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Alco Electronic Products, Inc. Patents
Alco Electronic Products, Inc.
North Andover, MA
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D247809 Toggle switch baton May 2, 1978
4975548 Miniature dual in-line package electrical switch December 4, 1990
An electrical switching device of the dual in-line package type. A multiple-pole switching device contains a plurality of independent switching elements aligned on individual pole planes. Each switching element includes first and second terminals and stationary contacts centered on t
4918273 Contact for dual in-line package packaged slide switch April 17, 1990
An inverted U-shaped contact for the slider of a slide switch having a longitudinal axis comprises two pairs of teeth connected longitudinally by a transversely generally semicircular elongated member, each tooth extending downward from the elongated member in a curved convex clasping
4687887 Dual in-line package slide switch with detent assembly August 18, 1987
A dual-in-line switch package includes a base, a slider, and a cover. The base comprises the in-line-terminals and on its upper part the corresponding contact pins. The slider contains at least one contact having teeth to contact the pins. A handle is used for moving the slider to it
4480159 Sub-miniature three position switch with built-in lever lock October 30, 1984
A toggle switch of sub-miniature dimensions eliminates the need for machining flat parts on the toggle lever or drilling a pin on the toggle lever by mounting a one piece lever lock insert within the upper portion of the cylindrical housing of the toggle lever, above the spherical po
4340793 Sub-miniature, two position double pole switch July 20, 1982
A sub-miniature, two position, double pole switch has flat, planar terminals of rectangular cross section with projecting portions outside the case bent at right angles, all in the same plane, to the portions inside the case, and having blades of reduced dimensions for insertion in t
4255638 Miniature switch, sealed for soldering, with handle housing exposed March 10, 1981
A miniature switch, having a projecting handle housing, is provided with a factory installed environmental sealed cover which stops solder, flux and cleaning solvents before they enter the contact cavity within the switch. The switch case is enclosed in a second case of plastic with a ha
4254310 Subminiature, multi-pole toggle switch with linear see-saw contacts March 3, 1981
A multi-pole toggle switch achieves sub-miniature dimensions by mounting the four see-saw contacts, four stationary contacts and four actuating pads in two parallel, linear rows, each row on an opposite side of the path of the tip of the toggle lever plunger within the switch housing. A
4191387 Watertight seal for toggle switches March 4, 1980
A toggle switch of the type used on the casing of a camera or intercom device solves the problem of moisture entering the casing through the switch to thereby damage the electronic circuitry, cause rust, mildew and other damage. The exterior of the switch housing is watertight by reason
4117284 Subminiature, three position, switch with non-sliding rocker contact September 26, 1978
A subminiature, three position switch has a rocker, or see-saw, moveable contact which is free of conventional side tabs and tab guides, these being precluded by the limited space available. Instead, the rocker arm is of uniform cross section except for a pair of lateral grooves in the u
4110574 Sub-miniature, two position double pole switch August 29, 1978
A sub-miniature, two position, double pole switch has flat, terminals of rectangular cross section with projecting portions, bent at right angles to the portions inside the case, and having blades of reduced dimensions for insertion in the circular apertures of a modular printed circuit
4058764 Combined pilot light and ground testing assembly November 15, 1977
A combined pilot light and ground testing assembly for conventional 120 volt A.C. circuits is secured in the front panel of an electric console, secured to the male A.C. plug at the end of a cable, or secured to other appropriate equipment. It includes a pair of lamp chambers spaced from

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