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7935187 Film forming apparatus May 3, 2011
The invention provides a multi-film forming apparatus including a substrate holder stock chamber for storing a plurality of substrate holders separately from a path in the multi-film forming apparatus, so that production can be performed without being affected by the process of remov
7914654 Method and apparatus for depositing a magnetoresistive multilayer film March 29, 2011
This application discloses a method and apparatus for manufacturing a magnetoresistive multilayer film having a structure where an antiferromagnetic layer, a pinned-magnetization layer, a nonmagnetic spacer layer and a free-magnetization layer are laminated on a substrate in this ord
7589002 Method of forming an oxygen- or nitrogen-terminated silicon nanocrystalline structure and an oxy September 15, 2009
An oxygen- or nitrogen-terminated silicon nanocrystalline structure is formed on a silicon substrate by forming a silicon film of fine silicon crystals and amorphous silicon on a substrate, and oxidizing or nitriding the formed silicon film with ions and radicals formed from an oxidizing
7267724 Thin-film disposition apparatus September 11, 2007
A dividing plate for a thin-film deposition apparatus divides the interior of the vacuum reaction chamber into a plasma discharge space and a film deposition process space, by fixing or connecting a plurality of laminated plates together by securely bonding them over the entire area
7211152 Heating element CVD system and connection structure between heating element and electric power s May 1, 2007
A heating element CVD system wherein one or a plurality of connection terminal holders is placed in the processing container, and each of the connection terminal holders holds a plurality of connection terminals. Each of the connection terminals connects the heating element to the el
7202474 Ion attachment mass spectrometry apparatus April 10, 2007
An ion attachment mass spectrometry apparatus causing positively charged metal ions to attach to molecules of a gas to be measured in an attachment region to generate attached ions and then performing mass spectrometry on the attached ions by a mass spectrometer, has a metal ion sele
7182122 Heating and cooling apparatus, and vacuum processing apparatus equipped with this apparatus February 27, 2007
A heating and cooling apparatus with which batch processing is possible and throughput can be increased, and furthermore which is more compact and uses less energy. A substrate heating chamber and a substrate cooling chamber each capable of simultaneously holding a plurality of substrate
7164571 Wafer stage with a magnet January 16, 2007
A wafer stage for holding a wafer in a chamber of a plasma processing system, the wafer stage includes an electrode on which a wafer is placed, to which electrical current is supplied, a diameter of the electrode is larger than a diameter of said wafer, a plurality of magnets separately
7164121 Ion attachment mass spectrometry method January 16, 2007
An ion attachment mass spectrometry method causes positively charged metal ions generated in a metal ion generation region to attach to molecules of a measured gas in an attachment region to generate attached ions, and then performs mass spectrometry on the attached ions in a mass sp
7159537 Device for fixing a gas showerhead or target plate to an electrode in plasma processing systems January 9, 2007
A plasma processing system includes a reactor, a top electrode made of a magnetic or ferromagnetic metal or a metal-alloy, wherein a RF or DC power is applied to generate plasma within the reactor; a gas showerhead fixed to the top electrode; a sheet-like magnetic assembly bound to the
7156961 Sputtering apparatus and film forming method January 2, 2007
The present invention is to provide a sputtering apparatus and a thin film formation method which make it possible to form respective layers of a multilayer film having a clean interface at a optimum temperature, or which make it possible to continuously carry out the film formation and
7138364 Cleaning gas and etching gas November 21, 2006
A chamber-cleaning gas and an etching gas used for a silicon-containing film according to the present invention comprise a perfluoro cyclic ether having 2 to 4 carbon atoms which are ether-linked with carbon atoms. The chamber-cleaning gas and the etching gas hardly generate a harmful wa
7115191 Magnetic recording disk, magnetic recording disk manufacturing method and magnetic recording dis October 3, 2006
This invention presents a magnetic recording disk where an anisotropy-allowing layer to allow magnetic anisotropy to a magnetic recording layer is provided between a substrate and the magnetic recording layer. This invention also presents a magnetic-recording-disk manufacturing metho
7091138 Forming method and a forming apparatus of nanocrystalline silicon structure August 15, 2006
A forming method and a forming apparatus of nanocrystalline silicon structure makes it possible to prepare a nanocrystalline silicon structure at a low temperature to have densely packed silicon crystal grains which are stably terminated and to effectively control the grain size in n
7086175 Method of manufacturing liquid crystal panel and gap adjusting apparatus therefor August 8, 2006
In a method of manufacturing a liquid crystal panel including a panel assembly, a nozzle mechanism is located at a vicinity of a liquid crystal filling port of the panel assembly with leaving a space between an intake of the nozzle mechanism and the liquid crystal filling port. The nozzl
7084397 Ion attachment mass spectrometry apparatus August 1, 2006
An ion attachment mass spectrometry apparatus causing positively charged metal ions to attach to molecules of a gas to be measured in an attachment region to generate attached ions and then performing mass spectrometry on the attached ions by a mass spectrometer, has a metal ion sele
