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Armstrong Cork Company
Lancaster, PA
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4197344 Process and apparatus for reducing surface gloss April 8, 1980
A method and apparatus for reducing the surface gloss of a coating are disclosed. In one embodiment, the method comprises moving in a continuous manner a material which is to be coated, applying at least one coating composition on the material, impinging the surface of the coating co
4194307 Sample display device March 25, 1980
The invention is directed primarily to a display device for floor tile. The display device mounts on the top of a carton of floor tile with one floor tile positioned within the display device. The display device also has a provision for a photo showing the particular tile product in use
4193957 Process for forming a surface covering having decorative effects March 18, 1980
A process of forming a surface covering having decorative effects is disclosed. The process comprises forming a foam comprising at least one polymer having at least a first phase region and a second phase region on a backing, heating the foam to the flow temperature of the first phase
4190492 Method of producing acoustical fiberboard February 26, 1980
An improved method for producing acoustical fiberboard, which method comprises adding agglomerate articles formed from an aqueous composition comprising fiberboard dust, a glactomannan gum or glactomannan gum derivative, and a crosslinking agent to an aqueous fiberboard slurry, is di
4185182 Microwave oven apparatus January 22, 1980
A microwave oven is provided having a field stirring and shifting device for use at high power levels. A circular plate having a set of parallel strips affixed to its surface is mounted in a recessed position in one wall of the heating chamber of a microwave oven. The plate is rotated to
4184940 Electroforming mandrel January 22, 1980
The invention is directed to an electroforming mandrel of a specific structure which is used for making an electroformed product. The invention also embodies a method for producing an embossing surface.
4184910 Surface-texture filmwork generation January 22, 1980
The invention is directed to a technique for the generation of film negatives which will be used in a chemical etching process to provide a previously etched surface with texturing on the broad, flat areas of a previously etched surface. A rubbing is used to form a basis for a series
4183977 Method of auto-glazing wood January 15, 1980
The invention is directed to a method of embossing a wood grain pattern on a composition board surface to provide it with a grain detail such that auto-glazing may be carried out. Auto-glazing is automatically providing variable amounts of glazing on a wood surface to highlight the grain
4183886 Chemical method for embossing a ceramic acoustical product January 15, 1980
An acoustical board comprised of felted mineral wool and clay is embossed by applying an aqueous dispersion of lithium carbonate and borax to selected areas of the board surface, drying the coating and firing at a temperature in the range of from about F. to F.
4181497 Process for shading during the vapor phase dyeing of carpet January 1, 1980
A process is disclosed for the making of a decorative carpet through the use of sublimable dyes. A shading effect is secured through the use of air flow control sheets that affect the flow of air through a transfer sheet and a carpet product adjacent thereto. By lessening air flow, the
4176267 Microwave energy trap November 27, 1979
A microwave energy trap for use in conjunction with the exit and entrance ports of a conveyorized microwave oven. The energy trap operates to prevent the escape of microwave energy through the ports into the surrounding environment. The energy trap comprises a tunnel having a current
4171252 Peroxy photoinitiator system for photopolymerizable compositions October 16, 1979
A photoinitiating composition is disclosed which is useful for incorporating into an ethylenically-unsaturated photopolymerizable mass and which comprises a peroxygen-containing naphthalenic compound or an organic peroxygen-containing compound and naphthalene or substituted naphthale
4170584 Smoke-suppressant composition October 9, 1979
Smoke-suppressant polymer compositions are described comprising a resinous polymer of vinyl chloride and a sufficient amount of a smoke-suppressant amount of a heterocyclic compound of the formula ##STR1## where R' is hydrogen or C.sub.1 to C.sub.8 linear or branched alkyl carbox
4169017 Method of making an electroforming mandrel September 25, 1979
The invention is directed to an electroforming mandrel of a specific structure which is used for making an electroformed product. The invention also embodies a method for producing an embossing surface.
4167116 Method of determining heat losses through electrical outlets September 11, 1979
A method is provided for determining the heat energy lost by air infiltration through electrical outlets. A film is used to measure air flow through the outlet. Air flow is cross indexed with a climatic factor determined from a geographic chart to arrive at an energy loss figure.
