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RE41566 Optical film and liquid crystal display device using the film August 24, 2010
The liminance within the viewing angle of an LCD device is increased by using an optical film of transparent material. The film has a first surface having a wave structure including a plurality of isosceles triangle prisms arranged side-by-side, and a second surface having an optical
8587620 Driver of a liquid crystal display panel and method thereof November 19, 2013
The present invention provides a method for driving a liquid crystal display panel. The liquid crystal display panel has a plurality of pixels arranged in a matrix form and a plurality of data lines. The method includes generating gray level signals corresponding to the plurality of
8587574 Pixel structure of electroluminescent display panel having power lines with low voltage drop November 19, 2013
A pixel structure of an electroluminescent display panel includes a plurality of sub-pixel columns, first power lines, and second power lines. Each of the first power lines and each of the second power lines are disposed between two adjacent sub-pixel columns. Each first power line i
8582281 Display device, assembly method for the display device, assembly structure of two frames and ass November 12, 2013
A display device includes a first frame, a second frame, a backlight module and a display panel. The first frame has two plates separated with each other. Each plate includes a first bottom and a first side wall connected with the first bottom, wherein a first joint part is disposed
8581890 Liquid crystal display, flat display and gate driving method thereof November 12, 2013
In a liquid crystal display, a flat display and a gate driving method thereof, the flat display comprises first and second pixel rows, first to third gate lines and a gate driving circuit. The first gate line is for determining whether to turn on a portion of pixels in the first pixel
8581880 Capacitive touch display panel November 12, 2013
A capacitive touch display panel includes a display panel, an outer substrate, and a capacitive touch device. The capacitive touch device is disposed between the outer substrate and the display panel. The capacitive touch device includes a plurality of first transparent electrodes, a
8581878 Method for mitigating pooling mura on liquid crystal display apparatus and liquid crystal displa November 12, 2013
A method for mitigating pooling mura on LCD apparatus and a LCD apparatus are provided. The method is adapted for a LCD apparatus having a plurality of pixels. The LCD apparatus is for displaying frames according to a received original display data, and each of at least a part of the
8581829 Backlight driving method and display device November 12, 2013
Exemplary backlight driving method and display device are provided. The display device includes a light source array. The light source array includes a first group of light-emitting rows and a second group of light-emitting rows. The backlight driving method includes the steps of: fi
8581655 Clock signal supplying method and circuit for shift registers November 12, 2013
A clock signal supplying method for shift registers includes following steps: receiving a clock signal; and transmitting the clock signal to two first stage signal transmission paths simultaneously, the first stage signal transmission paths determined by a first control signal whether to
8581259 Displaying device with photocurrent-reducing structure and method of manufacturing the same November 12, 2013
A displaying device includes a substrate, a gate electrode formed on the substrate, a gate insulating layer, a gate a-Si region covering the gate electrode, a source metal region, a drain metal region, a data-line (DL) metal region, a passivation layer and a conductive layer. The gate a-
8576364 Method for forming multiple alignment films on a substrate and pixel structure of a liquid cryst November 5, 2013
A method for forming the alignment films on the substrate and a pixel structure of a liquid crystal display are disclosed. The pixel structure comprises a plurality of pixel units arranged in arrays. Each of the pixel units comprises a first substrate, a second substrate, two first a
8576251 Scaling-up control method and scaling-up control apparatus for use in display device November 5, 2013
A scaling-up control method and a scaling-up control apparatus are used in a display device. The display device includes a scaler for converting an original image signal into an output image signal by performing a linear interpolation. Moreover, by utilizing a global locking mechanism
8575612 Pixel structure November 5, 2013
The present invention provides a pixel structure including a substrate, a patterned electrode disposed on the substrate, a first insulating layer disposed on the patterned electrode, a common electrode disposed on the first insulating layer, a second insulating layer disposed on the comm
8575603 Pixel structure of an electroluminescent display panel November 5, 2013
A pixel structure of an electroluminescent display panel includes a first sub-pixel region, a second sub-pixel region, a third sub-pixel region and a fourth sub-pixel region having different cavity lengths. The first sub-pixel region and the second sub-pixel region share a first organic
8570480 Display device having slim border-area architecture and driving method thereof October 29, 2013
A display device having slim border-area architecture is disclosed. The display device includes a substrate, a plurality of data lines, a plurality of gate lines, a plurality of auxiliary gate lines and a driving module. The substrate includes a display area and a border area. The da
8570285 Touch display panel and touch sensing unit thereof October 29, 2013
A touch display panel includes a display panel and a touch sensing unit. The touch sensing unit includes first sensing series, and second sensing series. Each of the first sensing series includes a plurality of first transparent sensing pads disposed along a first direction, and a pl
8570259 Scan method for liquid crystal display October 29, 2013
A scan method for use in a flat panel display comprising K groups of lines, comprising the following steps. First, K sequences S.sub.1 to S.sub.K are provided. A scan order is then determined according to the K sequences S.sub.1 to S.sub.K. Thereafter, the K groups of lines are synch