7060194 Dry etching method for magnetic material June 13, 2006
A dry etching method in which a plasma of an etching gas is generated and a magnetic material is dry-etched using a mask material made of a non-organic material, wherein an alcohol having at least one hydroxyl group is used as the etching gas. The alcohol used as the etching gas has
7025855 Insulation-film etching system April 11, 2006
This application discloses an insulation-film etching system that etches an insulator film on a substrate by a species produced in plasma. The apparatus comprises a process chamber in which the etching process is carried out, a substrate holder that is provided in the process chamber
7019263 Substrate heating apparatus and multi-chamber substrate processing system March 28, 2006
This application discloses a substrate heating apparatus comprising a partition separating the inside of a load-lock chamber into two areas. An inside opening provided in the partition is closed by a partition valve, while the second area in which a substrate is transferred is evacuated
7015461 Method and apparatus for ion attachment mass spectrometry March 21, 2006
An apparatus for ion attachment mass spectrometry provided with an ion emitter for emitting positively charged metal ions, an ionization chamber for causing attachment of the metal ions to a gas to be detected, a third component gas introduction mechanism for introducing a third componen
7011744 Brine supply unit March 14, 2006
A brine supply unit for supplying brine to at least one load after controlling the brine so as to meet a target temperature of the load comprises: a heat exchanger disposed at a brine-cooling channel, through which the brine returned from the load flows, for cooling the brine with wa
7005634 Ionization apparatus February 28, 2006
An ionization apparatus according to the present invention has a mechanism for causing metal ions emitted from an ion emitter to attach to an introduced target gas so as to generate ions of the sample gas and emits the ions of the sample gas to a mass spectrometer. The mass spectrometer
6955836 Silicon oxide film formation method October 18, 2005
A silicon oxide film formation method enhances the efficiency of generating atomic oxygen and improves film quality of a silicon film (SiO.sub.2 film) in forming the silicon oxide film using an RS-CVD system. Nitrogen atom containing gas (N.sub.2 gas, NO gas, N.sub.2 O gas, NO.sub.2 gas
6948374 Capacitive pressure sensor and its manufacturing method September 27, 2005
A capacitive pressure sensor and its manufacturing method can simplify the alignment and the bonding process in a vacuum, and stably carry out the bonding process. The capacitive pressure sensor includes an insulating, first substrate with a capacitance electrode, a second substrate whic
6942892 Hot element CVD apparatus and a method for removing a deposited film September 13, 2005
The present invention provides a method for efficiently and completely removing a film deposited inside a film forming chamber. In addition, the invention provides a CVD apparatus using heating element which an in-situ cleaning method can be applied and its in-situ leaning method.The rem
6935351 Method of cleaning CVD device and cleaning device therefor August 30, 2005
A cleaning method for CVD apparatus wherein by-products such as SiO.sub.2 and Si.sub.3 N.sub.4 adhered to and deposited on surfaces of the inner wall, electrodes and other parts of a reaction chamber at the stage of film formation can be removed efficiently. Furthermore, the amount of
6935181 Anticorrosive vacuum sensor August 30, 2005
A capacitive vacuum sensor includes an elastic diaphragm electrode and a rigid fixed electrode opposite the elastic diaphragm electrode. An internal space is defined between the elastic diaphragm electrode and the rigid fixed electrode. The elastic diaphragm electrode deflects elasti
6922325 Electrostatic attraction mechanism, surface processing method and surface processing device July 26, 2005
Electrostatic attraction is performed on a plate-shaped object 9 in that an attraction power source 3 applies a voltage to a pair of attraction terminals 23, 24 mounted inside a dielectric block 22, the surface of which is an attraction surface, thereby inducing static electricity in an
6912910 Capacitive pressure sensor July 5, 2005
A pressure sensor includes a capacitive pressure sensor chip mounted with the intervention of a sealing member on a base adaptor so as to be detachable. The sensor chip being constructed in a manner that a second substrate with a diaphragm electrode is placed between a first substrate
6892669 CVD apparatus May 17, 2005
A CVD apparatus produces plasma to generate radicals and uses the radicals, silane, and the like so as to deposit films on substrates in a vacuum vessel 12. The vacuum vessel has a partitioning wall section 14 for separating the inside thereof into a plasma-generating space 15 and a film
6887522 Method for forming a copper thin film May 3, 2005
A method for forming a Cu thin film on a substrate includes a Cu-CVD step forming a first copper film on predetermined surface of a substrate by a CVD process and a plating step further forming a second copper film on the first copper film by an eletrolytic copper plating process using t
6878459 Magnetic recording medium with Cr underfilm April 12, 2005
A magnetic recording medium was a high normalized coercive force and superior thermal stability. The magnetic recording medium comprises a non-magnetic base material, and a ferromagnetic metal layer of cobalt based alloy formed on top of this base material with a metal underlayer dis
6878249 High frequency sputtering device April 12, 2005
The stray capacitance between the target and grounding member and the loss of high frequency electric current are reduced by arranging dielectric members and metal members with a particular configuration at the circumference of the cathode and target.
