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5916593 Process of making dosage units by wet granulation June 29, 1999
The invention relates to a process of making pharmaceutical dosage units comprising at least desogestrel or Org 30659 (17.alpha.-17-hydroxy-11-methylene-19-norpregna-4,15-dien-20-yn-3-one), present in an amount of about 0.005 to 1.0 percent by weight of each pharmaceutical dosage uni
5914260 Fish pancreatic disease virus June 22, 1999
There is described a novel virus which is the causative agent of fish pancreatic disease, which is a serious disease affecting Atlantic salmon. A method of isolating the virus through co-cultivation of infected tissues following by passage is described and an isolated strain of the virus
5914113 Inactivated vaccines June 22, 1999
The present invention is concerned with the preparation of improved inactivated vaccines, in particular of inactivated poultry vaccines. The immunogenicity of the inactivated immunogens in such vaccines is enhanced in case live CAV are administered in a combination vaccine with these
5912115 Evacuated sensor device for detecting microorganisms in blood samples, and method thereof June 15, 1999
A device and method allow for collection of a blood specimen and for detecting the presence of microorganisms in the blood specimen. The device, a sensor plate under vacuum, provides an environment to culture microbial organism colonies from a blood sample, and a means to facilitate
5911236 Alkoxylated alkanolamide together with an ionic surfactant as friction-reducing agent June 15, 1999
The use of a mixture of at least one alkanolamide of general formula (I), RC(O)NH(A).sub.n H, wherein R is a hydrocarbon group having 7-23 carbon atoms, preferably 11-23 carbon atoms, A is an alkyleneoxy group having 2-4 carbon atoms and n is 2-12, preferably 2-8, and at least one ionic
5910270 Viscosity reduction of organomagnesium solutions June 8, 1999
Hydrocarbon solutions of a dialkylmagnesium compound having reduced viscosity contain: (a) a hydrocarbon solvent; (b) a dialkylmagnesium compound normally soluble in hydrocarbon solvents; and (c) an effective viscosity reducing amount of a compound selected from the group consisting
5908916 Cross-linked or cross-linkable optical polycarbonates and optical components comprising said opt June 1, 1999
The present invention is in the field of optical polymers, more particularly, optical polycarbonates for use in optical components.The present invention provides a cross-linkable or cross-linked optical polycarbonate built up from a monomer mixture comprising:compounds according to formula 1
5908786 Blood coagulation monitoring device with liquid crystal and gradient heater June 1, 1999
A device and method are disclosed for determining whether or not an individual's blood coagulation time is in a normal or abnormal range, and is particularly suitable for measuring prothrombin time and activated partial thromboplastin time coagulation values. The device includes a ho
5907022 Cyclic ketone peroxides as polymer initiators May 25, 1999
A process for the preparation of (co)polymers employing a peroxide composition comprising at least one organic peroxide wherein at least 20% of the total active oxygen content of said organic peroxide is attributable to one or more cyclic ketone peroxides represented by the following
5902784 Use of a betaine surfactant together with an anionic surfactant as a drag-reducing agent May 11, 1999
A combination of at least one betaine surfactant having an saturated or unsaturated alkyl or acyl group having 10-24 carbon atoms, preferably 14-24 carbon atoms, and an anionic surfactant having the general structurewhere R.sub.1 is a hydrocarbon group with 10-24 carbon atoms and B is a
5902532 Process for manufacturing cellulose objects May 11, 1999
Process for manufacturing cellulose formed objects, whereby a solution of cellulose is formed in the warm state in a tertiary amine N-oxide and, if necessary, water and the formed solution is cooled with air before introducing it into a coagulation bath. Conditioned air is employed for
5898072 Aqueous suspension of a cellulose ether, method for the production thereof, and composition April 27, 1999
The invention concerns an aqueous suspension of a non-ionic, water-soluble cellulose ether cross-linked with glyoxal, in the presence of an electrolytic salt which gives a pH value below 8.0 in water and at the concentration involved. Conveniently, the suspension is produced by mixing
5897852 Container with freeze-dried vaccine components April 27, 1999
