hyd
6461757 Non-aqueous battery of a thin configuration October 8, 2002
A non-aqueous battery is provided in a pouchy casing comprising opposing sheets of at least three-layer laminates, each laminate comprising (1) an inner thermoplastic resin layer, (2) a middle metal foil layer, and (3) an outer electrically insulating material layer, wherein the pouchy c
6403284 Process for producing photosensitive resin printing plate and treating solution June 11, 2002
A surface-treating solution for a photosensitive resin printing plate which comprises an aqueous surface active agent solution and a hydrogen-abstracting agent which can abstract a hydrogen atom of a compound upon irradiation with an active radiation which hydrogen-abstracting agent
6399699 Polyacetal resin composition excellent in aging resistance June 4, 2002
A polyacetal resin composition which comprises about 100 parts by weight of a polyacetal having a residual fluorine concentration of not more than about 13 ppm and a concentration of formaldehyde generated when the polyacetal is heated at about C. for about 30 minutes in
6365655 Process for stabilizing oxymethylene copolymer April 2, 2002
Disclosed is a method for stabilizing a crude oxy-methylene copolymer having thermally unstable terminal groups, which comprises subjecting a crude oxymethylene copolymer to heat treatment in the presence of at least one quaternary ammonium compound represented by the following formula (
6350601 Enzyme composition for use as a clinical diagnostic reagent February 26, 2002
Disclosed is a stabilized enzyme composition for use in clinical examination, comprising: (a) an enzyme component comprising at least two enzymes selected from the group consisting of alkaline phosphatase, creatine kinase and alanine aminotransferase; (b) a stabilizer component compr
6331248 Hollow fiber membrane module December 18, 2001
A hollow fiber membrane module comprising a module case and a hollow fiber membrane bundle comprising a plurality of hollow fiber membranes, at least one end of the bundle being bonded to and fixed on the module case, wherein the bonding portions of the hollow fiber membrane bundle and t
6323300 Aromatic copolymer and composition containing the same November 27, 2001
Disclosed is an aromatic copolymer comprising a plurality of aromatic copolymer chains, each comprising (A) recurring 2,6-diphenylphenol units and (B) phenolic comonomer units, each comonomer unit being independently selected from the group consisting of (i) an oxyphenylene monomer unit
6322735 Method for molding thermoplastic resin November 27, 2001
A method for molding a thermoplastic resin by filling a molten thermoplastic resin into a mold which comprises carrying out the molding of the resin while reducing the solidification temperature of the resin surface which contacts with the mold during the step of filling the resin. A
6316101 Polyester fiber and fabrics made by using the same November 13, 2001
There are disclosed polyester fibers that are composed of at least 90% by weight of poly(trimethylene terephthalate) and have a limiting viscosity of 0.4-2, being characterized by containing a phosphorus compound at 10-250 ppm in terms of weight of elemental phosphorus, containing no mor
6307117 Method for producing ethylene and propylene October 23, 2001
Disclosed is a method for producing ethylene and propylene from a hydrocarbon feedstock by catalytic conversion, which comprises contacting, in a reactor, a hydrocarbon feedstock comprising 20% by weight or more, based on the weight of the hydrocarbon feedstock, of at least one C.sub.4
6299773 Porous polyvinylidene fluoride resin film and process for producing the same October 9, 2001
A porous hollow fiber polyvinylidene fluoride resin membrane, characterized in that the membrane has a unitary three-dimensional network structure entirely composed of a polyvinylidene fluoride resin and has an inside diameter of 1.5-5 mm and a wall thickness of 0.5-2 mm and in that the
6284696 Mesopore molecular sieve and process for the production thereof September 4, 2001
A mesopore molecular sieve having a hydrocarbon group bonded directly to a silicon atom in the metal oxide skeleton constituting the molecular sieve, wherein the content of said hydrocarbon group is from 0.01 to 0.6 mol per mol of the metal oxide. Also disclosed is a process for producin
6284412 Hybrid polymeric electrolyte and non-aqueous electrochemical device comprising the same September 4, 2001
Disclosed is a novel hybrid polymeric electrolyte formed of a closed-cell cellular polymer foam impregnated with a non-aqueous electrolytic liquid, which comprises a plurality of closed cells defined by cell walls constituting a continuous solid-phase matrix which is impregnated with the
6283507 Lightweight air bag September 4, 2001
An object is to provide an air bag to protect passengers during collisions, which is lighter and can be compactly accommodated, which is sufficiently airtight, and which has durable strength in the sewn parts. The invention relates to a lightweight air bag, wherein the air bag main body
6277945 Method for producing an aromatic polycarbonate August 21, 2001
Disclosed is a method for producing an aromatic polycarbonate, which comprises reacting acetone with a phenol material, thereby producing bisphenol A, and polymerizing the resultant bisphenol A with diphenyl carbonate to produce an aromatic polycarbonate while producing phenol as a b
6270830 Stabilizer for meat products and meat product composition August 7, 2001
