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4939122 Lipophile derivatives of muramylpeptides having properties of activating macrophages and composi July 3, 1990
The invention relates to muramyleptide derivatives resulting essentially from the conjugation or the coupling, as the case may require, through an arm, between a muramylpeptide and a group containing two atoms contiguous with one another to each of which is attached a lipophile chain com
4914351 Electron multiplier device having electric field localization April 3, 1990
Photomultiplier dynodes (D.sub.1, D.sub.2 . . . ) each comprise two spaced planes (D.sub.11 and D.sub.12) made up elementary laminations having a cross-section in the form of an isosceles triangle which is symmetrically disposed relative to the inlet window of the photomultiplier tube. T
4769453 Bis-indolic compounds September 6, 1988
The present invention relates to a process for the preparation of bis-indolic compounds, and the bis-indolic compounds produced by the process.
4737586 Process for the preparation of bis-indolic compounds April 12, 1988
The present invention relates to a process for the preparation of bis-indolic compounds, and the bis-indolic compounds produced by the process.
4717998 Static device for control of energy-exchange between electrical generating and/or receiving syst January 5, 1988
A device for regulating the exchange of energy between at least two generating and/or receiving, DC and/or AC electrical systems, (S.sub.0 . . . S.sub.n) for controlling the powers delivered or absorbed by said systems, these electrical systems being Y-connected to an oscillating cir
4717691 Fluoride glass compositions based on actinides or yttrium January 5, 1988
Fluoroglasses, their preparation and intermediate products obtained. These glasses are characterized by containing as the forming element at least about 10% by moles of a metal fluoride or mixture of metal fluorides of the formula MF.sub.n, n being a number equal to 3 or 4, M representin
4639512 Conjugates of haptenes and muramyl-peptides, endowed with immunogenic activity and compositions January 27, 1987
The invention relates to an immunogenic principle containing a specific antigen determinant of a predetermined native antigen. This immunogenic principle is constituted by a conjugate between a hapten bearing said antigenic site and a muramyl-peptide, essentially in the absence of su
4542081 Tetra-alkynyl or -aluminates of alkali metals, their solid solutions with plastic materials and September 17, 1985
The invention relates to solid solutions constituted by one or several ionic compounds of the formula:in which:X is a trivalent element liable of entering into 4-coordination;the groups R are aprotic hydrocarbon radicals, that is to say radicals which are non proton donors;M is an alkali met
4505997 Bis perhalogenoacyl -or sulfonyl-imides of alkali metals, their solid solutions with plastic mat March 19, 1985
The invention relates to novel ionic compounds which can be incorporated in polymers whose monomer units include at least one hetroatom, particularly oxygen or nitrogen adapted to form bonds of the donor-acceptor type with the cation of the ionic compound, the solid solutions obtained be
4504287 Method of purifying a gas mixture containing undesirable gas compounds March 12, 1985
The invention relates to a method for purifying a gas mixture containing at least one undesirable gas compound utilizing certain sulfonamide or sulfamide solvents.
4492464 Apparatus and method for distance measurement by laser interferometry January 8, 1985
The apparatus and method include adjusting two single frequency lasers to separate longitudinal modes of an interferometer, the plates of which are separated by a distance to be measured. A rough estimate of the distance is made using a tape measure or the like. The rough estimate, toget
4483989 Synthesis of pyrido[4,3-b]carbazole derivatives November 20, 1984
Derivatives of 9-hydroxy ellipticine, preparation thereof, and use thereof for the treatment of leukemias and solid tumors.
