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AG Communication Systems Corporation Patents
AG Communication Systems Corporation
Phoenix, AZ
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D427978 Data multiplexer enclosure July 11, 2000
D426211 Icon for a portion of a display screen June 6, 2000
D424026 Data multiplexer enclosure May 2, 2000
D417208 Icon for a display screen November 30, 1999
D417207 Icon for a display screen November 30, 1999
D304727 Base housing for a multi-feature telephone call processor November 21, 1989
D304717 Base housing for a multi-feature telephone call processor November 21, 1989
6734794 Alarm control algorithm for multi-sourced alarms May 11, 2004
A state machine that allows an audible alarm for a given fault condition to be extinguished while allowing subsequent audible alarms for different fault conditions.
6704416 Hook switch status glitch filter March 9, 2004
A line card circuit using a pair of comparators such that the output of the first comparator is coupled to an input of the second comparator through an RC circuit. The RC circuit is tuned such that short transients, such as false pulses and false off hook indications passed by the first
6698638 Printed circuit board scrap edge removal tool March 2, 2004
A PCB scrap edge removal tool comprising scrap removal jaws formed of two matching opposing pieces of metal having cut-outs in a castellated fashion. The jaws have a gap between them for receiving a PCB work piece to be finished. Metal dowels for PCB positioning span the gap. A PCB is
6678359 Called party identification in packet switched networks January 13, 2004
In processing of VoIP calls, a called facility, prior to the cut through of ringing that would alert personnel to the presence of an incoming call, transmits previously stored information that identifies the persons at the called facility that are authorized to handle particular types of
6565370 Connector protection bracket May 20, 2003
A connector protection bracket that mounts to the rear of an electronic assembly, having a flange extending away from the electronic assembly to protect the connector such that should the rear of the assembly drop upon removal from a shelf, the flange, rather than the connector, will str
6544311 Chassis thermal zones April 8, 2003
A system for cooling an electrical chassis in which two separate zones are formed within the chassis by horizontal separators forming an internal floor and a ceiling, and a mid-located backplane acting as a vertical separator, spanning from floor to ceiling. Air flow volume through the
6493442 AIN triggers to invoke non-AIN features December 10, 2002
An addition to AIN that allows SSP triggers to jump to internal SSP addresses for feature processing without a return. There is no query sent to an SCP nor the associated response message, call processing is not suspended, and there is no need for fault handling associated with the t
6490450 Capturing and modifying of mobile subscriber information December 3, 2002
A system and method for capturing and modifying roaming mobile subscriber information such as Serving MSCID, cell and sector location information, original dialed digits, subscriber profile and return address point code in support of service applications, such as wireless prepaid service
6487287 Dynamic concentration of announcement circuits November 26, 2002
A system in which centralized announcement platforms are connected to host switches over dedicated trunks, and remote switches needing announcement services send a signaling message to a host switch requesting a connection to the announcement platform. A connection is then established be
6459297 System for programming field programmable devices October 1, 2002
A system for programming field programmable devices (FPDs) of different types across different boards. An in-system programmable master (ISPM) communicates over a bus to in-system programmable slaves (ISPSs) on one or more boards. FPDs on each board are connected into chains of the same
6351395 Backplane support bracket February 26, 2002
A backplane support bracket comprising a flange with opposing engaging tabs extending downward, and a flange extension arm with a connecting tab also extending downward. The opposing engaging tabs and flange fit over a frame module support cross-member in close fit, and the connecting ta
6282599 System for providing bridging of backplane August 28, 2001
A backplane slot configuration and a bridge card for expanding the expansion slots of one system to include the expansion slots of an adjacent electrically separate system within the same cabinet, and bridging the expansion buses with minimal change of electrical characteristics, par
6215864 Method of accessing an IP in an ISDN network with partial release April 10, 2001
A method and system in an ISDN network for exchanging call control information between a switch and an IP, and for call set-up and call clearing for intermediate access to an IP. The invention utilizes the User-User Information (UUI) element of the Q.931 messages to exchange call inf
6166547 Line card loss of battery detector December 26, 2000
A line card circuit to prevent false off-hook signals resulting from the permanent loss of battery voltage at a line card. In the battery present condition, the 5V operating voltage is connected to the collector lead of an NPN transistor, which also supplies the output signal of the syst