8564584 Electrophoretic display and method of driving the same October 22, 2013
An electrophoretic display with threshold voltage drift compensation functionality includes a gate driving circuit, a data driving circuit, a controller and a pixel array. The gate driving circuit provides plural gate signals according to a scan control signal. The data driving circuit
8299996 Driving method for reducing image sticking October 30, 2012
A driving method with reducing image sticking effect is disclosed. The driving method includes applying a voltage on the data lines for trapping impurities crossing the data lines and lowering the degree of the image sticking effect, and applying different asymmetric waveforms to differe
8294643 Pixel of display October 23, 2012
A pixel of display is used in an Organic light emitted diode (OLED) display. Driving Circuit of the OLED display outputs a data current and a scanning signal. The pixel of display includes a switch circuit, a first transistor, a second transistor, a capacitor, a switch and a lighting
8289485 Liquid crystal display panel and method for manufacturing thereof and liquid crystal display inc October 16, 2012
A liquid crystal display panel including several first electrode portions, several second electrode portions, and a smectic liquid crystal layer is provided. The first electrode portions and the second electrode portions are disposed on a first substrate. When an AC voltage is applied
8289337 Method for processing display data October 16, 2012
A method for processing display data includes: storing an image data in a plurality of first-type memories by taking scanning line data as a unit; providing one of the scanning line data stored in a particular memory of the first-type memories to one of a plurality of second-type memorie
8289098 Gate pulse modulation circuit and sloping modulation method thereof October 16, 2012
Exemplary gate pulse modulation circuit and sloping modulation method applied thereto are provided. The gate pulse modulation circuit has an output terminal and includes a voltage modulation circuit and a comparator control circuit. The voltage modulation circuit is electrically coup
8288774 Dual gate layout for thin film transistor October 16, 2012
A dual gate layout of a thin film transistor of liquid crystal display to alleviate dark current leakage is disclosed. The layout includes (1) a polysilicon on a substrate having a shaped of L- or of snake from top-view, having a heavily doped source region, a first lightly doped reg
8288194 Method of fabricating thin film transistor structure October 16, 2012
A method of fabricating a thin film transistor (TFT) is provided. The method comprises the steps of providing a substrate with a gate electrode formed thereon; forming an insulating layer on the substrate and covering the gate electrode; forming an intrinsic amorphous silicon layer (
8284891 Shift register circuit October 9, 2012
A shift register circuit includes plural shift register stages for providing plural gate signals. Each shift register stage includes a pull-up unit, a pull-up control unit, an input unit, a first pull-down unit, a second pull-down unit, and a pull-down control unit. The pull-up contr
8284377 Display device and repairing method therefor October 9, 2012
In a display device and a repairing method therefor, the display device includes a gate line and two gate-on-array circuits arranged at two sides thereof. Each of the gate-on-array circuits includes a stage coupled to the gate line. Each the stage includes a transistor and a repair circu
8284368 Array substrate and flat display device October 9, 2012
A flat display device includes an array substrate. The array substrate includes a plurality of gate lines, data lines and pixels. The pixels include a plurality of first pixel units and second pixel units, and each of the first pixel units and each of the second pixel units include more
8284217 Method for generating a dynamic index October 9, 2012
Disclosure is a method for randomly and dynamically generating a dynamic index, incorporated in a dynamic index system to improve the color performance of a display, comprises: transmitting video data to the dynamic index system; dynamically generating a substantially random number b
8284172 Method for detecting two sensing areas of photo-sensor touch panel and touch-sensitive electroni October 9, 2012
An exemplary detecting method for a photo-sensor touch panel and a touch-sensitive electronic apparatus using the same are provided. In aforementioned method, an image frame is obtained by scanning the photo-sensor touch panel. Then, a distribution area of data points in the image fr
8278157 Methods for fabricating array substrates October 2, 2012
Methods for fabricating array substrates are provided. A method for fabricating an array substrate includes forming a first metal layer over a substrate and then patterned by a first photolithography to forming a gate line, a gate electrode connecting the gate line, and a pad over the
8269940 Sensing structure September 18, 2012
A sensing structure is provided. The sensing structure includes a first substrate, a second substrate, a sensing unit, and a flexible printed circuit (FPC). The sensing unit is disposed on the first substrate and adapted to generate a signal when the sensing unit is touched. The FPC
8269747 Field-sequential display apparatus and display system capable of sensing pixel address September 18, 2012
A field-sequential display apparatus and a display system which is capable of sensing pixel address are provided. The field-sequential display apparatus comprises a plurality of pixels, each of which is adapted to present a plurality of display states. The display states includes at
8268538 Method for producing a thin film transistor September 18, 2012
A method for producing a thin film transistor includes providing a glass substrate; disposing a positive photosensitive coating on the glass substrate; providing a transparent molding plate having a plurality of ladder opaque protrusions that are arranged in accordance with a predete
8267567 Backlight module, bezel assembly applied to backlight module, and display device September 18, 2012
A bezel assembly, which is applied to a backlight module, includes a first bezel and a second bezel. The first bezel has a first side wall and a second side wall. A first hole structure is formed on a corner between the first and second side walls. The second bezel has a third side wall.
