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Alberta Telecommunications Research Centre Patents
Alberta Telecommunications Research Centre
Edmonton, CA
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
5044723 Tapered fibre sensor September 3, 1991
A fibre sensor used for the measurement of ambient refractive index has a tapered end. The taper of the optical fibre generates cladding modes which undergo multiple reflections at the external surface of the fibre, and therefore gives high sensitivity to the ambient index. A tapered fib
5023869 Method and apparatus for maximizing the transmission capacity of a multi-channel bidirectional c June 11, 1991
A method for determining the highest, common bi-directional transmission rate between two stations of an ISDN communications link includes the steps of a) selecting a candidate transmission rate from a range of candidate transmission rates, b) transmitting a test signal at the candid
4967411 Method and apparatus for frame-bit modulation and demodulation of DS3 signal October 30, 1990
A method of modulating a DS3 signal for addition thereto of an auxiliary, transparent signalling channel, the DS3 signal having framing bits which provide a predetermined pattern for which frame-finding circuits hunt to demultiplex the payload of the DS3 signal. The method comprises cycl
4956835 Method and apparatus for self-restoring and self-provisioning communication networks September 11, 1990
A method and apparatus of restoring communications between a pair of nodes in a network having an arbitrary number of nodes and an arbitrary number of spans interconnecting the nodes, each span having working circuits between nodes designated for transmitting actual communications traffi
4926446 Method and apparatus for precision time distribution in telecommunication networks May 15, 1990
A series of nodes in a telecommunications network are connected by a bi-directional transmission path. An outgoing signal passes each of the intermediate nodes in the path and sets a counter timing at each intermediate node. The outgoing signal then returns from the loop node with ti

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