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RE43611 Connecting stator elements August 28, 2012
In a guide vane element for a gas turbine with a vane blade extending between a platform that is located radially inward in relation to the main housing of the gas turbine and a radially outward platform, a flange is provided on at least one edge of the platforms adjoining an adjacent
D611510 Turbo machine blade platform March 9, 2010
D586831 Turbo machine double blade and platform February 17, 2009
8585058 Leaf seal and method of producing a leaf seal November 19, 2013
A leaf seal for sealing a shaft rotating about an axis, in particular in a gas turbine, includes a multiplicity of spaced-apart leaves (26) which are arranged in a concentric circle around the axis and are fixed in their position by welded connections produced by electron beam welding,
8573945 Compressor stator vane November 5, 2013
A compressor component having a non-linear thickness distribution along the span length is disclosed. By altering the thickness distribution to a non-linear arrangement so as to locally increase airfoil thickness proximate a mid-span location, the natural frequency of the airfoil is
8573942 Axial retention of a platform seal November 5, 2013
A gas turbine engine component having an axial pin stop assembly that reduces stress around a seal pin damper slot between a platform and a buttress is disclosed. The seal pin damper slot is extended to the leading edge of the buttress and an axial pin stop seal extends into the pin
8573252 Shape optimized headers and methods of manufacture thereof November 5, 2013
Disclosed herein is a shape optimized header comprising a shell that is operative for collecting a fluid; wherein an internal diameter and/or a wall thickness of the shell vary with a change in pressure and/or a change in a fluid flow rate in the shell; and tubes; wherein the tubes a
8572980 Cooling scheme for an increased gas turbine efficiency November 5, 2013
A burner for a combustion chamber of a turbine, with an injection device for the introduction of at least one gaseous and/or liquid fuel into the burner is proposed. The injection device has at least one body arranged in the burner with at least two nozzles for introducing the at least o
8570776 Method and device for determining a control scheme for an active power filter October 29, 2013
A method is provided for determining a control scheme for a voltage source converter (VSC) with a topology of three bridge legs between each of three phases of a grid and a neutral point. The method includes: analyzing the waveform of the grid and/or a load voltage and determining an
8569928 Method for influencing, damping, or suppressing mechanical vibrations occurring during operation October 29, 2013
In a method for influencing, in particular damping or suppressing, mechanical vibrations occurring during operation in a turbomachine blade (10), the mechanical vibratory energy of the turbomachine blade (10) is first converted into electrical energy and the electrical energy generat
8567198 Injection nozzle having constant diameter pin and method for operating the injection nozzle October 29, 2013
An injection nozzle (10), especially for injecting liquid fuel, preferably crude oil, into the combustion chamber of a gas turbine, includes an inner chamber (16) which extends along a nozzle axis (19), conically tapers to a concentric nozzle orifice (17), and to which the medium whi
8566001 Selecting and applying to fuel-flow splits bias values to correct for elevated inlet air humidit October 22, 2013
Methods for controlling a gas turbine engine are provided, where a compressor inlet temperature, ambient temperature, and relative humidity are measured. Utilizing these measurements, it is first determined whether an evaporation cooler is actively importing water content into inlet
8563142 Dual brazing alloy element, process for producing it and uses thereof October 22, 2013
A dual brazing alloy element for a materially integral connection of a ceramic surface to a metallic surface includes a first layer having a Ni-based brazing alloy with a Ni content of at least 50% by weight and having at least one component configured to lower a melting point of the
8562933 Hot solids process selectively operable based on its primary purpose October 22, 2013
A hot solids process selectively operable for purposes of generating at least one predetermined output based on what the specific nature of the primary purpose of the hot solids process is for which the at least one predetermined output that is selected from a multiplicity of predete
8561556 Combustion installation with CO.sub.2 recovery October 22, 2013
An installation for combustion (1) of carbon-containing solids includes an oxide reducing reactor (2), a first cyclone (5), a recuperator (6), an oxidation reactor (3), a second cyclone (4), wherein flows an oxide which is reduced then oxidized in each of the two reactors (2 and 3). In t
8293200 Desulfurization of, and removal of carbon dioxide from, gas mixtures October 23, 2012
A method of heating a used absorption liquid resulting from a carbon dioxide absorption stage in which a CO.sub.2 comprising gas stream is contacted with an absorption liquid comprising ammonia, wherein the used absorption liquid is subjected to heat exchange, in a heat exchanger, wi
8292989 Gas stream processing October 23, 2012
A power generation plant (112), a method, and a CO.sub.2 capture system (122) for removing carbon dioxide (104) from a flue gas stream (106) are disclosed. As shown in FIG. 2, a CO.sub.2 capture system (122), comprises an absorber vessel (202), a water wash vessel (210), and a stripper
8292252 Support for a turbine October 23, 2012
In a support for a turbine, which turbine has an outer casing which is split into an upper section (11) and a lower section (12) in a horizontal parting plane, in which upper section (11) and lower section (12) are screwed to each other on a horizontal flange (13; 13a, 13b) which lies in
