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Analog Devices, Inc.
Norwood, MA
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7924096 Input buffer with impedance cancellation April 12, 2011
An exemplary negative impedance converting circuit for functioning as a voltage buffer and/or negating the impedance of a connected load. The negative impedance converting circuit includes inputs, outputs, a first transconductance stage and a second transconductance stage. The transc
7924072 Exact frequency translation using dual cascaded sigma-delta modulator controlled phase lock loop April 12, 2011
A PLL-based frequency translator provides a divider augmented with a sigma delta modulator (SDM) in a reference path. The system may include two primary functional blocks--an input PLL with its reference path containing an integer divider coupled with a SDM (a fractional frequency di
7920198 Methods and apparatus for variable mode drivers April 5, 2011
A method of transferring charge from a photosensitive array using a plurality of vertical shift registers, each having a plurality of vertical elements including first and last vertical element is disclosed The vertical shift registers are capable of transferring charge in a first di
7920022 Switched capacitor system with and method for output glitch reduction April 5, 2011
A switched capacitor system with output glitch reduction step charges the switched capacitor by switching it to a first voltage level in a first phase, to an intermediate voltage level of a pre-charge node in a pre-charge phase and to the voltage level of the output node of the ampli
7920017 Programmable clock booster system April 5, 2011
A programmable clock booster system including a clock booster circuit including at least one boost capacitor connected between a first node and a second node for sampling an input voltage in a first phase and applying a boosting voltage to said second node during a second phase, and a
7920010 Signal isolators using micro-transformers April 5, 2011
A logic signal isolator comprising a transformer having a primary winding and a secondary winding; a transmitter circuit which drives said primary winding in response to a received logic signal, such that in response to a first type of edge in the logic signal, a signal of a first pr
7920009 Method and device for comparator offset cancellation April 5, 2011
A method and a device for canceling an offset voltage in an output of a comparator circuit include sampling a set of offset voltages; applying a set of correction voltages equal in magnitude and opposite in polarity to the set of offset voltages, the set of correction voltages being appl
7917120 RF mixer with inductive degeneration March 29, 2011
An RF mixer provides extended dynamic range with reduced noise by utilizing degeneration inductors in the RF input section of a doubly balanced mixer. Degeneration inductors are also utilized in a mixer having a class AB input section. A current mirror in the class AB input section i
7916539 Differential, level-shifted EEPROM structures March 29, 2011
Memory embodiments are provided to operate in memory systems which are configured to have a system ground and a system substrate that are biased at different voltages. At least one of these embodiments includes a memory cell and write and read circuits in which the memory cell is cou
7915959 Multi-path, multi-oxide-thickness amplifier circuit March 29, 2011
An embodiment of a multi-path, multi-oxide-thickness amplifier circuit includes a first amplifier having at least one thin-oxide output transistor, and a second amplifier having at least one thick-oxide output transistor. The first and second amplifiers are connected in parallel with
7915956 Vector modulator having attenuators with continuous input steering March 29, 2011
Variable attenuation systems having continuous input steering may be used to implement vector or quadrature modulators and vector multipliers. Discrete implementations of attenuators with continuous input steering may have two outputs which may be cross-connected to provide four-quad
7912668 System for determining the true electrical characteristics of a device March 22, 2011
A system and method for determining the true electrical characteristics of a device. A codec is configured to measure at least one electrical characteristic of a device connected to a jack and to identify the device based on the measured electrical characteristics. An updateable database
7912302 Multiprocessor decoder system and method March 22, 2011
Multiprocessor decoding is accomplished in a first mode by generating with a series of n processors, from a set of data macroblocks, the entropy decoding output of each data macroblock and storing the entropy decoding output of each data macroblock in n storage elements, respectively,
7907012 Current mirror with low headroom and linear response March 15, 2011
A current mirror circuit provided in an emitter follower configuration achieves linear output currents over a range of input currents by operating in response to a bias current that is a replica of the input current. The current mirror may include a pair of transistors and a pair of
7906359 Method of forming a surface micromachined MEMS device March 15, 2011
A method of forming a surface micromachined MEMS device applies an insulator to a substrate, and then deposits a conductive path on the insulator. The conductive path is capable of transmitting an electronic signal between two points on the MEMS device. The insulator electrically iso
7902912 Bias current generator March 8, 2011
A bias current generator for generating bias current is described. The generator comprises an amplifier having an inverting input, a non-inverting input and an output. A first bipolar transistor is associated with one of the inverting and non-inverting inputs of the amplifier. A load
7898320 Auto-nulled bandgap reference system and strobed bandgap reference circuit March 1, 2011
An auto-nulled bandgap reference system employing a substrate bandgap reference circuit with primary and auxiliary amplifiers and a switching circuit which in a first mode develops a voltage to null the offset and noise errors of the auxiliary amplifier and then in the second mode uses
