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8276301 Link type percussion lock October 2, 2012
Disclosed is a percussion lock installed on a firearm, and more particularly, to a percussion lock wherein the hammer is operated through a link member so that operation of the firearm is possible in a small area, making it possible to design a firearm flexibly and reducing the volum
8270252 Method for estimating target range error and sonar system thereof September 18, 2012
Disclosed is an active sonar system capable of estimating a direction and a range of a target by using a sound pulse. A target range error can be estimated by the active sonar system, by applying a principle that a sound pulse used to detect an underwater target with consideration of a
8158788 Method for the nitration of 4,6-dihydroxy-2-methylpyrimidine April 17, 2012
Disclosed is a method for the nitration of 4,6-dihydroxy-2-methylpyrimidine for the synthesis of 4,6-dihydroxy-5,5-dinitro-2-(dinitromethylene)-2,5-dihydropyrimidine which is used as a precursor of 1,1-diamino-2,2-dinitroethylene, one type of explosives. The present invention provide
8149167 System and method for removing channel phase error in a phase comparison direction finder April 3, 2012
System and method for removing channel phase error in a phase comparison direction finder. By using this system, the phase error, generated in the channel path in finding the direction by using the phase comparison direction finder, can be injected into the receiving channel and removed
8142586 Method for manufacturing a fiber-reinforced composite sabot by using resin-injection vacuum assi March 27, 2012
Disclosed is a method for manufacturing a fiber-reinforced composite sabot for use in APFSDS (Armor. Piercing Fin Stabilized Discarding Sabot) wherein a plurality of fiber mats are laminated instead of one-directional prepreg ply and whole part is reinforced by stitching through long
8119679 Method for preparation of 2,4-dinitroimidazole which is an intermediate for insensitive meltcast February 21, 2012
The present invention provides a method for preparing 2,4-dinitroimidazole, wherein separation of 1,4-donitroimidazole in powder form is avoided so that it is possible to eliminate allergy problems in workers and simplify the process, thereby improving process economy.
8056479 Separation device of ejector motor for portable missile November 15, 2011
Disclosed is a separation device of an ejector motor for a portable missile, capable of being separated from a missile without any additional separation devices after ejecting the missile. An ejection rocket motor and a separation device are integrally formed. Ejection is performed by a
8028625 Missile separation device October 4, 2011
Disclosed is a device for separating a propulsion system from a missile, the device including a locking unit configured to fix a propulsion system to a missile, a string disposed to cross a rear portion of the propulsion system to be broken by heat of the propulsion system, and an unlock
8018306 Resonator having a three dimensional defected ground structure in transmission line September 13, 2011
A high quality resonator has a three dimensional Defected Ground Structure (DGS) in the transmission line. The resonator includes a substrate installed at the center of the resonator floating in the air through supporting members, a transmission line on the substrate, and an upper gr
7975467 Apparatus for driving body with three-degree of freedom angular motion July 12, 2011
An apparatus for driving a body with 3-degree of freedom angular motion, comprises: a body connected to a fixing part so as to be rotatable centering around a pitch axis, a yaw axis, and a roll axis; a pitch axis driving unit for rotating the body centering around the pitch axis; and a
7935208 Method for manufacturing a fiber-reinforced composite sabot by using band/hoop lamination May 3, 2011
Disclosed is a method for manufacturing a fiber-reinforced composite sabot for use in APFSDS (Armor Piercing Fin Stabilized Discarding Sabot), wherein both Band lamination and Hoop lamination are used in manufacturing a polymer based FRP(Fiber Reinforced Plastic) for use in the sabot
7829729 1-glycidyl-3,3-dinitroazetidine containing explosive moiety and preparation method thereof November 9, 2010
Disclosed is a 1-glycidyl-3,3-dinitroazetidine(GDNAZ) of Formula I wherein dinitroazetidine group which is a high energy group having unit structure of explosive moiety is incorporated to a monomer, and the method thereof. By using the GDNAZ of the present invention in the synthesis of e
7756819 Integrated authoring system for electronic technical manual and paper technical manual using log July 13, 2010
