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A P Products Incorporated Patents
A P Products Incorporated
Mentor, OH
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D284734 Crimping tool July 22, 1986
4547028 Low profile test clip October 15, 1985
The present invention is an electrical clip-like connector that has a low profile and is capable of connecting the conductors of an electrical cable, for example, with the leads of an integrated circuit package or the like. Due to the low profile configuration of the invention, it may be
4420215 Variable effective length cantilever contact and connector December 13, 1983
An electrical contact includes a contacting means for electrically connecting with a member inserted to engagement therewith and a support means for supporting the contacting means in position for such engagement. The support means includes at least one cantilever arm having an effective
4321588 Breadboard system March 23, 1982
A breadboard assembly to facilitate connecting electrical circuits comprises a breadboard member including a housing, plural electrical contacts in the housing, openings, in at least one surface of the housing for permitting access for connection to respective contacts by a member in
4125313 Electrical connection device November 14, 1978
An electrical connection device provides an on-line extension of a multi-conductor electrical cable assembly permitting electrical entry of the cable circuits while they are operational, facilitates interconnection of plural multi-conductor electrical cable assemblies, enables hands-off
4105278 Molded cable termination assembly with insert August 8, 1978
A molded cable termination assembly for terminating a woven cable, which has a fabric-like woven insulation about the conductors thereof, includes in one embodiment a pair of clamping pads tightly clamped against the woven cable during injection molding of a housing base directly to the
4094564 Multiple conductor electrical connector with ground bus June 13, 1978
A grounding bus is provided directly within a multiple conductor electrical connector, such as a cable termination, to offer a common ground connection for selected ground conductors of a multiconductor cable attached thereto. The signal carrying conductors are connected to respectiv
4052117 Integrated circuit socket October 4, 1977
A socket for dual in line package integrated circuits has a high retention force for a correspondingly low insertion force. Each of a plurality of contacts in a dielectric housing bends relatively easily as a lead of such package is inserted and as such insertion is completed the contact
4030799 Jumper connector June 21, 1977
A multiconductor electrical cable termination for flat ribbon cable has plural electrical contacts pierced through the cable insulation to engagement with respective conductors. The junctions of contacts and conductors are encapsulated in a base that forms an integral structure with
4029917 Molded multiple switch mechanism June 14, 1977
A multiple switch device is connectable on-line between a multiple conductor electrical cable termination assembly or the like and a receptacle or the like to which the assembly would otherwise be connected. The multiple switch device includes a plurality of slide switches that are s
4029914 Multiple switch mechanism June 14, 1977
A multiple switch device is connectable on-line between a multiple conductor electrical cable termination assembly or the like and a receptacle or the like to which the assembly would otherwise be connected. The multiple switch device includes a plurality of slide switches that are s
4023879 Adjustable electrical connector with replaceable contact sub-assembly and variable strain relief May 17, 1977
A socket-type electrical connector adaptable for use with connector pins having different size and spacing parameters and with different size electrical cables includes a housing in which a replaceable contact sub-assembly and replaceable strain relief element are located. The contac
4011508 Logic signal test device for indicating low, intermediate and high level signals March 8, 1977
A probe for testing logic signals or the like occurring in electric circuits and for indicating whether such signals are at low, intermediate or high level or that an open circuit exists in the tested circuit includes first and second parallel connected display portions, the former h
4008300 Multi-conductor element and method of making same February 15, 1977
A method for making a multi-conductor element includes forming a plurality of holes in an elastomeric base using a laser or mechanical technique to perforate the base and filling each of the holes with a slurry of conductive material in an uncured liquid vehicle. The filling step may be
3999126 Test device for simultaneously displaying the level of logic signals in a plurality of circuits December 21, 1976
A test clip suitable for connection to a plurality of terminals at which appear respective logic signals representing those occurring in logic circuits provides an indication of the logic level of such signals. The circuit for effecting such indication is entirely self-contained requirin
3961834 Bow contact and connector using the same June 8, 1976
A bow contact has a gradually curved bow portion coupled by a reverse curved transition portion to a substantially linear attaching portion, and in free unstressed condition the latter portion defines an acute angle with a line drawn between the opposed remote ends of the contact, whereb
3951492 Trapped bow contact and connector using the same April 20, 1976
An electrical connector includes a plurality of trapped bow contacts soldered at respective tail portions to termination pads on a printed circuit board and adapted to deform upon engagement with inserted connector pins to provide large surface area electrical connections with such p
3930707 Interface connector January 6, 1976
A connector for supporting a printed circuit board in electrical and mechanical connection to the wrapping posts or pins of a wire wrap panel without interference to wrapped wire connections at the pins includes a housing, electrical contacts arranged in opposed pairs within the housing

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