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Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. Patents
Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.
Allentown, PA
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RE42128 Compositions for removing residue from a substrate and use thereof February 8, 2011
Compositions containing certain organic solvents and a fluorine source are capable of removing photoresist and etching residue.
RE39637 Hybrid cycle for the production of liquefied natural gas May 22, 2007
.[.Refrigeration process for gas liquefaction which utilizes one or more vaporizing refrigerant cycles to provide refrigeration below about C. and a gas expander cycle to provide refrigeration below about C. Each of these two types of refrigerant systems is u
RE38201 Amido functional amine catalysts for the production of polyurethanes July 22, 2003
.[.The use of 3-[3-(dimethylamino)propyl]-propionamide (Formula I) and 3,3'-{[3-(dimethylamino)propyl]imino}bis-propanamide (Formula II) as catalysts in the production of polyurethanes. ##STR1##.]. .Iadd.The use of 3-{[3-(dimethylamino)propyl]amino}-propionamide (Formula I) and 3,3'-
RE35614 Process for improved quality of CVD copper films September 23, 1997
Chemical Vapor Deposition of copper films is enhanced by simultaneously introducing in the reactor vapor of an organometalic copper precursor and .[.copper complex.]. vapor of a volatile ligand or the hydrate of the ligand.
RE34595 Process for removing oxygen and nitrogen from crude argon May 3, 1994
.[.A process is provided for purifying argon gas, especially an argon gas stream obtained by cryogenically separating air, wherein the argon gas is heated and compressed, and then permeated through a solid electrolyte membrane selective to the permeation of oxygen over other components o
RE34038 Separating argon/oxygen mixtures using a structured packing August 25, 1992
The present invention relates to improvements to a process and apparatus for the cryogenic distillation of mixtures, which comprise oxygen, nitrogen and argon, e.g. air. The improvement comprises effectuating intimate contact of the liquid and vapor phase streams utilizing a structur
RE32429 Production of non-bulking activated sludge June 2, 1987
A modified activated sludge system is provided wherein BOD-containing wastewater and recycled sludge are initially admixed under anaerobic conditions in the substantial absence of oxygen or oxidizing agents and subsequently subjected to aeration and clarification. By the disclosed op
RE31014 Separation of multicomponent gas mixtures August 17, 1982
Multicomponent gas mixtures containing: (1) hydrogen as primary component, (2) a secondary key component that is more strongly sorbed by the adsorbent than hydrogen, and (3) a minor quantity of one or more dilute components less strongly sorbed than the secondary key component, are s
RE28941 Electrolytic timer delay capsule August 24, 1976
An electrolytic timer capsule is constructed of an outer cylindrical closed end case and an inner insulated upside down cup enclosing an electrolyte solution. The case comprises one electrode and the other is a U-shaped wire with an intermediate thin coined section immersed in the electr
RE28712 Parallel flow cryogenic freezer February 17, 1976
.Iadd.A cryogenic freezer for freezing products comprising an elongated horizontal tunnel, a conveyor extending therethrough, a liquid cryogenic spray at the outlet end of the conveyor, a plurality of substantially closed gas recirculating flow paths in series relationship along the
H2233 Catalysts which stabilize hydrofluorocarbon blowing agents in polyurethane foam compositions November 3, 2009
A composition comprising a polyisocyanate, a polyol, a hydrofluorocarbon blowing agent, optionally water, a surfactant, and at least one catalyst for the reaction of the polyisocyanate with the polyol and/or the reaction of the polyisocyanate with water, the catalyst being selected f
D582257 Device for holding a dispensing nozzle December 9, 2008
D312869 Oxy-fuel burner for use in a metallurgical furnace December 11, 1990
D310629 Vacuum furnace bottle September 18, 1990
D289823 Portable enclosure for oxygen arc cutting equipment May 19, 1987
D248405 Housing for an anesthesia machine July 4, 1978
8580993 Amino vinylsilane precursors for stressed SiN films November 12, 2013
The present invention is a method to increase the intrinsic compressive stress in plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) silicon nitride (SiN) and silicon carbonitride (SiCN) thin films, comprising depositing the film from an amino vinylsilane-based precursor. More specifi
8580864 Trimer catalysts with improved processability and surface cure November 12, 2013
The present invention provides trimerization catalyst compositions having an .alpha.,.beta.-unsaturated carboxylate salt and methods to produce a polyisocyanurate/polyurethane foam using such trimerization catalyst compositions.
