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6333197 Method and device for fractionated distribution of a blood sample December 25, 2001
A method for fractionated distribution of a blood sample, includes the steps of:a) drawing up a blood sample into a needle;b) distributing via the needle an aliquot corresponding to a specific fraction of the blood sample drawn up, into a flow of a reagent, to thereby produce a mixture o
6319470 Device for automatic preparation of blood smears on plates November 20, 2001
A device for automatic preparation of blood smears on plates comprises a storage unit for stacked new plates, an extractor unit to extract a plate from the stack, a depositing unit. To deposit a drop of blood on a plate, a spreading unit, to spread a drop of blood and produce a blood sme
6114130 Reagent for measurement of the haemoglobin and determination of the leukocytes in a blood sample September 5, 2000
A reagent for measurement of the haemoglobin and determination of the leukocytes in a blood sample is provided. This reagent comprises at least one detergent of the cationic type; a compound of the glycoside type, and in particular a saponin; at least one inorganic salt and/or an osmotic
5994138 Staining reagent for the determination of blood cells November 30, 1999
The invention concerns a staining reagent for the determination of blood cells, in particular reticulocytes, which contains a stain capable of labelling cells after incubation, as well as an additive which is able to encourage penetration of the stain into the cells, this additive being
5730941 Device for the optical inspection of a fluid, especially for hematological analyses March 24, 1998
It includes a measuring space (8) comprising a constrained passage (15) for the fluid, a monochromatic light source (31) delivering a beam (F1) to optical elements (6, 32, 34) including a first diffractive optical element (32) having a diffractive network (38) predetermined as a function
5665309 Device for agitating and for taking samples of blood products from tubes which are grouped toget September 9, 1997
A device for agitating and taking samples of blood products from tubes which are closed by stoppers and grouped together in a rack. The device includes a rack support adapted for holding at least one rack, at least one rack held by the rack support which is capable of holding a plurality
5578268 Device for the transfer, agitation and sampling of blood products in tubes grouped in cassettes November 26, 1996
A device for transferring, agitating, and sampling blood products sealed in tubes which are grouped together in cassettes wherein each cassette containing sample tubes is extracted from a storage receptacle by a moving loading and ejection carriage which shifts and positions it, using a
5569861 Device for cleaning a needle for sampling a liquid from a closed flask October 29, 1996
A displaceable needle (16) for sampling the liquid from the flask is mounted on a slide (5) that is mobile vertically in relation to a support bracket (1) integrated in the sampling apparatus. The sampling needle passes through a percussion head (10) mounted on the base of the bracket
5232857 Reagent for use in automatic analyzers for distinguisher leukocyte sub-populations in blood samp August 3, 1993
The present invention relates to a reagent and to a method of using the same for automatically determining at least one leukocyte sub-population from a total blood sample. Using this reagent, it is possible, in a single step, to lyse the erythrocytes through the action of saponin and SDS
5196346 Reagent and method of using same for automatically counting basophilic leukocytes in the blood i March 23, 1993
The invention relates to a reagent and a method of using the same for automatically determining the population of the basophilic leukocytes in the blood. The invention relates more particularly to a new formulation for a differential lysing reagent that lyses all the blood cells except
5027857 Switching microelectrovalve having a single diaphragm July 2, 1991
The diaphragm comprises an outer flexible part and a central part in which is overmoulded a rocking lever. The rod portion of said rocking lever is at right angles to the diaphragm plan and intended to be received in a recess of a sliding sleeve. The diaphragm rocking lever assembly is l
4986308 Switching microelectrovalve having a single membrane January 22, 1991
The invention provides a fluid switching microelectrovalve in which the mobile member playing the role of closure member for one or other of the pipes (18,19) is a single membrane (23) with oriented deformation applied by a rocker (24) against one or other of the pipes to be closed, the
4928539 Device for automatically taking liquid from a bottle May 29, 1990
A device is provided for automatically taking liquid from a bottle, including a stopper piercing assembly with a mobile block serving as support for a sample taking needle which moves vertically along guide columns under the action of a cylinder, a rinsing receptacle being fixedly mo
4922947 Automatic membrane drain device for pneumatic circuits May 8, 1990
The invention provides an automatic drain device with membrane for pneumatic circuits. A flexible membrane (11) which separates the opening (2) of a jar (1) from a drain pipe (6) is precurved in a top position against this opening and against a skull-cap (8) against which it bears, w
4907463 Linear displacement sampling valve and a device for fixing same March 13, 1990
A linear displacement sampling valve and its fixing device are provided, the central assembly of the valve, formed by an element sliding between two fixed guide parts (2) placed on each side, being held in position on four of its faces by lower (7) and upper (8) guides, a metal plate (10
4817443 Device for cleaning a liquid sample taking needle April 4, 1989
A device is provided for cleaning a liquid sample taking needle, mounted fixedly on the frame of a sample taking apparatus, which device includes a mobile mechanism formed of a rinsing case (14) sliding over the sample taking needle (3) between a top position which it occupies during sam

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