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RE39527 Method and apparatus for measuring a low power signal March 27, 2007
Low intensity light is incident upon a photodiode whose output is coupled to an integrator. The output of the integrator is coupled to an input of an A/D converter, whose output is coupled to a microprocessor, whose output is coupled to a filter. A second output of the microprocessor is
D661607 Liquid chromatograph June 12, 2012
D646189 Liquid chromatograph October 4, 2011
D576897 Gauge housing September 16, 2008
D555525 Test instrument November 20, 2007
D551847 Instrument case October 2, 2007
D489804 Cooling device May 11, 2004
D489441 Cooling device May 4, 2004
D476072 Cooling device June 17, 2003
D455407 Cooling device April 9, 2002
D454947 Cooling device March 26, 2002
D451029 Container for liquids November 27, 2001
D445509 Instrument case July 24, 2001
D442692 Defibrillator May 22, 2001
D441450 Defibrillator May 1, 2001
8587314 Suspended substrate circuits and nuclear magnetic resonance probes utilizing same November 19, 2013
A nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) probe circuit assembly includes one or more probe circuits in signal communication with one or more respective sample coils configured for transmitting and/or receiving radio-frequency (RF) energy to and/or from a sample of interest. One or more of the
8586915 Gas sampling device and gas analyzer employing the same November 19, 2013
A gas sampling device has a high-vacuum tight chamber formed within its casing, which communicates with an ambient outside through an inlet hole for the gas flow to be ionized and the ambient downstream the ionization chamber with an outlet hole for the ionized gas. A high-vacuum tight
8584077 User-controllable connectivity engine for electronic design automation tools November 12, 2013
A method for operating a computer system to generate a layout of a device and a computer-readable medium containing instructions that cause a computer system to carry out that method are disclosed. The computer system has a display that includes a display area. The computer system pr
8578221 Method and system for measuring bit error rate and block error rate of device under test November 5, 2013
A method is provided for determining a measure of error of a device under test (DUT). The method includes storing baseband data received from the DUT in a storage device, segmenting the baseband data into multiple data segments, determining processing parameters for one data segment of t
8577621 Biopolymer array reading November 5, 2013
A method for processing biopolymer arrays and apparatus and computer program products for executing the method. The method may include reading a different array identifier for each biopolymer array from a tag associated with that array. At least some of the biopolymer arrays are read
8572589 Programming language translator and enabling translation of machine-centric commands for control October 29, 2013
A computer readable medium stores a program, executable by a computer, for enabling translation of machine-centric commands in an instrument protocol to a programming language for controlling an instrument configured to use the machine-centric commands. The computer readable medium i
8572143 Waveform generator with a register that shifts and provides groups of successive data values fro October 29, 2013
An output signal is generated from a received input data stream representing a sequence of digital data values. For each group of successive data values in the sequence of data values, a respective waveform pattern is assigned in dependence of the data content of the respective group
8564294 Nuclear magnetic resonance probe comprising slit superconducting coil with normal-metal overlaye October 22, 2013
A nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) probe comprises a superconducting material formed in a spiral having a plurality of fingerlets separated by a plurality of slits, and a normal-metal overlayer formed on the spiral over the plurality of fingerlets and the plurality of slits.
8563924 Windowless ionization device October 22, 2013
An ionization device comprises: a plasma source configured to generate a plasma. The plasma comprises light, plasma ions and plasma electrons. The plasma source comprises an aperture disposed such that at least part of the light passes through the aperture and is incident on a gas sample
8563237 Biopolymer resonant tunneling with a gate voltage source October 22, 2013
The invention provides an apparatus and method for sequencing and identifying a biopolymer. The invention provides a first electrode, a second electrode, a first gate electrode, a second gate electrode, a gate voltage source and a potential means. The gate electrodes may be ramped by
8300721 Pseudorandom noise code acquisition in direct sequence spread spectrum systems October 30, 2012
A method for receiving spread spectrum signals and for initial code acquisition from the received signals comprises de-spreading the received signals, based on code phase synchronization, to produce a de-spread signal; and performing a modulation detection based on a change of time-d
8299421 Low-pressure electron ionization and chemical ionization for mass spectrometry October 30, 2012
A sample is ionized by chemical ionization by flowing the sample and a reagent gas into an ion source at a pressure below 0.1 Torr. While maintaining the ion source at a pressure below 0.1 Torr, the reagent gas is ionized in the ion source by electron ionization to produce reagent io
8297936 Compensating temperature-induced errors during piston movement October 30, 2012
A method for controlling movement of a piston in a metering device is described. The method comprises supplying a fluid by actuating the metering device's piston, wherein compression or expansion of the fluid causes corresponding temperature variations. The method further comprises s
8291510 Tandem piezoelectric actuator and single drive circuit for atomic force microscopy October 16, 2012
An apparatus for atomic force microscopy (AFM) comprises a first actuator configured to move a cantilever along an axis; a second actuator configured to move the cantilever along the axis; an amplifier; and a crossover network connected between the amplifier, and the first actuator a
8290375 Modulation based optical spectrum analyzer October 16, 2012
An optical spectrum analyzer and a method of spectrally analyzing an optical signal. The optical spectrum analyzer includes a wave shaper such as an optical modulator that shapes an optical signal, a dispersive element such as a dispersive fiber in which the shaped optical signal is
8289199 System and method for pattern design in microwave programmable arrays October 16, 2012
An antenna array for use within a microwave imaging system to capture a microwave image of a target is selectively programmed to optimize one or more parameters of the microwave imaging system. The array includes a plurality of antenna elements, each capable of being programmable with a
8284200 Systems and methods for focus plus context viewing of dense, ordered line graphs October 9, 2012
Systems, methods and computer readable storage media for displaying a dense graph and details of a portion of the dense graph on a display are provided. A processor coupled to memory, an input device and a display are provided to perform operations including: locally distorting a por
8283148 DNA polymerase compositions for quantitative PCR and methods thereof October 9, 2012
The invention relates to the generation and characterization of Archaeal DNA polymerase mutants with deficient 3'-5' exonuclease activity and reduced base analog detection activity. The invention further provides for Archaeal DNA polymerase mutants with deficient 3'-5' exonuclease ac
8277883 Porous silica microspheres having organosilane modified surfaces October 2, 2012
A method for preparing functionalized porous particles is disclosed, the method comprising contacting a plurality of porous silica particles with water, at least one of an ionic fluoride such as HF or NH.sub.4F or a basic activator, and a multifunctional organosilane. Also disclosed are
8277761 Channelless fluidic sample transport medium October 2, 2012
A fluidic device (100) comprising a substrate (101) and a transport medium (103) provided on the substrate (101) to define a transport path for transporting a fluidic sample (104) driven by an electric force.