4160145 Microwave applicator device July 3, 1979
A microwave applicator for uniform or profiled heating of materials with microwave energy. A hollow rectangular waveguide is provided with an array of resonant slots communicating through the wall of the waveguide. The slots are spaced out from the center line of the wall by varying amou
4159219 Method for producing an unbacked tension floor June 26, 1979
An unbacked decorative thermoplastic vinyl resin containing surface covering having a self-induced tension is manufactured by (1) fusing a vinyl resin composition decorative layer and a vinyl resin composition backing layer to a strippable dimensionally stable backing to form a fused
4158778 Optoelectronic scanning device June 19, 1979
An optoelectronic scanning device comprising two sets of photoresponsive elements adjusted to operate at different detection levels and aligned to scan materials marked with luminous paint and illuminated with ultraviolet light. The photo-elements are specially aligned to be optically re
4158073 Process for producing decorative multi-level embossed surface covering June 12, 1979
The process for making a surface covering having an embossed wear surface, including embossed design portions which differ in elevation and shading, by depositing a liquid resinous base coating onto a backing, depositing a layer of resinous dryblend onto the liquid resinous coating while
4158070 Selective cooling of sheet to be embossed June 12, 1979
A mechanical embossing process wherein a web of material composed of a composite structure having at least a carrier and a thick foam layer to be embossed is heated in an oven to a temperature of F. to F. and thereafter cooled by wetting the carrier, which is the
4157425 Catalytic process for the preparation of phosphazene polymers June 5, 1979
A process is disclosed for the catalytically-induced preparation of phosphazene polymers. Cyclic halophosphazenes are polymerized in the presence of a catalytically sufficient amount of a compound having the formula M(OR').sub.x where M is an alkali metal or alkaline earth metal, x i
4153503 Method of wet-forming mineral fiberboard product having damage-resistant overlay May 8, 1979
A mineral board product is formed having a low density backing layer and a high density damage-resistant surface layer on conventional fourdrinier equipment in a continuous wet-laid process by initially forming a low density water-laid sheet by flowing a slurry of the board-forming m
4150169 Method for manufacturing an embossed vinyl surface covering having a clear photopolymerized coat April 17, 1979
In a method for manufacturing an embossed thermoplastic surface covering wherein a 100% reactive photopolymerizable coating is applied to the embossed thermoplastic substrate, the improvement comprising prewetting the valleys of the embossed substrate with a liquid consisting essentially
4147686 Smoke-suppressant polymer compositions April 3, 1979
Smoke-suppressant polymer compositions are described comprising a polyhalocarbon resin and an organic ester of the formulawherein R and R' can be the same or different and are C.sub.1 to C.sub.8 alkyl, C.sub.6 to C.sub.12 cycloalkyl or C.sub.1 to C.sub.8 alkoxy-substituted C.sub.1 to C.s
4146564 Process forming a mineral wool fiberboard product March 27, 1979
A process for forming a mineral wool, resin-bound acoustical insulating fiberboard product is described, which includes steps for mixing mineral wool fibers and powdered thermosetting binder, the introduction of the mixture into an air stream, and the directing of the entrained mixture
4146522 Smoke suppressant composition March 27, 1979
Polymeric compositions comprising a polyhalocarbon resin and a carbonate plasticizer exhibit excellent smoke-suppressant properties. The polymeric compositions can also be formulated to include zinc oxide.
4145859 Splice for metal furring strip March 27, 1979
The invention is primarily directed towards a splice for fastening together metal furring strips which are mounted to a ceiling. Ceiling tiles are placed adjacent the metal furring strips and staples are driven through the ceiling tiles into the metal furring strips to mount the ceiling
4145479 Heat resistant curable surface coating composition comprising the reaction product of an unsatur March 20, 1979
A curable coating composition comprising the reaction product of at least one unsaturated polyaryloxyphosphazene, at least one unsaturated aryloxycyclotriphosphazene, and a crosslinking agent is disclosed. In one embodiment, the coating composition is suitable for use as a cigarette
4144366 Multi-colored pattern bonded fabric March 13, 1979
The method and product disclosed herein result in a needle-bonded fabric having a tufted fabric visual. This is accomplished by needling an unconsolidated web consisting of layers of two or more different colored fibers with a needle board having a reduced needle density and wherein the
4142849 Multilevel embossing of foamed-sheet materials -- II March 6, 1979
The process and apparatus herein is used for achieving multilevel mechanical embossing of a fused or cured wear layer in register with a print on an expanded foam thereunder. The expansion of the decorative foam and fusion of the wear layer are carried out and then the back of the foam
4142007 Embossed laminated board February 27, 1979
A method is provided for forming a unique embossed laminated board product. A hard core is covered with a soft wood veneer and this is then covered with a resin treated wood fiber sheet. The composite structure is embossed, the embossing occurring in the resin fiber sheet and soft wood
4139921 Device for cleaning floater oven nozzles February 20, 1979
A device for cleaning the nozzle openings of a floater oven having duct-like nozzles with rows of nozzle openings along their length. A main frame which may be disposed adjacent to the oven nozzles is provided as a support structure. A main carriage adapted to travel back and forth along
4139662 Method of and apparatus for metering fast-reacting saturant onto sheet material February 13, 1979
A sheet material to be saturated with a fast-reacting saturant, approximately one minute at room temperature, passes under a trough positioned across the travelling web and having a longitudinal slot through its bottom. A threaded rod having a diameter larger than the slot width is l
4138299 Process utilizing a photopolymerizable and moisture curable coating containing partially capped February 6, 1979
A liquid radiation and moisture curable 100% reactive coating which cures to yield a clear, tough, glossy abrasion-resistant cured coating is described. The radiation and moisture curable 100% reactive coating composition comprises: 15 to 60 parts by weight acrylate diluents; and 40
4136084 Molecular-weight modification of polyphosphazenes January 23, 1979
A novel process has been developed for the molecular-weight modification of polyphosphazenes. Poly(aryloxyphosphazenes) are thermally treated in an inert atmosphere or vacuum at temperatures from C. to C. so as to yield materials having reduced molecular weights,
4135675 Paper carrier stripping method and apparatus January 23, 1979
A flooring product is made on a paper carrier and the paper carrier is removed from the flooring just prior to the time the flooring is rolled up. The paper carrier, which is free from the flooring, is wrapped up with the roll of flooring to prevent adhesion between the flooring surfaces
4135341 Roll-on ceiling for manufactured homes January 23, 1979
There is provided a roll-on type ceiling material that has a monolithic appearance free from batten strips, rosettes, or plastic inserts. A base surface is applied and this is covered by a flexible, decorative sheet to form the ceiling covering.
