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8562713 Flexible minimum energy utilization electric arc furnace system and processes for making steel p October 22, 2013
A combined arc furnace, ladle metallurgical furnace and vacuum degassing system having the flexibility to produce at least non-vacuum arc remelt, vacuum arc remelt, vacuum oxygen decarburized non-vacuum arc remelt, and vacuum oxygen decarburized vacuum arc remelt steels from one off to
7077993 Apparatus for softening a selected portion of a steel object by heating July 18, 2006
Differential hardening apparatus for softening a portion only of a metal workpiece such as a die block consisting of apparatus for presenting a workpiece to a heat source which impinges heat directly on the workpiece and control means for causing the heat to be directed only long enough
6972058 Heat treatment method and apparatus December 6, 2005
A method of heat treating tool steel by using a high intensity infrared heating source, said source being tungsten halogen heat lamps which operate in air, non-air and/or vacuum environments, and a tool steel heat treat system which includes a furnace containing said tungsten halogen
6398885 Method and apparatus for preventing cracking of the shank junction of die blocks June 4, 2002
A method and apparatus for tempering the shank portion only of die blocks which comprises subjecting the shank portion of a die block or other large metal part to electrical energy derived from induction heating or infrared heating to a controlled depth, preferably just sufficiently deep
6325203 Method and apparatus for rapidly processing machine tool chips December 4, 2001
A method and apparatus for forming a steady state stream of machine tool chips in a chip takeaway system which includes a hopper having finger-like projections which extend toward the center of the hopper at or above the level of auger means to relieve packing forces on chips beneath the
6110300 Tool for glass molding operations and method of manufacture thereof August 29, 2000
A tool for glass molding operations, particularly television tubes, having high oxidation resistance so that ice imperfections on a formed workpiece are eliminated or drastically reduced, said tool having the following approximate composition by weight percent: C 0.23-0.38, Mn 0.40-1.00,
6019938 High ductility very clean non-micro banded die casting steel February 1, 2000
A die casting die and a Cr--Mo--V steel therefore having an ultimate strength of 190,000 psi, a yield strength of 160,000, a tempering response of 400 BHN at a tempering temperature of F. and final gas contents of N--70 ppm, O--30 ppm and H--about 1.0 following a double
5972130 High impact and thermal shock resistant die steel, dies, dies blocks and method of manufacture t October 26, 1999
A steel and tool made therefrom which in a tempered condition of 388 BHN or softer has high strength, high wear resistance together with excellent toughness in the range of 15% elongation and 35 ft-lbs. charpy and having the following composition:
5888450 Fine grained ductile plastic injection molds forging tools and machine components and alloy stee March 30, 1999
Fabricated components, such as plastic injection molds, forging tools and machine components formed from a fine grained, low phosphorus, high hardness, high wear resistance, high hardenability, good machineability and high polishability, low alloy steel which is suitable for applications
5827376 Molds for plastic prototyping and isothermal forging of aluminum, steel therefor, and method of October 27, 1998
A plastic industry prototype mold and steel therefor having machining speed and weldability characteristics competitive with aluminum alloys, and a method of manufacture thereof, said composition containing C 0.05-0.35, Mn .50-1.50, P 0.025.times., S 0.100.times., Si 0.50.times., Ni 0.35
5720829 Maraging type hot work implement or tool and method of manufacture thereof February 24, 1998
A maraging type magnetic hot work implement, such as a forging die, or a tool, such as a turbine blade, having Ni.sub.3 Mo, Ni.sub.3 Al and, preferably, Ni.sub.3 Ti strengthening precipitates dispersed uniformly, and being substantially Co free, said product having the following appr
5496516 Dual purpose steel and products produced therefrom March 5, 1996
A dual purpose steel having high strength, high hardness, high wear resistance, high hardenability and easy machining and therefore being equally well suited for (a) elevated temperature closed die forging (b) room temperature machine part applications, such as gears, pinions, etc.
