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Airlessystems Patents
Charleval, FR
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D577998 Pushbutton dispenser cap October 7, 2008
D569247 Pushbutton dispenser cap May 20, 2008
D546682 Dispenser head July 17, 2007
D539164 Fluid product dispenser March 27, 2007
D518379 Dispenser head without a lid April 4, 2006
8118195 Fluid product dispensing member and dispenser comprising same February 21, 2012
A fluid dispenser member (1) for associating with a fluid reservoir (2) so as to form a fluid dispenser, the member (1) including a body (11) via which the dispenser member is mounted in stationary manner on a mounting part (3), the body (11) defining a housing (113) for receiving anothe
8109412 Dispensing nozzle for a dispenser of fluid product February 7, 2012
A dispenser head (1) for associating with a dispenser member, such as a pump or a valve, so as to form a fluid dispenser, the head including a connection sleeve (11) for connecting to an outlet (31) of the dispenser member, the sleeve (11) being connected to a fluid dispenser orifice (13
8066153 Device for dispensing a fluid product November 29, 2011
A fluid dispenser device comprising: a reservoir (R) of variable working volume comprising a sealing slide-cylinder (100) and a follower piston (2) that is in sliding sealing contact in said cylinder; dispenser means (3) that are suitable for putting the fluid stored in the reservoir und
8016163 Fluid dispenser head September 13, 2011
A fluid dispenser head for mounting on an actuator rod of a dispenser member that is displaceable down and up along an axis (X), the head including an axial connection sleeve for engaging on the actuator rod and defining an inlet duct, the head further including a dispenser endpiece
7891525 Fluid product dispensing head February 22, 2011
A fluid dispenser head having a fluid duct (73, 61) and a dispenser orifice (83) from which the user can draw the dispensed fluid. The head including a closure mechanism for selectively closing the dispenser orifice (83). The closure mechanism has a closure member (93) that is displa
7828177 Dispenser head November 9, 2010
A dispenser head for mounting on an actuator rod of a fluid dispenser member. The actuator rod is displaceable up and down along an axis. The dispenser head includes a bearing surface for displacing the dispenser head and for actuating the fluid dispenser member. The head further inc
7819290 Flexible part forming an output valve and a return spring for a dispensing device October 26, 2010
The present invention relates to a fluid dispenser member comprising a body (1), a pusher (2) axially displaceable between a rest position and a depressed position, the pusher forming a fluid dispenser orifice (24), and a flexible part (3) connecting the body to the pusher. The part form
7597216 Fluid product dispenser October 6, 2009
A fluid dispenser including a first fluid dispenser member associated with a first fluid reservoir, the first member including a first actuating rod mounted to move along a first rod axis between a rest position and an actuated position, and a second fluid dispenser member associated wit
7497354 Fluid dispenser March 3, 2009
A fluid dispenser comprising: two distinct dispenser units (1), each comprising a fluid reservoir (20) defining an opening (23), a dispenser member (3) for taking and dispensing the fluid from the reservoir, and a fastener member (4) for fastening the dispenser member (3) on the openin
7290681 Distributor and push-button comprising one such distributor November 6, 2007
A dispenser head (1) for assembly on two parallel, hollow actuator rods, said head being made as a single piece of plastics material and comprising: two parallel coupling sleeves (11, 12) for engaging with respective ones of the actuator rods, the sleeves defining respective inlet du
7175050 Fluid product dispenser with rigid shell and a soft bag February 13, 2007
A fluid dispenser having a substantially rigid shell (1) provided with an opening (14), a flexible pouch (23) fixed to a pouch support (2) forming a fixing bushing (22) defining an outlet passageway (24) for the fluid, and a dispensing member (3) such as a pump for extracting the fluid f
6712241 Flexible-pouch support and dispenser containing said support March 30, 2004
A support (1) for a flexible pouch for a fluid dispenser, said support comprising an appendage (11) to which the flexible pouch is fixed via its opening, and a socket (12) on which a dispensing member such as a pump is mounted, said support defining a passageway (13) causing the dispensi
6619505 Dispenser with a visible flexible pouch September 16, 2003
A fluid dispenser comprising: a flexible pouch (3) containing said fluid and provided with an opening (31); a dispensing member (5) such as a pump for drawing off fluid contained in the flexible pouch through said opening (31); and a shell (11, 12) surrounding said pouch (3) and provided
6510965 Product dispenser with a flexible pouch January 28, 2003
A fluid dispenser including: a flexible pouch (3) containing fluid and provided with an opening (31); a dispensing member (5) such as a pump for drawing off fluid contained in the flexible pouch through the opening; a shell (1) surrounding the pouch (3) and provided with an opening (13)

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