8277544 Thermal modulation device for two dimensional gas chromatography October 2, 2012
A thermal modulation device for a gas chromatography (GC) system a cold zone, a first hot zone and a second hot zone, which are located outside of a GC oven of the GC system, and a flexible capillary column. The cold zone includes a thermoelectric cooler assembly. The first hot zone is
8274340 Parallel transmission lines having different path lengths and including different properties for September 25, 2012
A signal bus includes multiple interconnects for transporting electronic signals. The interconnects have different physical path lengths and different structures to equalize the different the physical path lengths, so that the electronic signals traverse the corresponding interconnects
8270460 Filter for identifying signal artifacts in bandwidth-limited instruments September 18, 2012
An apparatus and method for determining if ringing in an output signal from a receiver that processes an input signal is the result of a bandwidth limitation in the receiver that processes an input signal rather than ringing in the input signal is disclosed. The apparatus includes th
8268605 Compositions and methods utilizing DNA polymerases September 18, 2012
The invention features a novel isolated Family B DNA polymerase, a Thermococcus polymerase JDF-3, and mutant recombinant forms thereof. Mutant polymerases of the invention are deficient in 3' to 5' exonuclease activity and/or exhibit reduced discrimination against non-conventional nu
8257586 Two-valve arrangement for liquid chromatography September 4, 2012
A valve arrangement is disclosed for providing a switchable fluid connection between a fluid delivery system for driving a mobile phase and a stationary phase adapted for separating compounds of a sample fluid comprised in the mobile phase. The valve arrangement comprises a first val
8256954 Contactless device for measuring operating parameters of rotors of high-speed rotary machines September 4, 2012
A contactless device for measuring at least the temperature of a rotor of a high-speed rotary machine, in particular a turbomolecular vacuum pump, comprises at least one magnetic capsule mounted on the rotor of the pump. The capsule comprises a permanent magnet and at least one pastille
8254735 Optical fiber coupler August 28, 2012
A coupling device includes a fiber collimator, a wedge window pair and a plane window for coupling a light beam provided by a beam source to optical fiber. The fiber collimator is mounted to a base plate and includes a collimator lens, an end of the optical fiber being positioned at
8243714 Method and apparatus for hierarchial system synchronization August 14, 2012
An apparatus includes a global synchronization interface and multiple modules. The global synchronization interface includes a global synchronization driver for driving a global synchronization signal. The modules include corresponding local synchronization interfaces, each local syn
8242258 Protecting groups for RNA synthesis August 14, 2012
Aspects of the invention include 2' protected nucleoside monomers that are protected at the 2' site with orthoester-type protecting groups. The 2' protected monomers also include a second, aryl carbonate-type, protecting group. Aspects of the invention further include nucleic acids t
8238030 Fiber-coupled collimator for generating multiple collimated optical beams having different wavel August 7, 2012
An apparatus for providing multiple collimated light beams from optical fibers and the method for producing such beams. The apparatus includes first and second optical fibers that carry light of first and second wavelengths, respectively, a fixture that maintains the fibers in a fixed
8237116 GC-MS analysis apparatus August 7, 2012
GC-MS analysis apparatus has an interface section between GC and MS sections, which is located with respect to the direction of an analyte flow downstream of the GC section and upstream of the MS section. The interface section comprises at least one membrane with at least one orifice
8237108 Mass spectral analysis of complex samples containing large molecules August 7, 2012
The present invention provides, inter alia, methods of analyzing mass spectral data based on charge states of analyte ions. In some embodiments, the methods can be used for differential profiling of samples, such as comparing a sample comprising a given compound and a sample comprisi
8232055 Comparative genomic hybridization assays using immobilized oligonucleotide features and composit July 31, 2012
Comparative genomic hybridization assays and compositions for use in practicing the same are provided. A characteristic of the subject comparative genomic hybridization assays is that solid support immobilized oligonucleotide feature elements, e.g., in the form of an array, are emplo
8225152 Method and apparatus for generating electronic test and data structure July 17, 2012
A hierarchical test executive system comprising and including Procedure, Test, Measurement and Datapoint levels. A Procedure is an ordered list of Tests; a Test is a group of Measurements in a Procedure that share the same test algorithm, and thus the same software code; a Measurement is
8224269 Vector modulator calibration system July 17, 2012
A vector modulator calibration system ("VMCS") for obtaining a calibrated modulated output signal while minimizing spurious output signals from a vector modulator is shown. The VMCS may include a power sensor in signal communication with the vector modulator and a digitizer in signal

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