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RE40821 Multi-display electronic devices having open and closed configurations July 7, 2009
A portable or other electronic device has two or more display devices or screens that can be used to display different subsets of image signals. The effect is that the device simulates the display capabilities of devices having much larger screens. The device has an open or active co
8224134 Optoelectronic receiver July 17, 2012
An optoelectronic receiver and associated method of operation.
8208252 Infrared energy powered cooling apparatus and computer chassis comprising same June 26, 2012
A computer system has a chassis, a plurality of interconnected panels mounted on the chassis in a manner defining an interior space at least partially encompassed by the panels, a circuit assembly, an electrically-powered fan within the interior space, and an energy conversion device
8107399 Methods and devices for providing robust nomadic wireless mesh networks using directional antenn January 31, 2012
The number of directional antennas and associated radios needed to ensure a nomadic wireless mesh network (NWMN) remains operational in the event of node or link failures, while minimizing delay and other unwanted effects, may be determined using novel methods and devices. Such a det
8077720 Methods and devices for generating and forwarding translated MAC addresses December 13, 2011
The number of MAC addresses and corresponding tables that need to be stored to forward messages in a network is substantially reduced. Conventional MAC addresses are converted to translated (sometimes called "virtual") MAC addresses using a new hierarchical format which redefines the
8028050 Restoration for virtual private networks September 27, 2011
Restoration is provided in a communication system having two or more VPN endpoints coupled together through a network comprising a number of nodes interconnected through edges. VPN endpoints coupled through the network are adapted to communicate through a single connection with multiple
7995482 Femto base stations and methods for operating the same August 9, 2011
Femto base stations and methods described herein suppress the need for an external GPS antenna and cable, while still providing a network service provider with the ability to obtain the desired GPS location coordinates and the user with the flexibility of placing the femto cell at the
7991889 Apparatus and method for managing networks having resources having reduced, nonzero functionalit August 2, 2011
A deferred maintenance mode for network elements is described, wherein upon failure of one or more resources in a network element, redundant resources are used to preserve functionality. Upon subsequent failure of the redundant resources, function can revert to the first set of resou
7991852 Network architecture and related methods for surviving denial of service attacks August 2, 2011
Network architecture and related methods for maintaining traffic flow between clients and an end-server during a Denial of Service (DoS) attack are described herein. The network architecture includes a set of overlay nodes coupled between clients and a server. Each overlay node is able t
7991424 Dynamic generation of group lists for a communication device using tags August 2, 2011
Systems and methods are described for dynamically generating one or more group lists as a sub-group of the contact list by assigning tags to contacts in a contact list. A user may define one or more tags for contacts in the contact list to generate a tag list in addition to the conta
7991421 Method of dynamic overhead channel power allocation August 2, 2011
The present invention provides a method for implementation in a base station that supports at least one downlink traffic channel and at least one overhead channel. The method includes determining power allocation(s) for overhead channel(s) based upon a measurement of downlink traffic
7991159 Layered mobile application security system August 2, 2011
A wireless communication network (20) including mobile applications (56-62) includes a security approach that uses a combination of at least two techniques (42, 50, 54, 72). One disclosed example includes a combination of all four techniques. The combined, layered approach greatly re
7991138 Social error prevention August 2, 2011
Inappropriate messages can be eliminated by an automatic etiquette agent which, based on prescribed etiquette rules, initially prevents a communication from being established unless it receives a further authorization from the user. The etiquette rules represent prescribed social cha
7991131 Control of prepaid balance status notification August 2, 2011
This invention relates to an enhanced method and apparatus for providing notification to a telecommunications customer using prepaid service that his/her prepaid balance is below a pre-specified threshold. The number of notifications is limited to a specified number within a specified
7991016 High availability clock synchronization and distribution for mobile backhaul networks August 2, 2011
Fully redundant clock systems are provided on network nodes coupled by redundant multisegment psuedowires (MSPWs) within an internet-protocol (IP)-based mobile backhaul network. The primary clock system includes a primary master clock on a first node and a primary slave clock on a se
7990973 Hash functions for applications such as network address lookup August 2, 2011
In one embodiment, IP lookup into a routing table having prefixes of different prefix lengths is performed by hashing a candidate prefix value to generate a plurality of hash values, where m seed hash values are generated by applying m seed hash functions and one or more additional h
7990931 Methods and devices for selecting sets of available sub-channels August 2, 2011
Information is transmitted over selected, Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexed (OFDM) sub-channels to avoid frequencies with unacceptable congestion, noise or interference levels. Using frequency hopping, selected non-contiguous OFDM sub-channels used for transmission may vary w
7990900 Event notification control based on data about a user's communication device stored in a user no August 2, 2011
An exemplary method is implemented in a communication system in which periodically updated data for respective end-users is stored in a notification profile at a communication infrastructure node. The updated data is based on conditions associated with each end-user's communication d
7990885 Method for optimizing the frequency of network topology parameter updates August 2, 2011
Accuracy of network topology information and efficient usage of available bandwidth when broadcasting topology updates are optimized in accordance with the principles of the present invention by collecting and utilizing locally known network usage information to update the network topolo
7990881 Methods and devices for computing paths to assure the inter-domain transport of QoS sensitive in August 2, 2011
Information can be transported over domains operated by different service providers at required Quality-of-Service (QoS) levels without disclosing inter- and/or intra-domain information to ensure that the topology of a given service provider's domain (e.g., network) is not disclosed.
