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AT&T Global Information Solutions Company Patents
AT&T Global Information Solutions Company
Dayton, OH
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D377342 Dual aperture optical bar code scanner January 14, 1997
D375085 Price verifier October 29, 1996
D374439 Front panel of a desktop personal computer October 8, 1996
D369792 Facial portion of a mini tower personal computer May 14, 1996
D368398 Gap filler between checkout counter and bar code scanner April 2, 1996
D366252 Laptop computer January 16, 1996
D359273 Retail terminal June 13, 1995
D355900 Computer palm mouse February 28, 1995
6129458 Cache optimization method October 10, 2000
A cache optimization method which analyzes an existing cache mapping scheme and determines a new cache mapping scheme that eliminates cache collisions. In a first embodiment, an application is traced while running in its main working set by a processor to obtain cache access statistics
6014125 Image processing apparatus including horizontal and vertical scaling for a computer display January 11, 2000
A scaling apparatus is disclosed for horizontally and vertically scaling scan line information stored in a video memory prior to providing the scan line information to a computer display. Horizontal scaling apparatus is provided in which a first clock signal is provided for graphics port
5894153 Field implant for silicon controlled rectifier April 13, 1999
An integrated circuit formed on a semiconductor substrate has a contact pad for communicating signals between an external device and an internal signal line. The pad is protected by an SCR that conducts electrostatic discharge pulses from the pad directly to a current sink. The SCR inclu
5869900 Sea-of-cells array of transistors February 9, 1999
The invention concerns integrated circuits in which a MACRO is embedded in a standard cell array. One level of metal is devoted exclusively to non-local interconnect, and a layer of polysilicon is devoted to local interconnect, thereby saving significant space.
5835755 Multi-processor computer system for operating parallel client/server database processes November 10, 1998
A method and apparatus for operating parallel databases in a multi-processor computer system. Client Applications interact with a Navigation Server executing on the computer system, and through it, with one or more Data Servers. The Navigation Server receives requests from the Client
5828011 High voltage stylus for portable computer October 27, 1998
The invention concerns a stylus for producing a high-voltage, sinusoidal signal for an electrostatic digitizing pad. The high voltage is obtained by applying a sine wave to one lead of the primary of a transformer, and applying the inverse of the sine wave to the other lead of the primar
5798667 Method and apparatus for regulation of power dissipation August 25, 1998
The clock rate for a device is controlled through the use of integrated circuits which respond to the temperature of the device. Circuitry is added to the integrated circuit device being controlled which changes the clock rate of the device as the device temperature changes. The device
5759877 Semiconductor fuse structure June 2, 1998
A semiconductor structure comprising a polysilicon pad, a metal pad separated from the polysilicon pad by an insulator, and a metal via connecting the pads. A fuse is formed at the intersection of the polysilicon pad and via.
5752010 Dual-mode graphics controller with preemptive video access May 12, 1998
A method and architecture for a graphics controller chip. The graphics controller has a display memory for storing video and graphics data. It also has a logic controller, connected to the memory, for performing logic operations on data stored in the memory. Video and graphics data is ma
5728626 Spin-on conductor process for integrated circuits March 17, 1998
A method of planarizing a non-planar substrate, such as filling vias and contact holes, spreads a suspension of a conducting material suspended in a liquid on a substrate. The suspension includes an organometallic material, preferably with particles of a polymerized tin or indium alk
5726991 Integral bit error rate test system for serial data communication links March 10, 1998
A data communication method and apparatus includes an integral bit error rate test system. The system is adapted to receive digital data signals to be transmitted over a communication link and includes a transmitter for transmitting the data signals onto the link. A test signal pattern
5721954 Intelligent SCSI-2/DMA processor February 24, 1998
A SCSI-2-and-DMA processor that has on a single integrated circuit a SCSI-2 interface for a SCSI-2 data bus that is at least two bytes wide and a DMA interface for a system data bus that is at least two bytes wide. This integrated circuit has an set of control registers and an on-chip
5701309 Automated test equipment digital tester expansion apparatus December 23, 1997
A scan-based logic test apparatus is provided for use with an automated test equipment (ATE) digital tester which tests scan-based logic IC devices. The test apparatus is embodied in a test card which is pluggable into a bus slot within a computer. The computer includes a permanent m
5696464 Output driver adaptable to power supply variation December 9, 1997
The invention concerns an adaptive driver circuit which can source and sink current when powered by different power supply voltages. The invention maintains the output voltage substantially constant, for a given load, when the voltage of the power supply changes.
