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RE42547 Navigation apparatus, navigation method, and navigation program July 12, 2011
Navigation apparatus, methods, and programs merge and correct a plurality of types of past traffic information. The apparatus, methods, and programs may store a plurality of types of past traffic information, each type of past traffic information having a priority and may merge the s
8587237 Control device November 19, 2013
A control device configured with an external input estimator that reduces a vibration component of a rotational speed of the power transfer system at a rotational speed of the rotary electric machine and estimates transfer system input torque on the basis of the rotational speed of the
8583362 Apparatus, method, and program for generating road information November 12, 2013
History information for the history of vehicle travel on a road is obtained. Traffic-volume information indicating a traffic volume on the road is obtained based on the history information that has been stored in at least a predetermined amount. When the traffic volume on the road du
8583355 Road shape estimating device, road shape estimating method and program November 12, 2013
A road shape estimating device has a data obtaining processing unit for obtaining interpolation point data for a plurality of shape interpolation points which are set along a road and represent a shape of the road, a radius calculation processing unit for calculating a radius of curvatur
8581460 Armature for rotating electrical machine November 12, 2013
An armature for a rotating electrical machine, including an armature core and a coil wound around the armature core. The segment conductor includes a joint extension portion that extends in the axial direction relative to the armature core from at least one end portion of a conductor edg
8579747 Power transmission belt method for production thereof November 12, 2013
A stacked ring 2 that forms a transmission belt is formed by stacking a plurality of elastically deformable ring materials 20.sub.1 to 20.sub.6 together. Shot peening is performed on surfaces of the ring materials 20.sub.1 to 20.sub.3 of the first layer as the innermost layer to the
8573978 Driving evaluation system and driving evaluation method November 5, 2013
Systems, method, and programs evaluate a driving condition of a vehicle in accordance with road characteristic information that is included in map data, acquire evaluation information that includes an evaluation result based on the evaluation, and store the evaluation information. The
8572955 Fluidic torque transfer device November 5, 2013
A fluidic torque transfer device configured with a pump impeller that includes a pump shell, a pump blade attached to the pump shell, and a pump core attached to the pump blade; a turbine runner that includes a turbine shell, a turbine blade attached to the turbine shell, and a turbi
8571790 Method for switching reference map data in navigation device, computer readable medium for the s October 29, 2013
A method for switching a reference map data in a navigation device having a map data memory for storing a plurality of map data, the navigation device executing a navigation function with using a first map data among the plurality of map data stored in the map data memory as the referenc
8568275 Control device October 29, 2013
A control device includes an input member drivingly coupled to at least one of an internal combustion engine and a rotating electrical machine as driving force sources of a vehicle. When downshifting or upshifting the control device controls the engagement pressure of a direct coupling
8565955 Control apparatus for vehicle October 22, 2013
A control apparatus for a vehicle is provided for a vehicle that has a normal mode and a power mode as vehicle driving characteristics. The control apparatus includes a continuously variable transmission mechanism that steplessly changes a speed ratio when rotational driving force of an
8301365 Navigation device presenting information regarding charging and vehicle including same device October 30, 2012
An ECU executes a program including a step of detecting a present location using a GPS system; a step of reading out data of a geographical map proximate to the present location and presenting in the geographical map charging installations including a charging installation employing
8301323 Navigation system, hybrid vehicle with same, and method of searching for route for hybrid vehicl October 30, 2012
When passage through a road pricing area where an exhaust gas emission vehicle is subjected to billing is predicted, ECU acquires a current SOC of a power storage device, and estimates a required energy quantity for passing through the road pricing area where an exhaust gas emission
8298111 Automatic transmission October 30, 2012
An automatic transmission includes an input shaft, an acceleration/deceleration output unit that is coupled to the input shaft and has a first element that selectively outputs a decelerated rotation or an accelerated rotation of the input shaft and a second element that outputs a sam
8292771 Hydraulic control apparatus of automatic transmission October 23, 2012
A hydraulic control apparatus of an automatic transmission including a switching portion which, at the same time as a reverse range pressure oil passage and a discharge delay oil passage which delays an oil pressure output are connected, causes the reverse range pressure oil passage and
8290671 Control system for automatic transmission October 16, 2012
A control system for an automatic transmission that does not require a cut-off valve, and that can inhibit a reverse control even if a detection unit for detecting a shift range fails. The control system includes a first friction engagement element, which is engaged in predetermined
8287425 Vehicular transmission October 16, 2012