The present invention relates to a vaccine container that contains one or more freeze-dried vaccine components. The vaccine component or components are present in two or more freeze-dried bodies, at least one of which is a lyosphere.Furthermore, the invention relates to methods for the p
5896634 Sizing agent-free tangled multifilament yarn and process for its manufacture April 27, 1999
Sizing agent-free tangled multifilament yarn with an opening length of 1 to 6 cm and a knot strength of no more than 2, at least the majority of whose filaments have a thin film consisting mainly of hard wax constituting about 0.3 to 2% of the total weight of the filaments together with
5895795 Composition containing fine solid particles April 20, 1999
A composition is described containing fine solid particles held in an encapsulation or dispersed in a matrix and which are inert towards the encapsulation or the matrix, whereby the encapsulation or the matrix consists of a homogeneous mixture of cellulose, tertiary amine oxide, wate
5895771 Fluorinated alkoxy and/or aryloxy aluminates as cocatalysts for metallocene-catalyzed olefin pol April 20, 1999
Catalyst compositions for the polymerization of an olefin are disclosed which comprise a neutral metallocene and, as the ionizing agent an anionic aluminum-containing complex which is a fluorinated alkoxy and/or aryloxy aluminate. The fluorinated alkoxy aluminate can be of the formula A.
5895638 Method of producing chlorine dioxide April 20, 1999
The invention relates to a process of producing chlorine dioxide by the reduction of chlorate ions with hydrogen peroxide as a reducing agent in a tubular reactor, preferably in the presence of a mineral acid, wherein the preferable degree of chlorate conversion in the reactor is above a
5891339 Process for the degradation of chlorite April 6, 1999
The present invention provides a process for the degradation of chlorite into chloride and oxygen with the aid of chlorite dismutase or chlorites dismutase-containing microorganisms. Virtually quantitative degradation of chlorite is obtained in the absence of reductors and under either a
5885932 Activity promoting additives for rest-breaking agents March 23, 1999
Activity promoting additives for rest-breaking agents are disclosed. Further, restbreaking compositions comprising these additives and a rest-breaking agent are also disclosed. Finally, a process for breaking the rest of bushes, shrubs, vines, nuts, berries and non-deciduous fruit tr
5885568 Coccidiosis poultry vaccine March 23, 1999
This invention relates to a novel Eimeria protein with immunogenic properties as well as to DNA sequences encoding these proteins. This protein can be administered to poultry thereby protecting the birds against coccidiosis. In addition the DNA encoding this protein can be used for t
5882791 Para-aromatic polyamide yarn having low filament linear density and a process for manufacturing March 16, 1999
A p-aramid microfilament yarn and a process for manufacturing the same. In the p-aramid yarn, which has a yarn linear density of at least 300 dtex, comprising a bundle of filaments with a linear density of less than 0.8 dtex, the g value is higher than 2.5 GPa, the elongation (EAB) is hi
5882563 Process for making fibres from poly(p-phenylene terephthalamide) March 16, 1999
The invention relates to an improvement of the known process for spinning poly(p-phenylene terephthalamide) via an air gap spinning process. It comprises mixing poly(p-phenylene terephthalamide) with concentrated sulphuric acid by a freezing process, heating the solid mixture, and pa
5880181 Gels of organic peroxides March 9, 1999
The present invention relates to a gel comprising A) a solution of at least one organic peroxide essentially solubilized in a phlegmatizer, B) at least one cellulose ester as thickening agent essentially solubilized in solution A, and C) at least one thixotropic agent selected from h
5880042 Clothing for protection against stab and bullet wounds March 9, 1999
Protective clothing, in particular clothing which protects against injuries caused by stabbing instruments, cutting instruments, projectiles or splinters, consisting of multiple layers of flat structures. At least one side of at least one of these layers has been given a ceramic coating
5879554 Polysulfone membrane and method for its manufacture March 9, 1999
A synthetic membrane consisting of a mixture of polysulfone and sulfonated polysulfone and not more than 20 wt. % of other polymers, characterized in that the mixture contains 0.5 to 8 wt. % sulfonated polysulfone, possibly as the salt of sulfonic acid, and a method for manufacturing thi
