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Aisin Seiki Kabushiki Kaisha Patents
Aisin Seiki Kabushiki Kaisha
Kariya, JP
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE39394 Seat apparatus with air flow November 14, 2006
A seat apparatus includes a seat cushion, a seat back associated with the seat cushion, an air vent extending from the bottom side of the cushion towards the sitting side of the cushion, and an air producing device which blows air, preferably temperature controlled air, to the air vent
RE39054 Vehicle drive system including drive mode-shifting mechanism for shifting between two-wheel driv April 4, 2006
A vehicle drive system includes a compact drive mode-shifting mechanism that is mounted in the final drive gearset of a vehicle. The drive mode-shifting mechanism includes a first shaft, a second shaft, and a clutch assembly. The first shaft forms an input shaft for the differential
RE37990 Seat sliding device February 18, 2003
In a seat sliding device, an upper rail slidably moveable relative a lower rail interlocks with the lower rail upon movement of the upper rail away from the lower rail. An upwardly inclined portion and a downwardly inclined portion can be provided on the upper rail and the lower rails,
RE37522 Brake controlling system January 22, 2002
The present invention relates to an apparatus and method for controlling vehicle motion. More specifically, the invention relates to an apparatus for improving vehicle stability by controlling the brake torque of a vehicle during, for example, cornering manuevers. In accordance with the
RE37373 Vacuum servo apparatus September 18, 2001
A vacuum servo apparatus in which, in a performance diagram having an input coordinate axis perpendicular to an output coordinate axis, the normal operation is represented by a first operating line and, after a plunger member is moved by a solenoid so that movement of the plunger member
RE35707 Apparatus for driving medical appliances December 30, 1997
A self-propelled wheelchair type artificial heart driving apparatus for giving freedom of movement to those patients who require an auxiliary artificial heart. Various safety devices are provided to avoid danger due to erroneous running of the wheelchair at the time when the patients boa
D692541 Toilet seat with bidet October 29, 2013
D660755 Roof molding for an automobile May 29, 2012
D659060 Roof molding for an automobile May 8, 2012
D568737 Packaging box May 13, 2008
D559678 Packaging box January 15, 2008
D557336 Card for a sewing machine manual December 11, 2007
D553978 Packaging box October 30, 2007
D553977 Packaging box October 30, 2007
D552986 Packaging box October 16, 2007
D552985 Packaging box October 16, 2007
D549849 Protector for nipping sensor in automatic opening and closing devices August 28, 2007
D549848 Protector for nipping sensor in automatic opening and closing devices August 28, 2007
D541225 Remote control for a toilet seat with bidet April 24, 2007
D536008 Sewing machine January 30, 2007
D535865 Inside door handle for vehicle January 30, 2007
D534930 Sewing machine January 9, 2007
D529054 Sewing machine September 26, 2006
D528991 Remote control for a toilet seat with bidet September 26, 2006
D521027 Sewing machine May 16, 2006
D516589 Sewing machine March 7, 2006
D500845 Bidet toilet seat unit January 11, 2005
D496990 Bidet toilet seat unit October 5, 2004
D495794 Bidet toilet seat unit September 7, 2004
D492398 Toilet seat unit June 29, 2004
D463853 Toilet seat October 1, 2002
D458990 Toilet seat June 18, 2002
D452833 Seat occupant sensor January 8, 2002
D249693 Sewing machine September 26, 1978
8585887 Aluminum alloy member and method for manufacturing same November 19, 2013
An aluminum alloy member includes a main body including an aluminum alloy serving as a base material, and an electrolytic oxidation ceramic coating coated at a portion of a surface of the main body and including a most outer layer and an inner layer which is arranged close to the main bo
8585148 Vehicle seat lifter device November 19, 2013
The seat lifter device for a vehicle includes a lock/unlock device which is formed with an engagement/disengagement mechanism to produce a lock condition in which the relative rotation between a first rotation member and a second rotation member is restricted and an unlock condition in
8584534 Seat apparatus for vehicle November 19, 2013
A seat apparatus for a vehicle includes a slide rail arranged slidably relative to a vehicle floor in a longitudinal direction, a bracket including a first end portion fixed to the slide rail, a second end portion, and a connecting portion connecting the first end portion to the seco
