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A. Raymond Patents
A. Raymond
Lorrach, DE
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
4905942 Mounting unit for attaching supply lines or cables to motor vehicles March 6, 1990
A mounting unit for attaching supply lines or cables to a motor vehicle by means of socket bolts, and in particular to threaded bolts located on the underside of the vehicle's chassis, and cable holders for use in forming the mounting units, the cable holders have a fixing part of securi
4793753 C-shaped sheet-metal nut December 27, 1988
A clip-like, C-shaped sheet-metal nut and an assembly device therefor, the nut having a thread leg with an embossed thread portion and a clip leg having a through hole, with the forward end of the thread leg having an upwardly and forwardly inclined insertion plate. A pair of guide webs
4714392 Self-locking sheet-metal nut December 22, 1987
A self-locking sheet-metal nut having a generally flat leg with an embossed thread portion for receipt of a screw and a pair of locking tabs resiliently and integrally connected to one end of said leg that extend over and are spaced from the leg. The tabs are approximately perpendicular
4581481 Guard ring for long-distance transmission lines April 8, 1986
A guard ring for long distance transmission cables for preventing wet snow from accumulating on the cables. The guard ring consists of two half collars of a hard elastic plastic material integrally joined by a hinge strap at one end and having interlocking hooks at their free ends to for
4490893 Fastening device for holding construction or functional parts on cover plates January 1, 1985
A fastening device for holding elements such as snap pins or clamps on a cover plate made of molded fiber which includes a holding plate spaced above the cover plate and having support plates fixed to opposite ends thereof by side walls. A separate intermediate plate is between the h
4437633 Elastic fastening clamp for round bars or cables of various diameters March 20, 1984
A fastening clamp which includes a bottom plate joining two upstanding side walls. A flexible holding tongue extends downwardly from the upper or free end of each side wall toward the center of the clamp. A flexible support wall extends downwardly from the upper portion of each side wall
4431355 Fastener for lining panels February 14, 1984
A device for detachably fastening an element having a first aperture onto a support panel of a motor vehicle having a second aperture. The device includes a bushing insertable into the second aperture, which bushing includes an exterior flange and resilient legs which cooperate to fix th
4355465 Handles for household utensils October 26, 1982
A handle made from a plastic material is used to grip support blades of household utensils, in particular kitchen knives. It consists of two handle halves resting on both sides of the support blade and terminating flush with the rim of the support blade and solidly joined together by
4312488 Clamp for securing articles of round cross section January 26, 1982
A clamp for grasping elongated articles of generally round cross section, comprising an abutment body having a substantially planar clamping surface and having front and rear portions with respect to the direction of insertion of an article into the clamp, at least one J-shaped clamping
4287657 Upholstery button and method of assembly September 8, 1981
An upholstery button including a cap and a lower part adapted to be joined together. The button is adapted to press and hold a cover fabric against a padding and the lower part includes means which anchors to the padding. The cap and lower part are secured to the cover fabric so that it
4243086 Clamp-like, sheet-metal, slip-on nut January 6, 1981
A clamp-like, slip-on nut for fitting on the edge of a support having a perforation therethrough, the nut being formed by bending a piece of sheet metal into a planar lower leg having a passageway therethrough and an upper leg having a structure forming a threaded aperture for receiving
4213589 Clamp for securing round articles July 22, 1980
Disclosed is a clamp for securing a round article to a support plate. The clamp includes a generally channel-shaped body having a clip which cooperates with one of the legs of the body to retain the article in the channel opening. The clip has a head having an arcuate surface engageable
4210356 Clamp for fastening trim about a windshield July 1, 1980
Disclosed is a clamp for fastening an elongated strip of trim about the margin of a windshield and a seating frame carrying the windshield. A clamp component is either directly secured to the seating frame or to the margin of the windshield which, in turn, is secured to the seating frame
4201111 Sheet metal fastener and method of making May 6, 1980
A fastener including a sheet metal plate having a central stamped and apertured portion forming a screw thread, the aperture having a mean diameter sized approximately 5% less than the root diameter of a screw to be used therewith. The stamped portion is formed with a plurality of slits
4125917 Molding clamp November 21, 1978
Disclosed is a molding clamp for securing trim molding to a support body. The clamp includes a base having gripping heads along its opposite sides connected to the base by flat elastic strips. One side of the base includes a rivet for securing the clamp to the support body. The gripping

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