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Air Products & Chemicals, Inc.
Allentown, PA
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8220370 Apparatus and method for machining of hard metals with reduced detrimental white layer effect July 17, 2012
An apparatus and a method are disclosed for reducing a thickness of a thermomechanically-affected layer on an as-machined surface of a hard metal workpiece being machined by a hard cutting tool exerting a thermomechanical load on a surface of the workpiece. The method involves reduci
7954339 Apparatus for cryogenic air distillation June 7, 2011
An apparatus for the cryogenic distillation of air includes an assembled unit that has a first distillation column module within which is provided a cryogenic distillation column; a heat exchange module within which is provided heat exchange means for cooling column feed air to a cryogen
7766986 Dehydrogenation of liquid fuel in microchannel catalytic reactor August 3, 2010
The present invention is an improved process for the storage and delivery of hydrogen by the reversible hydrogenation/dehydrogenation of an organic compound wherein the organic compound is initially in its hydrogenated state. The improvement in the route to generating hydrogen is in the
7637187 Apparatus and method of cryogenic cooling for high-energy cutting operations December 29, 2009
A cryogenic fluid jet is used in an apparatus and a method for remote cooling of a cutting tool engaged in machining a workpiece under high-energy conditions, such as high-speed machining, hard-turning, cutting of difficult to machine materials, and combinations thereof. The apparatu
7604682 Apparatus and process for the purification of air October 20, 2009
A gas purification unit includes a gas purification vessel (12) and at least one of inlet conduit means (18, 20, 34) for connecting a feed gas source (16) to the gas purification vessel and outlet conduit means (36, 22, 24) for connecting the gas purification vessel (12) to at least one
7290397 Linearly-actuated cryo-fluid connection (LACC) for manufacturing machines November 6, 2007
An automatically actuated line connection and delivery system is disclosed for the delivery of a cryogenic fluid coolant to tools mounted on manufacturing machines such as vertical and horizontal machining centers, punching presses, thermal spray systems, welding systems, laser cutters,
7252024 Apparatus and method for machining with cryogenically cooled oxide-containing ceramic cutting to August 7, 2007
A method and an apparatus or machining a workpiece include the use of a cryogenically cooled oxide containing ceramic cutting tool. The method involves cryogenic cooling of the cutting tool during a cutting operation, which cooling results in enhanced wear resistance and fracture res
7185595 Method for largely unsupported combustion of petroleum coke March 6, 2007
Combustion of petroleum coke using air to carry the fuel into a combustion zone and to provide a source of oxidant. Enhanced combution utilizes oxygen introduced into or proximate primary, secondary, tertiary, quaternary, or over-fire air to effect primary combustion of the fuel. Pet
6896955 Ionic additives for extreme low dielectric constant chemical formulations May 24, 2005
A process for depositing porous silicon oxide-based films using a sol-gel approach utilizing a precursor solution formulation which includes a purified nonionic surfactant and an additive among other components, where the additive is either an ionic additive or an amine additive which fo
5336807 Crosslinking agents for coating and adhesive applications August 9, 1994
Crosslinking agents are provided which are stable in both the solid state and in solution without undergoing uncontrolled self-crosslinking reactions. The crosslinking agents are formed by the amination of compounds having multiple ester moieties using homogeneous catalysis, and prov
5255524 Dual heat pump cycles for increased argon recovery October 26, 1993
The present invention relates to an improvement for the production of argon from cryogenic air separation processes. In particular, the improvement comprises using a first heat pump cycle to transfer refrigeration from the bottom of the low pressure column to the top of the crude argon c
4941646 Air cooled gas injection lance July 17, 1990
An air cooled refractory covered injection lance for introducing reactive gases below the surface of a molten metal bath where the lance is provided with means to surround the reactive gas conduit with a high velocity cooling fluid to prevent thermal decomposition of the reactive gas pri
4777304 Perfluorinated butyl derivative compounds October 11, 1988
Novel compositions of matter are disclosed having the formula: ##STR1## wherein the carbon rings are fully fluorinated to remove all hydrogens and olefinic character. The compositions have utility as heat transfer agents, hydraulic fluids, vapor phase soldering fluids, gas (O.sub.2,
4539019 Control system for air fractionation by selective adsorption September 3, 1985
In a cyclic VSA system for air fractionation by selective adsorption of nitrogen from the feed air during an on-stream adsorption period in said cycle in which period an oxygen-enriched primary effluent discharged from the adsorption column is collected in a surge vessel, the duration of
4435249 Process for the oxygen delignification of pulp mill rejects March 6, 1984
Rejects such as knots, shives, slivers, chops, and uncooked and partially cooked wood chips are separated from a pulp slurry and treated to produce a bleachable grade pulp. The rejects are dewatered to a 10-15% consistency, mechanically fiberized, and then delignified at the same 10-
4204062 Amine salts of tertiary amino acids May 20, 1980
Amine salts of tertiary amino acids have been found to be effective as catalysts for polyurethane synthesis and they have been found to exhibit delayed action, in many instances, in the polymerization of urethanes. Typically, the amine salts of tertiary amino acids are formed by initiall
4202678 Air separation liquefaction process May 13, 1980
This invention relates to a process for at least partially liquefying an air feedstream for subsequent separation into its components. The process comprises compressing an air feedstream, splitting the feedstream into at least a major portion, and a minor portion, partially cooling said
4194570 Flow momentum reversing fire abatement system March 25, 1980
Disclosed is an apparatus and method for extinguishing fires consuming combustible fluids, particularly gaseous fluids, issuing from wells, pipes or vent stacks. The apparatus comprises an extinguisher body typically having a cylindrical passageway which is connected in inline flow r
4193976 Removal of dinitrogen difluoride from nitrogen trifluoride March 18, 1980
This invention relates to a process for purifying a nitrogen trifluoride containing atmosphere contaminated with dinitrogen difluoride. The atmosphere is purified by heating the nitrogen trifluoride atmosphere in the presence of a particulate metal capable of defluorinating dinitrogen
4179897 Isentropic expansion of gases via a pelton wheel December 25, 1979
This invention relates to an improved isentropic process for liquefying a gas, preferably a cryogenic fluid, which comprises forming a critical fluid, expanding the critical fluid through a Pelton Wheel to a pressure below the critical pressure forming a liquefied gas and removing work.