5877327 Anti-fatigue coagents for rubber vulcanization March 2, 1999
Novel metal salts of (poly)citraconimide and (poly)itaconimide carboxylic acids, and a vulcanizable rubber composition comprising these novel metal salts and which, upon vulcanization, exhibits improved dynamic properties, are disclosed. Also disclosed are a sulfur-vulcanization process
5877156 Thrombin inhibitors March 2, 1999
The invention relates to a thrombin inhibitor of the formula:wherein R.sup.1 is -(1-6C)alkylene-COOH or -(1-6C)alkylene-CONH.sub.2 ;R.sup.2 is a side chain of a hydrophobic D-amino acid;A is an amino acid selected from proline, optionally containing a second heteroatom selected from N, O, or S,
5876937 Method for determining the integrity of nucleic acid March 2, 1999
The subject invention is directed to a method for determining the integrity of nucleic acid isolated from a specimen of eukaryotic origin comprising subjecting the specimen to nucleic acid isolation followed by amplification using a pair of oligonucleotide primers in a manner known p
5876732 Human T-cell line infected with HIV-2 which secretes functionally intact HIV-2 GP160 March 2, 1999
A novel cell line chronically infected with HIV-2.sub.NIHZ virus secretes the precursor of the viral envelope proteins in extracellular medium. The cells grow well in serum-free medium which enables the concentration of the conditioned medium of the cells to be greatly increased (>100
5874526 Toxoplasma gondii antigens February 23, 1999
The present invention relates to peptides immunoreactive with antibodies to Toxoplasma gondii, nucleic acid sequences encoding these peptides, recombinant vector molecules, comprising these nucleic acid sequences, host cells transformed with the recombinant vector molecule, immunoche
5874280 Vector vaccines of bovine herpesvirus I February 23, 1999
The present invention is concerned with a Bovine Herpesvirus I (BHV-I) mutant comprising a heterologous gene introduced into a section of the BHV-I genome. The invention also relates to a vector vaccine comprising such a BHV-I mutant which expresses a heterologous polypeptide derived
5872882 Non-linear optical polycarbonates February 16, 1999
The invention relates to non-linear optically active (NLO) polycarbonates and to NLO active waveguides containing these polycarbonates. Waveguides containing these NLO polycarbonates have a low loss of signal, a high glass transition temperature and good polability and a high stability o
5872188 Vulcanized rubber compositions comprising anti-reversion coagent and a sulfide resin February 16, 1999
A rubber composition which is the vulcanization reaction product of a rubber, particular anti-reversion coagents, and a sulfide resin, is disclosed. The invention also relates to a vulcanization process which is carried out in the presence of an anti-reversion coagent and a sulfide r
5868985 Process for manufacturing cellulose fibers February 9, 1999
A process for manufacturing cellulose fibers by extrusion of a spinning solution, containing dissolved cellulose, into a gaseous medium through a predetermined gas zone, with subsequent immersion in and guidance through a coagulation bath over a predetermined coagulation zone, drawing th
5866426 Device and method for determining liquid-probe contact February 2, 1999
A sensor detects when a probe contacts liquid in a container due to a change in frequency of a probe oscillator. The sensor can have its output compared to a reference level to determine the presence or absence of liquid wherein the reference level is changed to follow the output of the
5865985 Process for the production of diesel February 2, 1999
A process for the production of a diesel fuel includes contacting a feedstock comprising cracked stocks in the presence of hydrogen under conditions of elevated temperature and pressure with a first catalyst comprising a Group VI hydrogenation metal component and a Group VIII hydroge
5861976 At Least penta-layered optical device January 19, 1999
The present invention is in the field of optical components, more particularly, polymeric optical components, even more particularly, thermo-optical components, electro-optical components or passive components. The present invention pertains to an optical component having an at least
5861369 (2-carboxy-3-hydroxy-propyl)-iminodiacetic acid and derivatives January 19, 1999
The present invention relates to compounds of the formula 1 ##STR1## wherein R.sub.1 is selected from hydrogen and -R.sub.4 -R.sub.5 where R.sub.4 is selected from nothing C.sub.1 -C.sub.20 linear or branched alkylene C.sub.3 -C.sub.20 cycloalkylene, C.sub.6 -C.sub.20 arylene, C.