7990871 Packet flood control August 2, 2011
A system comprises a router having stored thereon a respective incoming label table including at least one set of LSP information (e.g., a LSP designator, a label denoting normal flow routing functionality and a label denoting controlled flow routing functionality). The router is con
7990855 Method and system for joint reverse link access and traffic channel radio frequency overload con August 2, 2011
A system for joint reverse link access and traffic channel overload control in a cellular network includes relieving the reverse link total loading to optimize resource utilization and distribution among different types of mobile device users. The cellular network includes a plurality
7990846 Method and apparatus for provisioning a hop limited protection pathway in a network August 2, 2011
Method and apparatus for provisioning a protection pathway of a link joining a first point in a network and a second point in the network. The method includes the step of determining a shortest path between the first point and the second point in a protection graph, computing a length of
7986627 Method for transmitting control information on the forward link of a wireless network July 26, 2011
A signaling method is provided that can improve the efficiency of forward-link control signaling in OFDM systems. The method involves using a set of forward-link subcarriers that are dedicated for control information, and are shared by a set of two or more users. The control informat
7984001 Neural network-based extension of global position timing July 19, 2011
A wireless communication system (20) includes a base station controller (22) that receives timing information from a data set (26) that is generated by a neural network (28). The data set (26) allows for generating timing information based upon previous time information received from
7983710 Method of coordinated wireless downlink transmission July 19, 2011
To reduce intercell interference, a method of coherently coordinated downlink transmission in a wireless network involves coordinating transmissions from a plurality of base stations to a plurality of wireless units, for coherent, reinforced reception of the transmitted signals at th
7982560 Cavity resonator having a re-entrant stub on a printed circuit board with cut-out areas July 19, 2011
The invention is related to cavity resonators, a method for producing a cavity resonator, and a band pass filter system comprising cavity resonators. A cavity resonator (100) according to the invention comprises a printed circuit-board (10); an upper electrically conductive cap (20)
7978683 Method of transferring call transition messages between network controllers of different radio t July 12, 2011
The method provides for a first network controller, operating according to a first radio technology, to form and send a relay message to a second network controller, operating according to a different, second radio technology. The relay message includes an embedded message for the second
7978594 Efficient and robust routing of potentially-variable traffic with local restoration against link July 12, 2011
In one embodiment, a method for supporting recovery from failure of a link in a network of nodes interconnected by links. An intermediate node between an ingress point and an egress point of the network is selected to minimize the sum of (i) a capacity constraint between the ingress
7974659 Repeat dialing in wireless networks to called parties that are powered off July 5, 2011
A wireless network is disclosed that provides repeat dialing to called parties that are powered off. The wireless network includes an originating MSC system, a Home Location Register (HLR) system for a called party, and a serving MSC system that serves the called party. Responsive to
7974650 Interoperability between different types of wireless networks for push to talk group calls July 5, 2011
An exemplary gateway apparatus provides push-to-talk (PTT) communications between users in one network with users in another network where the networks utilize different communication protocols. It includes two protocol modules that interface with the two networks, respectively. The
7974608 Anonymous call blocking in wireless networks July 5, 2011
Wireless networks and methods are disclosed that provide for anonymous call blocking in wireless networks. A wireless network of the invention includes an MSC system and an HLR system. When a calling party initiates a call to a called party, the MSC system receives the call and generates
7974276 System and method for providing advanced calling features to a packet network-based communicatio July 5, 2011
For use with a user communication device (UCD) that communicates over a packet network by alternately transmitting and receiving streams of associated continuous media communication data packets, systems and methods for providing call processing features, such as call forwarding and
7974255 Method and apparatus for multi-stream transmission with time and frequency diversity in an ortho July 5, 2011
A method and apparatus increase the time and frequency diversity of a multi-stream signal in a DAB system. A plurality of audio streams are divided into four (4) digital sub-streams, C.sub.00, C.sub.01, C.sub.10, and C.sub.11. Each sub-stream C.sub.00, C.sub.01, C.sub.10, and C.sub.11
7974228 Method of signaling-free idle mode mobility for an integrated 3GPP and 3GPP2 network July 5, 2011
The present invention provides a method of operating a paging controller in a wireless communication system including a first network that operates according to a first radio access technology and a second network that operates according to a second radio access technology. The first
