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RE41767 Ramp generators for imager analog-to-digital converters September 28, 2010
An imager with an analog-to-digital converter having at least one ramp generator that precisely and efficiently produces the desired ramp voltages required by the analog-to-digital converter. The analog-to-digital converter can use differential or two ramp generators. The analog-to-d
8587708 Image sensors with low noise mode for pixel array current bias November 19, 2013
An electronic device may have an image sensor for capturing digital image data of a scene. The image sensor may have an array of image sensor pixels. The image sensor pixels may have photosensitive elements for capturing image data signals. The image data signal from each photosensit
8582912 Systems and methods for calculating image sharpness measurements November 12, 2013
Imaging systems with image sensors and image processing circuitry are provided. The image processing circuitry may calculate sharpness values for a window within an image captured by the image sensors. The window may be divided into zones. A first filter may be applied to each row of
8582006 Pixel arrangement for extended dynamic range imaging November 12, 2013
The present invention relates to an imager for improving image quality. The imager includes a pixel array of a plurality of pixels arranged in rows and columns. The imager also includes a color filter array (CFA) including a color pattern of a first color filter allowing a first pixel
8581995 Method and apparatus for parallax correction in fused array imaging systems November 12, 2013
Electronic devices may include camera modules. A camera module may include an array camera having an array of lenses and an array of corresponding image sensors. Parallax correction and depth mapping methods may be provided for array cameras. A parallax correction method may include
8581974 Systems and methods for presence detection November 12, 2013
Systems and methods are provided for presence detection using an image system. The image system may be a camera that is integrated into an electronic device. In some embodiments, the image system can accommodate multiple operating modes of the electronic device. For example, when the
8581761 Methods and apparatus for performing code correction for hybrid analog-to-digital converters in November 12, 2013
Electronic devices may include image sensors having image sensor pixels. The pixels may be coupled to analog to digital converter (ADC) circuitry. The ADC may include a hybrid successive approximation register (SAR) ADC and ramp-compare ADC. The ramp-compare ADC may be controlled by coun
8576293 Multi-channel imager November 5, 2013
An imaging system may include a multi-channel image sensor. In a multi-channel image sensor, multiple image streams from a common pixel array may be provided to a common interface transport for output on multiple logic channels. Image streams may include high-definition (HD) video an
8575531 Image sensor array for back side illumination with global shutter using a junction gate photodio November 5, 2013
The present invention provides a junction gate photo-diode (JGP) pixel that includes a JGP accumulating charge in response to impinging photons. The JGP is positioned on a substrate and includes a top n layer, a middle p layer and a bottom n layer forming a n-p-n junction, and a control
8564688 Methods, systems and apparatuses for white balance calibration October 22, 2013
Methods, systems and apparatuses for white balance calibration. A calibration correction matrix is specifically calibrated for each individual imager, thereby providing improved automatic white balance performance. The individual imager calibration corrects for variation of the spect
8300123 Imager column-level amplifier with pixel-wise automatic gain selection October 30, 2012
An imager architecture that utilizes column sampling circuitry that can support pixel-wise automatic gain selection (AGS). The column sampling circuitry samples the pixel output signals directly (e.g., with unity gain) or after amplification in a column level amplifier while supporting
8295659 Anti-resonant reflecting optical waveguide for imager light pipe October 23, 2012
An anti-resonant reflecting optical waveguide structure for reducing optical crosstalk in an image sensor and method of forming the same. The method includes forming a trench within a plurality of material layers and over a photo-conversion device. The trench is vertically aligned with
8294811 Auto-focusing techniques based on statistical blur estimation and associated systems and methods October 23, 2012
This is generally directed to auto-focusing techniques based on statistical blur estimation. An image can be captured at two or more candidate lens positions. The amount of blur of each image can then be determined, and the image containing the least amount of blur can be chosen as t
8288701 Method and system for controlling power to pixels in an imager October 16, 2012
A system for controlling power applied to pixels in an imager. A first switch coupling the internal power node of the pixels to the power supply of the imager. A second switch coupling the internal power node of the pixels to a ground potential or low potential. The first and second
8284293 Image sensors with graded refractive index microlenses October 9, 2012
An image sensor has an array of image sensor pixels. Each image sensor pixel may have a gradient index lens formed in a passivation layer. The gradient index lens may be a converging or diverging gradient index lens. The gradient index lens may have a gradient index profile that is smoot
8284266 Method and apparatus providing motion smoothing in a video stabilization system October 9, 2012
A method and apparatus for smoothing an image in a plurality of video frames consisting of a current frame and at least one previous frame. The position of at least one pixel in each of the plurality of frames is determined to provide respective determined positions. An adjusted posi
8274587 Image sensor pixels with vertical charge transfer September 25, 2012