5859135 Aqueous coating compositions comprising functional group-containing crosslinkable resins January 12, 1999
The present invention relates generally to aqueous coating compositions comprising a resin component including a functional group-containing crosslinkable resin and, optionally, a curing/crosslinking agent for functional groups of the crosslinkable resin. More specifically, the resin
5859083 Water vapor permeable and waterproof polyester membrane pigmented with carbon particles January 12, 1999
A water vapor permeable, waterproof polyether ester membrane contains 1 to 10% by weight of finely dispersed carbon particles, especially soot particles, having an average size of 5 to 40 nm.
5858769 Device for detecting microorganisms January 12, 1999
An apparatus and method for mixing/agitating microorganism culture bottles includes a wheel in which culture bottles are placed, with the wheel being set at an angle from vertical so that bottles are not inverted during rotation. A sensor such as a florescence or colorimetric sensor for
5858729 Expression of porcine reproductive respiratory syndrome virus polypeptides in the same cell January 12, 1999
The present invention provides a process for the recombinant DNA production of a mature form of the PRRSV ORF 3 or ORF 4 protein. This is achieved by the co-expression of the PRRSV ORF 2, ORF 3 and ORF 4 proteins by the same cell.
5858529 Polyester staple fibers of filaments with high resistance to pilling January 12, 1999
Polyester staple fibers with high resistance to pilling contain (1) a polyester component consisting of at least 90 mol % polyethylene terephthalate, after its polycondensation, and (2) 1 to 7% by weight, relative to the polyester component, of a polyalkylene glycol block polymer wit
5856175 Device for detecting microorganisms January 5, 1999
A device and method for detecting microorganisms in a specimen by culturing the specimen in a sealable specimen container with a culture medium and detecting microorganisms in the specimen by measuring changes in pressure within the container caused by their metabolic activity during cul
5856004 Cellulose yarn and cord for industrial application January 5, 1999
The invention is directed to a cellulose filament yarn having a breaking tenacity of higher than 600 mN/tex and containing more than 400 filaments and a cord made therefrom.
5854235 17-spiromethylene steroids December 29, 1998
The invention relates to a steroid derivative which steroidal skeleton is bound at carbon atom 17 to a spiromethylene ring of the formula: ##STR1## wherein R.sub.a and R.sub.b are independently selected from the group consisting of hydrogen, methyl, and halogen; m is 1 or 2; and the
5854143 Material for antiballistic protective clothing December 29, 1998
Material for antiballistic protective clothing comprising in a single-layer or multi-layer package or laminate at least one layer of a flat structure containing an organic dilatancy agent This flat structure is particularly suited for a trauma package in an antiballistic package. The fla
5853647 Process for the stabilization of the properties of cellulosic membranes December 29, 1998
Properties of cellulosic membranes such as the length and the ultrafiltration rate are stabilized by warmth/humidity conditioning, whereby temperatures in a range of about to C. and relative humidities in a range of about 10 to 60% are suitable. The membranes ma
5853462 Corrosion protection of metals using aromatic amine compound(s) December 29, 1998
A metal article is protected from corrosion under prolonged exposure to normal ambient atmospheric conditions which cause such corrosion by coating the metal article with an adherent organic coating which does not exude corrosive acid, which comprises an effective amount of an aromatic
5852094 Moisture curing coating composition December 22, 1998
Described is a coating composition comprising an organic compound comprising at least two acetoacetate groups or acetamide groups or a combination of these two groups and the oxide of a metal of Group IIa of the Periodic Table. The metal preferably is calcium or magnesium. The compos
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