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5087341 Dry etching apparatus and method February 11, 1992
A dry etching apparatus with the use of reactive gas plasma is disclosed. The apparatus comprises a vacuum chamber, and first and second electrodes opposite to each other in the chamber for generating therebetween gas plasma by discharging while introducing reactive gas in the chamber
5047130 Method and apparatus for magnetron discharge type sputtering September 10, 1991
Magnetron discharge type sputtering apparatus for sputtering a target with plasma. The apparatus comprises a flat target, a magnetic field application unit disposed in the vicinity of the back surface of said target and rotating means for rotating a magnetic field provided on the sur
5034590 Electron gun arrangement for use in the electron beam evaporation process July 23, 1991
An electron gun arrangement is for use in the electron beam evaporation process, including the permanent magnet circuit for deflecting the electron beam from its supply source toward its crucible, wherein it further includes electromagnetic coil winding means for sweeping the electro
5033407 Low pressure vapor phase growth apparatus July 23, 1991
A low pressure vapor phase growth apparatus is disclosed. The apparatus comprises a window made of a light-transmissive material, a gas feeder for feeding a reactive gas, an exhauster for pumping gases out after a chemical reaction, a lamp for effecting radiant heating of a substrate
5013401 Microwave plasma etching method and apparatus May 7, 1991
A microwave plasma etching method and apparatus for manufacturing electronic devices such as transistors. The method includes the steps of forming a stream of plasma from a processing gas within a plasma formation chamber by using an electric field produced by a microwave and an electron
4987857 Vacuum deposition apparatus with dust collector electrode January 29, 1991
A vacuum deposition apparatus has a vacuum evaporation chamber provided therein with a dust collector electrode(s) and optionally with an electron beam source. When a DC voltage is applied to the dust collector electrode(s), large polarized dust particles and molecular clusters prese
4981103 Apparatus for forming a metal thin film utilizing temperature controlling means January 1, 1991
In an apparatus for forming an aluminum thin film, or an aluminum alloy thin film useful to an interconnecting material of an electronic device, there are provided: a processing chamber capable of keeping a vacuum condition therein; a substrate holder mounted within said processing c
4968374 Plasma etching apparatus with dielectrically isolated electrodes November 6, 1990
A dry etching apparatus has a vacuum chamber provided therein with an RF electrode. On the RF electrode an object substrate(s) is placed. The RF electrode is covered with a substrate bed(s) and detachable dielectric members. The substrate bed(s) includes a dielectric portion and a co
4963423 Method for forming a thin film and apparatus of forming a metal thin film utilizing temperature October 16, 1990
In an apparatus for forming an aluminum thin film, or an aluminum alloy thin film useful to an interconnecting material of an electronic device, there are provided:a processing chamber capable of keeping a vacuum condition therein;a substrate holder mounted within said processing chamber, fo
4960073 Microwave plasma treatment apparatus October 2, 1990
A microwave plasma treatment apparatus comprises a plurality of auxiliary magnets arranged around the periphery of a plasma formation chamber. A plurality of auxiliary magnets are disposed along the circumference of the plasma formation chamber while a plurality of auxiliary magnets may
4950956 Plasma processing apparatus August 21, 1990
A plasma processing apparatus comprises a vacuum vessel, an anode and a cathode arranged in the vacuum vessel, and a discharge producing power source for intermittently producing main discharge between the anode and the cathode to process a substrate arranged in the proximity of the anod
4919783 Apparatus for processing an object by gas plasma with a reduced damage April 24, 1990
For processing an object by the use of gas plasma generated in a predetermined gas, such as nitrogen, in cooperation of an electromagnetic wave with a static, an alternating, and a rotating magnetic field, an apparatus comprises a magnet around a first part of a reaction vessel to pr
4885054 Etching method December 5, 1989
An etching method for etching a masked silicon substrate in a vessel by introducing into the vessel an etching gas containing a gaseous chloride of silicon and a nitrogen-containing gas and converting the etching gas introduced in the vessel into a plasma. Ions and radicals are formed fr
4829215 Discharge reaction apparatus utilizing dynamic magnetic field May 9, 1989
A discharge reaction apparatus utilizing dynamic magnetic field for subjecting the surface of an object to a depositing or an etching process is disclosed. The apparatus comprises a member for generating dynamic magnetic field along the surface of an electrode and a member for limiting
4825808 Substrate processing apparatus May 2, 1989
A substrate processing apparatus includes input and output chambers for loading and unloading substrates into and out of the apparatus, a separation chamber connected to the input and output chambers, a plurality of substrate processing chambers connected to the separation chamber for