7897920 Radiation sensor device and method March 1, 2011
An improved radiation sensor device includes a cap attached to an integrated circuit chip which has a radiation sensor on a surface with a cap spaced from and covering the radiation sensor; the cap and integrated circuit chip with radiation sensor are encapsulated in an encapsulant w
7895253 Compound Galois field engine and Galois field divider and square root engine and method February 22, 2011
A Galois field divider engine and method inputs a 1 and a first Galois field element to a Galois field reciprocal generator to obtain an output, multiplies in the Galois field reciprocal generator the first Galois field element by the output of the Galois field reciprocal generator for
7893736 Multiple input PLL with hitless switchover between non-integer related input frequencies February 22, 2011
A multi-branch frequency translation system converts a plurality of independent input clocks to a common frequency. One of the converted clock signals is selected as a dominant clock. The remaining converted clock signals are edge-synchronized with the dominant clock. When the system
7893717 Circuit die to circuit die interface system February 22, 2011
A circuit die to circuit die interface system includes a first circuit die with a first circuit having a first default signal, at least a second circuit die with a second circuit having a second default signal; and a logic circuit disposed on one of the first and second circuit dies and
7893669 Efficient voltage converter methods and structures February 22, 2011
Voltage converter are provided for efficient generation of voltage signals in a load. The converters are formed with a group of inductors and at least two sets of buck and sync transistors that are arranged with the group so that conducted currents through each of the sets are directed
7890787 Microprocessor programmable clock calibration system and method February 15, 2011
A microprocessor programmable clock calibration device compares, in response to a calibration command from a programmable processor, turns on a normally off reference oscillator clock, compares the frequency of the reference oscillator clock with the frequency of a calibratable oscil
7890563 Multi-channel sample rate conversion method February 15, 2011
A sampling-rate conversion method receives N input channels which have been digitized at an input sampling rate, and converts the sampling rate of each input channel to produce N output channels at an output sampling rate. The method comprises computing a common FIR interpolating functio
7890284 Identification system and method for recognizing any one of a number of different types of devic February 15, 2011
An identification system and method for recognizing a device as one of a plurality of different types of devices connected to at least one terminal of an information handling system includes supplying a test signal to a device in a test mode; measuring an electrical characteristic of
7889004 Operational amplifiers with enhanced parameters February 15, 2011
Operational amplifier embodiments are provided to enhance amplifier parameters such as bandwidth, stability, and headroom. In an amplifier embodiment, transistor followers are arranged with first and second differential pairs to facilitate selective positioning of first and second tr
7885423 Support apparatus for microphone diaphragm February 8, 2011
A microphone includes a diaphragm assembly supported by a substrate. The diaphragm assembly includes at least one carrier, a diaphragm, and at least one spring coupling the diaphragm to the at least one carrier such that the diaphragm is spaced from the at least one carrier. An insulator
7884747 Digital to analog converters having circuit architectures to overcome switch losses February 8, 2011
A digital to analog converter (DAC) includes a pair of operational amplifiers each having a first input coupled to a respective high or low reference voltage. The DAC includes a plurality of switch-controlled cells, each of which includes a resistor and two force/sense switch pairs.
7884733 Proximity detection system and method February 8, 2011
Proximity detection is accomplished by determining with a moving average calculation a moving average level of input data; setting a threshold level in response to the average level and a sensitivity factor; producing a proximity detection output when the input data meets the thresho
7882284 Compute unit with an internal bit FIFO circuit February 1, 2011
A compute unit with an internal bit FIFO circuit includes at least one data register, a lookup table, a configuration register including FIFO base address, length and read/write mode fields for configuring a portion of the lookup table as a bit FIFO circuit and a read/write pointer r
7880548 Headphone amplifier circuit February 1, 2011
A class G headphone amplifier circuit with improved power efficiency and low EMI. It may use an automatic signal level detector to detect the signal level of incoming signals and determine positive and negative power supplies for headphone amplifiers accordingly. A voltage generator
7880542 Incremental gain amplifier February 1, 2011
An amplifier includes an amplifier section having selectable signal paths to provide discrete gain settings, and logic to incrementally select the signal paths. The logic may be configured to increment the gain in response to digital gain control signals or an analog gain control sig
7880533 Bandgap voltage reference circuit February 1, 2011
A bandgap voltage reference circuit which provides a bandgap reference voltage without requiring a resistor. The circuit comprises an amplifier having an inverting input, a non-inverting input and an output. First and second bipolar transistors are provided which operate at different
7880492 Integrated circuits with programmable well biasing February 1, 2011
An integrated circuit includes a substrate, a storage device formed in the substrate to hold bias settings, and operational blocks formed in the substrate, each operational block including an operational circuit and a charge pump to provide well bias voltages to the operational circuit i