8582370 Storage unit for occupant detection system November 12, 2013
A storage unit for an occupant detection system detecting an occupant based on a magnitude correlation between a detection load value obtained by a load sensor and a threshold value, the storage unit includes a first ROM storing either one of the threshold value and a threshold value
8579617 Oil pump rotor November 12, 2013
An oil pump rotor includes an inner rotor having (n) external teeth, an outer rotor having (n+1) internal teeth, and a casing forming a suction port and a discharge port for drawing/discharging fluid. In operation, fluid is drawn/discharged according to volume changes of cells formed
8579368 Seat for vehicle November 12, 2013
A seat for a vehicle includes a seat cushion frame reciprocating between seating and retracted positions, a seat back frame rotatable between standing and forward-tilted positions, a head rest movable between stationary and retracted positions, a pair of links provided at both end po
8578904 Device and method for starting engine November 12, 2013
An engine starting method in a parallel-type hybrid vehicle comprises a motor reverse rotation driving step of applying reverse rotation current to drivingly rotate a motor output shaft in a reverse rotation direction of an engine output shaft whereby an elastic member in a damper is
8577553 Lateral motion control apparatus for a vehicle November 5, 2013
A lateral motion control apparatus for a vehicle includes a control stop determination unit that determines whether or not to stop the control for the control target by the control target control unit based on a steering operation amount inputted by a driver of the vehicle, and a degener
8573659 Child lock mechanism November 5, 2013
Provided is a child lock mechanism which provides satisfactory operability at the time of operation of opening/closing a door while maintaining satisfactory operability at the time of setting/unsetting operation. The child lock mechanism includes: a base member; a first lever; a seco
8572956 Hydraulic pressure supply device of automatic transmission November 5, 2013
A hydraulic supply device of an automatic transmission, which supplies operating oil to the automatic transmission that is able to shift power from an engine and transmit the power to drive wheels of a vehicle by selectively engaging a plurality of frictional engagement devices using
8571749 Grille control mechanism for vehicle October 29, 2013
A grille control mechanism for a vehicle includes a movable member being switchable between opened and closed positions, an electric motor actuating the movable member, and a control device controlling a supply of electric current until detecting a lock current value to execute an op
8568276 Control mechanism and method for engagement of impeller clutch October 29, 2013
A method for engagement of an impeller clutch includes a process for decreasing a back pressure relative to a clutch engagement pressure by decreasing an internal pressure of a torque converter in a case where the impeller clutch is brought into an engaged state, the impeller clutch
8568270 Gear shift control device for hybrid vehicle drive system October 29, 2013
A gear shift control device for controlling a hybrid vehicle drive system including an engine, an automated transmission, a clutch, and a motor generator, includes a torque indication device for indicating a driver request torque determined in accordance with an operation amount of an
8567858 Vehicle sunshade October 29, 2013
A sunshade for a vehicle includes a plastic panel configuring a part of a roof of the vehicle and including a translucent portion, a shading sheet for unshading and shading the translucent portion, a pair of guide rails, which are fixed to the panel to face each other and extend in an
8567579 Clutch apparatus October 29, 2013
A clutch apparatus includes an input shaft having a bore portion extending in an axial direction thereof, a stator shaft formed in a cylindrical shape and provided so as to surround an outer circumferential surface of the input shaft, and a sleeve formed in a cylindrical shape and pr
8567129 Vehicle door control method and system therefor October 29, 2013
A vehicle door control method includes operating a vehicle door handle to disengage a door lock device of a vehicle door, beginning to count time upon the operation of the door handle, if the vehicle door has moved from a fully closed position after the door lock device has been disengag

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