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RE29396 Pin having nonaligned cube axis and pin axis and bundle of such pins September 13, 1977
A pin for use in making the reflector includes an elongated .[.snank.]. .Iadd.shank .Iaddend.of regular polygon outline and a cube-corner formation at one end. The cube axis of the cube-corner formation is at an angle other than zero degrees with respect to the pin axis. A group of s
RE28837 Shielding tape grounding device for high voltage cables June 1, 1976
A shielding tape grounding device which is installed on a high voltage cable of the type having a metallic shielding tape for the purpose of grounding the shielding tape, the device including a sleeve of elastomeric material, preferably electrically conductive, a corrugated band seated
D278230 Splice connector April 2, 1985
D270143 Snowplowable roadway marker August 16, 1983
D267933 Roadway marker February 15, 1983
D257586 Highway delineator December 2, 1980
D245185 Terminal block July 26, 1977
D243239 Sprinkler base February 1, 1977
D243170 Wheel center January 25, 1977
D243154 Threaded fasteners January 25, 1977
5808258 Encapsulated high voltage vacuum switches September 15, 1998
An encapsulated high voltage switch has an elastomeric housing made of a first high dielectric strength resilient material such as EPDM. A generally tubular reinforcing element is formed or press fitted in intimate contact with the first elastomeric material. A vacuum contact assembl
5795180 Elbow seating indicator August 18, 1998
To provide durable elbow seating indicator for high voltage elbow on a high voltage bushing a band of highly contrasting color is formed on or added to an annular recess on the conductive jacket of the bushing. The formation of the bushing insulation within the jacket provides a retainin
5717185 Operating mechanism for high voltage switch February 10, 1998
An actuator for a high voltage switch has a bellcrank and a rocker pivotally mounted to a frame and connected to one another by opening and closing springs. The bellcrank is linked to the movable actuating element of a high-voltage switch. During switch closing, a catch holds the bel
5667060 Diaphragm seal for a high voltage switch environment September 16, 1997
A diaphragm for the contact insulating housing of a mechanically operated high voltage switch. The diaphragm has a central portion through which the shaft from the mechanical operating mechanism to the movable contact passes. The walls of the diaphragm about the central portion are m
5641306 Indicator bands which show rating and proper assembly of high voltage accessories June 24, 1997
To be able to determine from ground level the ratings and proper assembly of separable components of a high voltage system placed at groud level, below ground level, in a cable vault or above ground supported by utility towers a series of colored bands are placed about such components. G
5573410 Variable size entry insert for cable accessories and method November 12, 1996
A pre-molded insert for a high voltage cable accessory is formed near its entry with an interior annular recess or notch which permits the insert end to be deflected towards the central axis. The insert end in conjunction with a properly sized mandrel allows the same insert to be use
5570497 Alternative cold shrink device and method of employing same November 5, 1996
A mandrel having a tapered surface expanding from a first dimension at a first end to a larger dimension at its second, but having a central bore larger than the diameter of a high voltage cable, is forced into the bore of a premolded or extruded high voltage component to expand, at leas
5493072 High voltage cable termination February 20, 1996
A series connected capacitive graded high voltage cable terminator and suspension insulator made up of a number of individual modules each made by molding an insulating material between and around two flat, parallel plates molded of conductive material. The modules are connected in serie
5467515 Alternative cold shrink device November 21, 1995
A mandrel having a tapered surface expanding from a first dimension at a first end to a larger dimension at its second, and having a central bore larger than the diameter of a high voltage cable, is forced into the bore of a premolded or extruded high voltage component to expand, at leas
5421750 200 AMP bolted elbow with a loadbreak tap June 6, 1995
A method and apparatus for permanently boiling a 200 AMP cable to a bushing well stud and permitting a second cable to be selectively connected or removed. A bushing well stud extender is added to a bushing well stud and one arm of a T-shaped housing with reinforcement is placed within t
5309313 Fault gas seal for a polymer surge arrester May 3, 1994
Fault gas seals to prevent the ejection of a surge arrester from a loadbreak bushing due to the generation of such gas in response to the failure of arrester devices in such surge arrester. A metal O-ring support is bonded to the conductive insert of the arrester housing or added as a
5280136 Method and apparatus for terminating a shielded high voltage cable January 18, 1994