8291713 Method of operating a gas turbine power plant October 23, 2012
In a method of operating a gas turbine during shut down, the gas turbine is decelerated and closure of compressor inlet guide vanes (1) is initiated at a shaft speed at least 5% above the shaft speed where a vibration peak occurs. The compressor inlet guide vanes (1) are closed by an
8288915 Multi-part through bolts of stator core October 16, 2012
A through bolt is provided for a magnetic core of a generator stator, which is insertable in a bore provided in the stator core lamination for maintaining the tightness of the core components. The through bolt includes at least two longitudinal through bolt elements which are interco
8287241 Turbine blade platform trailing edge undercut October 16, 2012
A gas turbine blade having reduced stresses around a regions where the airfoil training edge joins the platform is disclosed. The lower stresses are achieved due to an undercut region proximate the blade trailing edge being placed in the platform. The undercut region has a compound fille
8282996 Process for extending the cyclic service life of thermal barrier coatings, in particular on gas October 9, 2012
A process for extending the cyclic service life of thermal barrier coatings made of yttrium-stabilized zirconium oxide (YSZ) or the like which have been applied to a substrate with an oxidizing bond coat in between includes increasing or long-term stabilizing the strain tolerance of
8281486 Method for machining a gas turbine rotor October 9, 2012
A method for machining a gas turbine rotor which is provided with a cooling air slot which concentrically extends around the axis of the gas turbine rotor and is supplied with compressed cooling air via axial cooling air holes which at the side lead into the slot base of the cooling
8277545 Method of reducing an amount of mercury in a flue gas October 2, 2012
The subject matter disclosed herein relates to a method of reducing an amount of mercury discharged to an environment in a flue gas (12) generated by combustion of a fuel source. The method includes contacting the flue gas with a moist pulverous material upstream of a particle separa
8272220 Impingement cooling plate for a hot gas duct of a thermal machine September 25, 2012
A thermal machine including a wall defining a hot gas duct for transferring a hot gas stream and a cooling jacket disposed at a distance from the wall on an outside of the hot gas duct so as to define a cooling duct with an inlet and an outlet. The cooling duct is configured to condu
8268276 Method and system for reducing lime consumption in dry flue gas desulfurization systems September 18, 2012
In a method for reducing lime consumption in DFGD systems, a slaker is provided wherein lime and water is introduced to produce a slaked lime slurry. The slurry is introduced into a spray dryer wherein the slurry is atomized. A flue gas stream is also introduced into the spray dryer and
8268275 Method and device for controlling the supply of a reducing agent to an SCR system September 18, 2012
A selective catalytic reduction reactor (8), which comprises at least one catalyst layer (14), is operative for removing NOx from a flow of process gas of a process plant, such as a combustion plant or an incineration plant. A device for controlling the feeding of a reducing agent, such
8268040 Method of controlling the order of rapping the collecting electrode plates of an ESP September 18, 2012
A method and a system for controlling dust particle emissions from an electrostatic precipitator (1), which has a first and a second bus-section (16, 20), are provided. Dust particle emissions are controlled by observing that a rapping event of the first bus-section (16) is about to
8268031 Fabric filter system September 18, 2012
The present disclosure relates to a fabric filter system, which may be used for removing particulate matter from a gas, such as a combustion process gas. The filter system includes a fabric filter (3) which is placed in a filter compartment. From the filter, gas flows via a filter pl
8262359 Diaphragm for turbomachines and method of manufacture September 11, 2012
A turbine diaphragm includes an annulus of static blades and an outer diaphragm ring surrounding the annulus of static blades and welded to the outer platforms. Each static blade has an inner platform, an aerofoil, and an outer platform. The inner platforms serve the function of an inner
8257047 Rotor blade, method for producing a rotor blade, and compressor with a rotor blade September 4, 2012
A rotor blade for fastening on the rotor of a turbomachine, especially of a compressor of a gas turbine, has a blade airfoil and a blade root (15) which adjoins the lower end of the blade airfoil and extends along a blade axis and by which the rotor blade, in an encompassing slot which i
8252601 Method for designating a component having a heat insulation layer and for determining its operat August 28, 2012
A method for designating a component, coated with a heat insulation layer including zirconium dioxide (ZrO.sub.2) stabilized with yttrium oxide (Y.sub.2O.sub.3) [YSZ], and for determining its operating time or operating temperature is provided. The method includes doping the heat ins
8250933 Method and system for measurement of a flow rate of a fluid August 28, 2012
A system for measuring a flow rate of a fluid through a plurality of tubes sharing a common flow orifice, the system includes an ultrasonic transducer having a plurality of sensors in communication with a plurality of tubes sharing a common flow orifice. The system includes an electr
8247919 Power station with grid frequency linked turbine and method for operating August 21, 2012