Image sensors having image sensor pixels with stacked photodiodes are provided. An image sensor pixel may include a shallow potential well located in a shallow implant region and a deep potential well located in a deep implant region. The shallow implant region and the deep implant r
8270763 Systems and methods for the efficient computation of image transforms September 18, 2012
Image transforms that can be performed through a reverse lookup process in which output pixel addresses of an output image are reverse transformed into input pixel addresses. In some embodiments, rather than reverse transforming all output pixel addresses, a subset of output pixel ad
8270713 Method and apparatus providing hardware-efficient demosaicing of image data September 18, 2012
A method and apparatus for determining missing color pixel values in image data (i.e., for demosaicing image data) using a small number of lines in a buffer memory. Pixel values are interpolated in a horizontal or a vertical direction based on gradient scores. Interpolation direction
8258560 Image sensors with stacked photo-diodes September 4, 2012
This describes color filter arrangements for image sensor arrays that are formed using image sensor pixels with stacked photo-diodes. The stacked photo-diodes may include first and second photo-diodes and may have the ability to separate color signal according to the depth of carrier
8253810 Method, apparatus and system for image stabilization using a single pixel array August 28, 2012
An imaging pixel array and associated method and system are disclosed in which the array contains first pixels each having a first photo-conversion device, and second pixels each having a first photo-conversion device and a second photo-conversion device. The first photo-conversion d
8248481 Method and apparatus for motion artifact removal in multiple-exposure high-dynamic range imaging August 21, 2012
Methods and apparatuses for correcting image artifacts in a high dynamic range image formed by combining a plurality of exposures taken at different integration periods. A determination is made as to whether there is motion between the exposures. If motion is detected, pixel signal v
8233094 Methods, systems and apparatuses for motion detection using auto-focus statistics July 31, 2012
Methods, systems and apparatuses for the detection of motion using statistics data already available within an imager, such as sharpness scores or brightness values. The method includes obtaining at least two sets of statistics data for respective image frames which include correspon
8218051 Low-power signal chain for image sensors July 10, 2012
A signal chain for an image sensor is disclosed. The signal chain includes photo sensing elements, pixel readout circuits, and an amplifier. Each pixel readout circuit receives a charge-induced signal and a reset signal from one of the photo sensing elements. The readout circuit comp
8208314 Sequential access memory elements June 26, 2012
Integrated circuits with sequential access memory cells are provided. A sequential access memory cell may include an inverter-like circuit, an inverter, a preset transistor, an access transistor, and a read circuit. The inverter-like circuit and the inverter are cross-coupled to form a
8208043 Lens cleaning warning system and method June 26, 2012
Lens cleaning warning systems and methods. A system includes an image processing unit configured to analyze image data to determine whether the image data indicates lens flare and, if so, provide an indication to the user that the lens is contaminated.
8205017 Systems and methods for addressing and synchronizing multiple devices June 19, 2012
This is generally directed to systems and methods for control of two or more devices through a shared control bus. For example, the devices can be coupled to a host system through the control bus. In some embodiments, the devices can be configured by the host system through address selec
8198731 Protective layer for bond pads June 12, 2012
A process for forming a protective layer at a surface of an aluminum bond pad. The aluminum bond pad is exposed to a solution containing silicon, ammonium persulfate and tetramethylammonium hydroxide, which results in the formation of the protective layer. This protective layer protects
8184705 Method and apparatus for motion compensated filtering of video signals May 22, 2012
A method and apparatus for filtering video data. First and second frames of the video data are stored. Motion adapted spatio-temporal filter (MASTF) pixel values of the second frame are calculated using pixel values of the first and second frames. The second frame is compared to the
8184195 Lens shielding structures for digital image sensors May 22, 2012
Camera modules are provided using wafer level optics structures. Wafers of optical stack components such as spacers, lenses, filters, and aperture layers may be combined to form optical stacks for camera modules. Each optical stack may be formed from pieces of the lens and spacer waf
8179460 System, method, and apparatus for variable rate pixel data transfer and storage May 15, 2012
A variable rate image sensor outputs pixel data at a variable rate using lookup tables to selectively read out particular rows at particular times. The readout rate is not constant, allowing for a smaller image buffer in the overall system.
8159007 Providing current to compensate for spurious current while receiving signals through a line April 17, 2012
Circuits, methods, and systems are disclosed in which a current is provided to compensate for spurious current while receiving signals through a line. For example, the spurious current can be sensed and the compensating current can be approximately equal to the sensed spurious curren
8135237 Apparatuses and methods for noise reduction March 13, 2012
Methods and apparatuses provide noise reduction in a demosaiced digital image by processing the digitized signals received from a color pattern pixel array for noise reduction previous to, or as part of, a demosaicing process by using a weight matrix.