Disclosed are an integrated authoring system for an electronic technical manual and a paper technical manual using logistics support analysis data, which is capable of authoring an interactive electronic technical manual (IETM) of Class IV level and a paper technical manual at the same
7665395 Lateral support device system for canister-launched missile February 23, 2010
A lateral support device system of a canister-launched missile of the present invention is provided for eliminating the clearances between missile and the canister in 4 places by 90 degrees interval, and therefore no relative movement occurs between the missile and the canister. Ther
7628354 Apparatus for deploying wing of guided missile December 8, 2009
An apparatus for deploying a wing of a guided missile comprises a fixed wing fixedly coupled to a body of a guided missile, a rotary wing rotatably coupled to the fixed wing, and a deploying portion for rotating the rotary wing into an unfolded state from a folded state by providing a
7610747 Side thruster module November 3, 2009
A side thruster module, comprises: a cavity-type body skin extending in a longitudinal direction; a first thruster arranged in the body skin and extending in a longitudinal direction; and a conversion nozzle arranged in the body skin and extending in a radial direction perpendicular to t
7540229 Explosive reactive armor with momentum transfer mechanism June 2, 2009
Disclosed is an explosive reactive armor with a momentum transfer mechanism by developing a new protection mechanism in which a momentum transfer mechanism by detonation of a reactive material is integrated with a thickness increase mechanism. In this explosive reactive armor with th
7431466 Solar simulator using a combination of mercury and halogen lamps October 7, 2008
A solar simulator combines mercury lamps and halogen lamps, to improve upon conventional solar simulators using halogen and infrared lamps which cannot recreate an environment close to that under real sunlight, and upon solar simulators using expensive and fragile metal halide lamps and
7427687 Glycidyl dinitropropyl formal poly (glycidyl dinitropropyl formal) and preparation method thereo September 23, 2008
Disclosed are novel compounds that can be used as an energetic binder used for improving the performance and the properties of a high explosive, and a preparation method thereof. More specifically, provided are glycidyl dinitropropyl formal of chemical formula IV having a nitro group
7356068 Frequency hopping sequence generator April 8, 2008
A frequency hopping sequence generator using a single binary sequence generator adopted for a multi-group frequency hopping frequency division multiple access (FH-FDMA) communication system, includes one binary sequence generator for generating consecutive binary sequences, and plura
7313910 Jet vane thrust vector control system January 1, 2008
Disclosed is a jet vane thrust vector control (JV-TVC) system. A general system has many problems in design techniques considering actual operation environments, and does not have reliability in component assembly design. The JV-TVC system improves thrust vector control and high angl
7302826 Shock waveform synthesis methods for shock response spectrum over short time interval, digital f December 4, 2007
Provided are shock waveform synthesis methods for a shock response spectrum over a short time interval, which are used for a shock response spectrum test. For the purpose, the shock response spectrum test is performed by including the steps of: obtaining each time .tau..sub.k (k=1, 2
7172725 W-Cu alloy having homogeneous micro-structure and the manufacturing method thereof February 6, 2007
In W--Cu alloy having a homogeneous micro-structure and a fabrication method thereof, the method includes forming mixed powders by mixing tungsten powders with W--Cu composite powders; forming a compact by pressurizing-forming the mixed powders; forming a skeleton by sintering the co
7154811 Simulator for developing acoustic detector of underwater vehicle December 26, 2006
A simulator for developing an acoustic detector of underwater vehicle precisely verifies performance of an acoustic detector by simulating an actual underwater environment, including target signal, applied to an underwater vehicle. The simulator an I/O communication unit for receiving
7041934 Micro-welder May 9, 2006
A micro-welder, by which a superfine wire such as a lead wire can be welded on a desired position of a parent material with a minimum welding area, including: a power source having a capacitor-charging device for generating a predetermined voltage and a voltage controller for adjusting
