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8135539 Presenting a travel route in a ground-based vehicle March 13, 2012
Techniques are provided for displaying a map for a route in a ground-based vehicle. The map includes a variable road network map showing finer detail for geographic features near the route and less detail for geographic features farther from the route. The map is displayed based on t
7437594 Server-side session management October 14, 2008
The invention relates to the backup of a user session on a network. When the user at a client, such as an ISP, makes a request on the network, this request is routed by a load balancer to a primary host server on the network. The selection of the server is done by the load balancer in su
7430720 System and method for preventing screen-scrapers from extracting user screen names September 30, 2008
Graphic screen names are used instead of using text screen names in a Web chat room or an instant messaging system so that screen scrapers cannot generate an e-mail list for spam by extracting the screen names from the Web chat room or instant messaging system.
7324964 Method and apparatus for commerce item information homogenization in electronic commerce system January 29, 2008
A system for use in an online merchant system which includes a system for homogenizing the format of received commerce item information from at least two distinct online entities, an aggregate database for storing the homogenized commerce item information, and a user interface that acces
7324826 Method and system for messaging across cellular networks and a public data network January 29, 2008
A method, system and computer program product for instant message communication in a wireless and non-wireless environment. A message is sent from a mobile unit device over a wireless communication network. The message includes a destination address, information associated with the m
7308464 Method and system for rule based indexing of multiple data structures December 11, 2007
A system and process for augmenting automated agents to search network based data stores generate a set of rules that describes the contents contained within structured data stores. This set of rules allows an automated agent to perform a focused search of a structured data store, th
7292987 Integrated multilingual browser November 6, 2007
The disclosed system translates into different languages HTML documents available through the World Wide Web. HTML documents are translated by machine translation software bundled in a browser. Alternatively, documents are retrieved as needed, translated, and stored on a Web server s
7290033 Sorting electronic messages using attributes of the sender address October 30, 2007
Systems and methods for sorting electronic messages using attributes of senders or of sender addresses. An electronic messaging server sorts electronic messages using attributes associated with the senders or sender addresses of the electronic messages. The sender addresses and assoc
7228417 Simple secure login with multiple-authentication providers June 5, 2007
A secure distributed single-login authentication system comprises a client and a server. The client collects a user name and password from a user and tests that user name and password at a variety of potential authentication servers to check where the login is valid. It combines the
7218793 Reducing differential resolution of separations May 15, 2007
Certain disclosed implementations use digital image processing to reduce the differential resolution among separations or images in film frames, such as, for example, red flare. A location in the red image may be selected using information from another image. The selected location may
7194484 Correction of address information March 20, 2007
The invention provides a process for updating electronic information in a computer environment. A preferred embodiment of the invention automatically inspects a message that is to be delivered to a first address upon receiving the message to determine whether the message contains inf
7193609 Constraining display motion in display navigation March 20, 2007
Navigating on a display includes tracking motion of an input tool on a display, comparing a motion of the input tool to a threshold, and changing a position of the visible portion of a page of information on the display if the input tool motion exceeds the threshold. The position of
7188359 Optimizing authentication service availability and responsiveness via client-side routing March 6, 2007
A method is described for optimizing the user-experienced availability and responsiveness of a replicated authentication system via the use of client-side authentication routing logic. Particular techniques are described for maximizing the authentication system availability and addit
7184995 Data interoperability between open standard directory service and proprietary database February 27, 2007
A method of providing interoperability between an open standard directory service and a proprietary database. The directory is represented as a mapping tree, consistent with directory service protocols such as X.500 or LDAP. The mapping tree node associated with the proprietary database
7181513 Restricting access to requested resources February 20, 2007
Access to network information may be restricted based on a classification of the network information. When a request for network information is received, a classification of the network information is determined. The network information may be classified as static or dynamic. If the
7181497 Messaging application user interface for auto-completing address text and modifying the auto-com February 20, 2007
A messaging application user interface has an input element for receiving electronic messages and an output element for displaying electronic messages. The messaging application user interface can be implemented so as to maintain a subset of the plurality of potential message recipients,
7181444 System and process for searching a network February 20, 2007