A vehicular transmission includes a gear-change mechanism section that shifts power from a driving source and outputs the power to an output shaft; and a hydraulic system that supplies hydraulic pressure from an oil pump to the gear-change mechanism section via a check valve. The che
8282532 Vehicle drive apparatus October 9, 2012
A vehicle drive apparatus for supplying oil pressure to a hydraulic servo at restart of an engine. The vehicle drive apparatus includes an accumulator that accumulates the oil pressure, an electromagnetic switching valve that retains oil pressure of the accumulator when an oil pump i
8281886 Electric motor control device, drive device and hybrid drive device October 9, 2012
An electric motor control device includes an inverter that supplies an output of a primary-side DC power supply to an electric motor to control driving of the electric motor; a converter that includes a voltage increasing power supply device that increases a voltage of the primary-si
8280599 Vehicle control device and vehicle drive system for implementing a one-way transmission speed or October 2, 2012
A vehicle control device where, the transmission apparatus is provided with a state in which the rotational driving force is not transmitted from the output member to the input member when a first engaging element is engaged; the vehicle control device is provided with a control unit
8279612 Electronic circuit device October 2, 2012
An electronic circuit device including a circuit board having electronic parts, and a flexible wiring board for connection between the circuit board and external equipment. The circuit board has circuit-side connection terminals juxtaposed on a mount surface having the electrical par
8278865 Control device October 2, 2012
A control device that controls a plurality of inverters respectively provided corresponding to a plurality of alternating-current electric motors so as to control the plurality of alternating-current electric motors by current feedback. The control device comprises a carrier frequenc
8276644 Mold and casting method using the mold and design method of the mold October 2, 2012
A mold including a product cavity that is to be filled with a molten metal to mold a product; a supply cavity that connects to one side of the product cavity to supply the product cavity with the molten metal that is poured from a casting port; and a cooling cavity that connects to the
8275542 Navigation device, navigation method, and navigation program September 25, 2012
Information is acquired that indicates a current road on which a vehicle is traveling. Information is acquired that relates to a plurality of branching roads that branch off from the current road at a branching point that lies ahead in the direction of movement of the vehicle. In a s
8272984 Endless metal belt September 25, 2012
An endless metal belt including a ring formed by laminating endless metal plates; and multiple elements continuously attached to the ring. Each of the elements has a body, a head connected to the body by a pillar, and slots formed between the body and the head on left and right sides of
8272462 Vehicle drive system September 25, 2012
A vehicle drive system includes a battery, motor generators driving the vehicle using electric power from the battery or driven by the vehicle, a PCU integrated with the motor generators, having inverters and controlling the motor generator, cooling water cooling inverters, and oil c
8271174 Support control device September 18, 2012
An accuracy error for measuring the position of an own vehicle is calculated based on the information of an execution history of map matching and the information of an update history of a map database. In addition, a predetermined map is referred to based on the calculated accuracy e
8269446 Electric vehicle control device September 18, 2012
When an electric vehicle outputs a torque instruction, firstly, a request torque is acquired and a judged whether the acquired request torque is positive or negative. Regardless of the sign of the request torque, it is judged whether the eco-switch is ON. If the request torque has a posi
8269382 Cooling structure of stator September 18, 2012
A cooling structure of a stator, including a case that accommodates a rotating electrical machine, and cooling a coil end portion protruding from a stator core included in the stator of the rotating electrical machine. The structure supplies a cooling medium from the stator axial dir
8265869 Vehicle navigation apparatus and vehicle navigation program September 11, 2012
A vehicle navigation apparatus includes: a vehicle position information obtaining unit detecting a vehicle position; a special section detecting unit detecting a special section from a guidance route ahead of the vehicle position; a leading lane shift detecting unit detecting a shift
8262527 Transmission apparatus and vehicle having the same September 11, 2012
A transmission apparatus including an automatic transmission that is mounted in a vehicle and is capable of engaging a first engagement element and a second engagement element among a plurality of engagement elements when shift-operated to a reverse position, and engaging the first e
8262093 Oil seal and power transmission apparatus September 11, 2012
An oil seal for sealing a hollow rotary shaft in a power transmission apparatus, wherein the rotary shaft is formed with an internal flow passage through which oil flows and constituted such that the oil flies out as the rotary shaft rotates, including: a fixed portion that is fixedl
8261883 Vehicle power transmission device September 11, 2012
A vehicle power transmission device mounted on a vehicle for transmitting power from a power generating source to an axle through a gear train accommodated in a case, including: a lubricating pump that is driven by the power generating source and is capable of supplying a lubricating
8261083 Navigation apparatus and information distribution system September 4, 2012
A CPU of a navigation apparatus stores public keys to which priorities are set and which are published by an information distribution center in a public key storage section. The CPU of the navigation apparatus extracts an electronic signature of distribution data which is distributed