7880244 Wafer level CSP sensor February 1, 2011
An electronics package has a wafer level chip scale package (WLCSP) die substrate containing electronic circuits. Through-silicon vias through the die substrate electrically connect the electronic circuits to the bottom surface of the die substrate. A package sensor is coupled to the
7877430 Method and apparatus for accelerating processing of adaptive finite impulse response filtering January 25, 2011
Finite impulse response filtering is achieved by broadcasting to at least one compute unit an instruction having a plurality of data samples, a conditional field associated with each compute unit, and a set of operator values for operating on each data sample; providing a function of
7872522 Noise reduction system and method for audio switching amplifier January 18, 2011
Noise reduction for a switching amplifier system having a differential output stage and demodulator filter responsive to complementary PWM signals includes generating in-phase PWM signals and gradually adjusting their duty cycle between a low duty cycle and the full duty cycle of the
7871865 Stress free package and laminate-based isolator package January 18, 2011
Various methods are described where the semiconductor die and the lead frame (or the BGA or LGA substrate) are spaced apart to reduce stress. In one scenario, an air gap is formed between the semiconductor die and the lead frame by depositing a perimeter (made, for example, using polymer
7870415 Clock processors in high-speed signal converter systems with data clock aligner sharing error si January 11, 2011
Clock processors are provided to economically control system and data clocks in high-speed signal converters. The processors generally include at least one of a delay-locked loop, phase-locked loop or a duty cycle stabilizer which generates an error signal in its operation. In the ex
7868387 Low leakage protection device January 11, 2011
A high-voltage, low-leakage, bidirectional electrostatic discharge (ESD, or other electrical overstress) protection device includes a doped well disposed between the terminal regions and the substrate. The device includes an embedded diode for conducting current in one direction, and a
7863069 Method of forming an integrated MEMS resonator January 4, 2011
A method of producing an integrated MEMS resonator includes providing a substrate including single crystal silicon and partially forming a resonator in a first portion of the substrate, the resonator having a resonating element formed by the substrate and an electrode, the resonating
7859223 Battery montoring apparatus and daisy chain interface suitable for use in a battery monitoring a December 28, 2010
A battery monitor for monitoring the performance of at least one battery within an array of batteries, comprising: a data acquisition device for measuring at least one parameter of the at least one battery associated with the battery monitor, a first data interface operable to exchange
7853229 Methods and apparatus for calibration of automatic gain control in broadcast tuners December 14, 2010
In one aspect, a calibration component configured to calibrate an automatic gain controller (AGC) for use in a tuner configured to isolate a selected channel from a multi-channel broadcast signal, the tuner implemented substantially on two chips, a first chip comprising a radio frequ
7852154 High precision follower device with zero power, zero noise slew enhancement circuit December 14, 2010
A high performance follower device coupled with a slew enhancement circuit includes an amplifier circuit containing a follower device connected to a three-terminal device, whereupon current drawn through the three-terminal device is amplified through a current amplifier and sent to the s
7848266 Frequency synthesizers for wireless communication systems December 7, 2010
Synthesizers are configured with first and second phase-locked loops (PLL's). The first PLL is arranged to include a digitally-controlled oscillator (DCO) and to respond to an input signal to provide a reference signal with a plurality of selectable reference frequencies. The second
7847634 Error amplifier structures December 7, 2010
Error amplifier structures are provided to generate an error signal in response to the difference between an input signal (e.g., a feedback current) and a reference signal (e.g., a bias current). Amplifier embodiments generally include a reference generator and a differencing amplifi
7843373 Method to reduce error in time interleaved analog-to-digital converters arising due to aperture November 30, 2010
A system for randomizing aperture delay in a time interleaved ADC system that includes a plurality of selection switch stages corresponding to each of the ADCs in the system and a second selection switch stage coupled to a voltage source. A plurality of conductors extend between the
7839319 High speed parallel procesing digita path for SAR ADC November 23, 2010
The analog-to-digital for converter (ADC) for converting an analog value into a digital equivalent using a parallel digital data path is disclosed. In one example embodiment, the ADC includes a switched capacitor DAC having an input to receive an analog value via analog sample and ho
7839233 Attenuator November 23, 2010
A .pi.-type voltage-controlled variable attenuator is disclosed. The variable attenuator may include variably resistive components in the series and shunt arms. The variably resistive components may be implemented as field effect transistors. The shunt arms may be coupled to the seri
7836285 Implementation of variable length instruction encoding using alias addressing November 16, 2010
A digital processor and method of operation utilize an alias address space to implement variable length instruction encoding on a legacy processor. The method includes storing instructions of a code sequence in memory; generating instruction addresses of the code sequence; automatically

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