6990064 Packet processing method using multiple fault tolerant network structure January 24, 2006
A packet processing method using a multiple fault tolerant network structure capable of performing communication of a whole ring and disusing a useless packet when a fault occurs on a plurality of connection lines and nodes by using a dual ring structure. Nodes are connected as a rin
6957665 Flow force compensating stepped shape spool valve October 25, 2005
Disclosed is a flow force compensating spool valve having a flow force compensating protrusion ring at a supply channel of a sleeve on an outer circumference portion of a spool rod, and a hydraulic valve, a pneumatic valve, a three-way valve, and a four-way valve using the spool valve, i
6863707 Method of forming tungsten-coated W--Cu composite powder March 8, 2005
Disclosed is a method of forming a W--Cu composite powder having a Cu particle surrounded by tungsten by mixing and pulverizing tungsten oxide powder and copper oxide powder using turbular mixing or ball milling, reducing the Cu powder firstly at C. under a hydr
6838120 Method for manufacturing carbon/silicon-carbide composite January 4, 2005
A method for manufacturing carbon/silicon-carbide composite by a `One-shot` process including carbonization, heat processing, infiltration, and forming an anti-oxidation layer on surface is provided through the steps of: 1) hardening a stacked carbon/phenolic preform; 2) carbonization an
6821557 Tungsten film coating method using tungsten oxide powders November 23, 2004
Disclosed is a tungsten film coating method using tungsten oxide powders including the steps of contacting the tungsten oxide powders with a metal substrate and carrying out thermal reduction treatment thereon at a temperature of at least C. under a hydrogen atmosphere just t
6815250 Method for manufacturing infrared detector using diffusion of hydrogen plasma November 9, 2004
A method for manufacturing an infrared detector forms a p-n junction by forming a low concentration p type HgCdTe layer, forming a diffusion preventing layer for exposing some upper part of the low concentration p type HgCdTe layer, and by forming a low concentration n type HgCdTe layer
6762514 High voltage DC power supplier July 13, 2004
A high voltage DC power supplier includes: a transformer driven by a switching device, transforming an input voltage to a certain level of high voltage, and outputting the transformed high voltage; a diode and a capacitor for rectifying and smoothing the high voltage outputted from the
6713631 Preparation method of 2,2'-bi-1H-imidazole using glyoxal and an ammonium salt March 30, 2004
Disclosed is a preparation method of 2,2'-bi-1H-imidazole using glyoxal and an ammonium salt as starting materials through a safe, simple and easily controlled synthetic process with a high yield.
6706849 Glycidyl di-nitropropyl carbonate and poly (glycidyl di-nitropropyl carbonate) March 16, 2004
Disclosed are glycidyl di-nitropropyl carbonate and poly(glycidyl di-nitropropyl carbonate) which is prepolymer used as an energetic binder for an insensitive and high performance explosive. The present invention introduces the nitro group instead of the nitrate group, thereby enabling
6635189 Electro-rheological fluid comprising dried water-soluble starch as a conductive particle October 21, 2003
The ER fluid comprising water-soluble starch as conductive particles contains less than 5 wt % water. The ER fluid of the present invention comprises water-soluble starch as a conductive particle which is dispersed in non-conductive media. The ER fluid of the present invention exhibits a
6620268 Energetic plasticizer comprising eutetic mixture of bis (2,2-dinitropropyl) formal, 2,2-dinitrop September 16, 2003
An energetic plascitizer comprising bis(2,2-dinitropropyl) formal, 2,2-dinitropropyl 2,2-dinitrobutyl formal and bis 2,2-dinitrobutyl) formal in a molar ratio of 20.about.68%/28.about.50%/4.about.30% is, described. It is also provided a method for synthesizing the plasticizer comprising:
6591174 Cooling system controller for vehicle July 8, 2003
A cooling system controller for a vehicle includes a radiating rate measurement unit measuring the radiating rate of a radiator, a heating rate estimation unit estimating the heating rate of a heat generating device such as an engine, transmission and brake, a heat balance comparing
6544913 Alumina-silica ceramic April 8, 2003
A method of producing alumina-silica ceramic with mullite whisker structure has been produced as armor materials for protecting high velocity projectile. The mixing composition of starting powders consists of alumina, quartz, kaoline, feldspar and talc, and the green compacts were si
