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Applied Materials, Inc. Patents
Applied Materials, Inc.
Santa Clara, CA
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE36623 Process for PECVD of silicon oxide using TEOS decomposition March 21, 2000
A high pressure, high throughput, single wafer, semiconductor processing reactor is disclosed which is capable of thermal CVD, plasma-enhanced CVD, plasma-assisted etchback, plasma self-cleaning, and deposition topography modification by sputtering, either separately or as part of in-sit
D669032 Flow blocking shadow frame support October 16, 2012
D665491 Deposition chamber cover ring August 14, 2012
D665071 Deposition chamber liner August 7, 2012
D664249 Flow blocker plate July 24, 2012
D664172 Dome assembly for a deposition chamber July 24, 2012
D664170 Cleaning plate for inducing turbulent flow of a processing chamber cleaning glass July 24, 2012
D650818 Inner lift pin December 20, 2011
D642605 Lid assembly for a substrate processing chamber August 2, 2011
D642209 Alignment button July 26, 2011
D640715 Lift pin assembly June 28, 2011
D635597 Lift pin April 5, 2011
D631858 Shadow frame February 1, 2011
D627625 Shadow frame support November 23, 2010
D624716 End effector pad for vacuum robot September 28, 2010
D623673 Large area substrate processor September 14, 2010
D622744 Load lock roller ball support August 31, 2010
D613321 Liner with recessed panels April 6, 2010
D608743 Shadow frame January 26, 2010
D608742 Shadow frame January 26, 2010
D592601 Inkjet printer cable May 19, 2009
D568914 Substrate support lift pin May 13, 2008
D450070 Sputtering chamber coil November 6, 2001
D446506 Monolith processing system platform August 14, 2001
D445779 Cassette loading device July 31, 2001
D442853 Rounded overlap coil May 29, 2001
D442852 Squared overlap coil May 29, 2001
D441348 Process chamber lid May 1, 2001
D440582 Sputtering chamber coil April 17, 2001
D437333 Process chamber tray February 6, 2001
D436609 Transfer chamber January 23, 2001
D425919 Electrostatic chuck with improved spacing mask and workpiece detection device May 30, 2000
D420023 Electrostatic chuck with improved spacing mask and workpiece detection device February 1, 2000
D420022 Electrostatic chuck with improved spacing and charge migration reduction mask February 1, 2000
D407073 Electrostatic chuck with improved spacing and charge migration reduction mask March 23, 1999
D406852 Electrostatic chuck with improved spacing mask and workpiece detection device March 16, 1999
D403337 High conductance low wall deposition upper shield December 29, 1998
D400511 Magnet structure for a conical target November 3, 1998
8587321 System and method for current-based plasma excursion detection November 19, 2013
A system and method for the detection of plasma excursions, such as arcs, micro-arcs, or other plasma instability, during plasma processing by directly monitoring RF current just prior to reaching an RF power electrode of a plasma processing chamber is provided. The monitored RF curr
8586952 Temperature control of a substrate during a plasma ion implantation process for patterned disc m November 19, 2013
Embodiments of the invention provide a method of reducing thermal energy accumulation during a plasma ion implantation process for forming patterns including magnetic and non-magnetic domains on a magnetically susceptible surface on a substrate. In one embodiment, a method of control
8586893 Rapid detection of imminent failure in optical thermal processing of a substrate November 19, 2013
A system for thermal processing of a substrate includes a source of radiation, optics disposed between the source and the substrate to receive light from the source of radiation at the optics proximate end, and a housing holding the optics and having a void inside the housing isolate
8586487 Low temperature plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition of conformal silicon carbon nitride an November 19, 2013
Methods and apparatus for forming conformal silicon nitride films at low temperatures on a substrate are provided. The methods of forming a silicon nitride layer include performing a deposition cycle including flowing a processing gas mixture into a processing chamber having a substr
8586481 Chemical planarization of copper wafer polishing November 19, 2013
Embodiments described herein relate to removing material from a substrate. More particularly, the embodiments described herein relate to polishing or planarizing a substrate by a chemical mechanical polishing process. In one embodiment, a method of chemical mechanical polishing (CMP)
8586479 Methods for forming a contact metal layer in semiconductor devices November 19, 2013
Methods for forming a contact metal layer in a contact structure in semiconductor devices are provided in the present invention. In one embodiment, a method for depositing a contact metal layer for forming a contact structure in a semiconductor device includes pulsing a deposition pr
8586456 Use of CL2 and/or HCL during silicon epitaxial film formation November 19, 2013
In a first aspect, a method of forming an epitaxial film on a substrate is provided. The method includes (a) providing a substrate; (b) exposing the substrate to a silicon source and a carbon source so as to form a carbon-containing silicon epitaxial film; (c) encapsulating the carbo
8585875 Substrate plating apparatus with multi-channel field programmable gate array November 19, 2013
A system for electroplating a substrate includes one or more controllers, with each controller having an FPGA with one or more output channels. A bulk power supply is connected to each controller. One or more transistors are associated with each output channel. An electroplating cham
8585790 Treatment of polishing pad window November 19, 2013
A window of solid light-transmissive polymer is formed in a polishing pad, and at least one surface of the window is treated to increase the smoothness of the at least one surface. Treating the surface of the window can include heating the at least one surface and pressing with a sol
8585468 Retaining ring with shaped surface November 19, 2013
A retaining ring can be shaped by machining or lapping the bottom surface of the ring to form a shaped profile in the bottom surface. The bottom surface of the retaining ring can include flat, sloped and curved portions. The lapping can be performed using a machine that dedicated for
8582963 Detection of substrate warping during rapid thermal processing November 12, 2013
Apparatus and methods for detecting substrate warping during RTP processing are provided. In one embodiment, one or more beams of light are provided above and across the substrate being processed. In this embodiment, the amount of beam blockage correlates to the amount of substrate w
8582962 Substrate processing chamber with dielectric barrier discharge lamp assembly November 12, 2013
A thermal processing chamber with a dielectric barrier discharge (DBD) lamp assembly and a method for using the same are provided. In one embodiment, a thermal processing chamber includes a chamber body and a dielectric barrier discharge lamp assembly. The dielectric barrier discharg

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