4816638 Vacuum processing apparatus March 28, 1989
A vacuum processing apparatus comprising a load-lock chamber, a vacuum transferring chamber and a processing chamber respectively having evacuating systems for evacuating the respective chambers. The load-lock chamber has a first isolation valve for isolating and opening communicatio
4785173 Element analyzing apparatus November 15, 1988
An element analyzing apparatus includes a secondary ion excitation source such as an ion gun, an ion optical system such as an imaging type energy filter and a mass spectrometer. A quadrupole mass spectrometer is used as the spectrometer. The quadrupole mass spectrometer has a constructi
4761219 Magnetron sputtering etching apparatus August 2, 1988
A magnetron sputtering etching apparatus includes a pair of electrodes opposed to each other in a vacuum vessel and a radio-frequency power source applying radio-frequency power to the opposed electrodes. Magnetic lines of force, whose components are in parallel with electric lines of
4752685 Electronic spectrometer for identifying element conditions of a sample surface by utilizing an e June 21, 1988
A photoelectron spectrometer includes a target, an electron gun, a crystal plate, a spectrum-analyzer and a detector. The target and the sample to be inspected are aligned with a reference line. The electron gun is positioned on the coaxially line with respect to the reference axis. The
4747928 Substrate processing apparatus including wafer transporting and substrate cooling mechanisms May 31, 1988
In a substrate processing apparatus, a substrate is processed to form a thin film thereon while it is maintained in the vertical direction, Furthermore, the rear surface of the substrate is cooled by a substrate cooling mechanism which contacts the rear surface thereof. The substrate
4703190 Power supply system for a quadrupole mass spectrometer October 27, 1987
A power supply system for a quadrupole mass spectrometer includes an RF (radio frequency) power source for generating RF voltages and a voltage divider functioning as a DC (direct current) voltage generating circuit. This voltage divider divides the RF voltages and then rectifies them so
4674621 Substrate processing apparatus June 23, 1987
An apparatus for automatically sequentially processing a large number of substrates. A plurality of substrate processing stages are arranged around a single imaginary circle, and a substrate attaching/detaching stage has its center as one position on the single imaginary circle. A convey
4664747 Surface processing apparatus utilizing local thermal equilibrium plasma and method of using same May 12, 1987
In a surface processing apparatus, the LTE (Local Thermal Equilibrium) plasma is produced, instead of the glow discharge, in the discharge chamber. Then the LTE plasma is conducted into the reaction chamber. The surface of the substrate positioned in the reaction chamber is exposed to
4655800 Waste gas exhaust system for vacuum process apparatus April 7, 1987
An exhaust system utilizes a booster pump and an auxiliary pump of vacuum process apparatus which vacuum treats a substrate with gases of the chlorine series. A vessel of the auxiliary pump on the air exhaust side is filled with an inert gas of a pressure higher than the atmospheric
4652752 Vacuum gauge March 24, 1987
A vacuum gauge includes a quadrupole mass spectrometer for measuring an ion current value of respective gas components, the Bayard-Alpart type ionization gauge for measuring an apparent total pressure value of the gas components, an arithmetic logic unit for calculating a predetermined
4643629 Automatic loader February 17, 1987
In an automatic loader for automatically loading a flat unprocessed substrate to a substrate processing apparatus for processing the flat substrate and automatically unloading a processed substrate, the automatic loader has: a plurality of cassette stages for vertically moving cassettes
4604180 Target assembly capable of attaining a high step coverage ratio in a magnetron-type sputtering d August 5, 1986
In a target assembly for use in a magnetron-type sputtering device, a target member of a predetermined material comprises first and second targets which has a planar and a sloping surface, respectively. The planar surface has a circular periphery and is parallel to at least one object
4599069 Substrate holder for molecular beam epitaxy apparatus July 8, 1986
For use in placing a semiconductor substrate in molecular beam epitaxy apparatus, a holder comprises a heat conductor member opposite to a substrate. The substrate is received in a space formed in a supporting member and is in engagement with a flange portion radially inwardly projec
4588942 Thickness monitoring system for intermittently exposing a quartz crystal to a material to be dep May 13, 1986
In a thickness monitoring system for use in monitoring a thickness of a desired layer to be deposited on a substrate placed on a first electrode member in a hollow space, a quartz crystal is intermittently exposed to a flow of particles sputtered or otherwise traveling from a second elec
4562352 Analyzing apparatus capable of analyzing a surface at a high resolution December 31, 1985
In an analyzing apparatus for use in analyzing a surface of an object by the use of Auger electrons resulting from impingement of an electron beam, outer and inner cylindrical electrode members are placed to define outer and inner rooms, respectively, and have a common cylindrical axis.
