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7180582 Apparatus and method for measuring characteristics of optical fibers February 20, 2007
An apparatus and method for accurate measurement of characteristics of optical fibers (distribution of polarization mode dispersion and distribution of magnitude of birefringence). Pulse light is inputted to a subject optical fiber, back scattered light of the pulse light from the su
6980297 Wavelength monitor December 27, 2005
A wavelength monitor 10 having a Michelson interferometer (or Mach-Zehnder) optical system 11 of a spatial light type having optical input from a light source has an interference pattern generating means 12 which inclines the wavefronts of interfering beams of collimated light to gen
6928089 Pattern synchronous circuit August 9, 2005
Sort operations of an input signal are performed by providing a first sort part 6 comprising one shift circuit 8 and (l-1) sort circuits 9a to 9c, and a second sort part 7 comprising one delay circuit 10, (m-1) sort circuits 11a to 11c and m shift circuits 12a to 12d in a pattern syn
6922418 Wavelength-variable light source apparatus July 26, 2005
A wavelength-variable light source apparatus having a wavelength calibration function of emitted light therefrom. The apparatus includes a semiconductor laser light source section, an external resonance section having a reflection surface for externally resonating emitted light from
6915470 Data log acquisition circuit and data log acquisition method July 5, 2005
In a data log acquisition circuit 100, the number of executed test patterns counted by a number-of-patterns counter 1, or the address of the test pattern is compared with a predetermined reference value by an identity detection circuit 2. If the number of executed test patterns or the
6914464 Phase locked loop circuit using fractional frequency divider July 5, 2005
Phase-locked loop (PLL) circuits include first and second PLL stages and use fractional frequency division. In one implementation, the first stage includes a voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO) whose output is provided to both first and second fractional frequency dividers. The output of
6910221 Moving image communication evaluation system and moving image communication evaluation method June 21, 2005
A start point time measurement section 53 measures the time at which a moving image request is input as start point time and a start point time determination section 59 determines whether the start point time is valid or invalid, and outputs only the valid start point time to a response
6900883 Wavelength dependence measuring system May 31, 2005
A swept-wavelength loss measuring system is provided with an arrangement including a tunable laser source that outputs light to a DUT with the wavelength being continuously varied, and outputs measuring trigger signals at arbitrary intervals, at least one optical power meter for meas
6898001 Noise figure-measuring device and noise figure-measuring method May 24, 2005
Output light spectrum P2(.lambda.) data from an optical amplifier and input light spectrum P1(.lambda.) data of signal light are prepared, the difference between the P2(.lambda.) and a value obtained by multiplying the P1(.lambda.) by a provisional gain GT is determined (Steps S232), for
6892333 IC measuring device May 10, 2005
An IC measuring device constituted by a first timing generator (TG21) for outputting a pair of judgment strobe pulses (S21); a first edge detector (E21) for detecting the states of a data strobe (DCK2) at two time points within one test cycle on the basis of the pair of judgment strobe p
6892000 Tunable filter May 10, 2005
In a tunable filter for launching incident light from an input side optical fiber into a diffraction grating through a condenser lens and emitting emission light from the diffraction grating through the condenser lens and outputting output light of a selected wavelength through an output
6882410 Filter processing system for the output signal of optical time domain reflectometer in the chrom April 19, 2005
A filter processing system making it possible to be able to set a frequency pass-band automatically and to provide the optimum filter to an input signal. A filter processing method of an output signal of an Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) in a chromatic dispersion distribution
6879396 Monochromator and optical spectrum analyzer using the same April 12, 2005
A monochromator including: a concave mirror which converts incident light into parallel light and emits the parallel light, a plane diffraction grating for diffracting the parallel light emitted from the concave mirror, first reflection means which reflects first light diffracted by
6853450 Monochromator and optical spectrum analyzer February 8, 2005
A monochromator comprises an optical ray input section which limits the width of optical rays input from a light source, a first concave mirror for converting the optical rays passing through the optical ray input section into parallel rays, a diffraction grating for separating the p
6850688 Variable-wavelength light source unit February 1, 2005
A variable-wavelength light source unit for sending output light of an arbitrary wavelength selected in a variable-wavelength light source section 1 has an optical variable attenuator 2 placed on the output side of the variable-wavelength light source section and a control circuit 4
6850545 Wavelength tunable light source February 1, 2005
There is provided a wavelength tunable light source 10 in which one end surface 1a of a semiconductor laser 1 is applied anti-reflection film, a lens 6 collimates a light beam emitted from the one end surface 1a of the semiconductor laser 1 onto which the anti-reflection film is applied,
6839130 Optical fiber measuring apparatus January 4, 2005
An optical pulse .lambda.0 from a light source section 10 is incident upon an optical fiber 1 through an optical demultiplexer section 20, and its return light is supplied to an optical/electrical processing section 30 as the light of a plurality of different wavelengths .lambda.1 to .la
