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Aciont, Inc. Patents
Aciont, Inc.
Salt Lake City, UT
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8246949 Methods and devices for sustained in-vivo release of an active agent August 21, 2012
The present invention includes methods and devices for providing sustained in-vivo release of an active agent to a subject. In some aspects, such release may be achieved by reacting an active agent in-vivo with a depot forming agent in order to form a sustained release active agent d
7785578 Non-invasive ocular drug delivery August 31, 2010
The present invention is drawn to a pharmaceutical compound for the treatment of posterior retinal diseases through topical application of the compound. The compound includes an effective amount of a therapeutic compound, and at least one additional agent that helps to prolong the re
7137975 Method for increasing the battery life of an alternating current iontophoresis device using a ba November 21, 2006
An iontophoretic method for transporting compounds of interest across a body tissue is provided. The method utilizes an AC signal in conjunction with a barrier-modifying agent such as a fatty acid, fatty alcohol, bile acid, surfactant, or the like. The method enables the maintenance of a
6801804 Device and method for monitoring and controlling electrical resistance at a tissue site undergoi October 5, 2004
The invention provides a device for iontophoretically transporting a compound through a localized region of an individual's body tissue. The device comprises first and second iontophoretic electrodes, a reference electrode, a current source, and a monitoring means. The first electrode
6553255 Use of background electrolytes to minimize flux variability during iontophoresis April 22, 2003
A device and method are provided that minimize the changes in flux encountered during iontophoresis and reduce inter-subject variability. For drug delivery, the active agent to be delivered is administered in conjunction with at least one background ion having a hindrance factor that

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