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Anton Steinecker Maschinenfabrik GmbH Patents
Anton Steinecker Maschinenfabrik GmbH
Freising/Attaching, DE
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
7484453 Pre-masher February 3, 2009
A premasher (1, 100) for beer brewing processes, having a downpipe (2) for a stream of grist and an inlet opening (9) for mash water which opens into the downpipe (2). In order to improve the mixing degree of mash water and grist, the inlet opening (9) has associated therewith a turb
7063790 Filter candle June 20, 2006
A filter candle for a precoated filter for filtering and/or stabilizing fluids, especially beer, the filter candle comprising a tubular filter body that is formed from a spirally wound wire, with gaps being provided between the wire windings as fluid passages. To improve the adhesion of
6968773 Vessel and wort processing method for producing beer November 29, 2005
A vessel and a method for thermally treating wort in beer brewing, wherein a wort guiding screen or cone is placed inside the vessel and a feed pipe ending above the wort guiding screen or cone is used to discharge wort from above onto the wort guiding screen or cone. The wort boiling me
6761917 Method and device for controlling the wort flow from a lauter tun July 13, 2004
The present invention relates to a method and a device for controlling the wort flow from a lauter tun. To shorten the lautering time, according to the present invention a second increased outflow value which is to be reached within a given time interval is predetermined in the course of
5957318 Brewing vessel with manhole opening September 28, 1999
The present invention relates to a brewing vessel comprising a manhole opening which is closable by a lockable lid. To obtain a simple locking mechanism which, in particular, does not create any unaccessible space, the locking ring is supported on the outside of the frame and comprises a
5858217 Multiple tube filter with spraying device January 12, 1999
The invention pertains to a tube filter device for the filtration of beer.In order to ensure a dependable, simple, time-saving and water-saving purification in a device of this kind, there is an inlet line underneath the tube filter with at least one rotary spray arm having upward directed
5813761 Agitator paddle rotor for mash kettles September 29, 1998
An agitator paddle rotor for mash kettles in brewing, the rotor being rotatingly arranged above the bottom of the mash kettle, comprising at least two radially extending agitator paddles of which each comprises at least one obliquely oriented paddle section. To obtain an effective th
5794518 Apparatus and device for lautering second worts in brewing August 18, 1998
The present invention relates to a method and an apparatus for lautering second worts in brewing. According to the invention the hot water needed for the second worts during lautering is introduced via a distributor through which also sludge and/or last runnings and/or first worts are
5778762 Lauter tun July 14, 1998
A lauter tun comprising a plurality of lauter pipes which are arranged with their openings in the bottom portion of the lauter tun in evenly distributed fashion over the bottom surface, which end in a collecting vessel positioned at a lower level than the bottom of the lauter tun and
5522305 Wort kettle for boiling wort for brewing June 4, 1996
The present invention relates to a wort kettle for boiling wort for brewing, the wort kettle comprising a vapor escape pipe and a vapor compressor, wherein vapor can escape to the outside via the vapor escape pipe during heating of the wort kettle and can be diverted by means of a sh
5156826 Method and apparatus for the elimination of odorous substances in gases by heating in a combusti October 20, 1992
The invention relates to a method and apparatus for the elimination of odoriferous substances in gases or vapors produced by processes for the treatment of organic materials, for instance foodstuffs or luxury foods, in a processing plant. For the elimination of these odoriferous substanc
4813346 Wort cooking arrangement March 21, 1989
A wort cooking or boiling arrangement, which operates with vapor concentration, including a wort cauldron or kettle and with two separate heating circuits which are located externally of the wort cauldron and which are formed by heat exchangers. One of the heat exchangers (live steam
4773312 Clarifying vat September 27, 1988
A clarifying or clearing vat for the production of worts during the manufacture of beer, including a chopping or breaking open arrangement incorporating a carrying arm which is raisably and lowerably drivable about a central shaft in the clarifying vat. Knives are mounted on the arm
4681066 Boiler for boiling mash or wort July 21, 1987
The invention relates to a boiler for boiling a mash or wort, having an interior partition dividing the boiler into a heat exchanger section and a precipitation section. The boiler according to the invention is characterized in that the partition divides the boiler into an inner prec
4558734 Heat exchanger having a set of pipes December 17, 1985
A heat exchanger having a plurality of parts each of which comprises a set of pipes and a housing which conducts steam. The housing of each part is provided on its steam discharge end with a condensate extraction connection that is angularly offset on the periphery of the housing rel
4522257 Tub vapor condenser June 11, 1985
In a tub vapor condenser for brewing tubs two condenser stages are arranged above one another in the vapor vent of the tub, the lower condenser stage being constructed as a tube condenser and the upper condenser stage being constructed as a spray arrangement for water and other materials
4522256 Apparatus for the extraction of vapor from a mash and/or wort tub June 11, 1985
Apparatus for the extraction of vapor from a brewing tub enables the vapor to be guided selectively under the control of a valve either via a tub vapor condenser or a vapor vent pipe arranged as a bypass to the tub vapor condenser. A particularly space-saving construction which enables
4426210 Process for eliminating odor-emitting substances from waste air January 17, 1984
The invention relates to a process for eliminating odor-emitting substances from the waste air of installations of various types, to this end, the waste air is purified by spraying in washing water which contains an addition of certain non-ionic compounds or certain ampholytic compounds
4304176 Apparatus for the wet crushing of material December 8, 1981
Apparatus for supplying material to a wet-crushing mill comprises a storage container for the material, and a rotary feeder arranged below the storage container and forming a bottom closure for the container. At least one device above the rotary feeder is provided for delivering steeping
4182228 Apparatus for the production of mash January 8, 1980
Apparatus for the production of mash comprising a walled housing having at its lower end a walled chamber for the reception of brewing malt and water. Wet malt is introduced to the chamber via crushing rollers and water is introduced to the chamber over substantially its entire periphery
4163417 Mash and wort tub August 7, 1979
The invention relates to a mash and wort tub of rectangular cross-section, having heater bottom inclined upwardly from its edges in a roof-shaped manner.
4129504 Vat for separating wort for spent grain December 12, 1978
A refining vat for the separation of wort from spent grain comprises a sieve base and an impervious discharge base which lies below the sieve base and surrounds a central drain outlet. An intermediate base is substantially concentric with and is smaller in diameter than the sieve bas

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