6831955 Noise generator December 14, 2004
To generate a noise signal corresponding to an "antinoise environmental test" of CDMA, a noise generator 1 has a noise source A 2, an amplifier A 4, and a filter A 6 for generating an I signal for quadrature modulation and a noise source B 3, an amplifier B 5, and a filter B 7 for genera
6819473 Optical fiber chromatic dispersion distribution measuring apparatus and measuring method November 16, 2004
An optical fiber chromatic dispersion distribution measuring apparatus for measuring the chromatic dispersion distribution of an optical fiber under test comprising two light sources at least one of which can change wavelength thereof, wherein light beams having different wavelengths fro
6807647 IC test system and storage medium for the same October 19, 2004
An IC test system comprises: a test pattern signal applying section for applying a test pattern signal to an IC to be tested, in accordance with a test program; a simulation section for simulating an operation of the test pattern signal applying section in accordance with a simulation pr
6803547 Apparatus for and method of heating semiconductor devices October 12, 2004
An apparatus and method for heating semiconductor devices (DUTs) having a variety of package shapes. The apparatus has a plurality of trays on which DUTs are mounted. A heating chamber with a plurality of stages, house the tray. A tray moving mechanism moves the trays so as to be dispose
6798510 Polarization dependent loss measuring apparatus September 28, 2004
Wavelength dependent measurement is made by launching light into an object 8 to be measured and receiving transmitted light from the object 8 while continuously changing wavelengths of output light. Next, peak wavelength detection processing for detecting a wavelength at the time when lo
6795196 Wavelength measurement apparatus September 21, 2004
Light under measurement whose wavelength is continuously swept is incident on fiber-optic Etalon. The fiber-optic Etalon transmits the light under measurement each time the wavelength of the light under measurement satisfies specific conditions. A PD detects the transmitted light of the
6794857 Apparatus and method for measuring a phase delay characteristic September 21, 2004
A phase delay characteristic measuring apparatus includes an in-phase component calculating means for outputting a correlation value between input sampling data of the input signal and the output signal and ideal sine waveform data as a baseband I signal (in-phase component), a quadr
6784655 Method of setting gribs and/or markers in measuring apparatus August 31, 2004
A method is provided of setting grids and/or markers on a screen of a display unit of a measuring apparatus. First, a mode of the apparatus is changed into a mode of setting the grids and/or the markers. Then, the grid and/or the marker serving as a reference is set. Then, a plurality of
6782045 Frequency error measuring method and frequency error measuring device August 24, 2004
In a frequency spectrum analyzer (2) which receives a modulation signal previously measures the frequency (F). A synchronous detection frequency (B) is determined on the basis of the frequency (F). An adder (7) obtains the difference (G) between the synchronous detection frequency (B) an
6781958 Monitor circuit for extracting administration information in a communication frame August 24, 2004
A monitor circuit 1 incorporates a switch 4, a switch 5, a counter 6, a high-speed RAM 7, a counter 8 and a low-speed RAM 9. The monitor circuit 1 is a circuit structured such that the switch 4 and the switch 5 are switched in accordance with the level of an input signal to cause data fo
6781678 Measuring method and measuring apparatus of wavelength dispersion distribution characteristics o August 24, 2004
A wavelength dispersion distribution measuring apparatus of an optical fiber includes light signal generation section 1, 2 for generating two light signals with different wavelengths, section 3, 4 for combining the signals and shaping a light pulse signal, directional coupling section 6
6778564 Wavelength-variable light source August 17, 2004
Lenses 102, 103, and 104, a diffraction grating 105, a mirror 106, a light isolator 107, an arm 108, a pulse motor 109, and a pulse motor 110 operate in conjunction for mechanically roughly adjusting the wavelength of laser light generated by an LD 101, and the wavelength of laser light
6778254 Motion picture code evaluator and related systems August 17, 2004
A motion picture code evaluator evaluates a transmitted motion picture based on losses caused by a transmission means. The evaluator includes means for testing the frame header of the motion picture code and determining the presence/absence of an error in the frame header to calculat
6775005 Low-coherence reflectometer with polarization control August 10, 2004
A photocoupler 3 splits the light from a low-coherence light source 1 into measuring light DL and local oscillator light KL. A photocoupler 5 receives measuring light DL arid is input to an optical circuit 7 to be measured. The photocoupler 5 splits the reflected light RL. A polarization
6771361 Optical pulse testing device August 3, 2004
In order to improve a measuring precision in case of measuring properties of the optical fiber to be measured, in accordance with returned lights which have wavelengths different from each other, detection is carried out with respect to the returned lights of the wavelengths different fr
6769963 IC handler and contact cleaning method August 3, 2004
The invention can be easily applied to various contacts irrespective of the length of time needed for replacing ICs with other ICs relative to the contact. An IC handler comprises contact cleaning chips made of a material including polishing particles in the same shape as an ICs wherein
6766483 Semiconductor test apparatus July 20, 2004