A terminator for a shielded high voltage cable comprising a thin-walled, flexible, elongate, insulating, elastomeric housing having a bore therethrough from a substantially closed first end providing a seal to an open second end having a skirt to protect the exposed neutral conductors
5215475 Devices for use with high voltage system components for the safe expulsion of conductive moistur June 1, 1993
Devices for use with high voltage system components for the safe expulsion of conductive moisture within such components include elbow and T-shaped connector bodies composed of insulating elastomeric bodies covered with conductive elastomer layers. The horizontal legs include all compone
5128824 Directionally vented underground distribution surge arrester July 7, 1992
The invention is directed to the provision of an external shield about the periphery of the housing of a surge arrester containing one or more arrester devices to provide an expansion limiting device which permits the housing to expand to a degree necessary to permit the expulsion of
5114357 High voltage elbow May 19, 1992
A connector for connecting a high voltage electrical cable to a high voltage electrical terminal. A generally L-shaped elbow housing of a resilient insulating material with a central bore therethrough provides a cable receiving leg and a terminal receiving leg. A fastening means capt
5088001 Surge arrester with rigid insulating housing February 11, 1992
To control the direction of movement and prevent random scattering of fragments of MOV blocks resulting from the catastrophic failure of such blocks during overvoltage incidents, a stack of such MOV blocks with end fittings attached is placed within a rigid filament-wound epoxy-impre
5082449 Removable media injection fitting January 21, 1992
A media injection fitting for the insertion or removal of a media from the interior of a high voltage separable connector component having an access to the interior of the component. The fitting is comprised of a central body portion having a passage from an exterior side surface to the
4955823 600-Amp hot stick-operable screw and pin-and-socket assembled connector system September 11, 1990
A high voltage cable is fixed to the single leg of a 600-Amp "T" connector having a first of its cross bar arms mounted upon an insulating bushing fixed to a wall of the apparatus housing it is to serve. Spaced apart from such insulating bushing and mounted upon the same wall is an appar
4946393 Separable connector access port and fittings August 7, 1990
The invention is the provision of an access to the interior of a high voltage separable connector component by providing a projection of insulating elastomeric material integral with the insulating material of the body of the component and in engagement with the conductive elastomeri
4913658 Loadbreak piston stop and lockout April 3, 1990
A series of lanced sections are provided at the end of a movable female contact assembly in a loadbreak bushing insert to limit its extent of travel during fault closure conditions and prevent its unwanted removal from the insert housing. A locking ring is added ahead of the lanced s
4891016 600-Amp hot stick-operable pin-and-socket assembled connector system January 2, 1990
An apparatus bushing is fixed to a support wall or the wall of the apparatus housing and is electrically coupled to the apparatus within. A high voltage cable is fixed to the single leg of a 600-Amp "T" connector and is supported only by a bracket extending from said apparatus bushing
4863392 High-voltage loadbreak bushing insert connector September 5, 1989
A simplified electrical high voltage loadbreak bushing insert connector is disclosed which provides an improved electrical current path between a bushing well and a male probe contact during fault and activated closure while eliminating the usual prior art internal conductive sleeve cont
4854768 Depressible roadway marker August 8, 1989
A depressible roadway marker has an outer metal housing within which an elastomeric core is held. The core holds a retroreflective lens element above the level of the roadway which depresses into the metal housing when run over by a vehicle tire. The core includes a wiping element to scr
4829146 Metallic coupling system May 9, 1989
A conductive metal coupling sleeve harder and springier than the conductor and connector to be joined is interposed between them. The sleeve having patterned inside and outside surfaces is placed over the conductor end and the conductor-sleeve combination is inserted into the bore of the
4799895 600-Amp hot stick operable screw-assembled connector system January 24, 1989
A high-voltage cable is fixed to the single leg of a 600-amp "T" connector, which in turn is coupled for non-removable engagement with an insulating bushing fixed to a wall of the apparatus housing it is to serve. A removable screw-applied link member selectively couples the remaining le
4773872 Static contact member for a high-voltage bushing insert September 27, 1988
