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7412047 Conference call setup automation August 12, 2008
The present invention automatically establishes a connection to each participant of a teleconference. Conference call set up and connect information may be provisioned in a variety of ways, including via a menu-based Dual Tone Multiple Frequency (DTMF) mechanism and via a form or for
7400713 IP handset-based voice mail notification July 15, 2008
A system and method that notifies the receipt of a voicemail message at an IP telephone using one or more of instant messaging and short message service. A preferred embodiment of the invention provides an IP telephone that prepares a notification regarding the receipt of a voicemail
7379464 Personal digital gateway May 27, 2008
Methods, systems, and apparatuses are disclosed for enabling a virtual personalized network. Communications are established with a personal digital gateway to control access, sharing, security, and/or management of up-to-date personalized data exchanged between or among a plurality of
7357308 System and method of automatically displaying patient information April 15, 2008
Systems and methods of automatically or semi-automatically loading patient chart information onto a patient room computer system. The systems and methods involve using the patient room computer system to obtain patient identifying information, then requesting the patient chart from a pri
7356135 Telephone usage control April 8, 2008
A device and method for controlling the use of a communication device make a determination as to whether a communication may proceed. The determination may be based upon a time reference, such as a total amount of time that the communication may proceed or an interval of time when co
7350099 Method and system for utilizing a logical failover circuit for rerouting data between data netwo March 25, 2008
A method and system are provided for utilizing a logical failover circuit for rerouting data from a failed network circuit in a first data network to a second data network. The network circuit in the first data network includes a logical circuit for communicating data. When a failure in
7346518 System and method for determining the marketability of intellectual property assets March 18, 2008
The present invention relates to methods and systems for determining whether to market an intellectual property asset, where the intellectual property asset is based at least in part on an innovation developed for an internal need. In an embodiment, a description of an intellectual p
7346158 Method and system for wiring a digital subscriber line circuit March 18, 2008
A method and system are provided for wiring a digital subscriber line circuit between a customer premises and a central office. A first connection for a first cable pair is established between the customer premises and a distribution frame in the central office. The first cable pair
7340038 Systems, methods and computer program products for automatically pushing a status change message March 4, 2008
A network administration system includes an Internet-based repair (eRepair) subsystem that is configured to accept customer trouble tickets related to a network and to provide customer trouble ticket status information to customers. The administration system also includes a Work Forc
7333597 Telephone synchronization with software applications and documents February 19, 2008
A method and system are provided for locating and retrieving stored computer files that are related to an incoming telephone call directed to a computer user. A called party receives a telephone call while the called party is operating her computer. A computer telephony interface rec
7327839 Cables, systems and methods for wiring a structure for telephone service February 5, 2008
A method for wiring an architectural structure for telephone service includes providing a cable. The cable includes a sheath and first and second pairs of conductor members. The sheath includes first and second longitudinally extending sheath passages and a partition wall extending t
7327833 Voice communications menu February 5, 2008
Methods and systems are described for providing a telecommunications services menu accessible via a voice interactive system, such as a voice services node. A subscriber accesses a voice communications menu by accessing a voice services node. The voice services node queries a custome
7324816 Alternative wireless telephone roaming using prepaid services January 29, 2008
A method and system are provided for registering and operating a wireless telephone in a roaming service area in which the wireless telephone is not registered for roaming services. When a wireless telephone is operated in a such a roaming service area, the roaming service provider w
7320026 Intersystem messaging using ENUM standard January 15, 2008
A system and method for transforming voice mail messages into a package capable of being parsed and read by different proprietary voice mail systems. More particularly, the present invention relates to a system and method that allows for intersystem messaging through the use of the ENUM
7315618 Voice caller ID January 1, 2008
An apparatus and method for audibly annunciating at a device information transmitted over a telephone network. The information is transmitted in the form of a modulated signal to the device wherein the modulated signal is representative of the information. The apparatus includes a receiv
7313597 Always active message retrieval December 25, 2007
Briefly described, one embodiment of a system for automatic electronic message retrieval, among others, includes a messaging client for receiving electronic messages and for authorizing automatic message retrieval, and an automatic messaging retrieval system configured to automatical
7313231 Methods, apparatus and computer program products for routing phone calls to a PSTN or a packet s December 25, 2007
A phone call is selectively routed to a public switched telephone network or to a packet switched network based on a called number to which the phone call is directed. A phone call may be made as a Voice-Over-Internet-Protocol call through, for example, the Internet except when a use
7313229 System and method for delayed or repeated message delivery December 25, 2007
A system and method that records a message and then delivers the message to one or more recipients. The message may be delivered to the recipients at some determined later time. Each recipient may be able to receive the message at different times depending on data that is input with resp
7310415 Tracking and notification of telephone plan minute status December 18, 2007
A method and system for tracking telephone usage and notifying a user of his telephone usage includes a software program for tracking telephone usage based on the time and day that a phone call is made. The software program designates a timer for tracking phone usage. The timer has a tim
7308482 Methods and systems for communicating with service technicians in a telecommunications system December 11, 2007