4123482 Mechanical aerator October 31, 1978
A mechanical aerator comprising a boss, and at least one blade which extends radially from the boss and comprises a planar body portion and a deflector, the arrangement being such that when the aerator is mounted for rotation about a vertical axis the planar body portion of the blade lie
4115634 Amine salts of amino acids as delayed action catalysts September 19, 1978
The amine salts of amino acid compositions have been found to be effective as a delayed action catalyst for organometallic catalyzed urethane synthesis. The acid which provides the basis for the salts is characterized generally by reacting an amine with an unsaturated acid, or with f
4111877 Allyl esters of N-alkyl-omega-(alkyleneureido) amic acids and their synthesis and use in aqueous September 5, 1978
Novel compounds of the general formula ##STR1## (m = 0 or 1; n = 2 or 3 and R = H or CH.sub.3) are produced by reacting a 2-aminoalkyl alkylene urea with an allyl ester of a carbonylic acid. Among the particular allyl esters disclosed as reactants are diallyl carbonate, allyl and
4108966 Preparation of iodine pentafluoride by direct fluorination of molten iodine August 22, 1978
Iodine pentafluoride is produced from gaseous fluorine and molten iodine by contacting the iodine with fluorine in a reaction zone maintained at a temperature in the range of about to about C. The process results in high yields of pure iodine pentafluoride.
4104471 Method of adding amines to 1,3 dienes August 1, 1978
A method of producing 1:2 amine-diene adducts which method comprises contacting a sterically unhindered amine with a 1,3 diene in the presence of a catalytic amount of a catalyst comprising an olefin-palladium complex preferably of the type X--Pd--X where X is an olefin and Pd is palladi
4104264 End capped polyalkylene carbonates having improved thermal stablity August 1, 1978
Polycarbonates, of the type formed by reacting an aliphatic or cycloaliphatic 1,2-monoepoxide with carbon dioxide and having substantially alternating units of epoxide and carbon dioxide, are improved in thermal stability by reacting the free hydroxyl groups thereon with a hydroxyl r
4104220 Alkenyl 1-(2-Aminoethyl) alkyleneureido succinamates, their synthesis, and use in aqueous emulsi August 1, 1978
Novel compounds of the general formula ##STR1## wherein Y is ##STR2## and R is H or CH.sub.3 ; are produced by reacting 2-aminoethyl ethylene urea with succinic anhydride, and further reacting the potassium salt of the obtained compound with an appropriate allyl halide or wit
4103296 Coulometric electrolytic timing device with coaxially aligned electrodes July 25, 1978
A coulometric timing device having improved reliability. A cylindrical sleeve, a solid, cylindrical, electrically conductive rod coaxially aligned within the sleeve, an electrolyte between the rod and sleeve and means for retaining the electrolyte within the sleeve is shown.
4102921 Production of carboxylic acids and esters July 25, 1978
This invention relates to an improved process for the carbonylation of alcohols, esters, ethers and halide derivatives with carbon monoxide in the presence of a catalyst system comprising a Group VIII metal component and a halogen component. The improvement in the process resides in the
4102920 Production of carboxylic acids and esters July 25, 1978
This invention relates to an improved process for the carbonylation of alcohols, esters, ethers and halide derivatives with carbon monoxide in the presence of a catalyst system comprising a Group VIII metal component and a halogen component. The improvement in the process resides in the
4081368 Activated sludge system with staggered partition basin March 28, 1978
A wastewater treatment system of the activated sludge type is disclosed having an aeration basin provided with staggered partitions and of a particular geometrical design and mode of operation whereby more efficient purification of the wastewater may be achieved in a system of a given

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