6872289 Thin film fabrication method and thin film fabrication apparatus March 29, 2005
A thin film is fabricated while causing ions in a plasma P to be incident by effecting biasing relative to the space potential of the plasma P by imparting a set potential to the surface of a substrate 9. A bias system 6 causes the substrate surface potential Vs to vary in pulse form by
6872285 System for depositing a film March 29, 2005
This application discloses a system for depositing a magnetic film for a magnetic recording layer or depositing an underlying film prior to depositing a magnetic film as a recording layer. The system comprises; a chamber in which the film is deposited onto a substrate by sputtering, a
6835221 Exhaust gas filtration device and auxiliary filtration device December 28, 2004
The present invention has an object to improve the efficiency of collection of solidification constituents and solids in exhaust gas and to prevent early blockage of the filter without damaging the vacuum pump. In an exhaust path 48a, a vacuum pump and exhaust gas filtration device are
6827788 Substrate processing device and through-chamber December 7, 2004
A substrate 9 is carried by a carry system in sequence, via a direction-altering chamber 8 to which a plurality of vacuum chambers comprising processing chambers 21 to 24 are hermetically-connected in the perimeter, to the plurality of processing chambers 21 to 24. The carry system c
6800850 Reflection type ion attachment mass spectrometry apparatus October 5, 2004
A reflection type ion attachment mass spectrometry apparatus is provided with a metal ion generation region, an attachment region and a mass spectrometry region. The metal ion generation region and the mass spectrometry region are formed as a common compartment and the attachment reg
6800848 Method and apparatus for ion attachment mass spectrometry October 5, 2004
An apparatus for ion attachment mass spectrometry provided with a reaction chamber for causing positively charged metal ions to attach to a gas to be detected; a mass spectrometer for mass separation and detection of the detection gas; an analysis chamber in which the mass spectrometer i
6800183 Sputtering device October 5, 2004
The invention is intended to provide a sputtering device in which a single sputtering chamber is equipped with a plurality of supports and a target-positioning mechanism for rotating the supports to position the targets into film-forming position. Each support is provided with targets
6796795 Method and apparatus for loading substrate in semiconductor manufacturing apparatus September 28, 2004
A method and apparatus for loading a substrate is applied to a semiconductor manufacturing apparatus in which a substrate is carried in a vacuum-processing chamber, and loaded on a heated processing table, and further is applied with predetermined processing in a cold-wall processing
6787053 Cleaning gases and etching gases September 7, 2004
The first chamber cleaning gas and the first silicon-containing film-etching gas of the present invention comprise at least one compound selected from the group consisting of FCOF, CF.sub.3 OCOF and CF.sub.3 OCF.sub.2 OCOF, and O.sub.2 in the specific amount, and optionally other gas
6785115 Electrostatic chuck and substrate processing apparatus August 31, 2004
An electrostatic chuck is provided, having an insulation layer including a mount plane on which a wafer is mounted, an inner electrode provided in the insulation layer, and projecting portions protruding from the mount plane which include contact planes that contact the wafer. A backside
6779483 Plasma CVD apparatus for large area CVD film August 24, 2004
A plasma CVD apparatus includes first and second electrodes, neutral gas introduction pipes, and a plasma confining electrode interposed between the first and second electrodes to separate a plasma generation region and a substrate processing region. The plasma confining electrode has a
6774570 RF plasma processing method and RF plasma processing system August 10, 2004
This application discloses the technique of the RF plasma processing using two RF waves of different frequencies, where plasma is generate and retained sufficiently and stably. The first frequency is for generating plasma by igniting a discharge, and the second frequency is for generatin
6769439 Plasma cleaning method and placement area protector used in the method August 3, 2004
In a vacuum processing system used in a semiconductor device manufacturing process, a plate-shaped placement area protector made of a dielectric material having a surface of dimensions and shape matching those of a surface of a substrate or an area for substrate placement in a surface of
6768108 Ion attachment mass spectrometry apparatus, ionization apparatus, and ionization method July 27, 2004
An ion attachment mass spectrometry apparatus provided with a first chamber and a second chamber separated by a partition having an aperture (nozzle), an emitter, a mass spectrometer, a vacuum pump, and a sample gas introduction mechanism for introducing a sample gas and making metal ion
6758224 Method of cleaning CVD device July 6, 2004
A method of cleaning a CVD vacuum vessel which has an electrically conductive partition plate which divides an interior of the vacuum vessel into a plasma generating space and a film-deposition processing space, and in the electrically conductive partition plate there is a plurality of
6746239 Substrate feed chamber and substrate processing apparatus June 8, 2004
A substrate feed chamber that is equipped in a substrate processing apparatus is provided. The substrate feed chamber has a storage tray capable of storing simultaneously three or more substrate holding trays that hold substrates in a vertical or substantially vertical condition and
6740209 Multilayer film deposition apparatus, and method and apparatus for manufacturing perpendicular-m May 25, 2004
This application discloses a multi-layer film deposition apparatus comprising; plural cathodes comprising targets respectively, a main rotation mechanism for rotating each cathode together, and a substrate holder to hold a substrate onto which a multi-layer film is deposited by sputt
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