5680642 Method and apparatus for pseudo-aligned transfers of data to memory wherein a re-alignment is pe October 21, 1997
A method and apparatus for pseudo aligned transfers to memory for processors, peripherals and memories. Alignment logic, typically coupled to a peripheral, receives a plurality of data bytes from a processor. The alignment logic uses a control header transferred with the data bytes to
5677642 Signal generator with supply voltage tolerance October 14, 1997
A signal generator and method that is tolerable to supply voltage fluctuations and differentials. A current switch is driven that is independent of the supply voltage. By clamping the slewing voltage at the gate of a transistor driver, the difference between the clamped gate voltage
5677564 Shallow trench isolation in integrated circuits October 14, 1997
The invention concerns fabrication of oxide-filled isolation trenches in integrated circuits. The invention etches a network of trenches in the surface of a uniformly doped wafer which has experienced no substantial processing steps. Such a wafer will have little, if any, surface damage.
5675620 High-frequency phase locked loop circuit October 7, 1997
A high-frequency phase locked loop circuit effectively increases the maximum frequency associated with the CMOS technology. The circuit includes a first phase-locked loop sub-circuit having an input and an output, a second phase-locked loop sub-circuit having an input coupled to the
5673404 End-user customizable feedback display for windowed applications September 30, 1997
A method for displaying status information during execution of an application task in a windowed application. The method provides two formats for displaying status information for an application task: (1) a detailed display format wherein status information is presented in a dialog b
5672981 Universal power interface adapter for burn-in board September 30, 1997
A power interface adapter that provides device power connections in a universal burn-in board system. The power interface adapter is a low-cost printed circuit board which interfaces on a one-to-one basis with each burn-in board device socket, thus providing a complete power interface
5672905 Semiconductor fuse and method September 30, 1997
A semiconductor fuse and method for fabricating the same An insulating layer is provided and a trench formed therein. A fusible link is then formed across the insulating layer and trench and conformal therewith. The link has a break region of minimum thickness and width at an intersectio
5671397 Sea-of-cells array of transistors September 23, 1997
The invention concerns integrated circuits in which a MACRO is embedded in a standard cell array. One level of metal is devoted exclusively to non-local interconnect, and a layer of polysilicon is devoted to local interconnect, thereby saving significant space.
5668352 Data compression in digitizing tablet September 16, 1997
The invention concerns storage of correction tables for digitizing tablets. A digitizing tablet produces data indicative of position of a stylus. The data does not, in general, exactly indicate the position; errors exist. For example, a tablet may produce a data pair indicating a Cartesi
5666261 Honeycomb celled-sheet layer composite panel for monitoring an LCD to a laptop computer September 9, 1997
A LCD in a laptop computer is resiliently mounted to a light-weight stiff celled composite sandwich panel that protects the LCD against breakage. The composite panel comprises a layer of lightweight preferably aluminum honeycomb celled material that is sandwiched between inner and outer
5665845 Electronic device with a spin-on glass dielectric layer September 9, 1997
There is provided electronic devices with dielectric layers obtained from boron-oxide doped, spin-on glass formulations which form glassy layers with high oxygen resistance. Suitable electronic devices include integrated circuits. With high oxygen resistance, the glassy layer formed
5644786 Method for scheduling the execution of disk I/O operations July 1, 1997
A procedure for scheduling multiple process requests for read/write access to a disk memory device within a computer system. The procedure considers disk characteristics, such as the number of sectors per track, the number of tracks per cylinder, speed of disk rotation and disk controlle
5644767 Method and apparatus for determining and maintaining drive status from codes written to disk dri July 1, 1997
A method whereby a host computer system is informed of the drive status in a disk array when one or more of the disk drives fail. A data pattern (timestamp or status code) is written on each of the disk drives in service in the array when an event occurs which changes the operating s
5644336 Mixed format video ram July 1, 1997
The invention concerns the simultaneous display of video data and text data on a computer display. The invention stores both types of data in display memory. Transition codes mark the separation between the two types. The invention converts each type of data into signals which a CRT disp
5634033 Disk array storage system architecture for parity operations simultaneous with other data operat May 27, 1997
