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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE41135 Inhibitors of the 11-.beta.-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type 1 enzyme February 16, 2010
The present invention relates to compounds that are inhibitors of the 11-beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase Type 1 enzyme. The present invention further relates to the use of inhibitors of 11-beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase Type 1 enzyme for treatment of non-insulin dependent type 2
RE39591 6-O-substituted ketolides having antibacterial activity April 24, 2007
Antimicrobial compounds having the formula ##STR00001## as well as pharmaceutically acceptable salts, esters or prodrugs thereof; pharmaceutical compositions comprising such compounds; methods of treating bacterial infections by the administration of such compounds; and processes f
RE39531 9-hydrazone and 9-azine erythromycin derivatives and a process for making the same March 27, 2007
Disclosed are 9-hydrazone erythromycin and 9-azine erythromycin derivatives and the processes for making the same. The compounds are useful intermediates for conversion into 6-O-alkyl erythromycin. Also disclosed are the processes for converting the compounds into 6-O-alkyl erythromy
RE39383 Process for 6-O-alkylation of erythromycin derivatives November 7, 2006
A procedure for preparing 6-O-alkyl erythromycin compounds having the formula: ##STR00001## wherein R.sup.1 is a loweralkyl group, R.sup.2 and R.sup.3 an independently hydrogen or a hydroxy-protecting group, except that R.sup.2 and R.sup.3 may not both be hydrogen simultaneously; Y
RE39197 Cell adhesion-inhibiting antiinflammatory and immune-suppressive compounds July 18, 2006
The present invention relates to novel cinnamide compounds that are useful for treating inflammatory and immune diseases, to pharmaceutical compositions comprising these compounds, and to methods of inhibiting inflammation or suppressing immune response in a mammal.
RE36871 Remotely programmable infusion system September 12, 2000
An infusion system for administering multiple infusates at individually programmable rates, volumes, and sequences in any order from any one or more of plural fluid input ports through a patient output port and into the circulatory system of a patient. Infusates may be either continuousl
RE34405 Determination of analytes in particle-containing medium October 12, 1993
Methods and compositions are provided for concentrating particles in a minute area on a solid surface. The method permits the detection of small amounts of analytes by providing for an observable signal in relation to the concentration of particles in the area.
RE34021 Percutaneous fixation of hollow organs August 4, 1992
For percutaneous fixation of a hollow organ of a body, a hollow needle carrying a retaining device attached to a tension filament through the skin into the hollow organ, the retaining device is released from the needle, and the organ is fixed by adjusting the tension on the filament
RE33360 Disposable transducer apparatus for an electromanometry system October 2, 1990
The disposable transducer includes a small housing constructed of lightweight plastic material. The housing is shaped so as to form a transparent chamber within which is situated a very small piezoresistive strain gauge in the form of a resistive bridge network diffused onto a semico
RE30391 Chemical analysis cuvette September 2, 1980
Improved components, such as a cuvette, are disclosed in the specification.
RE29732 Tripeptide August 15, 1978
The new blocked tripeptide Y-(N.sup.w -R')Arg-Pro-Gly-R wherein R is .[.hydroxy, methoxy or.]. amino, R' is a suitable blocking group and Y is hydrogen or an easily removable protective group has been found to be a valuable intermediate for the preparation of large peptide chains, such a
RE29656 Additive transfer unit having a slidable piercing member June 6, 1978
An additive container and transfer unit for transferring a solution from the additive container to a container which is under a vacuum, the transfer unit including a closure having a transfer pin or piercing member which is axially movable from a first position to a second position withi
RE29196 Alkylphenyl benzopyranopyridines April 26, 1977
Alkylphenyl benzopyranopyridines represented by the formula ##STR1## where R.sub.1 is hydrogen, loweralkyl, loweralkanoyl, cycloalkylloweralkyl, cycloalkylloweralkanoyl, loweralkenyl, loweralkynyl, haloloweralkenyl, phenylloweralkyl, phenylloweralkenyl or phenylloweralkynyl;
D668767 Nipple October 9, 2012
D668544 Clamp for a liquid container October 9, 2012
D668113 Stirrer October 2, 2012
D624406 Scoop holder for a lid September 28, 2010
D611144 Apparatus for delivering a closure element March 2, 2010
D578645 Medical device delivery handle October 14, 2008
D578644 Medical device delivery handle October 14, 2008
D578643 Medical device delivery handle October 14, 2008
D578401 Container October 14, 2008
D576035 Container lid September 2, 2008
D571480 Instrument housing June 17, 2008
D569260 Bottle May 20, 2008
D561896 Guidewire loader apparatus for a medical device February 12, 2008
D559115 Bottle and cap January 8, 2008
D555487 Container November 20, 2007
D553988 Container October 30, 2007
D534280 Reagent carrier for use in an automated analyzer December 26, 2006
D533947 Reagent carrier for use in an automated analyzer December 19, 2006
D532524 Reagent carrier for use in an automated analyzer November 21, 2006
D531736 Reagent carrier for use in an automated analyzer November 7, 2006
D502108 Container February 22, 2005
D501382 Bottle opener February 1, 2005
D497551 Container and cap October 26, 2004
D476414 Pump cassette June 24, 2003
D448077 Combined pharmaceutical container and cap September 18, 2001
D447798 Combined pharmaceutical container and cap September 11, 2001
D447561 Combined pharmaceutical container and cap September 4, 2001
D439345 Container for use with an automatic analyzer March 20, 2001
D438955 Cap for a pharmaceutical container March 13, 2001
D427306 Combined bottle and closure June 27, 2000
D425195 Combined pharmaceutical container and cap May 16, 2000
D421496 Combined pharmaceutical container and cap March 7, 2000
D421495 Pharmaceutical container March 7, 2000
D419455 Liquid container January 25, 2000
D418602 Measuring instrument for analysis of blood constituents January 4, 2000
D416801 Liquid container November 23, 1999
D413539 Analyzer September 7, 1999

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