8580656 Process for inhibiting corrosion and removing contaminant from a surface during wafer dicing and November 12, 2013
Adherence of contaminant residues or particles is suppressed, corrosion of exposed surfaces is substantially reduced or eliminated during the process of dicing a wafer by sawing. A fluoride-free aqueous composition comprising a dicarboxylic acid and/or salt thereof; a hydroxycarboxylic
8580206 Purification of carbon dioxide November 12, 2013
SO.sub.2 and/or NO.sub.x are removed from gaseous CO.sub.2 at elevated pressure(s) in the presence of molecular oxygen and water and, when SO.sub.2 is to be removed, NO.sub.x, to convert SO.sub.2 to sulfuric acid and/or NO.sub.x to nitric acid. The sulfuric acid and/or nitric acid is
8579182 Method for providing an inerting gas during soldering November 12, 2013
Described herein is an apparatus and method for providing an inerting gas during the application of soldering to a work piece. In one aspect, there is provided an enclosure for providing an inerting gas into an atmosphere above a solder reservoir during soldering of a work piece comprisi
8578892 Oxygen control system for oxygen enhanced combustion of solid fuels November 12, 2013
A combustion system and method for operating a combustion system, such as a furnace or boiler. The method includes providing a burner system having one or more burner elements configured to combust solid fuel and one or more oxygen providing devices configured to introduce oxygen into th
8573965 Method of operating a pyrolysis heater for reduced NOx November 5, 2013
A method of operating a pyrolysis heater for reduced emissions of NOx and carbon monoxide. One or more wall burners, typically premix burners, are operated with more excess oxidant gas than one or more of the floor or hearth burners, which are typically non-premix burners. The invention
8573000 Cryogenic tunnel freezer November 5, 2013
A cryogenic tunnel freezer (10) having modular design and construction including a lower section (16) that can be raised and lowered relative to an upper section (14), the upper and lower sections (14, 16) defining a tunnel (12) when the lower section (16) is in a closed (raised) positio
8563353 Method of making a multicomponent film October 22, 2013
Described herein is a method and liquid-based precursor composition for depositing a multicomponent film. In one embodiment, the method and compositions described herein are used to deposit Germanium Tellurium (GeTe), Antimony Tellurium (SbTe), Antimony Germanium (SbGe), Germanium An
8562718 Method and apparatus for the supply of dry gases October 22, 2013
A built in purifier for a cylinder of essentially nitrogen free gas having a low water content is provided with a molecular sieve 3A adsorbent to adsorb water from the gas, the 3A adsorbent having a particularly low adsorption capacity for nitrogen.
8301230 Method for reducing baseline drift in a biological signal October 30, 2012
A computer-based method for reducing or eliminating baseline drift from a biological (bio) signal includes the steps of dividing the bio signal into a plurality of shorter signals having fixed time intervals, fitting a corresponding portion of a baseline function to a baseline of a r
8298628 Low temperature deposition of silicon-containing films October 30, 2012
This invention discloses the method of forming silicon nitride, silicon oxynitride, silicon oxide, carbon-doped silicon nitride, carbon-doped silicon oxide and carbon-doped oxynitride films at low deposition temperatures. The silicon containing precursors used for the deposition are
8293863 Polyamide curative from substituted amine and dimer fatty acid or ester October 23, 2012
The present invention provides polyamide curing agent compositions comprising the reaction products of (1) multifunctional amines of structure 1 ##STR00001## where R.sub.1 is CH2CH2CH2NH2; R.sub.2, R.sub.3 and R.sub.4 independently are H or CH2CH2CH2NH2, and X is CH2CH2 or CH2CH2CH
8293035 Treatment method, system and product October 23, 2012
A process for treating a workpiece having the steps of: altering the temperature of a workpiece surface wherein at least one condition selected from the group of: thermal treatment rate, relative motion between the surface and said thermal treatment rate, coolant flow rate onto said
8293001 Porogens, porogenated precursors and methods for using the same to provide porous organosilica g October 23, 2012
A porous organosilica glass (OSG) film consists of a single phase of a material represented by the formula SivOwCxHyFz, where v+w+x+y+z=100%, v is from 10 to 35 atomic %, w is from 10 to 65 atomic %, x is from 5 to 30 atomic %, y is from 10 to 50 atomic % and z is from 0 to 15 atomic %,
8288577 Precursors for CVD silicon carbo-nitride films October 16, 2012
Classes of liquid aminosilanes have been found which allow for the production of silicon carbo-nitride films of the general formula Si.sub.xC.sub.yN.sub.z. These aminosilanes, in contrast, to some of the precursors employed heretofore, are liquid at room temperature and pressure allo
8288330 Composition and method for photoresist removal October 16, 2012
The present invention is a composition for removal of multi-layer photoresist layers on an electronic device substrate for rework of the photoresist on the substrate, comprising; (i) a solvent blend of at least three discrete solvents, (ii) at least one organic sulfonic acid, and (ii
8287763 Steam-hydrocarbon reforming with limited steam export October 16, 2012
A steam-hydrocarbon reforming process and apparatus wherein reformate from a prereformer is reacted in a gas heated reformer which is heated by reformed gas from a primary reformer. Reformate from the gas heated reformer is passed to the primary reformer as feed gas.
