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Aprica Kassai Kabushikikaisha Patents
Aprica Kassai Kabushikikaisha
Osaka, JP
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D510549 Baby carriage October 11, 2005
D506310 Infant carrier June 21, 2005
D488410 Baby carriage April 13, 2004
D484685 Child carrier January 6, 2004
D484075 Baby carriage December 23, 2003
D483703 Frame structure of baby carriage December 16, 2003
D483576 Child seat for automobile December 16, 2003
D456151 Child seat for vehicles April 30, 2002
D453631 Child seat for vehicles February 19, 2002
D427785 Child seat for vehicles July 11, 2000
D411375 Combined child bed and safety seat for an automobile June 22, 1999
D405277 Combined child bed and safety seat for an automobile February 9, 1999
D393363 Baby holder April 14, 1998
D356690 Child safety seat for automobile March 28, 1995
D353565 Invalid carriage December 20, 1994
D352923 Baby carriage November 29, 1994
D352922 Nursing bed November 29, 1994
D345128 Baby carriage March 15, 1994
D334908 Baby carriage April 20, 1993
D326289 Toy vehicle May 19, 1992
D320239 Toy vehicle September 24, 1991
D320238 Toy vehicle September 24, 1991
D307250 Baby carriage April 17, 1990
D306803 Adjustable high chair March 27, 1990
D306149 Baby carriage February 20, 1990
D306099 Child's safety seat for an automobile February 20, 1990
D305317 Baby carriage January 2, 1990
D300310 Baby carriage March 21, 1989
D298815 Baby carriage December 6, 1988
D290191 Child's safety seat for an automobile June 9, 1987
D287670 Child's safety seat for an automobile January 13, 1987
7445281 Head guard structure and head guard pad of child equipment, and vehicular child safety seat November 4, 2008
A head guard arrangement includes a flexible pad (10A) in direct contact with and enclosing the head top region and temporal region of the head of a baby (100), an impact absorption pad (20A) at an outer side of the flexible pad (10A), enclosing the head top region and temporal region of
7445230 Baby carriage November 4, 2008
A baby carriage folded so as to be reduced in dimension in the width direction comprises a body frame (10) and a seat hammock (20). The body frame includes a seating surface supporting member (11) and a pair of side vertical frame members (12). The seat hammock includes a seating sur
7175004 Wheel simultaneous brake mechanism and caster rotation preventing mechanism having simple mechan February 13, 2007
A wheel simultaneous brake mechanism for simultaneously braking two wheels includes two respective engaging members that are selectively movable between an engaged position and a disengaged position for selectively braking or releasing the two wheels. Each engaging member is biased by a
7140634 Foldable baby carriage November 28, 2006
A folding baby carriage comprises a pair of seating surface supporting side bars extending back and forth along both sides of a seating surface in order to support the seating surface from beneath. Each seating surface supporting side bar has a rigid inward extending portion extendin
7114743 Foldable baby carriage October 3, 2006
The folding baby carriage is foldable so that four wheels approach each other back and forth and from side to side. The baby carriage includes a lower frame structure that is positioned above the four wheels to form a seating surface portion of a seat and that is foldable so as to approa
6979018 Childcare instrument with adjustable ventilation December 27, 2005
A childcare instrument or baby carriage has a core member contained removably in a bag placed on the rear side of the carriage, and the core member includes a first plate member and a second plate member arranged to overlap each other. The first plate member has first apertures piercing
6938914 Baby carriage September 6, 2005
A baby carriage comprises longitudinal side frame members, a backrest sheet portion, a head protection part positioned at an upper end region of the backrest sheet portion, a backside support connected to the longitudinal side frame member to reclinably support the backrest sheet portion
6935685 Seat forming member and head protector of child-care instrument August 30, 2005
A seat forming member is mounted on a child-care instrument which can be changed between a chair state and a bed state, to form a seat and comprises a backrest wall and a top wall flexibly connected to an upper part of the backrest wall. In the bed state, the top wall bends forward so
6908100 Child-care instrument June 21, 2005
A baby carriage comprises a body frame including a pair of longitudinal side frame members, a seat hammock including a backrest sheet portion, a backside support, and an upper end connecting member. The backside support includes backside string members extending so as to support the back
6899541 Life log produced by parent and child and nurture unit May 31, 2005
The life log or journal is directed to produce a record of the life of a child by parent and child, explicitly divided into a fetus era, newborn era, school era, grown-up era, and mature-age era, guiding a parent to write down a record when the child is too young to write for himself
6896331 Seat structure May 24, 2005
A seat structure includes a seat plate, a backrest plate adjustable in inclination angle, and a bridging member covering up a flexion portion between the seat plate and the backrest plate for bridging the seat plate and the backrest plate smoothly. The bridging member is a member shaped
6893088 Child seat for automobile May 17, 2005
A child car seat comprises a seat body including a seat wall and a backrest wall, and a V-shaped shield structure extending from above both shoulders to a crotch of a child. The V-shaped shield structure includes a belt extending in the shape of the letter V, a belt guiding member guidin
6877815 Seat of child-care instrument April 12, 2005
A seat of a child-care instrument comprises a seat plate, a backrest plate which can be reclined, and a lapping plate. The lapping plate integrally has a seat surface portion facing the seat plate, and a back surface portion facing the backrest plate. The seat plate and the backrest plat
6860555 Seat hammock of child-care instrument March 1, 2005
A seat hammock for a child-care instrument includes a seat surface portion, a backrest surface portion and a pair of lower side surface portions extending to rise upward from both side edges of the seat surface portion in a used state. Each lower side surface portion has a bottom connect
6749433 Neonate dummy June 15, 2004
A neonate dummy make it possible to sense or measure a movement of the head of a neonate, the values of impacts applied to the thoracic part and the abdominal part (including the lumbar part) of the neonate, and the value or magnitude of the effect on the cervical vertebrae, as well as t
6742749 Baby's play gym for suspending toys, reconfigurable as a magazine rack or a chair June 1, 2004
A baby's play gym for supporting suspended toys can be reconfigured to form a magazine rack or a chair. The play gym includes upwardly convex arcuate first and second side supports arranged laterally opposite one another with a spacing distance therebetween. First and second hanger bars
6679552 Nursery instrument January 20, 2004
In this nursery instrument, a selection plate (100) is fixed to a reinforcing plate (29) with a pin (110), to be slidable through a slot (125e). A through hole (125a, 125b, 125c) has the same bore diameter as an engaging hole (25a, 25b, 25c), and a through hole (125d) consists of a s
6659564 Child safety car seat with position-adjustable shoulder safety belts December 9, 2003
A safety car seat for a child has a headrest vertical moving device, a shoulder belt position control device, a sleeping support position control device, a crotch belt position control device, a footrest step position control device and a moving device for changing the size or capacity o
6520579 Vehicular child safety seat February 18, 2003
A child seat includes a seat body, a base, and a mechanism for simultaneously sliding the seat body forward as the seat body is rotated relative to the base. This rotation sliding mechanism includes a cam plate connected to the seat body and an abutting plate connected to the base. W
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