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A.E. Bishop & Associates PTY Limited Patents
A.E. Bishop & Associates PTY Limited
North Ryde, AU
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
5996626 Sleeve for rotary valve December 7, 1999
A rotary valve of a hydraulic power steering gear includes an input-shaft journalled within a sleeve. In the bore of the sleeve, an array of eight axially extending blind-ended slots and an array of two primary and two secondary axially extending return channels are formed. The primary r
5881771 Rotary valve for power steering gear March 16, 1999
A low noise rotary valve for a hydraulic power steering gear that offers flexibility in the design of its boost characteristic has inlet ports to receive hydraulic fluid from a pump, return ports to return hydraulic fluid to the pump, and cylinder ports to communicate the hydraulic fluid
5862701 Apparatus for manufacturing steering rack bars January 26, 1999
A forging die for forming a steering rack portion having teeth and two longitudinally extending guide faces from a blank. The die comprising first (18) and second (19) die members and four forming elements (52, 53, 54, 55) to converge on the blank. The first forming element (52) being on
5727443 Method of balancing a hydraulic valve for a power steering gear March 17, 1998
Hydraulic valves subjected to a pressure medium in power steering gear include a sleeve journalled on an input shaft, with the sleeve having a torsion bar connected thereto via a driven member. A method of balancing the hydraulic valve includes the steps of inserting the valve into a
5549504 Manufacture of rotary valves August 27, 1996
A machine for grinding longitudinal troughs in the edges of grooves of a power steering valve input-shaft (4), the input-shaft being supported for rotation on supports (14, 15), a grinding wheel (30) having a contoured periphery corresponding in cross-section to the cross-section of the
5458153 Rotary valve for hydraulic power steering with reduced noise and linear boost characteristic October 17, 1995
A rotary valve having chamfers (26,39) at the groove edges (31) of its input shaft (10) which, in conjunction with axially extending troughs (44), form metering edge contours. The chamfers (26,39) and troughs (44) at the edges (31) of the grooves (18a,18b) interacting with sleeve slots
5390408 Slotting February 21, 1995
Apparatus for machining an angularly disposed array of slots (FIG. 7) concentric with the axis (85) of a bore of a valve sleeve (1) which has a sleeve holder (3) which is rotatably indexed for locating the arcuate position of each slot of the array, a cutting tool (5) positioned on the
5362080 Front and rear wheel steering systems November 8, 1994
A mechanical function generating mechanism for a front and rear wheel steered vehicle is operable to generate a rear steer angle output as a function of front steer angle and vehicle speed inputs. The mechanism has a three dimensional cam with a cam surface and a contacting follower. The
5328309 Slotting machines July 12, 1994
A machine for machining blind-ended slots longitudinally disposed within the bore of a sleeve (1) held in a chuck (4) in a work holding spindle (5) indexable about a rotational axis, a reciprocable cutting tool (2) mounted on a cutting spindle (12) the axis of which is offset from and at
5322308 Four wheel steering systems June 21, 1994
A front and rear wheel steering system for a vehicle has a front steer system (23, 25) and a rear steer system (21, 22) with a rear steer controller (12) functioning to set the rear steer angle in dependence upon front steer angle and vehicle speed. A low load capacity feedback device
5299388 Machine for use in the manufacture of vehicle power steering gears April 5, 1994
A machine for grinding the outer metering edge contours (26) on the edges of the axially extending grooves (18) of a power steering gear input-shaft (10) in which a substantially cylindrical grinding wheel (40) whose working surface is dressed parallel to the axis of the input-shaft (10)
5292214 Slotting machines March 8, 1994
Apparatus for forming an array of elongate slots in the bore of a valve sleeve (1) where the slots are cut in the bore by an arcuately movable cutting tool (5) mounted on the apparatus and the movement of the cutting tool (5) to form the length and depth of each slot is under the control
5251669 Power steering valves October 12, 1993
A hydraulic power steering rotary valve of generally conventional construction characterized in that the on-center characteristics of the valve are governed by an arrangement of rolling elements and notched elements arranged to produce a detent action between the input shaft and the
5104462 Scanning induction hardening process by using radially moving induction coil April 14, 1992
A scanning induction hardening process in which a steel workpiece is surface hardened by progressively traversing its length with an inductor coil energized by an alternating electric current and immediately thereafter quenching the heated portion of the workpiece straightening of be

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