The invention provides a structure that does not employ complicated and large-scale control circuits or control memory, minimizes the circuits for real time processing, and allows the use of refresh memory. The invention provides a test clock (8-1) comprising a data processing apparatus
6765707 Variable slit width device for spectroscope July 20, 2004
A variable slit width device for a spectroscope which can be used in a narrow space, be widely variable, and be set in slit width with high accuracy. The variable slit width device includes a pair of freely rotatable rotary parts for pressing inclined guide parts of a pair of slit ho
6763495 CRC code calculation circuit and CRC code calculation method July 13, 2004
A CRC code calculation circuit for calculating a CRC code from byte parallel data which is variable-length data. In a CRC code calculation circuit 10 for calculating a CRC code from four-byte parallel data having a residual portion in a final stage, a four-byte parallel CRC code calc
6760110 Low coherent reflectometer July 6, 2004
A low coherent reflectometer uses low coherent beams for measurement of refletance and refleting positions with respect to a measured optical circuit which includes a reflecting point. The low coherent beams are branched to produce measurement beams (DL) and local beams (KL), so that
6755531 Motion picture code evaluator and billing system June 29, 2004
A motion picture code evaluator applicable to motion picture codes such as a scalability code, PB frame code and multi-object code is to be provided. Disclosed is a motion picture code evaluator for evaluating, on a motion picture receiver for receiving via transmission means a motion pi
6750965 Mirror supporting structure for monochromator June 15, 2004
There is provided a mirror supporting structure for a monochromator capable of turning the mirrors about axis lines which cross each other, thereby adjusting the attachment angles of the mirrors in two directions. The mirror supporting structure for a monochromator comprises first angle
6750942 Motion picture code evaluation apparatus and system June 15, 2004
A motion picture code evaluation apparatus for evaluating an amount of motion picture information after transmission, the apparatus has a header inspection unit for inspecting a frame header and determining that whether the frame header is abnormal or not to calculate frame loss ratio ev
6744506 Depolarizing plate and an optical apparatus using the same June 1, 2004
A depolarizing plate comprising a first rectangular wedge plate that has a first crystallographic optical axis in a diagonal direction of the rectangle and which has a thickness thereof in a vertical direction vary continuously in a direction 45 degrees from said first crystallographic
6735644 Data processor and data processing method May 11, 2004
A data processor 1 converts serial data in an STM-16 to parallel data that is based on eight bytes (64 bits). A transparent information detector 10 detects the position of the data (transparent data) as a candidate for transparent processing in the parallel data and transparent processor
6724206 Device carrier and autohandler April 20, 2004
A device carrier capable of reliably measuring electric characteristics of the device with accuracy and an auto-handle are provided. The device carrier holds an IC having terminals on a lower face thereof at multiple positions, and allows the terminals to be brought into contact with
6721827 Data processing apparatus and data processing method April 13, 2004
A data processing apparatus and a data processing method easily realizable of a transparent processing of a high-speed serial data. The data processing apparatus (1) including a serial data conversion section for converting serial data to predetermined set of parallel data; a transpa
6710863 Apparatus and method for measuring characteristics of optical fibers March 23, 2004
A light source produces laser beams that are subjected to frequency modulation whose frequency can be adequately set or varied. A light modulator modulates laser beams with respect to the center wavelength, so that the lower sideband is used as probe light input into one end of the m
6708295 Circuit and method, for storing data prior to and after determining failure March 16, 2004
A circuit and a method, which can easily store data prior to and after determining a failure of a device without using a shift circuit. The circuit comprises: a counter for enabling a memory to write the data prior to determining the failure, and for disabling the memory from writing any
6707547 Method and apparatus for analyzing wavelength-division multiplexed signal light March 16, 2004
In a method of analyzing wavelength-division multiplexed signal light, a plurality of reference wavelengths (.lambda.C1-.lambda.Cm) as preliminary specified by the ITU-T standards are stored in a memory; then, maximum points of light intensity are determined from waveform data obtained b
6700945 Phase lock loop circuit March 2, 2004
A phase lock loop circuit includes operation means (CPU) 15 for previously calculating divider control data 11 to obtain a division number corresponding to an output frequency, and a divider switching memory circuit 2 for writing the divider control data 11 and reading a division val
6700904 Light source for an external cavity laser March 2, 2004
A light source for an external cavity laser comprises a semiconductor laser 1 having a first facet to which is applied an antireflection coating 1A and a second facet to which is applied a increased reflection coating 1B defining a predetermined reflectivity, lenses 5, 6, a diffraction g
6700655 Optical fiber characteristic measuring device March 2, 2004
Optical fiber characteristic measuring device comprising a coherent light supply device, a light pulse generating device, a wave mixing device, a opto-electrical converting device, and a processing device, is provided such that parts have the frequency characteristic for corresponding to
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