4464468 Immobilization of active protein by cross-linking to inactive protein August 7, 1984
A solution of an active protein substance and an inactive protein substance is reacted with a cross-linking agent, optionally in the presence of an inert carrier, under cross-linking conditions to produce articles comprising both active and inactive protein substances. The active protein
4461761 Oligomers of compounds of the muramyl-peptide type and medicaments containing them July 24, 1984
The novel products are water-soluble oligomers, free of N-acetyl-glucosamine units, and of which the monomer elements include a group derived from muramic acid on which is fixed a chain of the peptide type including at least two aminoacyl residues, the first being selected from among
4458245 Method and apparatus for exploring earth and rocky formations July 3, 1984
The length and width of fissures in a bore hole is determined by alternately flowing liquid into and out of the formation from an isolated zone of a bore hole, at different frequencies, and measuring the dynamic pressure of the flowing fluid. The length of fissures in the isolated zone
4444776 Dipyrido (4,3-B) (3,4-F) indoles, process for obtaining them, therapeutical use and pharmaceutic April 24, 1984
The invention relates to compounds of formula: ##STR1## wherein R'.sub.1 =H, OH or an alkyl group, preferably a lower alkyl group, alkylthio or alkoxy, an halogen or an amino group,R'.sub.2 =H or a lower alkyl group.These compounds have antitumoral and antiviral properties useful for the
4444600 Process for making a selective absorber for a solar collector and selective absorber obtained April 24, 1984
The invention concerns a fabrication process for a selective absorber of a solar collector to achieve a solar-radiation collection-surface with high absorptivity and low emissivity.The collector surface is made of an iron alloy containing chrome and is immersed in an acid bath containing
4435347 Process for the production of molded members from elongated particles of wood March 6, 1984
A method for forming articles such as crates in which sides of the crate extend generally perpendicular to the base of the crate. The method includes forming a layer of loose binder coated wood particles, precompressing selected portions of the layer which form the sides of the crate
4434290 Pyrido (4,3-B) carbazoles substituted in the 1 position by a polyamine chain February 28, 1984
The novel derivatives correspond to the general formula: ##STR1## in which R.sub.1 is a Y--(CH.sub.2).sub.n --NR.sub.4 R.sub.5 group, where Y represents a single bond or the group ##STR2## R.sub.4 and R.sub.5, identical or different, are hydrogen or an alkyl radical, preferab
4432295 Processing method and apparatus for rectangular pieces of fabric February 21, 1984
The present invention relates to a method and apparatus for processing rectangular pieces of fabric wherein the piece of fabric is moved in a first direction until the front edge reaches and is held in a predetermined front position, whereas the remaining part of said piece continues
4427659 Muramyl peptide substituted on a peptide nitrogen and medicaments containing the same January 24, 1984
The invention relates to novel compounds of the muramyl-peptide type and to their uses. The muramyl-peptides according to the invention comprise at least two aminoacyl residues in the peptide chain, the second of these aminoacyl residues being D-glutamyl, and they are characterized in th
4425352 Substituted phenoxyacetates of cyclic amines January 10, 1984
The invention relates to substituted phenoxyacetates of cyclic amines.These compounds are of the formula: ##STR1## wherein X is chlorine, fluorine or the trifluoromethyl radicaln is 0 or 1,R is a cyclic amino group having five or six atoms possibly substituted on the nitrogen atom, the n
4421677 Transparent material having electrical conductivity which is dependent on the dose of optical ra December 20, 1983
The transparent material is constituted by a thin film of a substoichiometric amorphous oxide of molybdenum or tungsten, the electrical conductivity of the material being dependent on the dose of optical radiation which it has received. The potential applications of the material incl
4405414 Process for manufacturing a selective absorber of a solar collector and selective absorber so ob September 20, 1983
The invention relates to a manufacturing process for a selective absorber for a collector panel of solar radiation with high absorption and low emissivity.The process consists in making the collector panel of the absorber from an iron alloy containing in particular such a filler metal as
4399299 Bis(substituted phenoxyacetates) of N-alkyl-dialcanolamines and pharmaceutical compositions ther August 16, 1983
The invention relates to bis(substituted phenoxyacetates) of N-alkyl-dialkanolamines.These compounds are of the formula: ##STR1## wherein: X is chlorine, fluorine or trifluoromethyle,n is in the range from 1 to 3 and is preferably 2,R is a lower alkyl group, such as methyl or ethyl group
4397257 Sea anchor in particular for large ships August 9, 1983
The anchor comprises a shank and a rocker which is mounted in the vicinity of one end of the shank to pivot about an axis perpendicular to the shank and to the rocker and which has two equal branches constituting the arms of the anchor. Each arm carries at its free end a ploughshare whos
4396607 Muramyl peptide derivatives and pharmaceutical compositions August 2, 1983
The invention relates to new compounds useful notably as regulator of immune responses and which are derivatives of muramyl peptides substituted at the end of the peptide chain by a group containing at least four carbon atoms.