A high performance scaleable hardware architecture for a disk array storage subsystem which supports RAID modes 0, 3, 4 and 5. The architecture features a high bandwidth parity calculation engine, a buffered PCI interface operating at the full speed of the PCI bus, and a dedicated lo
5625405 Architectural arrangement for a video server April 29, 1997
A Video-On-Demand (VOD) system including a plurality of video storage devices; an asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) telephony technology network connected to provide video data to a plurality of subscribers; and a unique video server coordinating the conversion and transfer of video data
5619620 Neural network for banknote recognition and authentication April 8, 1997
A probabilistic neural network (PNN) comprises a layer L1 of input nodes, a layer L2 of exemplar nodes, a layer L3 of primary Parzen nodes, a layer L4 of sum nodes, and optionally a layer L5 of output nodes. Each exemplar node determines the degree of match between a respective exemplar
5617102 Communications transceiver using an adaptive directional antenna April 1, 1997
A directional antenna connected to a portable communications transceiver is adaptively directed towards a remote station in a communication system. The amount of RF power required by the portable device is significantly reduced, relative to a non-directional antenna. The operational peri
5616943 Electrostatic discharge protection system for mixed voltage application specific integrated circ April 1, 1997
An ESD protection system that makes use of several different types of over-voltage protection devices provides ESD conduction paths between different power lines. For example, the system may employ shunt diodes between the ground lines of the different power supplies and between I/O
5610429 Differential analog transistors constructed from digital transistors March 11, 1997
The invention concerns approaches to interconnecting individual field-effect transistors (FETs) in integrated circuits (ICs), in order to provide a larger, composite transistor. In one approach, the individual FETs are positioned symmetrically about centroids, which are themselves di
5608390 Synchronous telemetry channel March 4, 1997
The invention concerns pen-based computers, wherein a pen, or stylus, is positioned on a display of the computer, and produces a signal which allows the computer to detect the position of the stylus. The stylus produces a second signal, which is used as a carrier for telemetry, to tr
5608273 Battery back-up for electronic circuits March 4, 1997
The invention concerns battery back-up for electronic equipment. A sensor detects a drop in power supply voltage and, in response, connects the back-up battery to the equipment, via a Field-Effect Transistor (FET). The FET causes a lower voltage drop between the battery and the equipment
5604923 Electronic display system capable of displaying communication signal strength on individual elec February 18, 1997
Electronic display system capable of displaying communication signal strength on individual electronic display modules and method of using the same. In one preferred embodiment of the present invention, a pseudo-price change command is transmitted by a base communication station to an
5604341 ATM as video conferencing station February 18, 1997
The invention concerns using Automated Teller Machines as video conferencing stations. In a video conference, two parties can both see, and speak with, each other. The invention allows a user of an ATM to hold a video conference not only with the financial institution which operates
5600539 Secure interface card extractor/ejector mechanism February 4, 1997
A drawer slide which is capable of moving in and out of the housing of a computer or other electronic apparatus is configured to receive an interface card which is connected into the circuitry of the computer when the drawer slide is in a fully inserted position. The drawer slide rides
5600217 CMOS disk drive motor control circuit having back-EMF regulator circuitry February 4, 1997
A CMOS disk drive motor control circuit which has back-EMF regulator circuitry which prevents the back-EMF from the disk drive motor from exceeding a predetermined level. The back-EMF provides an alternate power source for parking the read/write head when power is removed from the disk
5598549 Array storage system for returning an I/O complete signal to a virtual I/O daemon that is separa January 28, 1997
A scalable software architecture, for optimal performance on a RAID level 1, 3, 4 and 5 disk array or tape array. The software architecture consists of a software device driver and one or more driver daemon processes to control I/O requests to the arrays. Implemented in a UNIX or NetWare
5598443 Method and apparatus for separating data and clock from a digital data stream January 28, 1997
A digital data separator is provided for separating clock information and data from a data stream which is subject to varying amounts of undesired jitter which tend to corrupt the data. A read data window of controlled duration is generated for sampling the input data. The current best
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