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RE36707 Video telephony dialing May 23, 2000
In a video telephony system, a coaxial cable network, which is preferably a part of an existing cable television system, provides a local link for the transmission of the video telephone signals between each originating and destination location and a respective "head end" located on the
RE35119 Textured metallic compression bonding December 12, 1995
Integrated circuit chip-to-chip interconnections are made via gold pads on each chip that are bonded to corresponding gold pads on a silicon wafer chip carrier. The pads on the chips and/or the pads on the carrier are characterized by texturing (roughening) with a feature size of the ord
RE35050 Personal computer-as an interface between a telephone station set and a business communication s October 3, 1995
This invention is an interface arrangement which interconnects a business communication system with a telephone station set. This interface is implemented in a personal computer which serves to control the operation of the associated telephone station set and also provide business co
H2075 Restorable architectures for fiber-based broadband local access networks August 5, 2003
The present invention provides a local access network, having a switching node, a passive remote node connected to an optical network unit, a first optical fiber that provides a dedicated connection between the switching node and the passive remote node, and a second optical fiber that p
H1794 Secure money transfer techniques using hierarchical arrangement of smart cards April 6, 1999
Systems and methods for providing secure smart card transactions are disclosed. Smart cards are arranged in a smart card hierarchy, the hierarchy including a first smart card at a first hierarchical level and a second smart card at a second hierarchical level higher than the first hi
D462336 Wrist communicator September 3, 2002
D447477 Closed travel guide September 4, 2001
D447476 Open travel guide September 4, 2001
D381332 Telephone module July 22, 1997
D379993 Telephone module June 17, 1997
D379975 Combined portable memory card reader and player June 17, 1997
D372707 Packaging for memory device August 13, 1996
D372245 Hand-held remote control unit July 30, 1996
D370486 Portable telephone handset June 4, 1996
D370481 Decoder box for interactive television set June 4, 1996
D370239 Video controller May 28, 1996
D370207 Pen-based personal communicator May 28, 1996
D369796 Adjustable telephone handset May 14, 1996
D369358 Portable telephone handset April 30, 1996
D368068 Plug-in power conversion unit housing March 19, 1996
D366205 Face plate including icon display unit(s) January 16, 1996
D365824 Cradle for a telephone handset January 2, 1996
D365821 Personal information center telephone set January 2, 1996
D365808 Video circuit board housing associated with a multi-media terminal January 2, 1996
D364621 Telephone stand November 28, 1995
D362855 Telephone security device October 3, 1995
D355921 Camera module for a personal computer February 28, 1995
D355917 Telephone handset February 28, 1995
D355659 Telephone handset February 21, 1995
D355652 Telephone stand February 21, 1995
D355651 Telephone stand February 21, 1995
D355190 Cordless telephone base February 7, 1995
D355189 Telephone set February 7, 1995
D355188 Telephone handset February 7, 1995
D355187 Telephone answering machine February 7, 1995
D355186 Telephone answering machine February 7, 1995
D355137 Optical splice verification unit February 7, 1995
D354500 Modem housing January 17, 1995
8155177 Equalization of transmit diversity space-time coded signals April 10, 2012
In connection with transmitted space-time, trellis encoded, signals that pass through a transmission channel that is characterized by memory, improved performance is realized with a receiver that combines a decoder with an equalizer that selects the trellis transition, s, that minimizes
8155097 System and method for estimating interference in a packet-based wireless network April 10, 2012
A system and method for predicting future interference power in packet-switched networks is disclosed, allowing improved performance in such networks via optimized link adaptation and power control. In an embodiment for use in a cellular network, Kalman filtering can be used to provi
8046577 Secure IP access protocol framework and supporting network architecture October 25, 2011
A protocol framework for a Secure IP Access (SIA) method, and supporting components deployed on IP hosts and IP networks. Using this method, an IP host can establish a secure data channel within an IP network over an insecure shared link while requesting IP address and networking con
7864902 Differential transmitter diversity technique for wireless communications January 4, 2011
Input signals of each frame are encoded by mapping the signals onto a coordinate system dictated by the symbols of the previous frame, and symbols from a constellation are selected based on the results of such mapping. Received signals are detected by preprocessing the signals detect
7844737 Subscription-based priority interactive help services on the internet November 30, 2010
The present invention includes a method and apparatus for providing an e-help service over a network. The e-help service provides one or more action sequences, i.e., recommended courses of action, for specialized circumstances over a network, such as an Internet Protocol network. Sub
7826443 Method for network-based remote IMS CPE troubleshooting November 2, 2010
A method for use in an IMS VoIP Network provides for remote troubleshooting of a CPE problem. After receiving a customer complaint, customer care begins the troubleshooting process, collecting and compiling information to send to the test platform. The test platform constructs a SIP
7818283 Service assurance automation access diagnostics October 19, 2010
A business process automation system architecture is used to isolate problems in a virtual private network access network. Codified rules and a rules based program are used to determine all equipment from a customer premises equipment to a VPN core access point equipment on a VPN access
7818177 System and method for accessing and annotating electronic medical records using a multi-modal in October 19, 2010
A system and method of exchanging medical information between a user and a computer device is disclosed. The computer device can receive user input in one of a plurality of types of user input comprising speech, pen, gesture and a combination of speech, pen and gesture. The method co
7805266 Method for automated detection of data glitches in large data sets September 28, 2010
Embodiments of the invention allow the efficient detection of glitches in a set of data. In one embodiment, a set of datapoints is received. The datapoints are transformed into a transformed space, and the transformed space is segmented into a plurality of regions. For each datapoint, a
7805032 Remote monitoring of undersea cable systems September 28, 2010
A method and system are provided for remotely monitoring undersea cable systems. Upon receiving a fault alert message, an optical cross-connect is set up between the subject cable station and a testing platform. Testing is conducted and a determination is made whether the fault is in
7801290 Consolidated access and administration of customized telephone calling service September 21, 2010
The present invention provides methods that allow more sophisticated use of custom calling services by consolidating the access to and administration of services for multiple lines and/or telephone devices. Embodiments include a single configuration interface for the calling services
7800743 Method and apparatus for fiber optic signature recognition September 21, 2010
A method and apparatus is disclosed for use in fiber optic signature recognition to analyze buried optical fiber to identify a non-threat area along a fiber route and to discontinue monitoring for disturbances along that area of the cable route. The technique includes determining the

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