4390620 Method and composition for the detection and study of cellular activity or the like and means fo June 28, 1983
The invention pertains to a method for the study of the behaviour or detection of cells, organites or cellular fractions, possibly present in a medium.It comprises providing said medium with the essential nutrients to promote the activity of the said cells, organites or cellular fraction
4384864 Selector for a bicycle derailleur and derailleur equipped with such a device May 24, 1983
The invention relates to a selector device for the remote control of the position of a member 4 relative to a support 3 through a control means 8 acting at one end of a flexible traction coupling, particularly a cable 11, whose other end is connected, through connection means L, to said
4381068 Continuous method and device for making a sleeve with a turned back edge April 26, 1983
The present invention relates to a continuous method and device for obtaining from a long length of tubular knitted element, a sleeve with a turned back edge.The method consists in guiding the knitting by way of a tubular guide, with one end of said element projecting from the said guide
4373807 Method and apparatus for the simultaneous measurement of data, including velocity, relating to s February 15, 1983
The same assembly is used to first record the homodyne spectrum from the light diffused from a single beam FL.sub.2, with a mask D.sub.1 masking the beam FL.sub.1. On the passage of a critical frequency f.sub.c, mask D.sub.1 is removed, the aperture of a diaphragm D.sub.2 is reduced, and
4371159 Handling installation for bringing a piece to a receiving station in a predetermined position February 1, 1983
A handling device and installation for bringing to a second station, in a predetermined and fixed orientation and position, a piece, and in particular a supple piece in sheet form such as a fabric, situated in a first station in an approximative position. The installation includes ph
4370112 Method and apparatus for molding articles from agglomerated particles January 25, 1983
Method for molding articles from agglomerated particles utilizes a press and a plurality of molds mounted to circulate in a closed path. After the pressing step a mold is aligned at one end of a row of molds, the row is placed under pressure and the articles therewithin caused to set.
4362271 Procedure for the artificial modification of atmospheric precipitation as well as compounds with December 7, 1982
A process for artificially modifying atmospheric precipitation wherein a liquid composition containing dimethyl sulfoxide as the principal ingredient is dispersed into the atmosphere from a container in microdroplet form having an average diameter ranging from 1 to 10 microns.
