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Tokyo, JP
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RE42566 Liquid feed nozzle, wet treatment, apparatus and wet treatment method July 26, 2011
The wet treatment liquid feed nozzle of the invention comprises an introducing path 10 having an introducing port 7, a discharging path 12 having a discharging port 15, a crossing section 14 formed by causing the introducing path 10 and the discharging path 12 to cross at the other e
RE42420 Liquid feed nozzle, wet treatment apparatus and wet treatment method June 7, 2011
The wet treatment liquid feed nozzle of the invention comprises an introducing path having an introducing port, a discharging path having a discharging port, a crossing section formed by causing the introducing path and the discharging path to cross at the other ends thereof, a nozzl
RE41443 Input device which allows button input operation and coordinate input operation to be performed July 20, 2010
An input device includes a pressure-sensitive or capacitive planar input unit with an indicator sheet which has input sections being secured to the surface of the planar input unit. A tactile feedback generator is provided at the back side of the planar input unit. The tactile feedback
RE40202 Ink ribbon cassette for thermal transfer printer April 1, 2008
A ribbon cassette 10 includes a cassette case 11 having a first accommodating portion 12, a second accommodating portion 13, and a connecting portion 14 connecting the first and second accommodating portions 12 and 13, a feeding core 12 and a take-up core 42 rotatably accommodated re
RE37992 Magnetoresistive head using exchange anisotropic magnetic field with an antiferromagnetic layer February 18, 2003
A magnetoresistive head including a magnetoresistive film formed in a read-track region, and antiferromagnetic and ferromagnetic films are formed on each end of the magnetoresistive film outside of the read-track region such that bias magnetization is applied to the magnetoresistive
RE37819 Manufacturing method for magnetoresistive head having an antiferromagnetic layer of PTMN August 13, 2002
The present invention provides a magnetoresistive head wherein: a magnetoresistive film is created in a read-track region at the center of the magnetoresistive head; an antiferromagnetic film and a ferromagnetic film experiencing an exchange coupling magnetic field due to direct cont
D630666 Lens for light communication January 11, 2011
D611856 Pressure sensor March 16, 2010
D611855 Pressure sensor March 16, 2010
D552171 Ribbon cartridge for thermal-transfer printer October 2, 2007
D545358 Ribbon cartridge for thermal-transfer printer June 26, 2007
D544536 Ribbon cartridge for a thermal-transfer printer June 12, 2007
D541854 Ribbon cartridge for thermal-transfer printer May 1, 2007
D446239 Cartridge with ink ribbon August 7, 2001
D413313 Data receiver apparatus August 31, 1999
D405307 Tray for optical recording medium February 9, 1999
D386488 Data entry keyboard November 18, 1997
D380695 Remote controller for automobile July 8, 1997
D380694 Remote controller for garage shutter July 8, 1997
D380467 Magazine for compact disks July 1, 1997
D378916 Combined cradle and receiver for a bar code reader April 22, 1997
D378587 Receiver for bar code reader March 25, 1997
D376114 Remote controller for a garage shutter December 3, 1996
D375696 Remote controller for automobile November 19, 1996
D374440 Bar code reader October 8, 1996
D358582 Computer May 23, 1995
D358165 Ink ribbon cassette for labeling May 9, 1995
D342276 Ink ribbon cassette December 14, 1993
D338881 Computer mouse August 31, 1993
D328092 Ink ribbon cassette July 21, 1992
D322980 Printer for computer January 7, 1992
D322624 Printer December 24, 1991
D320009 Lap top computer September 17, 1991
D317443 Computer June 11, 1991
D307596 Printer for computer May 1, 1990
D305908 Printer for computer February 6, 1990
D288569 X-Y input device March 3, 1987
8586885 Force-feedback multidirectional input device November 19, 2013
A force-feedback multidirectional input device includes a slider slidably supported by a support base and an operation knob joined to the slider. In a sliding operation, the slider operates in conjunction with actuating members included in a force-feedback unit. Therefore, a sense of for
8577636 Azimuth calculation program and electronic compass November 5, 2013
An azimuth calculation program is a computer-executable program that performs an azimuth calculation using output of a magnetic sensor. The azimuth calculation program includes a first step of generating one triangle in three-dimensional space using three output values of a magnetic
8575995 Capacitance type input device November 5, 2013
A detection electrode and an X-driving electrode (first driving electrode) are stacked through a sensor side insulating layer, at the side of a sensor portion of a film base material, and a Y-driving electrode (second driving electrode) is formed on the same forming surface as the de
8573086 Lever operation device November 5, 2013
A rotating knob is rotatably attached to an outer peripheral portion of an operation lever. The rotating knob has a lead thread portion on the inner surface thereof, and the lead thread portion meshes with external teeth of a ring gear. Internal teeth of the ring gear mesh with speed
8570188 Driver vision support system and vehicle including the system October 29, 2013
A driver vision support system includes a camera configured to capture primary image data, a control apparatus configured to perform viewpoint conversion on the primary image data to create secondary image data from the viewpoint of the driver and prepares left A pillar image data co
8567255 Semiconductor pressure sensor having a recess with a larger area than a planar shape of a diaphr October 29, 2013
There is provided a semiconductor pressure sensor which improves the sensor sensitivity and is excellent in the withstand pressure characteristic and the temperature characteristic. In the semiconductor pressure sensor in which a diaphragm is formed by a cavity provided on one of top
8283917 Multi-rotation angle detection device October 9, 2012
A rotating axis of a first driven gear provided with a magnet and a rotating axis of a second driven gear provided with a magnet are orthogonalized with respect to a plane which includes a rotating axis of a rotor having a first gear and a second gear each with a different number of
8259079 Input panel having flexible circuit board inserted into passage through base and input device ha September 4, 2012
A thin input device with a flat input side surface is provided in which a flexible circuit board is disposed inside a chassis so as to extend to the outside or inside of the chassis while preventing the flexible circuit board from bending awkwardly. An opening for exposing a portion
8253308 Polymer actuator August 28, 2012
A polymer actuator includes: a pair of electrode layers made of an ionic liquid, a polymer, and carbon nanoparticles; and an electrolyte layer provided between the pair of electrode layers, wherein the carbon nanoparticles are a mixture of carbon nanotubes (hereinafter, referred to a
8252395 Injection-molded body August 28, 2012
An injection-molded body according to the present invention includes a tubular body portion, an airtight seal surface formed on a peripheral surface of the body portion near one end of the body portion, and a plurality of undercuts disposed at positions around the peripheral surface
8248382 Input device August 21, 2012
An input device includes a plurality of X scanning electrodes and a common detection electrode that forms capacitances together with the X scanning electrodes. A first driving signal is sequentially supplied to the X scanning electrodes, and a second driving signal is supplied to the
8246774 Resin bonding method by photoirradiation, method for producing resin article, resin article prod August 21, 2012
A resin bonding method according to the present invention is a resin bonding method for bonding a first resin and a second resin including (I) a step of irradiating spaces containing oxygen molecules with vacuum ultraviolet light having a wavelength of 175 nm or less, the spaces being
8232863 Mobile device for vehicle July 31, 2012
A mobile device for a vehicle includes a receiving unit that receives transmission signals transmitted from individual transmitting antennas of a vehicle-side device; a control unit that determines distances to the individual transmitting antennas using the signal strengths of the re

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