4482419 Dry etching apparatus comprising etching chambers of different etching rate distributions November 13, 1984
In a dry etching apparatus comprising a plurality of etching chambers each of which comprises a first and a second electrode member opposite to each other, an object is successively etched in each etching chamber, with the object supported on either the first or the second electrode memb
4440618 Gas discharge device comprising a pressure controller for controlling a pressure over a wide ran April 3, 1984
In a gas discharge device for causing a gas discharge to start at a first pressure in a hollow space between a pair of electrodes and to continue at a second pressure lower than the first pressure therein, a gas pressure adjusting part is coupled to the hollow space to adjust a pressure
4430151 Method of monitoring status of a silicon layer by detecting, emission spectra variable during et February 7, 1984
In a monitoring method of monitoring status of a silicon layer etched in a hollow space by plasma, a chlorine including gas is introduced into a hollow space to cause CCl-radical to occur in the hollow space. A first spectrum region is selected to detect first emission spectra of the
4405989 Spectral monitoring device for both plasma etching and sputtering September 20, 1983
In order to monitor the status, such as a decreasing or an increasing thickness, of a layer in response to a single light beam produced from a chamber in which the layer is processed, as by etching or sputtering, by the use of plasma, a monitoring device splits, according to spectral
4405436 Sputtering apparatus September 20, 1983
In a sputtering apparatus of the type wherein a cathode including a target made of ferromagnetic material and a substrate to be sputtered are disposed in an evacuated vessel in a spaced opposing relationship so as to sputter the target with ions to form thin magnetic films on said su
4405435 Apparatus for performing continuous treatment in vacuum September 20, 1983
An apparatus for performing continuous treatment in vacuum including an inlet chamber, a first intermediate chamber, at least one vacuum treating chamber, a second intermediate chamber and a withdrawing chamber arranged in the indicated order in a direction in which base plates are s
4399016 Plasma device comprising an intermediate electrode out of contact with a high frequency electrod August 16, 1983
In a support member for supporting a sample processed in a hollow space between first and second electrodes between which a high frequency a.c. voltage is supplied to produce plasma in the hollow space, a conductor is laid on the first electrode with a first dielectric layer interposed
4389573 Pulsed electron beam device comprising a cathode having through holes June 21, 1983
In a gas-filled space, a pulsed electron beam device comprises a cathode provided with through holes, a filament on one side of the cathode, and an anode on the other side with a sample to be processed held thereon. Electrons emitted by the filament are momentarily directed to the cathod
4388034 Processing apparatus comprising a cassette member temporarily swingable to vertically hold a plu June 14, 1983
In a processing apparatus comprising successively arranged inlet, processing, and outlet chambers, a cassette member for holding a plurality of substrates in either or each of the inlet and the outlet chambers is reversibly moved between home and temporary positions at which each sub
4379743 Sputtering apparatus comprising control means for preventing impurity gases from entering a sput April 12, 1983
In a sputtering apparatus comprising a main chamber for carrying out sputtering and a preliminary chamber for preliminarily processing a substrate prior to sputtering, a gate valve interposed between the chambers is opened with the pressure in the preliminary chamber is reduced lower
4376692 Dry etching device comprising a member for bringing a specimen into electrical contact with a gr March 15, 1983
In a dry etching device comprising a first electrode supplied with an electrical voltage and a second electrode grounded, a dielectric plate is placed on the second electrode and includes means for positioning a specimen to be etched. The specimen is brought into electrical contact w
4370217 Target assembly comprising, for use in a magnetron-type sputtering device, a magnetic target pla January 25, 1983
For use in a magnetron-type sputtering device, a target assembly comprises a magnetic target plate and first and second permanent magnet pieces brought into contact with the target plate circumferentially and centrally of the target plate with differently named poles of the respective ma
4352725 Dry etching device comprising an electrode for controlling etch rate October 5, 1982
In a dry etching device comprising a first electrically grounded electrode plate and a second electrode plate opposite to the first electrode plate in a hollow space and supplied with a voltage of a predetermined frequency, a control electrode member is placed in the hollow space bet
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