A combined-cycle power plant (10) has at least one power train (60) including a steam turbine (24) and a second generator (8) directly driven by the steam turbine (24) and generating alternating current, the output of which generator is connected to a power grid (21) having a given grid
8235772 Method and device for pin removal in a confined space August 7, 2012
A method for drilling or cutting a pin surrounded by solid material includes the use of a water jet tool having a nozzle that is arranged at an angle with respect to a main body of the water jet tool. The water jet is directed over a portion of the surface of the pin, and removes that
8235275 Braze foil for high-temperature brazing and methods for repairing or producing components using August 7, 2012
An amorphous braze foil (1) produced by a melt-spin process has an upper side and a lower side. The upper side and the lower side are thinly coated with a film of metallic Ni-based, Co-based, or Ni--Co-based braze powder (2) with a particle size in the nanometer range, wherein both the
8231349 Gas turbine airfoil July 31, 2012
A turbine component (25) includes a root (21), a tip (22), and an airfoil portion (7) having a leading and a trailing edge (8,9), an external suction side and pressure side wall (13, 14) between the leading and trailing edge. The walls enclose a central cavity (1-6) for the passage o
8231340 Leaf seal July 31, 2012
A leaf seal 10 in a rotary machine is located between a higher pressure region 14 and a lower pressure region 16 of the machine. Blow-down forces are greater on the lower pressure side 16 of the leaf seal 10 than on its higher pressure side 14, resulting in greater inward deflection of t
8228010 Rotating transformer for supplying the field winding in a dynamoelectric machine July 24, 2012
An apparatus for transmission of electrical power includes an AC voltage source configured to produce AC voltage. A stator includes a primary winding arrangement electrically fed from the AC voltage source, the primary winding arrangement having at least two primary windings. A rotor
8221825 Comprehensive method for local application and local repair of thermal barrier coatings July 17, 2012
A method for the local initial application of a thermal barrier coating layer (3), or for the local repair of coating defects and/or deteriorations of components (1) in the hot gas path of a gas turbine engine, which components are coated with a thermal barrier coating layer, include
8221065 Turbomachine blade with variable chord length July 17, 2012
A blade of a turbomachine, especially of a steam turbine, is characterized in that the chord length (s.sub.m) in the middle region of the blade airfoil is shorter than the chord lengths (s.sub.0, S.sub.1) in the tip-side region or root-side region of the blade airfoil. As a result of
8220802 Leaf seal, in particular for a gas turbine, and method of producing it July 17, 2012
A leaf seal for sealing a shaft rotating about an axis, in particular in a gas turbine, includes a plurality of spaced-apart leaves arranged in a concentric circle around the axis and fixed in position by brazing, the leaves having surfaces oriented essentially parallel to the axis. The
8220345 Gap inspection apparatus July 17, 2012
An apparatus for inspection of a gap between two surfaces, at least one of which is ferromagnetic, for example in a generator, includes a sensor platform (26) for one or more sensors (26a) and an elongated mount (23), which can be moved out, for the sensor platform (26). The mount (23) c
8220271 Fuel lance for a gas turbine engine including outer helical grooves July 17, 2012
A fuel lance (7) for introducing fuel into a gas flow in a combustor (1) of a gas turbine engine includes a region of the lance (7) through which the fuel is introduced into the gas flow having a generally helical formation (12).
8220269 Combustor for a gas turbine engine with effusion cooled baffle July 17, 2012
A combustor (1) for a gas turbine engine, particularly for a gas turbine having sequential combustion, includes a combustor wall (4) defining a mixing region (5) and a combustion region (6). The mixing region (5) has at least one first inlet (2) for introducing combustion air into the
8216689 Multilayer thermal barrier coating July 10, 2012
Components (1) have a thermal barrier coating (2-6) on the surface thereof, wherein the thermal barrier coating includes at least one layer (3) having chemically stabilized zirconia, and wherein at least indirectly adjacent to the layer (3) with chemically stabilized zirconia and on
8212179 Parametric production of drilled cooling holes July 3, 2012
The invention relates to a method for the parametric production of a drilled hole in a component, in particular for the parametric production of a drilled cooling hole in a blade of a gas or steam turbine. In the case of the method according to the invention, in a first method step (
8210815 Hot gas component of a turbomachine including an embedded channel July 3, 2012
A component, especially a hot gas component of a turbomachine, has at least one passage (7, 7'), especially a cooling passage, which is embedded in an outer wall (5) of the component (1) of the turbomachine and basically extends parallel to the surface (6) of the component (1). The c
8210797 Gas turbine with a stator blade July 3, 2012
A gas turbine with a stator blade is disclosed. The stator blade is fastened on a blade carrier and includes a blade airfoil which extends inwards in the radial direction from an outer platform into a hot gas passage. A cooling medium can flow through an interior of the blade airfoil
8205714 Method for adjusting a Helmholtz resonator and an adjustable Helmholtz resonator June 26, 2012
In a method for adjusting a Helmholtz resonator (10), in which a resonator volume (11) is connected to a space (13) to be provided with damping along an axis (29) via a constriction (12) having an acoustic impedance, the acoustic impedance of the constriction (12) is altered in order
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