8135233 Method and apparatus for the restoration of degraded multi-channel images March 13, 2012
An imager and method for operating the imager. The imager comprises a pixel array for producing an image signal and an image processor configured to restore images degraded by inter-channel degradations and intra-channel degradations in all channels of the image simultaneously by dia
8134624 Method and apparatus providing multiple exposure high dynamic range sensor March 13, 2012
Imagers reproduce an image by converting photons to a signal that is representative of the image. A sensor readout module reads reset and signal voltages corresponding to a plurality of integration times for each of a plurality of pixels. The sensor readout module is capable of deter
8132138 Buffering technique using structured delay skewing March 6, 2012
A line buffering technique in which a plurality of line buffers are arranged based on a determined average number of branches and stages that are necessary to implement the buffers based on design constraints. In an exemplary embodiment, the line buffers may be arranged in any buffer
8131097 Method and apparatus for extended depth-of-field image restoration March 6, 2012
A method and apparatus are disclosed for restoring an image captured through an extended depth-of-field lens. Preprocessed data relating to image degradation is stored and used during an image restoration process.
8131072 Method and apparatus for reducing image artifacts based on aperture-driven color kill with color March 6, 2012
A method and apparatus for reducing false color artifacts in digital images. Aperture correction and color saturation values are determined for a portion of an image surrounding a subject pixel. A color attenuation value is determined based at least in part on the aperture correction
8130304 Image sensors with pixel charge summing March 6, 2012
An image sensor has an array of pixels of different colors. The pixels may be arranged in a repeating pattern of eight pixels having four rows and two columns. During charge summing operations, the first and third rows may share a floating diffusion and the second and fourth rows may
8130302 Methods and apparatus providing selective binning of pixel circuits March 6, 2012
A pixel circuit configured for optionally connecting the floating diffusion region of the pixel circuit to a floating diffusion region of another pixel circuit. Methods of using the pixel circuit include averaging or summing multiple photosensor outputs in the combined floating diffu
8130301 Split trunk pixel layout March 6, 2012
A pixel array architecture having multiple pixel cells arranged in a split trunk pixel layout and sharing common pixel cell components. The array architecture increases the fill factor, and in turn, the quantum efficiency of the pixel cells. The common pixel cell components may be sh
8130300 Imager method and apparatus having combined select signals March 6, 2012
An imaging device and method for operating the device. The device comprises a pixel array having a plurality of pixels arranged in rows and columns and a plurality of readout circuits for the pixels. A reset circuit in one readout circuit is simultaneously operated with a row select
8130292 Scene illumination adaptive lens shading correction for imaging devices March 6, 2012
Methods, apparatuses, and systems for scene adaptive lens shading correction. One or more gain adjustment surfaces calibrated to a reference illuminant type is stored. At least one scene adjustment surface, which varies as a function of the illuminant type, is stored for each additio
8130236 Systems and methods to achieve preferred imager color reproduction March 6, 2012
A method and apparatus for processing image pixel signals having at least two color components in which at least some of the image pixel signals are classified into a plurality of classifications and transformed by a transform function associated with the classifications.
8129812 Trench isolation structure and method of formation March 6, 2012
In general, the present invention discloses at least one trench isolation region formed in a semiconductor substrate to electrically and/or optically isolate at least one active region from another active region. The at least one trench isolation region comprises a bottom portion and
8129764 Imager devices having differing gate stack sidewall spacers, method for forming such imager devi March 6, 2012
Imager devices have a sensor array and a peripheral region at least partially surrounding the sensor array. At least one transistor in the peripheral region has a gate stack sidewall spacer that differs in composition from a gate stack sidewall spacer on at least one transistor in th
8129761 Contacts for CMOS imagers and method of formation March 6, 2012
Low leakage contacts on leakage sensitive areas of a CMOS imager, such as a floating diffusion region or a photodiode, are disclosed. At least one low leakage polysilicon contact is provided over a leakage sensitive area of a CMOS imager. The polysilicon contact comprises a polysilicon r
8129079 Process for color filter array residual pigment removal March 6, 2012
A method of fabricating a color filter array including the removal of unwanted residual color pigments. A substrate is coated with a colored photoresist layer. The photoresist layer is patterned. The substrate is then cured. A descumming step is performed after the curing step to rem
8120659 Method and system for motion estimation in digital imaging applications February 21, 2012
A method and system for estimating global motion in digital imaging applications with confidence level filtering. Motion search yields a plurality of vectors describing the movement of feature blocks from one frame to another. A confidence level is assigned to each motion vector. Bas
8105864 Method of forming barrier regions for image sensors January 31, 2012
Embodiments of the invention provide an image sensor that includes a barrier region for isolating devices. The image sensor comprises a substrate and an array of pixel cells formed on the substrate. Each pixel cell comprises a photo-conversion device. The array comprises a first pixe
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