4131663 Multilevel embossing of sheet materials December 26, 1978
The process herein is used for achieving multilevel mechanical embossing of a sheet material having a fused or cured wear layer. An embossed pattern is provided in register with a printed design under the wear layer. A two stage embossing is carried out. In the first stage embossing, a t
4129637 Use of an open porous thermoplastic netting as the laminating adhesive in forming a mineral wool December 12, 1978
An apparatus for forming a mineral wool fiberboard product is described in copending application, Ser. No. 780,419, filed Mar. 23, 1977. This invention constitutes an improvement thereover in that an open porous thermoplastic netting is utilized as the laminating adhesive for bonding
4129416 Process for shrinking nylon fabrics December 12, 1978
The longitudinal contraction of fibers of nylon in textile fabrics is caused by the application of a nylon textile fabric contracting agent. The agent comprises a mixture of ammonium or a metal nitrate; an acid selected from the group inorganic acid, organic carboxylic acid, sulfonic aci
4128524 Composites of metal-modified urea-melamine-formaldehyde resins and fillers December 5, 1978
A composite molded product comprising a pressure molded and cured product of(a) expanded perlite particles; and(b) a metal-modified urea-melamine-formaldehyde resin; optionally containing an inorganic or organic fiber with or without a filler, and a method for producing the same.
4128095 Solar energy collector December 5, 1978
A solar energy collector in which gas is heated comprising a substantially transparent outer member overlying a corrugated, thermally conductive absorbent transformer means separated from the outer member by a longitudinal fluid space. The corrugations of the thermally conductive abs
4124567 Catalytic process for the preparation of phosphazene polymers November 7, 1978
A process is disclosed for the catalytically-induced preparation of phosphazene polymers. Cyclic halophosphazenes are polymerized in the presence of a catalytically sufficient amount of a compound having the formula M(OR').sub.x where M is an alkali metal or alkaline earth metal, x i
4124557 Polyphosphazene plasticized resins November 7, 1978
Flame-retardant and low-smoke plasticized polyphosphazenes are disclosed. The plasticizers are substituted cyclotriphosphazenes and cyclotetraphosphazenes.
4124164 Tamper proof safety cut-off fluid nozzle November 7, 1978
A fluid nozzle designed to shut off when the pressure of the fluid exiting the nozzle reaches a predetermined value, e.g., 30 psi, as set forth in OSHA regulations. The nozzle has a body having an inlet, an outlet, a passage therebetween, and a conventional valve for manually opening and
4122045 Non-punking non-corrosive phenolic foam containing sodium tetraborate October 24, 1978
A phenolic foam that is non-corrosive to metallic substrates over which it is applied is disclosed herein. The foam is prepared by hardening an intimate mixture of a conventional foamable phenolic resole resin containing a blowing agent, a hardener and a surface active agent, and sod
4119397 Product and method of printing carpet-II October 10, 1978
A pattern is placed on a carpet backing by the use of sublimable dyes. Carpet facing is tufted into the backing. Subsequent heating with vacuum action causes the sublimable dye to move from the carpet backing to the face yarn to provide the dyed pattern on the face yarn.
4117712 Emissimeter and method of measuring emissivity October 3, 1978
A method and apparatus for ready measurement of total hemispherical emissivity of a surface under ambient conditions, in situ. The apparatus, which may be readily made portable, comprises a heat sink to which is laminated a metal foil heater enclosed in a thermal insulating film. A b
4117642 Ceiling panel attachment clip October 3, 1978
The invention is directed to a clip structure for fastening a specific type of ceiling panel to a specific type of support structure. Both the support structure and ceiling panel have flanges and the clip spans the two flanges to fasten them together.
4116891 Catalytic process for the preparation of phosphazene polymers September 26, 1978
A process is disclosed for the catalytically-induced preparation of phosphazene polymers. Cyclic halophosphazenes are polymerized in the presence of a catalytically sufficient amount of a Lewis acid catalyst.
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