A system for searching a network for network based content related to a search query, such as multimedia and streaming media, includes an adapter for formatting the search query, a first database containing previous search results and a second database for storing currently returnable
7181403 Method and system for reduction of quantization-induced block-discontinuities and general purpos February 20, 2007
Compressing the digitized time-domain continuous input signal typically includes formatting the input signal into a plurality of time-domain blocks having boundaries, forming an overlapping time-domain block by prepending a fraction of a previous time-domain block to a current time-d
7174517 Multi-layered online calendaring and purchasing February 6, 2007
A computer-implemented method and system for generating and displaying a calendar containing user-selected events from user-selected categories. A plurality of categories of events are provided. The user can select which categories are of interest, and then select individual events withi
7174454 System and method for establishing historical usage-based hardware trust February 6, 2007
Establishing trust according to historical usage of selected hardware involves providing a usage history for a selected client device; and extending trust to a selected user based on the user's usage history of the client device. The usage history is embodied as signed statements iss
7174453 Message screening system February 6, 2007
A message screening system includes routing to a supervisory recipient an instant message or a chat room message directed to an intended recipient. The supervisory recipient then is allowed to screen the instant message or the chat room message by approving or rejecting the message. The
7173608 Bluetooth-enabled pen February 6, 2007
The method and system of the present invention allows a user to make notes on a paper book, where the information is transmitted to and overlaid on an online electronic duplicate of the book through a Bluetooth-enabled pen. The system and method of the present invention provides extensio
7165119 Search enhancement system and method having rankings, explicitly specified by the user, based up January 16, 2007
The system and method comprises enhancement of results for a search engine, wherein the results from the search engine are refined or reorganized, based upon information from an identified secondary source. The results obtained using a conventional search are compared against the ide
7164367 Component-based, adaptive stroke-order system January 16, 2007
An efficient and simple approach to encoding ideographic characters as sequences of input strokes or stroke categories is disclosed, wherein: each character is represented by one or more sequences of one or more components; each component corresponds to a plurality of alternative str
7159180 Proxy platform integration system January 2, 2007
A method and system is disclosed for adding or removing functionality to a website through a proxy platform by which a user views the website. One such functionality is a checkout button by which a cyber wallet is accessed, relaying purchase information to the website where the infor
7158982 Declarative, data-neutral client-server data transport mechanism January 2, 2007
The invention provides a solution to client-server data handling tasks, such as, transport and data manipulation, by keeping the middleware ignorant of the specific semantics of the data and makes it instead a "dumb" or "blind" transport conduit between the client and the data base.
7158615 External detection of optional telephone services on an unknown telephone line January 2, 2007
Determining whether a call forward busy service is enabled on a telephone line includes placing a first test call across a network to the telephone line. First signaling data is received through the network in response to the first test call. The first signaling data is evaluated to dete
7151938 Dynamically managing and reconfiguring wireless mesh networks December 19, 2006
A wireless network with multiple subscriber systems in a lobe pool may operate by determining a state of the wireless network, identifying a new condition, the new condition including a new demand condition or a new network health condition, determining whether the new condition has a
7146505 Secure data exchange between date processing systems December 5, 2006
A data transfer method performed at a proxy server includes intercepting a data request from a client computer that is directed to a target server, encrypting profile information, augmenting the data request by adding the encrypted profile information to the data request, and sending the
7143158 Generating metrics for networked devices November 28, 2006
Groups of network devices may be identified automatically based on interface tags associated with network device interfaces such that network devices within a group are automatically identified, periodically or otherwise, based on an association of one or more common interface tags b
7139812 Method and apparatus for publishing hypermedia documents over wide area networks November 21, 2006
The present invention addresses the critical needs of publishers seeking to create and publish hypermedia content in electronic form across the wide area networks ("WAN's") such as the World Wide Web. Toward this end, a client-server development platform is provided for handling the
7136829 Method and apparatus for providing a shopping list service November 14, 2006
A method and apparatus is disclosed that provides an Internet wish list for deferred purchasing. A user clicks on an add to wish list button located on locations, such as, a product page, a banner ad, or search results to add an item to the wish list. A reminder system is used to rem
7133771 Automated route determination to avoid a particular maneuver November 7, 2006
A preferred route may be determined from an origin location to a destination location. The preferred route avoids a particular maneuver or particular maneuvers identified by a user. The determination is made by processing directed links (e.g., one-way edges) in a graph that includes