Methods and systems are provided for communicating with a technician at a customer service location in a telecommunications system. One method embodiment includes generating an electronic message in an administration system; transmitting the generated electronic message from the admi
7308091 Web-based data manipulation for advanced intelligent network service control point services December 11, 2007
Systems and techniques for managing multiple call processing services by establishing a connection to a service control point; rendering a call management profile maintained by the service control point in substantially real time using a Web-enabled interface, the call management pro
7305411 Methods, systems, and storage mediums for expanding the functionality of database applications December 4, 2007
Exemplary embodiments include methods, systems, and storage mediums for expanding the functionality of a database application via a computer system. The method includes importing an application development system for expanding the functionality of a database application into a database
7305067 Tone distribution apparatuses, systems, and methods December 4, 2007
An apparatus and system for connecting a tone generator to a plurality of conductors communication line. The apparatus includes an interconnect structure that includes multiple leads each including an electrically conductive portion having a first end and a second end. The multiple l
7304983 Methods and systems for enhancing internet call- waiting messages December 4, 2007
Methods and systems are disclosed for notifying a called station of an incoming call. The called station has a busy status as a result of a connection to a data network via an access server. Because the called station is connected to the data network, and thus "busy," the method rece
7304960 Methods and systems for provisioning SONET elements December 4, 2007
Methods and systems are disclosed for provisioning a SONET network. One method acquires a SONET Capacity Activation report. The report contains information for telecommunications network equipment connected to the SONET network. A target identification number is generated for the tel
7303474 Methods and systems for establishing games with automation using verbal communication December 4, 2007
Methods and systems establish games with automation using verbal communication for exchanges between the automated game and the one or more game players. Game information data is converted into verbal information that is provided to the individual. The individual provides verbal inst
7302537 Apparatus, systems and methods for backing-up information November 27, 2007
An apparatus is disclosed. The apparatus includes a controller and a storage device. The storage device is in communication with the controller. The apparatus is configured for communication with external devices that adhere to different access protocols.
7302483 Job analysis and workflow application November 27, 2007
A system and method for interacting with a workflow system is disclosed. The system can provide a first party access to a virtual folder by placing the virtual folder into a first virtual workbasket and the system can provide access to a the virtual folder to a second party. The system
7302455 System and method for reliably purging statistical records November 27, 2007
Improvements to existing statistical record memory purge procedures and processes are shown and described. Certain procedures ensure that there is adequate temporary memory for storing new statistical records before purging older statistical records from permanent memory. Certain of the
7299982 System and method for utilizing RF tags to collect data concerning post-consumer resources November 27, 2007
Data concerning post-consumption items is collected from RF tags. RF tags applied to goods and materials that have been consumed or used and/or discarded or stored for recycling are read by a reader. The reader collects data from the tag and stores the data and/or transmits the colle
7299074 Wireless communications methods and systems using a remote, self-contained communications antenn November 20, 2007
This invention provides wireless communications using a remote, self-contained communications antenna unit that transceives signals from a disconnected cell site and communicates these signals with a communications network, In an exemplary embodiment, the remote, self-contained commu
7299019 Cellular handoff based on traffic load sharing November 20, 2007
A method of effecting a handoff in a cellular network. The method includes monitoring a set of frequencies listed in a mobile assisted handoff (MAHO) list for their respective signal strengths, each of the frequencies being associated with neighbor cell site, logically ordering the f
7298836 Network-based healthcare information systems November 20, 2007
Methods and systems are disclosed for enabling a telecommunications network-based healthcare information system (NBHIS). A data connection is established with a rule-based application dataserver of a telecommunications network facility to control access, sharing, notification, securi
7298835 Systems and methods for implementing a parental control feature within a telecommunications netw November 20, 2007
A "parental control" ("PC") telephone subscriber feature on a telephone system is disclosed. An authorized subscriber, such as a parent, may enter a feature code which initiates the PC feature. To deactivate the feature, the subscriber enters the code and is prompted for an authoriza
7298829 Communications devices including test circuits and related circuits and methods November 20, 2007
A communications device can include first and second input terminals configured to provide coupling with respective first and second conductors of a communications line, and first and second signal conductors respectively coupled with the first and second input terminals. A communica
7295924 Methods and systems for routing travel between origin and destination service locations using gl November 13, 2007
Methods and systems are provided for obtaining information related to a customer service location and directions for routing a service technician from one customer service location to another. One embodiment includes requesting at least one set of coordinates associated with the customer
7295829 System, apparatus and method for managing telephone call records November 13, 2007
A system, method and apparatus is disclosed for communicating one or more telecommunication call records associated with a telecommunication system, the one or more call records are transmitted from a remote telecommunication device. The system includes a telecommunication switch; an
7295659 Method and system for prepaid communications credit November 13, 2007
A method and system for prepaying credits to a user account for communications services provided. If a system detects a predefined condition associated with a communications connection, the system deducts the cost of the communications connection from the credit in the user account.
