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Andersen Corporation Patents
Andersen Corporation
Bayport, MN
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D547634 Hinged door handle assembly July 31, 2007
D546160 Gliding door handle assembly July 10, 2007
D535759 Decorative window pane January 23, 2007
D533949 Decorative window pane December 19, 2006
D488243 Door sill portion April 6, 2004
D474845 Door sill portion May 20, 2003
D474844 Door sill May 20, 2003
D472329 Entryway unit portion March 25, 2003
D470242 Slab door portion February 11, 2003
D460563 Door sill July 16, 2002
D437428 Dual nose extension jamb February 6, 2001
D431994 Handle assembly October 17, 2000
D431172 Lock assembly September 26, 2000
D423902 Hinged door handle assembly May 2, 2000
D418737 Sash lock January 11, 2000
D417831 Sliding door handle and lock assembly December 21, 1999
D402770 siding panel December 15, 1998
D397604 Gliding door handle September 1, 1998
D394714 Casement window May 26, 1998
D394116 Picture window May 5, 1998
D394115 Double hung window May 5, 1998
D390777 Combined handle and casing for a window operator February 17, 1998
D385361 Window grille member October 21, 1997
D382192 Window sash lock August 12, 1997
D382191 Window sash lock August 12, 1997
D380957 Sash lock July 15, 1997
D379234 Inside stop profile May 13, 1997
D376099 Combined handle and outer casing for a window operator December 3, 1996
D374087 Skylight September 24, 1996
D372416 Window lock August 6, 1996
D364469 Skylight November 21, 1995
D360357 Handle and cover combination July 18, 1995
D350275 Sash lock September 6, 1994
D343691 Combined crank handle hub and window sill January 25, 1994
D333353 Skylight sash member February 16, 1993
D332904 Handle February 2, 1993
D332386 Handle January 12, 1993
D331531 Crank handle December 8, 1992
D312565 Handle trim set assembly December 4, 1990
D305019 Single window controller December 12, 1989
D305018 Remote window controller December 12, 1989
D300719 Door pull April 18, 1989
8269627 Status monitoring system for a fenestration unit September 18, 2012
A status monitoring device for a fenestration unit is provided. The device is positioned in or on the fenestration unit and includes a panel position sensor and a lock status sensor. The device is capable of transmitting panel position data and lock status data to a remote device, tr
8256162 Double hung window with improved water management system September 4, 2012
A water management system for a double hung window prevents leakage between the lower sash and the frame of the window in a blowing rainstorm. The water management system comprises interior pressure-drop seals disposed between the vertical stiles of the lower sash and the jambs of th
8057120 Corner joining of structural members November 15, 2011
A structure for joining structural members is disclosed. The structure joins an end of a first member to a side of a second member by a coupling insert. The coupling insert has a web coupling portion that is received by the end of the first member and a tenon portion that is received by
8042598 Reduced visibility insect screen October 25, 2011
An insect screen of increased invisibility can be created by using small wire diameter elements and/or increasing the mesh density of the screen. The combination of small wire diameter and increased mesh density provide a screen with a higher Dalquist Rating that becomes invisible at clo
8033056 Doorway with anti-bubbling sill drain October 11, 2011
A doorway with anti-bubbling sill drain includes spaced vertical side jambs, a head jamb, and a substantially hollow contain-and-drain sill, all of which form a frame. The sill has an outside nosing provided with weep holes and weep doors and a threshold portion that directly underlies
7523968 Reach out lock April 28, 2009
A reach out lock for a sliding door includes a keeper having a keeper latch and a locking mechanism having a hook to engage the keeper latch. The reach out lock further includes a mechanism which prevents actuation of the locking mechanism if the locking mechanism is out of alignment
7426804 Specialty display window September 23, 2008
A window unit includes a window frame defining a frame perimeter and a window located within the frame perimeter. The window includes a display surface adapted to receive a display image. A display image source is disposed in the window frame and a speaker element is disposed in the
7293391 Unitary insulated glass unit with vapor barrier November 13, 2007
A multi-paned fenestration unit in which the glass panes are manufactured directly into the support structure without first manufacturing an insulated glass unit. The support structure is designed to provide the structural support for the glass panes without a separate spacer.
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