7131003 Secure instant messaging system October 31, 2006
A secure instant messaging system integrates secure text instant messaging and secure file transfers into existing instant messaging systems. At least one certificate authority (CA) is provided that issues a security certificate to a user that binds the user's instant messaging screen na
7130841 Enabling a search for both local and remote electronic content October 31, 2006
Performing a search for both local electronic content and remote electronic content based on a single query includes receiving a single query that includes at least one search term. The received search term typically is compared with indexed electronic content that is stored on a loc
7130388 Portable message waiting indicator October 31, 2006
An apparatus and method are provided for easily indicating to a user that a communication has been received for him or her. A portable message waiting indication device (MWID) includes a power source (e.g., battery), signal receiver and a visual and/or audible indicator. The indicator is
7127685 Instant messaging interface having a tear-off element October 24, 2006
A user interface on a display enables user perception of information regarding a communications session that leverages an instant messaging platform. The user interface includes an instant messaging application user interface and one or more tear-off elements corresponding to ongoing
7124370 Presence and geographic location notification based on a delegation model October 17, 2006
A user of an instant messaging system may store names of other users of the instant messaging system on a participant list (which may be referred to as a "buddy list"), and the names may be categorized into one or more groups. Similarly, a user of a mobile device, such as a mobile teleph
7124132 Domain specification system for an LDAP ACI entry October 17, 2006
A domain specification system for an LDAP ACI entry provides a system for specifying an ACI domain entry in an access control command line that controls access to a resource. The access control command specifies resources using a Universal Resource Locator (URL) format that contains
7124123 Intelligent processing in the context of away and offline instant messages October 17, 2006
An electronic assistant handles instant messages sent to a user when the user is away or offline. The electronic assistant may respond intelligently and helpfully to inquiries regarding the user's away or offline status, may take messages for delivery to the away or offline user, and
7120687 Monitoring digital images October 10, 2006
Digital images are monitored by enabling access to a digital image, receiving a notification associated with the digital image from a first user, and regulating access of the first user to the digital image based on the notification received from the first user.
7110748 Telephone call manager September 19, 2006
A call management method is provided for giving notification of calls unanswered at a destination telephone number and real-time management options for the unanswered call. When control of a call is passed to a call management server (50), notification of an incoming call is sent to
7107447 Use of pseudonyms vs. real names September 12, 2006
An apparatus and method is provided for allowing users to share services without sharing identities. Specifically, the apparatus and method allow users to share pseudonyms instead of actual user names, thus protecting both users from unwanted emails, IM messages, and the like. The invent
7103563 System and method for advertising with an internet voice portal September 5, 2006
A method of advertising includes maintaining an Internet-related communication session between a user and a portal and, during the communication session, selectively providing advertisements based on any one of user constraints, sales criteria, and context.
7092584 Registration of separations August 15, 2006
Separations or images relating to film or other fields may be registered using a variety of features, such as, for example: (1) correcting one or more film distortions; (2) automatically determining a transformation to reduce a film distortion; (3) applying multiple criteria of merit to
7089246 Overriding content ratings and restricting access to requested resources August 8, 2006
A host system may include a content manager application or tool that may be used with a browser application, a content manager database, and a content manager server. The content manager may determine the classification (e.g., static or dynamic) and the content map rating (e.g., a co
7089241 Classifier tuning based on data similarities August 8, 2006
A probabilistic classifier is used to classify data items in a data stream. The probabilistic classifier is trained, and an initial classification threshold is set, using unique training and evaluation data sets (i.e., data sets that do not contain duplicate data items). Unique data
7088861 System and method for chinese input using a joystick August 8, 2006
A Chinese text entry system and method is provided to allow users to enter a character to a device such as a cellular phone or a PDA by adding a first few strokes required for the character using a joystick or its equivalent. By simply moving the joystick to add one or more strokes w
7088345 Keyboard system with automatic correction August 8, 2006
A method and system are defined which determine one or more alternate textual interpretations of each sequence of inputs detected within a designated auto-correcting keyboard region. The actual contact locations for the keystrokes may occur outside the boundaries of the specific keyb
7082573 Method and system for managing digital assets July 25, 2006
The digital asset management system is responsive to user interactions with digital assets. Based on user interaction, the system generates a ranking of digital assets to reflect the value of the digital assets to the user. The ranking is based in part on access frequency and recency,
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