8287762 Operation of staged membrane oxidation reactor systems October 16, 2012
A method of operating a multi-stage ion transport membrane oxidation system. The method comprises providing a multi-stage ion transport membrane oxidation system with at least a first membrane oxidation stage and a second membrane oxidation stage, operating the ion transport membrane
8286675 Temperature-compensated dispensing of compressed gases October 16, 2012
Method for dispensing a gas comprising (a) providing a gas storage system containing pressurized gas and having at least first and second gas storage volumes, first and second flow control valves in flow communication with the first and second gas storage volumes, respectively, where
8283485 Process for selectively depositing copper thin films on substrates with copper and ruthenium are October 9, 2012
A process for preparing a multi-layer substrate is described herein. In one embodiment, the process provides a multi-layer substrate comprising a first layer and a second layer where the process comprises the steps of providing the first layer comprising a barrier area and a copper area;
8283260 Process for restoring dielectric properties October 9, 2012
A method for preparing an interlayer dielectric to minimize damage to the interlayer's dielectric properties, the method comprising the steps of: depositing a layer of a silicon-containing dielectric material onto a substrate, wherein the layer has a first dielectric constant and wherein
8282901 Integration of catalytic CO.sub.2 oxidation and oxyfuel sour compression October 9, 2012
Sulfur dioxide (SO.sub.2) may be removed from carbon dioxide feed gas by contacting the carbon dioxide at an elevated temperature and an elevated pressure with a catalyst for oxidizing SO.sub.2, in the presence of oxygen (O.sub.2) to convert SO.sub.2 to sulfur trioxide (SO.sub.3); co
8278222 Selective etching and formation of xenon difluoride October 2, 2012
This invention relates to a process for selective removal of materials, such as: silicon, molybdenum, tungsten, titanium, zirconium, hafnium, vanadium, tantalum, niobium, boron, phosphorus, germanium, arsenic, and mixtures thereof, from silicon dioxide, silicon nitride, nickel, alumi
8272401 Compact pressure balanced rotary valve September 25, 2012
A pressure balanced rotary valve can be made more compact if the ports on the stator within can be located on a port pitch circle of smaller diameter. In certain circumstances for rotary valves used in pressure swing adsorption devices, it is acceptable for the spacing between the po
8268195 Electrically conductive films formed from dispersions comprising polythiophenes and ether contai September 18, 2012
An aqueous dispersion and a method for making an aqueous dispersion. The dispersion including at least one conductive polymer such as a polythienothiophene, at least one ether containing polymer and optionally at least one colloid-forming polymeric acid and one non-fluorinated polyme
8268094 Furnace atmosphere activation method and apparatus September 18, 2012
A gas injector including in which a gas is passed through high-voltage/low-current electrical discharges before being discharged into the chamber of a thermal treatment furnace. The electrical activation of the gas accelerates desirable reactions between the gas, gases in the furnace
8268044 Separation of a sour syngas stream September 18, 2012
A feed stream, comprising hydrogen sulphide (H.sub.2S), carbon dioxide (CO.sub.2), hydrogen (H.sub.2) and, optionally, carbon monoxide (CO), is separated into at least a CO.sub.2 product stream and an H.sub.2 or H.sub.2 and CO product stream. The stream is separated using a pressure
8263795 Copper precursors for thin film deposition September 11, 2012
Non-fluorinated copper precursors and methods for making and using same are described herein. In certain embodiments, the copper precursors described herein may be used as precursors to deposit copper films and alloys thereof on a substrate through, for example, atomic layer depositi
8262783 Gas separation device September 11, 2012
A gas separation device is disclosed. In particular, seal assemblies and adsorbent element constructions for a gas separation device such as a pressure swing adsorption device are disclosed. The seal assembly can be part of a rotary valve and can include a seal backer and a floating seal
8262755 Staged membrane oxidation reactor system September 11, 2012
Ion transport membrane oxidation system comprising (a) two or more membrane oxidation stages, each stage comprising a reactant zone, an oxidant zone, one or more ion transport membranes separating the reactant zone from the oxidant zone, a reactant gas inlet region, a reactant gas ou
8258198 Fast demold/extended cream time polyurethane formulations September 4, 2012
Catalyst compositions for use in forming polyurethane products include a gelling catalyst, a trimerization catalyst, and a cure accelerator. The gelling catalyst is a tertiary amine, mono(tertiary amino) urea, bis(tertiary amino) urea, or a combination of any of these. Any known trim
8257476 Purification of carbon dioxide September 4, 2012
A first contaminant selected from oxygen and carbon monoxide is removed from impure liquid carbon dioxide using a mass transfer separation column system which is reboiled by indirect heat exchange against crude carbon dioxide fluid, the impure liquid carbon dioxide having a greater c
8252688 Method and composition for chemical mechanical planarization of a metal or a metal alloy August 28, 2012
A composition and associated method for chemical mechanical planarization of a metal-containing substrate (e.g., a copper substrate) are described herein which afford high and tunable rates of metal removal as well as low dishing and erosion levels during CMP processing.

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