6075855 Method of accessing a SCP in an ISUP network with partial release June 13, 2000
A SCP connected to a switch through an ISUP loop-back trunk redirects a dialed call to an intermediate destination. After the intermediate destination releases the call, all circuit segments from the intermediate destination back through and including the inbound (to the MSC) side of
6041107 Telephone extension switch hook state detection system March 21, 2000
A computer integrated telephony system embodied in a PC that includes a telephony interface connected to the local loop that detects whether one or more extension phones are off-hook by using the signal generating and detection capabilities found on a typical telephony interface card. In
6021192 Tone detector February 1, 2000
A tone detector for detecting a multi-tone input signal in the presence of speech and noise, comprising first signal processors that generate output signals indicating the energy level of the input signal with the frequency of one of the component tones being amplified and the frequencie
5978373 Wide area network system providing secure transmission November 2, 1999
A system that provides secure transmission of data between a subscriber's PC and an online service provider (OLS) over an Ethernet WAN. The system includes a remote transceiver unit located at a subscriber site and connected to the subscriber's PC; a central transceiver unit located at a
5956379 Digital phase lock detector and low-pass filter selector September 21, 1999
A digital phase lock detector and phase lock loop filter selector circuit implemented in hardware that dynamically selects a phase lock loop filter of appropriate bandwidth for the instant phase error condition. Phase error is primarily determined by an XOR gate receiving the PLL referen
5946378 Information on hold telephony service August 31, 1999
An on hold telephone service that allows a subscriber to the service to place a call on hold and make information services available to the party placed on hold. The on hold service can be implemented on a central office switch or an enhanced services platform connected to the switch. Th
5944432 Device for providing disposable sanitary keyboard covers August 31, 1999
An apparatus that dispenses disposable sanitary keyboard covers of a flexible transparent plastic film that is drawn across a key array and provides a sanitary cover that allows full use of the keyboard. When a subsequent user uses the keyboard, a new length of plastic film is drawn,
5930237 Video conference system with ATM cell reuse July 27, 1999
A multipoint video conferencing system in which the video conferencing terminals are in a daisy-chain arrangement with the head-of-chain terminal connected to the ATM network. ATM cells are relayed from the ATM network downstream to the last terminal, and from each terminal upstream to t
5898917 System for providing enhanced services in cellular radio telecommunication systems using #CCSC b April 27, 1999
Enhanced services are accessed from an enhanced services network element of a cellular radio telecommunications system using a cellular carrier specific code (#CCSC) string based office-level trigger and IS-41 messaging protocol message types. The invention takes advantage of the #CC
5875231 Telephone call on hold service for a party placed on hold by another party February 23, 1999
An on hold telephony service that allows a party placed on hold, if he is a subscriber to the service, to also place the call on hold and then hang up. The on hold service can be implemented on a central office switch or an enhanced services platform connected to the switch. The on hold
5854794 Digital transmission framing system December 29, 1998
A digital transmission framing system utilizing an address array containing pointers to a framing pattern reference register. The address array contains an entry for each set of possible framing bits. Pointer values reference the last bit of a consecutive-bit sub-pattern of the reference
5828735 Games on hold telephony service October 27, 1998
An on hold telephony service that allows a subscriber to the service to place a call on hold and make interactive games available to the party placed on hold. The on hold service can be implemented on a central office switch or an enhanced services platform connected to the switch. The o
5808486 Glitch free clock enable circuit September 15, 1998
A clock enabling circuit that generates an output clock signal such that when the enable output signal changes to a logical false, the output clock signal returns to its steady-state value in a manner that does not produce any glitches, and preserves the duty cycle of the input clock. Th
5796594 Interlocking circuit card faceplate for reduced EMI emissions August 18, 1998
A circuit card faceplate, that is opaque to EMI emissions of a predetermined spectral range, having a tongue extending along one side edge, and a groove extending along the other side edge. The groove is arranged to receive and interlockingly engage a corresponding tongue on a side e
5729678 Bus monitor system March 17, 1998
