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Anumin Pty. Ltd. Patents
Anumin Pty. Ltd.
Murdoch, AU
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
4427571 Composition for stripping gold or silver from particulate materials January 24, 1984
The disclosure relates to desorption of gold or silver from particulate materials and in particular to a composition for use in separating gold or silver from particulate material on which it is adsorbed, which comprises a homogeneous phase mixture of aqueous solvent having dissolved the
4377623 Electro-chemical cells March 22, 1983
The invention relates to an electro-chemical cell having an electrolyte comprising water, a halogen other than fluorine, a halide other than fluoride, which is not oxidized by the halogen as a soluble salt, and a stable, saturated, organic nitrile or dinitrile containing from 2 to 5
4308239 Obtaining copper (I) chloride from ores with acetonitrile December 29, 1981
Cuprous (Copper (I)) chloride is an intermediate for the production of copper metal concentrates. A method of purifying copper salts and particularly cuprous chloride is disclosed which involves utilizing the solubility of cuprous chloride and other copper salts in a mixture of water
4229212 Recovery of copper from materials containing copper and acid soluble iron compounds October 21, 1980
The invention relates to a method of controlling acid soluble iron while obtaining solutions of copper (I) salts in water containing an organo nitrile (selected from the group consisting of acetonitrile, 2-hydroxycyanoethane, acrylonitrile and propionitrile) from materials containing
4070183 Methods of separating and recovering copper from materials containing copper January 24, 1978
Cuprous sulphate solutions, suitable for thermal or electrochemical disproportionation to yield copper, are obtained by dissolving copper sulphites, such as Chevreul's salt or cuprous ammonium sulphite, in acetonitrile-water or 2 hydroxycyanoethane-water mixtures, preferably in the p

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