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A.M.S. S.A. Patents
A.M.S. S.A.
Saint-Ouen l'Aumone, FR
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
4720019 Container closure with seal January 19, 1988
The invention relates to a stopper device for a container, in particular a container with a neck, consisting of a single-piece stopper with means for detachably joining the device to the container and to its neck, of single-piece sealing means with a seal or the like, and of means for
4368391 Hydraulic process and apparatus for the recovery of electrical energy for use in motor test stat January 11, 1983
A hydraulic process and apparatus recover energy generated by the testing of a motor in the form of electrical energy. The process includes utilizing a hydraulic pump and an asynchronous electric generator and coupling the shaft of the motor being tested to the hydraulic pump, feedin
4289018 Method and apparatus for measuring degasification September 15, 1981
A method is provided for measuring the amount of gas in a liquid system which comprises a tank and a vacuum pump. The method includes the steps of operating a vacuum pump to exert a predetermined vacuum upon the liquid in order to desolubilize gas from the liquid and then separating the

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