5415834 Warm forging implement, composition and method of manufacture thereof May 16, 1995
A warm forging implement having high tensile strength, high abrasion resistance, high impact strength and high ductility and a composition within the following ranges:and a method of manufacture thereof which includes either single or double vacuum treatment, the second vacuum treatment
5364588 Double stabilized stainless-type steel die block November 15, 1994
A 12 percent stainless-type steel having high polishability characterized by high carbon, moderate Mo and a combination of V and Nb not to exceed about 0.1 percent, and a method of production which includes forming a vacuum arc remelt electrode by means of vacuum arc degassing treatment
5252120 Method and apparatus for double vacuum production of steel October 12, 1993
A method and apparatus for producing high quality steel having less than about 1 ppm H, 50 ppm N, 25 ppm O and 0.005 S which includes subjection to vacuum, gas purging, and alternating current heating arcs, followed by shrouded pouring into sealed ingot molds to form a VAR electrode whic
5244626 Hot work die block September 14, 1993
A low alloy steel product having high hardenability and good machaniability in the presence of a relatively low S content, and utilizing minimal quantities of the currently expensive elements Ni and Mo is disclosed, the product having the following approximate composition:
5232660 Nitrogen steel and method of manufacture thereof August 3, 1993
A low alloy steel having a medium carbon content, and less than about 5% and less than about 1% Mn, which has hardenability approaching unity derived from the presence of N in an amount of from about 100-400 ppm, and a method of manufacturing such a steel which preferably contains the
5180444 Method for controlled fluid quenching of steel January 19, 1993
A series of controlled quenching of elevated temperature steel work pieces includes locating hot work pieces on a support at distances from one another sufficient to avoid slack quenching and subjecting the work pieces to a forced draft at a speed which results in consistent uniformity o
5110379 High temperature fine-grained steel product May 5, 1992
A low alloy hot work implement which retains its fine grain size at elevated working temperatures up to the range of 2,200 degrees F. to 2,250 degrees F. characterized in having a substantial content of N in the range of 75-150 ppm and, preferably, Co in the range of 0.01 to 0.1 the
5094431 Car bottom furnace system and method of operation thereof March 10, 1992
A movable car bottom furnace in which premature failure of the metallic components of the movable car bottom are avoided by moving a hinged lower portion of the side wall into engagement with the refractory portion of the car bottom whereby only a refractory to refractory contact is made
5059389 Low alloy steel product October 22, 1991
A steel product, such as a medium carbon die block, having good impact, ductility, transverse and physical properties, and lower than normal sulphur contents yet having machinability equal or better than higher sulphur levels characterized by a lower than ordinary level of stringer-t
4950324 Tri-level method and apparatus for post melting treatment of molten steel August 21, 1990
This invention relates to a new method for the post melting treatment of molten steel in all, or nearly all, of the post melting systems in use at this time to lower the oxygen, hydrogen, and, to some extent, the nitrogen content thereof, and carry out the other purposes for which such s
4894087 Simplified method and apparatus for treating molten steel January 16, 1990
This invention relates to a method and apparatus for treating molten metal to lower the oxygen, hydrogen, and, to some extent, the nitrogen content thereof in a manner which is less capital intensive, easier to operate and simpler in construction and operation than the vacuum arc degassi
4887277 Electric arc furnace December 12, 1989
An improved electric arc furnace provides increased capacity and reduced operating costs. The furnace has an ob-round shape which locates sidewalls further from the source of heat. The improved furnace can accept a larger scrap charge and provides a larger surface area for slag reactions
4780134 Simplified method and apparatus for treating molten steel October 25, 1988
A method and apparatus for post-melting treatment of molten steel in which a container of molten steel is subjected to a sub-atmospheric pressure generated by air ejector means and, simultaneously, to an inert gas purge. A higher inert gas purge rate is used with an air ejector system th
4655826 Method for post-melting treatment of molten steel April 7, 1987
Molten steel is refined by a method that includes the steps of isolation from contact with the ambient and atmosphere, motion of the molten steel so that portions of the molten steel remote from the surface up to the surface, and addition of heat to the portions of the molten steel at th
4600427 Method of ladle steelmaking and product produced thereby July 15, 1986
A method of refining steel in the ladle using a low melting point slag is disclosed. Both ELS and resulfurized steels are subjected to the simultaneous effect of a vacuum and a purging agent, preferably an inert gas, to lower the H.sub.2 content into the flake-free range irrespective
4541862 Ladle steelmaking method and apparatus September 17, 1985
A ladle steelmaking process in which ramp modulation of vacuum boil, voltage shedding to avoid glow and multiple stirring sources are employed individually, or in any combination, with the basic vacuum are degassing parameters (vacuum, purging and AC area) to shorten cycle time, and
4468249 Machinery steel August 28, 1984
A machinery steel intended for rugged operating conditions, such as continuous casting rolls, and have near isotropic properties due to the controlled use of calcium, aluminum and melting techniques, and having the following constituents and characteristics:said steel being further chara
4318739 Steel having improved surface and reduction of area transverse properties, and method of manufac March 9, 1982
A steel is disclosed having a broad composition range as follows:Balance--Substantially all Fe with the usual impurities.
4174212 Method for the refining of steel November 13, 1979
A method of producing steel, particularly stainless steel with a high Cr content, having a C content of 0.03% or less which consists of firstly, lowering the C content of a molten steel bath into the preferred range of about 0.2% to about 0.4% by treating the bath with gaseous oxygen und
4069039 Method for desulfurization using arc heat under vacuum January 17, 1978
An apparatus and method for consistently and economically lowering the sulfur content of steel into the 0.003/0.006 range and preferably to 0.003 maximum, which involves conditioning the steel near the end of, or immediately after, melt-down in the melting unit, followed by subjection

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