7974197 Method of prioritizing user throughput and user throughput limits for best-effort application in July 5, 2011
The present invention provides a method implemented in a mobile unit configured to communicate with at least one base station over an uplink. The method includes receiving, at the mobile unit and from the base station, a first attribute indicative of a traffic-to-pilot power ratio an
7974191 Method, apparatus and system for the synchronized combining of packet data July 5, 2011
A method, apparatus and system for the synchronized combining of packet data in a network includes sorting data packets received during a predetermined time period into groups according to for which communications device of the network the received data packets are intended. The data
7973637 MEMS device with bi-directional element July 5, 2011
The present invention provides a bi-directional microelectromechanical element, a microelectromechanical switch including the bi-directional element, and a method to reduce mechanical creep in the bi-directional element. In one embodiment, the bi-directional microelectromechanical el
7971262 Protecting against software piracy June 28, 2011
Methods and software products are disclosed for protecting against software piracy. When a customer purchases software, the seller performs an activation process by identifying a unique computer identifier (ID) for the computer system of the customer, and activating the software base
7970428 Monitoring and adjusting transmit power level(s) in a communications system June 28, 2011
A method and an apparatus is provided for monitoring and adjusting a power level of a transmitting component. The method comprises receiving a request from a remote unit to provide a power level associated with a transmitting component, wherein the request is transmitted over a commu
7970425 Push-to-talk group call system using CDMA 1x-EVDO cellular network June 28, 2011
A push-to-talk ("PTT") group call system, for use as, e.g., a public safety wireless network, includes a CDMA-based 1x-EVDO radio access network operably connected to a PTT server over an IP network. The radio access network includes base stations for radio communications with a numb
7970406 Method for transferring data June 28, 2011
The method for transferring data sends the data as part of first and second permanent identifiers during a communication procedure prior to establishing a traffic channel in the communication system. Besides the data, the first permanent identifier includes routing information to a h
7970404 Automatically selecting a base station identifier for a base station June 28, 2011
An automated technique for configuring a neighbor set for a base station (32) includes initializing the neighbor set based upon reported measurements from a mobile station (22). In a disclosed example, a newly installed base station (32) transmits a cell information list to a mobile
7970398 Method and apparatus for provisioning and authentication/registration for femtocell user on IMS June 28, 2011
A method for provisioning, registering and authenticating a mobile phone on a basestation is provided. The method includes receiving an addition request for the addition of a mobile station to a basestation authorization record via an interface. The method continues with creating an
7969967 Number portability for an IMS network June 28, 2011
An apparatus and method for number portability for an IMS network. In one example the method may have the steps of: processing all calls with E.164 numbers in a BGCF (Breakout Gateway Control Function); executing digit analysis on a respective E.164 number in the BGCF; and querying, by t
7966548 Method and system for encoding data using rate-compatible irregular LDPC codes based on edge gro June 21, 2011
In a system for parity encoding data using a low density parity check (LDPC) code, a rate-compatible, irregular LDPC code is generated by extending a base code using a constrained edge growth operation and a parity splitting operation. The base code is a "daughter" code having an enc
7966385 Methods and apparatus for virtual network configuration June 21, 2011
A virtual network is configured in a communication system in such a manner that the virtual network is not required to have associated therewith any particular physical home location, or more generally any dedicated arrangement of physical network infrastructure elements. The communi
7965998 Network support for handset data protection June 21, 2011
An apparatus in one example has: a telecommunication network operatively coupled to at least one mobile terminal; a handset data transfer module in the at least one mobile terminal; a mobile handset protection application server in the telecommunication network; and an emergency stor
7965945 Flexible dispersion mapping June 21, 2011
One method configures an all-optical network such that at least eighty percent of optical fiber spans of a portion of a first all-optical path of the network have substantially a first residual dispersion per span and at least eighty percent of optical fiber spans of a remainder of the
7965665 Method of signaling traffic mode transition in a wireless communications system June 21, 2011
In a UMTS wireless communication system a UE autonomously determines that it is going to transit from an active traffic mode into an idle traffic mode and informs the NodeBs in its active set that it is doing so. It does so either by using Layer 1 signaling, using the uplink DPCCH to sen

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