In a high-voltage bushing insert having a moving, piston-operated, female contact assembly electrically coupled to an interior metallic sleeve by means of a louvered contact ring, the improvement comprising a static metallic contact member providing an alternative electrical path from sa
4762501 Extended contact August 9, 1988
This invention is directed to electrical connectors for joining components of high voltage electrical systems, such as splices and elbows for joining high voltage cables and high voltage cables to transformers and the like. Each connector has at least one extendable conductor to which a
4752245 Plug and receptacle rejection apparatus June 21, 1988
A rejection apparatus adapted for selective installation in a female electrical socket to prevent mating of an incompatible male connector. The apparatus is formed of an elongated body of dielectric material and includes a segmented spherical head portion adjacent one end. The spheri
4729690 Self-righting highway marker support and method for installing same March 8, 1988
A self-righting roadway marker support for a flexible boundary or roadway marker has a hollow anchor sleeve sunk into a supporting surface, a mounting collar secured to said anchor sleeve, a pivot strut extending through and upward from the collar, a compressible coil spring to resil
4696649 In-line connector September 29, 1987
A surface mounted grounding connector and method for installing same to the bared shield of a jacketed, shielded cable from which a portion of the jacket has been removed, without severing the shield and reestablishing the moisture protection of the shield. The connector is made up of a
4689302 Spiral designed reactor August 25, 1987
A flow reactor for reacting a feedstock with a proteinaceous preparation immobilized on and within the pores of a support medium while traversing a spiral path between adjacent turns of said spiral. A support medium has a spacing means placed on one surface thereof. The support medium an
4684764 High voltage cable splice protector August 4, 1987
A two piece, plastic, bayonet locking housing for assembly over a high voltage cable splice to protect the splice and exposed concentric neutral wires. End seals are provided at the cable entrances to the housing to prevent the entrance of dirt and moisture and take the form of closely
4682153 Fail-safe sensor system July 21, 1987
A fail-safe sensor system to provide a positive indication of the proper operation of a sensor system by accounting for the return signals from an active zone and a monitor zone beyond. Search signals, provided by a transducer operating in the transmit mode, are transmitted within an
4672089 Retroreflective sheeting June 9, 1987
A retroreflective relatively flexible laminate sheet construction has a thermoplastic web with a smooth light-receiving first side and a second side coextensive with said first side. A retroreflective pattern is formed on the second side. A slurry of granular material is deposited on the
4659248 Self cleaning pavement marker April 21, 1987
A self-cleaning pavement marker adapted to be installed in a groove below the plane of the driving surface of an associated roadway to provide a retroreflective light signal visible to an oncoming vehicle. The marker comprises an integrally formed elastomeric body adapted to be positione
4633567 Method and apparatus for making a tool January 6, 1987
A tool for producing a pattern of highly accurate optical quality surfaces and the method of making same from a series of bi-metallic pins. A high strength metal pin is coupled to a slug of metal of lesser strength capable of being accurately scribed. The supporting pin blank preferably
4618518 Retroreflective sheeting and methods for making same October 21, 1986
A retroreflective relatively flexible laminate sheet construction has a thermoplastic web with a smooth light-receiving first side and a second side coextensive with said first side. A retroreflective pattern is formed on the second side. A slurry of granular material is deposited on the
4601861 Methods and apparatus for embossing a precision optical pattern in a resinous sheet or laminate July 22, 1986
Disclosed herein are an improved method and apparatus for continuously embossing a repeating pattern of precise detail, in particular, cube-corner type reflector elements, on one surface of a single sheet or on one surface of a laminate of transparent thermoplastic materials, to form
4600260 Electrical connector July 15, 1986
An electrical connector for use in connecting a male contact to a female contact in an energized high voltage circuit, the electrical connector having a female contact assembly which is movable and is accelerated in response to the generation of arc-quenching gases within the electrical
4596622 Method for making an abrasion-resistant reflective marker June 24, 1986
A thin transparent glass sheet is bonded to the substantially flat planar front face of a cube-corner-type retrodirective reflector formed of a light-transmitting synthetic organic resin for covering at least the reflex reflective area thereof. A liquid urethane resin radiation curable
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