6534428 Titanium diboride sintered body with silicon nitride as a sintering aid March 18, 2003
The present invention relates to a titanium diboride sintered body and a method for manufacturing thereof wherein silicon nitride is added to a titanium diboride as a sintering aid. The sintered body according to the present invention has a fine structure and excellent physical chara
6473365 Supporting structure of hydrophones for towed array sonar system October 29, 2002
A support structure of hydrophones for a towed array sonar system includes elastic members arranged in each sensor package and adapted to support a hydrophone received in the sensor package while attenuating vibrations transmitted to the sensor package. External vibrations, such as vibra
6444600 High strength light-weight ceramic insulator September 3, 2002
The present invention relates to a high strength light-weight ceramic insulator and a method for manufacture thereof wherein the light-weight ceramic insulator may be used at a high temperature by using a heat-resisting ceramic fiber. A colloidal silica or colloidal alumina which is
6422076 Compensation pendulous accelerometer July 23, 2002
A compensation pendulous accelerometer comprises a body in which a pendulous unit is positioned that is made as a unitary plate of a silicon monocrystal and comprises a movable vane on a flexible suspension and a support frame with protrusions. Two magnetic systems are secured on opp
6420294 Titanium diboride sintered body with silicon nitride as a sintering aid and a method for manufac July 16, 2002
The present invention relates to a titanium diboride sintered body and a method for manufacturing thereof wherein silicon nitride is added to a titanium diboride as a sintering aid. The sintered body according to the present invention has a fine structure and excellent physical chara
6286409 Apparatus for restraining and releasing missile using rigid sphere September 11, 2001
An apparatus for restraining and releasing a missile using a rigid sphere is disclosed. The apparatus includes a pair of circular restraining protrusions formed at a rear end portion of a missile nozzle portion, a missile side restraining and releasing means having an operation cylinder
6206992 Method for manufacturing fibrous ceramic by a room temperature extrusion process and a method fo March 27, 2001
A fibrous ceramics fabrication method using a room extrusion process and a fibrous monolithic ceramics fabrication method using thereof is disclosed. The method includes the steps of obtaining a extrusion-purpose slurry by evenly mixing a hydrophilic cellulose bonding agent 3 to 7 and a
6139987 Bipolar battery October 31, 2000
A bipolar battery includes a plurality of anodes and cathodes alternately stacked and isolated by separators with a through hole being formed at a center portion of each, and with a plurality of insertion holes being formed at peripheral portions of each, an anode connection member and
6136738 Silicon nitride sintered body with region varying microstructure and method for manufacture ther October 24, 2000
A silicon nitride sintered body is obtained by mixing 2.about.16 wt % of Yb.sub.2 O.sub.3 as a sintering additive with Si.sub.3 N.sub.4 powders including unavoidable impuirities, pressing the mixed powder into a desired form, and gas-pressure sintering the thusly pressed form, whereby
6120014 Twist-correcting device for wire rope isolator September 19, 2000
A twist-correcting device for a wire rope isolator, the retaining bars of which may become twisted in the process of installing the conventional wire rope isolator between a platform and an apparatus, which makes it difficult to assemble the wire rope isolator and prevents the isolator
6042671 Members having improved adhesion and sealing performance for rocket nozzle and fabrication metho March 28, 2000
Members for a rocket nozzle and a fabrication method thereof, wherein members for a rocket nozzle stacked in order of: a heat-resistant element; a first adhesive which is a thermosetting room temperature-hardening epoxy resin; a second adhesive which is a thermoplastic resin; a third adh
5990026 Method of producing a surface modified sialon composite November 23, 1999
A sialon composite and fabrication method thereof in which the phase of a surface layer thereof is modified differently from that of the bulk. The surface layer is modified to .alpha.-sialon or .alpha.-.beta. sialon composite but the bulk is .beta.-sialon. Also, the surface layer is
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