A stabilizer for foods or a stabilizer for meat products, which is effective in preventing syneresis and improving water holding capacities, yield, texture, cloudiness and the like in foods, particularly meat products using livestock meat, fish and the like. The stabilizer is charact
6265472 Black colored reinforced polyamide resin composition July 24, 2001
A black colored reinforced polyamide resin composition which comprises the following components (A) to (D): (A) a polyamide; (B) at least one inorganic filler selected from glass fiber, mica, talc, kaolin and wollastonite; (C) a carbon black; and (D) at least one copper-phthalocyanin
6262210 Process for producing aromatic carbonates July 17, 2001
A process for producing aromatic carbonates, which comprises transesterifying, in the presence of a metal-containing catalyst, a starting material selected from a dialkyl carbonate, an alkyl aryl carbonate and a mixture thereof with a reactant selected from an aromatic monohydroxy co
6245876 Continuous molded article for polyurethaneurea and production method thereof June 12, 2001
The present invention relates to a continuous shaped article such as a polyurethaneurea fiber and a polyurethaneurea film having a birefringence index (.DELTA.n) of from at least 1.0.times.10.sup.-4 to 8.0.times.10.sup.-4 in a nontensile state, a crosslinking density at an elongation
6239218 Hydrogenated block copolymer and composition of the same May 29, 2001
A hydrogenated block copolymer comprising: at least two polymer blocks A mainly comprising vinylaromatic hydrocarbon compound monomer units; and at least two polymer blocks B mainly comprising hydrogenated conjugated diene compound monomer units, in which at least 90% of the olefinically
6228916 Conjugated diene polymer composition and rubber-reinforced styrene resin May 8, 2001
A conjugated diene polymer composition comprising:(a) 100 parts by weight of a non-coupling conjugated diene polymer consisting of at least one conjugated diene or a non-coupling random copolymer consisting of a conjugated diene and at least one monovinyl aromatic compound,(b) 0.03 to 0.
6228800 Noble metal support May 8, 2001
A noble metal-supported article which comprises a carrier and a palladium-containing metal component supported on the carrier, which article has (A) a layer in which substantially no palladium is supported in the interior of the carrier and (B) a layer in which palladium is supported
6221946 Polyoxymethylene resin composition April 24, 2001
A polyoxymethylene resin composition which comprises (A) 70-99.89% by weight of a polyoxymethylene resin, (B) 0.1-20% by weight of at least one ethylene-substituted vinyl copolymer having a melting point of C. and prepared by polymerization using a radical polymerizatio
6214954 Olefin polymerization catalyst April 10, 2001
Disclosed is an olefin polymerization catalyst comprising: a transition metal compound comprising one transition metal selected from the group consisting of Ti, Zr and Hf, and at least two ligands, wherein one ligand is a group having a cyclopentadienyl skeleton, and the remaining at lea
6207746 Process for production of thermoplastic polymer composition March 27, 2001
A process for producing a thermoplastic polymer composition comprising:(1) 100 parts by weight of an olefin polymer which comprises ethylene and at least one .alpha.-olefin having 3 to 10 carbon atoms and in which the density is in the range of 0.85 to 0.91 g/cm.sup.3 and the molecular w
6206988 Hexanitrohexaazaisowurtzitane compositions and explosive compositions containing the same March 27, 2001
Hexanitrohexaazaisowurtzitane-containing compositions which comprise hexanitrohexaazaisowurtzitane, polynitropolyacetylhexaazaisowurtzitanes and one or more of oxaisowurtzitane compounds represented by the specified formulae. The explosive compositions which contain the hexanitrohexa
6198197 Surface acoustic wave element and electronic circuit using the same March 6, 2001
A surface acoustic wave functional element is provided that includes a piezoelectric substrate or a multilayer piezoelectric substrate having a large electromechanical coupling coefficient. Semiconductor layers are formed on the piezoelectric substrate. The semiconductor layers include a
6191207 Polyamide resin composition and molded articles February 20, 2001
A polyamide resin composition comprising: from 30 to 70% by weight of a polyamide resin having a crystallization temperature not higher than C.; and from 70 to 30% by weight of glass fiber having an average aspect ratio of from 10 to 20, and an average fiber diameter of f
6188824 Optical signal transmission multicore plastic optical fiber February 13, 2001
The present invention relates to a multicore plastic optical fiber for optical signal transmission, which comprises a plurality of cores made of a transparent resin; first cladding layers made of a transparent first cladding resin having a lower refractive index than said core resin, eac
6187809 Tricyclic compounds and drug compositions containing the same February 13, 2001
Compounds having a .beta.-3 adrenaline receptor agonist and are useful as drugs for the treatment and prevention of diabetes, obesity, hyperlipemia, etc., represented by a general formula (I) and salts thereof, and a process for producing these, and their intermediates, wherein R represe
6187264 Solution for preserving and sterilizing contact lenses February 13, 2001
A solution for preserving and/or disinfecting a contact lens characterized by containing polylysine.

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