8264760 E-ink display device and method for manufacturing the same September 11, 2012
An E-ink display device includes an active element array substrate, an E-ink layer, a protective layer and a sealant. The active element array substrate has a surface, and the surface includes a contacting region and a sealing region. The E-ink layer is disposed on the contacting region
8264641 Optical compensated bend mode liquid crystal display September 11, 2012
An optical compensated bend (OCB) mode liquid crystal display (LCD) includes a pixel electrode, a color filter, a common electrode and a liquid crystal layer. The pixel electrode is formed on the first substrate of the OCB mode LCD. The color filter is formed on the second substrate
8264474 Multi-touch positioning method for capacitive touch panel September 11, 2012
A multi-touch positioning method for a capacitive touch panel includes following steps. A candidate touching position array including a first and a second candidate position groups is generated when the capacitive touch panel is touched by three objects. The first, the second and the
8264453 Backlight control device and method for controlling a driving current of an LED September 11, 2012
A backlight control device for controlling a driving current of an LED is disclosed. By controlling current outputs from current sources of a plurality of current output units, a display will be able to generate desirable backlight. Then by adjusting currents output by the plurality
8263979 Pixel structure and method of making the same September 11, 2012
A pixel structure uses a pixel electrode made of transparent conductive material to electrically connect a data line and a source electrode of a switching element of the adjacent sub-pixel region so that a plurality of sub-pixels can share the same data line. Consequently, the number of
8263445 Pixel structure and method for forming the same September 11, 2012
A pixel structure comprising at least one transistor, a first storage capacitor, a first conductive layer, an interlayer dielectric layer, a second conductive layer, a passivation layer, and a third conductive layer is provided. The first storage capacitor is electrically connected t
8259251 Backlight module and liquid crystal display September 4, 2012
A backlight module includes a back plate having a through opening area, a carrying element disposed on the back plate, a circuit board disposed on the carrying element and at least one light emitting element disposed on the circuit board and corresponding to the through opening area. An
8253877 Liquid crystal display August 28, 2012
A liquid crystal display (LCD) includes a back bezel, a light guide plate (LGP) having a light incident surface opposite to a first side wall of the back bezel, an LCD panel disposed above the LGP, a frame and a light source unit. There is an accommodation space between the first side wa
8253673 Liquid crystal display device capable of reducing image flicker and method for driving the same August 28, 2012
A method for driving a liquid crystal display adjusts the falling edges of the gate driving signals for reducing image flicker. A first gate driving signal falls from a high level to a first level at the signal falling edge. A second gate driving signal falls from the high level to a
8253664 Display array with a plurality of display units corresponding to one set of the data and scan li August 28, 2012
A display array. The display array applied in the panel of an organic light emitting display device comprises a plurality of data lines, a plurality of scan lines and a plurality of display units. Each display unit corresponds to one set of the data and scan lines and comprises a con
8253661 Method of compensating for luminance of an organic light emitting diode display August 28, 2012
A method of compensating for luminance of an organic light emitting diode is provided. In an embodiment, an operational current of a dummy organic light emitting diode of a color is utilized to simulate the condition that a real pixel current attenuates with time, and a feedback current
8253655 Common-voltage compensation circuit and compensation method for use in a liquid crystal display August 28, 2012
A common-voltage compensation circuit functions to provide a crosstalk interference suppressing mechanism for use in a liquid crystal display having a liquid-crystal capacitor and a storage capacitor. The compensation circuit includes a buffer for receiving a preliminary common volta
8248356 Driving circuit for detecting line short defects August 21, 2012
For detecting line short defects in a display panel, a driving circuit has a plurality of shift registers, a plurality of diode modules, and at least one power supply. Each shift register has an output port for outputting a driving signal sequentially. The diode modules are coupled t
8248345 Display apparatus and method for displaying an image August 21, 2012
A display apparatus and a method for displaying an image are provided. The display apparatus includes a pixel array, a polarity (POL) signal generator, and a drive circuit. The pixel array which includes a plurality of pixels is configured to display a plurality of frames of the imag
8247989 Lamp detection driving system and related detection driving method August 21, 2012
A lamp detection driving system is disclosed for performing adaptive lamp driving and related detection operations based on a recipe. The system includes a micro-controller, a driver, a defect detection module and a feedback circuit. The micro-controller provides a modulation signal and

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