7295656 Audio caller identification November 13, 2007
An audio caller identification system and method are provided. A caller identification device of a called party's telephone, whether integrated with the telephone or stand-alone, includes a speaker for audibly alerting the called party to the nature of an incoming call. A speech synt
7292939 Methods and systems for determining a telecommunications service location using global satellite November 6, 2007
Methods and systems are provided for obtaining information related to a customer service location and directions for routing a service technician from one customer service location to another. One embodiment includes requesting at least one set of coordinates associated with the customer
7292865 Location visit detail services for wireless devices November 6, 2007
A location visit detail service, typically provided by a wireless carrier to a subscriber, includes a portable wireless device, a location identification means and a central processor. The central processor periodically receives location data generated by the location identification
7292683 Ad ringer November 6, 2007
A method and system are provided for playing an advertisement to a telephone subscriber prior to call completion in a telecommunications network. A subscriber telephone line is provisioned to provide an advertisement. A switch in the telecommunications network detects an off-hook con
7292680 Automated passcode recovery in an interactive voice response system November 6, 2007
The preferred embodiments of the present invention include providing automated passcode recovery in an interactive voice response system by providing to a caller an automated passcode recovery question and processing a caller answer to the automated passcode recovery question to auth
7292677 Proactive maintenance application November 6, 2007
Methods and systems for proactively maintaining a telephone system local loop. One embodiment includes acquiring at least one type of information selected from information from a Dynamic Network Analyzer or information from a Loop Facilities and Control System. Another embodiment include
7292560 Wireless broadband service November 6, 2007
A fixed broadband wireless data access service providing shared wide-band packet-switched data transport for high speed data access in areas where conventional ADSL service and fiber optic service are unavailable. The wireless data access service is a point-to-multipoint cellular-type
7292542 Method for traffic engineering of connectionless virtual private network services November 6, 2007
A method for traffic engineering of connectionless virtual private network (VPN) services. The method comprises receiving physical connectivity data for a connectionless VPN including service nodes and links between the service nodes. One or more of the service nodes are also edge nodes.
7290218 Method of providing a user interface for a digital cross-connect system October 30, 2007
A method for providing a front-end user interface for a digital cross-connect system. The method comprises displaying a user selection menu and a command line. User input is received in response to the displaying. A TL1 command corresponding to the user input is transmitted for execu
7290129 Remote administration of computer access settings October 30, 2007
The present disclosure provides systems and methods for controlling computer access. Briefly described in architecture, some embodiments of such a system provide a control unit for controlling user access to a computer in accordance with a user profile. An administrator of the comput
7289903 Methods, systems, and computer program products for implementing a locator service October 30, 2007
Methods, systems, and computer program products for implementing a locator service. The method includes receiving object identification information from a mobile object and receiving location identification information from the mobile object. The location identification information indic
7287354 Vinyl siding wire channel October 30, 2007
An apparatus and methods of use for a wire channel device that is positioned between an upper siding panel and a lower siding panel along the side of a building and that routes, supports, and/or secures one or more wires. The wire channel device includes an upwardly extending arm, a
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