4359327 Gas adsorption agents particularly for separating H.sub.2 from a gaseous phase November 16, 1982
Gas adsorbents comprise at least one paracyclophane (or PCP) derivative, constituted by cyclic oligomers formed of mer-units which are interlinked so as to define a rigid structure with a substantially cylindrical intramolecular cavity. The dimensions of the cross-section of said cavity
4355067 Scouring material October 19, 1982
An improved fibrous scouring material is disclosed, that material comprising a fibrous band in the form of a three-dimensional lattice of drawn irregular fibers obtained from a plastic bilaminar film, those fibers being helically crimped and self-bonded together at their mutual conta
4353539 Process for positioning a supple piece in sheet form on a support surface and handling installat October 12, 1982
The present invention relates to a process for positioning a supple piece in sheet form on a support surface and to a handling installation applying this process, whereby the piece on the storage support is gripped by two so-called gripping points, these points are displaced along parall
4351038 Ultrasonic examination and imaging September 21, 1982
An ultrasonic imaging device comprises transducers distributed along a line and operable at a frequency f. A generator delivers electrical pulses to time delay means which provide, in response to each electrical pulse, a plurality of low level pulses delayed by increased time delays in a
4346877 Device for handling sheet-like pieces August 31, 1982
The present invention relates to a device for handling sheet-like pieces, whereby a swell is made on a zone of a piece in sheet form by pressing the latter between the support and a pressing member, the piece is gripped at the level of this zone, between the pressing member and a finger,
4345329 Free-electron laser provided with a device for producing a pulsed magnetic field with periodic s August 17, 1982
A magnetic field having an alternate component in a predetermined direction is produced in a zone and electrons are injected into this zone perpendicularly to said direction. To this end a winding is connected to a source for supplying current pulses having a predetermined duration. A
4341794 2-Nitronaphtofuran derivatives and use as cell growth regulators July 27, 1982
Novel 2-nitronaphthofuran derivatives are of the formula ##STR1## in which the linkage between the furan ring and the naphthalene nucleus is formed in the 1,2-, 2,3- or 2,1-positions of the naphthalene, and R, which can be located in a free position of the napthalene, represents a ha
4335001 Process and device for separation of emulsions by coalescence June 15, 1982
A method and apparatus for the separation of an emulsion of at least one dispersed phase emulsified in at least one continuous phase of different density wherein the emulsion is passed into a vessel and axially through a fixed coalescing bed for coalescing the dispersed phase, and contin
4334998 Process for placing a gas phase, at least one liquid phase, and at least one comminuted solid ph June 15, 1982
The invention relates to contact-making between a gas phase, at least one liquid phase, and at least one comminuted solid phase.The process uses a cell or compartment provided with at least one deflecting means such as the sloping wall 3 designed to impart an overall circulatory motion t
4334054 Films of polyphenylene oxides June 8, 1982
The polymer films of the invention contain reactive groups and are obtained from phenols of the formula ##STR1## in which R denotes an acyl group with 1 to 7 carbon atoms, a hydroxy, carboxy, alkoxycarbonyl, amino, alkylamino or phenylamino group, andn is an integer, which may be 0 i
4330819 Static semi conductor electrical energy converter May 18, 1982
The invention relates to a static semi-conductor electrical energy converter.The converter is of the type comprising a power stage 5 provided with at least one power transistor 7, and a control stage 1 furnishing a control signal S.sub.C appropriate for the conversion to be carried out;
4329241 Magnetic fluids and process for obtaining them May 11, 1982
New ferrofluids.They consist essentially of an aqueous sol of polyoxyanions of Fe(III) and at least one metal of oxidation degree II from the first series of transition metals, with an associated cation, notably selected from H.sup.+,N (CH.sub.3).sub.4.sup.+ and N(C.sub.2 H.sub.5).sub.4.
4328707 Ultrasonic image reconstruction methods and apparatus May 11, 1982
Reconstruction of two-dimensional distribution of attenuation coefficients or sound velocities in a cross-sectional plane of an object is achieved by carrying out a plurality of measurements of absorption or of flight time with ultrasound bursts directed by elementary transmitting probes
4328318 Glasses containing fluorine, their preparation and their application May 4, 1982
Glasses containing fluorine. These glasses are characterized by the fact that they contain at least 25% in moles, approximately, of a fluoride or a mixture of fluorides MX(X.sub.1).sub.2, in which:X and X.sub.1 each represent a fluorine atom,and M then represents a metal chosen from among th
4322350 Process for the synthesis of leurosine and of its derivatives March 30, 1982
A process for the preparation of a compound of formula (V) and salts thereof ##STR1## wherein R.sub.1 is selected from the group consisting of a hydrogen atom, an alkyl radical, a formyl radical and an acyl radical;R.sub.2 is selected from the group consisting of an alkoxycarbonyl ra
4320973 Device for interferential spectrometry with selective modulation March 23, 1982
A highly luminous device for interferential spectrometry, comprises a birefringent beam-splitting interferometer combined with an optical system supplying localized fringes. As the beam-splitter element, it has at least one birefringent prism mounted along the optical axis of the device
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