8258982 Safe driving evaluation system and safe driving evaluation program September 4, 2012
Safe driving evaluation systems, methods, and programs acquire traffic signal information that indicates the display status of a traffic signal present ahead in the traveling direction of a vehicle, determine the vehicle is within a prescribed stop supplement zone set up in front of
8258668 Stator and rotating electric machine employing the same September 4, 2012
A stator in which coil conductors of three phases are disposed in a plurality of slots provided in a stator core, wherein the coil conductors are formed by connecting a plurality of slot conductor portions disposed in the slot, a plurality of coil end conductor portions extending in a
8256326 Automatic transmission control unit and automatic transmission including the same September 4, 2012
A control unit that is not subjected to any external force except its own weight until completion of assembly, and is easily mounted to an automatic transmission. A connector facing an inside connector provided inside an automatic transmission is provided at a lower end of a unit mai
8256312 Transmission and method of shift control for transmission September 4, 2012
A transmission includes a controller that has a rapid-deceleration judge and a rapid-deceleration processor. The rapid-deceleration judge judges whether a vehicle is decelerating rapidly or not. The rapid-deceleration processor includes a torque-fluctuation inhibitor, and an after-ra
8256100 Stator manufacturing apparatus September 4, 2012
An stator manufacturing apparatus including an substantially cylindrically-shaped insertion jig from which the rectangular wire is axially detachable, and having protrusions respectively provided at positions aligned with the slots on an outer peripheral surface thereof to protrude r
8255145 Travel time calculation server, a travel time calculating apparatus used for a vehicle and a tra August 28, 2012
A travel time calculation server is provided which comprises: a probe data reception part 31 configured to receive travel time data of an intersection node 6 through which a vehicle 3 passes as well as a traffic event of each of links 1-4 connecting to the intersection node; and a ri
8255128 Control device for automatic transmission August 28, 2012
An exemplary control device includes an input torque detection unit that detects an input torque input to the input shaft; and a controller that: determines torque distribution of two of the friction engagement elements that form the shift speeds; and calculates a transmission torque of
8253359 Electric rotating machine control system and vehicle driving system including the electric rotat August 28, 2012
A control system includes an electric rotating machine; a driving circuit that is connected to a DC power supply, the driving circuit includes a frequency conversion unit configured such that, when the electric rotating machine is to be driven in a power running mode, the frequency c
8251194 Solenoid valve August 28, 2012
A solenoid valve device that includes a solenoid valve; a drive circuit that drives the solenoid section; a current sensor that detects a current applied to the solenoid section; and a control unit that controls, when the solenoid valve is served as the pressure control valve, the drive
8248800 Automatic transmission control unit cooling apparatus August 21, 2012
An automatic transmission control unit cooling apparatus includes a control unit having an electronic component, installed on a substrate, for controlling the automatic transmission; a holder accommodating the substrate and within a case of the automatic transmission disposed at a po
8246514 Transmission device, power output device, and control method of power output device August 21, 2012
A transmission device that is built into a power output device outputting power to a drive shaft in combination with a power source and that includes an automatic transmission that changes a shift speed by switching an engagement state of at least one friction engagement element and
8246499 Drive apparatus August 21, 2012
A hybrid drive unit that includes an input shaft connected to an engine; an output shaft connected to wheels; a first rotary electric machine; a second rotary electric machine connected to the output shaft; a power distribution device that distributes a rotational driving force of the
8244450 Vehicle position information providing devices, methods, and programs August 14, 2012
Vehicle position information providing devices, methods, and programs acquire a first current position of a vehicle based on a radio signal received from a GPS satellite and acquire a second current position of the vehicle based on a signal received by a communication device that com
8244441 Automatic transmission control device, transmission device, and power output device August 14, 2012
An automatic transmission control device for improving shift feel includes a pressure regulating device that regulates a friction engagement element, and transmits power to an output shaft, which is input to an input shaft through a change of a shift speed by controlling the pressure
8244420 Vehicle, vehicle control method, and drive unit August 14, 2012
If an accelerator pedal is released, when a flag indicates 1, a vehicle travels in a traveling environment reflected operation mode where an engine and two motors are controlled in a manner that a required torque is output to a drive shaft while the engine is operated by the motor. If
8234064 Route guidance system and program July 31, 2012
It is possible to display a lane guide map that takes into consideration connections between each of the lanes (m1 to m8) and reduction in the visibility of the lane guide map is prevented. The invention includes a current position detecting unit; a lane list setting processing means
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