A bus monitor system comprises eight identical programmable monitor circuits that are each connected to a monitored bus and to a local 16-bit event bus. There are three interfaces to the event bus within each monitor circuit. One interface asserts a predetermined bit pattern on the event
5727057 Storage, transmission, communication and access to geographical positioning data linked with sta March 10, 1998
A method and system implementation for combining and accessing telephony numbering and geographical position so direct access to information, services and goods may be invoked through the use of various telephone networks. The existing telephone networks throughout North America and the
5633634 Data rate conversion circuit May 27, 1997
A data conversion circuit that acts as an interface between components or systems having different data input/output rate requirements. A circuit reads data transmitted at one bit rate and transmits data consisting of the input data along with overhead data interleaved with the input dat
5542070 Method for rapid development of software systems July 30, 1996
Two major Forth extensions provide high-level support for building rapid prototypes for systems. These extensions form distinct language vocabularies available in the Forth environment. One is a Finite State Machine Language, named FSML, and the other is an object oriented language,
5519764 Circuit and method for detecting error causing tones in a voice messaging system May 21, 1996
A computer scans the voice messages for phrases that will be detected as DTMF digits and creates a record of where, when and for how long the possible problem maybe occurring. This allows prerecorded or synthesized messages from a Voice Response Announcement System to be checked for erro
5426649 Test interface for a digital circuit June 20, 1995
A test interface is disclosed that is added to a digital circuit device for providing a way of easily verifying that the device's input and output circuits are operating and connected properly. The arrangement implements a test mode in which a simple exercising sequence is placed on any
5420894 Elastic storage circuit May 30, 1995
A circuit which synchronizes the phase of a data stream from a transmitting system, to the phase of the clock signal of the receiving system. Two frames of data from the transmitting data stream are stored in a memory which is continuously updated as the data for each time slot is stored
5378545 Removable snap-on card stiffener January 3, 1995
A removable stiffener, which is made of titanium so that it will not be wetted by solder, consists of a thick, straight center member with wedge-shaped feet evenly spaced along its length. A latching pin is included on one end. The stiffener also includes flanges made of thinner stoc
5367761 Printed circuit board assembly extractor tool November 29, 1994
The Printed Circuit Board Assembly Extraction Tool is designed to provide a method for removing Printed Circuit Board Assemblies from card file assemblies. The Extraction Tool is provided with a rubber bumper that protects the card file designation strip from damage during the extraction
5353198 Side plates for retrofit card file adapter assembly October 4, 1994
An adapter for supporting e number of printed wiring cards onto an electronic equipment rack equipped with means of support for cards of a larger size. The adapter includes end plates mentioned to fit into the mounting hardware of an existing rack normally providing space for larger
5347575 Circuit to detect the hook status and ringing at the CPE end of a telephone network September 13, 1994
A circuit for indicating the status of a telephone line at the CPE end, where the status is either on-hook, ringing, or off-hook is disclosed. The telephone line is the normal two-wire telephone line. First, a transconductance amplifier converts a floating voltage difference between
5331517 Retrofit card file adapter assembly July 19, 1994
A card file adapter assembly for mounting a plurality printed wiring cards of a smaller size than are normally permitted on an associated electronic equipment mounting rack. The adapter is so constructed in size as to be able to be slid directly into existing mounting hardware of an olde
5323460 Enhanced subscriber line interface circuit June 21, 1994
An enhanced subscriber line interface circuit for a digital switching system which includes a line configuration and protection circuit connection tot he subscriber line and to a thick-film hybrid module. The thick-film hybrid module comprises a high voltage interface circuit and a P
5283827 Digital line card for interfacing a remotely located digital telephone to a central office syste February 1, 1994
A digital line card for interfacing a remotely located digital telephone to a central office system by a two-wire connection is disclosed. The digital line card consists of a line interface connected to the two-wire connection. The line interface provides a full duplex transmission link
5261827 Movable shroud center standoff November 16, 1993
In order to accomplish the object of the present invention there is provided a movable standoff for maintaining a distance between a backplane and a shroud. Several receptacles are attached to the front side of the backplane and have pins that pass from the front side of the backplane to
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